World Cup Top 10 Midfielders

We look at the social influence of midfielders

This is the third part of our series looking at players social influence by their position on the pitch. You can find the first part on World Cup Goalkeepers here and the second part on World Cup Defenders here. Stronger representation from the English Premier League in this table, compared to other positions, with Mesut Ozil, Paul Pogba, Eden Hazard and Willian making up places in the top 10. Elsewhere, the Real Madrid factor comes strongly into play, but it is nice to see Andres Iniesta sitting atop the table, in the manner that is befitting for one of the world greats. Raheem Sterling and Ashley Young are England’s most influential midfielders, occupying positions 26 and 27 and therefore not shown in the table; although arguably Young should now be classed as a defender!
1. Paul Pogba France 43.4m fans 947.4
2. Eden Hazard Belgium 26.6m fans 912.3
3. Willian Brazil 17.4m fans 903.5
4. Mesut Özil Germany 73.2m fans 902.6
5. Andrés Iniesta Spain 76.6m fans 896.2
6. Toni Kroos Germany 39.6m fans 889.6
7. Isco Spain 24.5m fans 883.0
8. James Rodríguez Colombia 91.0m fans 882.6
9. Philippe Coutinho Brazil 23.5m fans 880.8
10. Casemiro Brazil 15.3m fans 869.8