We’ve Launched!

Today, we launch Sportstar Influencer to the world.

The initial concept was developed in 2017 whilst we were working on a report for Crystal Palace and trying to determine the reach and influence of their digital marketing from a variety of disparate sources and plumbing them all together into a single view. As we did this, we decided we wanted to be able to show how their social ranking and influence differed from other clubs. We found that we could do this on a basic level using a platform such as Sprout, but it only took into account their social following. We also found a couple of newspaper stories where reporters had done simple calculations on the top 10 footballers in the world and written about what order they were placed in. However we knew that there is more to it than just a simple comparison. A club in the Champions League, and the players at that club have far more eyeballs on them than a club in the Championship. A player who is out injured long-term won’t be appearing for his club and not being in the public eye means they fade from view. Column inches being written about a subject are great, but the sentiment behind the words can have a positive or negative impact on how they are perceived and therefore whether this is good for sponsors. With this Sportstar Influencer was born, with a simple idea at it’s heart – build a list of all sports players in the world and work out what their relative marketing value and influence is. What was clear from the outset is that this isn’t an easy or quick thing to do, especially if you want to do it properly. Which is why we’ve been developing the concept for the past 6 months as a side-project to our main agency, Filter Digital. During this time, we’ve developed and polished our initial idea into a dataset backed by complex algorithm that is growing by the day with new data points and modifiers. And we have a roadmap. A long and exciting list of ideas about how we take this simple idea and expand it into one of the key pieces of data that brands and sponsors need to use to understand their buying and marketing decisions in the future. Sportstar Influencer has gone live today with an initial dataset from all the players in the Premier League. In the background, we already have data for the La Liga, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1, and we are preparing for the launch of a new dataset around the World Cup in Russia 2018, Wimbledon 2018 and the new Premiership Rugby season. But we’re not confined to football, which is why we called Sportstar Influencer, not Football Influencer. We believe that it’s time to bring the data from other sports out into the open – rugby, NFL, tennis, cricket and, ever more, E-Sports. Today, we launch. But a launch is just the start. We’ve just got off the ground. Here’s to the rest of the flight.