The Love Island Sportstar Team

The Love Island bug has even got to us at Sportstar Towers!

We seem to be lucky with the scheduling of the World Cup in the UK, as the later games are finishing around 9pm, which means that we can switch straight over to watch what’s happening in the other important competitive tournament taking place in June, Love Island. Though Love Island has a Machiavellian streak not seen since Cristiano Ronaldo ensured Wayne Rooney was sent off in Euro 2004 (we’ll never forget that wink), the fact is that those appearing in this year’s show have their eyes not just on each other, but the prize of a celebrity career in the future if the public like them enough. Which means that the Love Islanders have teams of friends and PR bods working their social accounts hard back at home whilst they soak up the rays and undergo their coupling rituals. So we decided to take a brief break from the football – it was a morning, there were no games on – to find out which of the Islanders was ranking the highest in capturing a future audience. And we even game them their own Influencer score to see how they compared to real football players. Here’s the results of our experiment – and yes, we class Caroline Flack as one of the Islanders, because, well, she’s lovely, isn’t she?
1. Caroline Flack 3.9m fans 999.0
2. Dani Dyer 3.7m fans 972.7
3. Jack Fincham 2.9m fans 946.4
4. Megan Barton Hanson 1.9m fans 920.1
5. Georgia Steel 1.7m fans 893.8
6. Wes Nelson 1.7m fans 867.6
7. Laura Anderson 1.6m fans 841.3
8. Adam Collard 1.3m fans 815.0
9. Josh Denzel 1.3m fans 788.7
10. Samira Mighty 1.2m fans 683.5
11. Ellie Brown 1.1m fans 657.2
12. Zara McDermott 1.1m fans 630.9
13. Eyal Booker 890.4k fans 578.4
14. Rosie Williams 852.3k fans 525.8
15. Hayley Hughes 643.3k fans 446.9
16. Charlie Frederick 312.3k fans 341.8
17. Alex George 97.0k fans 131.4