World Cup Top 10 Goalkeepers

Who are the most influential goalkeepers?

As part of a series looking at players in more depth, we thought it would be interesting to see who has the highest levels of social influence in each position. The first of these is shown in our list below, where you can see the top 10 Goalkeepers attending the tournament ranked in the order of their influence. As expected, David de Gea, Manuel Neuer, and Thibaut Cortois – in our opinion the top three keepers in the world right now – are top the chart. However, we didn’t expect to see Wojciech Szczensy so high up the list. As for England, there is no representation in the top 10; the the first England goalkeeper to appear overall is Jack Butland, who comes in at 29 in our calculations.
1. David De Gea Spain 28.8m fans 943.0
2. Manuel Neuer Germany 23.7m fans 881.5
3. Thibaut Courtois Belgium 13.5m fans 866.9
4. Simon Mignolet Belgium 3.7m fans 865.2
5. Marc-André ter Stegen Germany 12.0m fans 862.5
6. Keylor Navas Costa Rica 16.5m fans 845.0
7. David Ospina Colombia 7.6m fans 836.4
8. Wojciech Szczęsny Poland 5.2m fans 821.6
9. Guillermo Ochoa Mexico 7.3m fans 800.0
10. Pepe Reina Spain 3.3m fans 785.8