World Cup Top 10 Defenders

We look at the social influence of defenders

This is the second part of our series looking at players social influence by their position on the pitch. You can find the first part on World Cup Goalkeepers here. In many ways, this is a list dominated by the Spanish La Liga with the top 6 being players solely from Real Madrid or Barcelona, as well as Pepe, who is an ex-Real player as well now plying his trade in the Turkish league. No surprises to see Sergio Ramos at the top of the list though – love him or hate him, he’s the world’s leading defender. And nice to see the Bayern Munich pairing of Boateng and Hummels towards the end. For England though, it is a different story. No representation again, and the closest to the top 10 were Phil Jones and Gary Cahill who managed to grab positions 19 and 20.
1. Sergio Ramos Spain 67.3m fans 894.7
2. Marcelo Brazil 64.1m fans 893.2
3. Gerard Piqué Spain 54.5m fans 891.8
4. Raphaël Varane France 23.3m fans 880.1
5. Javier Mascherano Argentina 18.1m fans 875.7
6. Jordi Alba Spain 16.3m fans 872.0
7. Thiago Silva Brazil 14.7m fans 869.1
8. Jérôme Boateng Germany 12.3m fans 864.0
9. Mats Hummels Germany 8.8m fans 853.8
10. Pepe Portugal 22.7m fans 850.1