Love Island 2018 PowerList

Who has benefited the most from Love Island this year?

We wrote a journal article a couple of weeks ago about Love Island, the ‘other’ important competitive tournament in June and July this year. In it, we took a look at the social influence of the contestants in the hugely popular TV show to give us a counterpoint to the football that was filling up the TV schedules.

It was a popular post – we saw visits to our site ramp up with people wanting to know and understand who is making a new media career for themselves whilst sunbathing and dealing with the intricacies of love and the heart, as PR teams and friends seek to maximise the social followings of the contestants on the show (let’s not forget it is a gameshow, and there is a cash prize at the end of it) whilst they are sunning themselves.

The life-changing prospect of Love Island was also captured perfectly this week on Good Morning Britain, where Georgia Steel, who walked out of the villa rather than recouple, recounted how she had 3,000 Twitter followers when she started the show, and now had more than 1.1 million. Her disbelief is perhaps tempered by the knowledge that she now has a career as an influencer ready and waiting for her in the wings, and given experience of the activities of past contestants, it should keep her busy for a couple of years yet.

So as the show moves into it’s final week, we took our previous list a step further – rather than just the contestants that were in the villa at the time of the post, we’ve gathered up the stats for all of this year’s entrants, whether they appeared for just a couple of days, or lasted the distance.

And here it is – the Love Island 2018 PowerList (and yes, we still class Caroline Flack as one of the Islanders, because she’s still lovely).

1. Caroline Flack 3.9m fans 999.0
2. Dani Dyer 3.7m fans 972.7
3. Jack Fincham 2.9m fans 946.4
4. Megan Barton Hanson 1.9m fans 920.1
5. Georgia Steel 1.7m fans 893.8
6. Wes Nelson 1.7m fans 867.6
7. Laura Anderson 1.6m fans 841.3
8. Adam Collard 1.3m fans 815.0
9. Josh Denzel 1.3m fans 788.7
10. Kazimir Crossley 1.3m fans 762.4
11. Jack Fowler 1.2m fans 736.1
12. Alexandra Louise Cane 1.2m fans 709.8
13. Samira Mighty 1.2m fans 683.5
14. Ellie Brown 1.1m fans 657.2
15. Zara McDermott 1.1m fans 630.9
16. Kendall Rae-Knight 916.6k fans 604.7
17. Eyal Booker 890.4k fans 578.4
18. Sam Bird 867.6k fans 552.1
19. Rosie Williams 852.3k fans 525.8
20. Charlie Brake 804.4k fans 499.5
21. Niall Aslam 742.1k fans 473.2
22. Hayley Hughes 643.3k fans 446.9
23. Paul Knops 632.8k fans 420.6
24. Laura Crane 618.2k fans 394.3
25. Frankie Foster 559.3k fans 368.1
26. Charlie Frederick 312.3k fans 341.8
27. Alex Miller 260.0k fans 315.5
28. Daryl Sargeant 217.0k fans 289.2
29. Stephanie Lam 167.1k fans 262.9
30. Jordan Adefeyisan 126.2k fans 236.6
31. Grace Wardle 112.7k fans 210.3
32. Savanna Darnell 105.8k fans 184.0
33. Idris Virgo 104.5k fans 157.7
34. Alex George 97.0k fans 131.4
35. Charlie Williams 81.1k fans 105.2
36. Dean Overson 80.7k fans 78.9
37. Josh Mair 60.4k fans 52.6
38. Kieran Nicholls 1.8k fans 26.3