And the (England) winners are…

The World Cup is not the only prize in town

Now that the World Cup has come to a close, we’ve been taking a look at the winners and losers from England’s squad in terms of how many followers they have won (and lost) during the tournament. There are two types of winners: those that increased the total number of followers, and those that increased their following by a percentage far greater than their peers. And there are also losers. We’ll come to these more in a moment.

Increased Total Numbers
It’s clear to see that the England attack gained a number of fans throughout the tournament. These were the standouts at the top of the charts:
  • Harry Kane – 1,476,771 followers
  • Jesse Lingard – 853,525
  • Dele Alli – 596,343
  • Marcus Rashford – 561,505

Increased Percentage
At the back, there’s also a lot of love for two of the heroes of the team:
  • Jordan Pickford – 248% increase (489,033 new followers)
  • Harry Maguire – 358% increase (388,830 new followers)

However, not everyone is a winner. Pity poor Phil Jones, who a few years ago, was regarded as a future England captain and centre-back for the next decade. Now he’s reduced to a bit-part file (and was cruelly beaten by Eden Hazard in the 3rd place playoff), and even worse, he’s one of the few players that has seen their fan following reduce over the past 4 weeks.

He’s dropped almost 1.2% with a reduction of 67,389 follower. Now, it’s true that the majority of those are from Twitter and could be due to the recent cull, but you do wonder if that would have been the case if his performances had been a little better…