Winning Against Your Ex-Teammates

Nothing is more important than winning against ex-teammates

As it stands today, our algorithm has determined that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is the most influential player in the England squad. Of course, to many, this might come as a surprise. Not least, his ex-teammate Jack Wilshere, and others in the squad, that have more overall followers on social media. So we thought it was worth a look at this to understand why and how this works. The main point is that when our algorithms rate Oxlade-Chamberlain (7.7m social fans) and Jack Wilshere (9.8m social fans) they take into account much more than the sum of each player’s followers on the main social platforms. Alongside key figures such as engagement and exposure, we also look at form. This time last year the two men were team mates but our numbers suggest that Alex’s decision to press for a move from the Emirates to Anfield last summer was the right one. His personal form has improved in the 17-18 season and his new team is a also having a good year. Liverpool have had a good run of recent results in the premiership and are doing well in the Champions League, whereas Arsenal have been on a run of losses and are playing in the Europa League.  As a result of his team’s strong performance this season Alex is getting more positive exposure than Jack and that gives him greater marketing influence. This means that despite Jack’s very significant social following we are ranking him further down the list than he might wish for. Perhaps he should make a move away from Arsenal at the end of this season?