Man City – Premier League Champions

Look what West Brom did

The unexpected defeat inflicted on Manchester United at the weekend confirmed Manchester City as the champions of the Premier League. Unsurprisingly – given the dominance of City this season – the confirmation of their win has had a much more significant impact at the top of our Influencers table than it has in the League itself.  Here’s how things looked before the weekend: SSI Team List As we’ve discussed in these pages before the huge effort that MUFC have put into building their social influence is going to make them hard to overtake but there’s been a lot of movement in the top 5 as a result of the confirmation of League champions. Here’s how the table looks now: SSI Team List Let’s start by looking at the changes in following, this table really speaks for itself.  
Before After New Social % Change
Manchester City 44.6m 45.8m 1.2m 2.7%
Liverpool 46.6m 47.0m 400K 0.9%
Arsenal 62.3m 62.5m 200K 0.3%
Manchester United 112.8m 113.1m 300K 0.3%
Chelsea 71.0m 71.1m 100K 0.1%
  Manchester City are the clear winners in this analysis having seen an almost 3% growth in followers in less than a week. It’s also interesting to note that Liverpool’s continued participation in the Champion’s League is helping them grow their social fanbase at a good rate. Before we dig in any further we should point out that, despite the relentless increase in the total number of people following things, we built SSI on the basis that social influence is a relative thing. There’s only so much attention in the world to give, so much time that fans can dedicate to following the game and so, when one player or team attracts attention, others lose some of the influence they have. You can see that principle at work in the changes in relative ranking in our table. Only one team can be reigning premier league champions and so when that position is confirmed every other team who was ever in the running suffers in comparison. What’s almost as interesting to us is that Arsenal have overtake Liverpool in the overall rankings. Our analysis of social media traffic has recorded a surge in messages relating to the Premier League during the last week. The greater the volume of traffic we detect the more importance we place on the relative number of followers that a team or player has and that has helped Arsenal (with their 62m followers) sneak ahead of Liverpool, for the moment at least. With the Champion’s League semi-finals starting next weekend it could be all change again on the 2nd May.