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Arsenal Football Club is a professional football club based in Highbury, London, England, that plays in the Premier League, the top flight of English football. The club has won 13 League titles, a record 13 FA Cups, two League Cups, the League Centenary Trophy, 15 FA Community Shields, one UEFA Cup Winners' Cup and one Inter-Cities Fairs Cup. It has won the second-most top flight matches in English football history, and is the only English club to go a 38-match league season unbeaten.

It has won the second-most top flight matches in English football history, and is the only English club to go a 38-match league season unbeaten.

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1. Mesut Özil Arsenal 73.2m fans 916.9
2. Aaron Ramsey Arsenal 10.7m fans 866.8
3. David Ospina Arsenal 7.6m fans 850.7
4. Henrikh Mkhitaryan Arsenal 7.6m fans 822.9
5. Petr Cech Arsenal 8.6m fans 803.1
6. Granit Xhaka Arsenal 3.0m fans 801.3
7. Mohamed Elneny Arsenal 4.4m fans 785.6
8. Héctor Bellerín Arsenal 4.8m fans 762.9
9. Per Mertesacker Arsenal 4.7m fans 760.7
10. Alexandre Lacazette Arsenal 3.7m fans 746.1
11. Danny Welbeck Arsenal 1.5m fans 738.8
12. Nacho Monreal Arsenal 1.3m fans 737.0
13. Alex Iwobi Arsenal 2.0m fans 732.2
14. Laurent Koscielny Arsenal 3.0m fans 730.7
15. Shkodran Mustafi Arsenal 2.7m fans 724.1
16. Sead Kolašinac Arsenal 1.4m fans 702.2
17. Stephan Lichtsteiner Arsenal 1.7m fans 694.9
18. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Arsenal 1.6m fans 688.3
19. Bernd Leno Arsenal 884.7k fans 619.6
20. Sokratis Papastathopoulos Arsenal 730.5k fans 596.2
21. Lucas Torreira Arsenal 532.9k fans 558.9
22. Rob Holding Arsenal 501.5k fans 551.5
23. Matteo Guendouzi Arsenal 226.3k fans 466.0

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60 minutes ago


To mark World Down Syndrome Day, we've got a very special video about the very special friendship between Granit Xhaka and Julian.

This is beautiful 😃
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Julian's big surprise | World Down Syndrome Day


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❤️❤️❤️❤️ xhaka


Bravo Xhaka

Xhaka laka boom 👍

Boom Boom Boom Booom Booooooooom

Bomgirnt mon

Xhaka this video reflects your true nature, your athleticism on the field as a professional is a perfect match for your heart of gold ❤️!

Play and love the Arsenal Way👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿❤️❤️❤️❤️

Boooom.. Left foot and Da Gea goes West.

I'm not crying, you are!!!!

Well done Granit and Arsenal.

I cant stop watching ,so beautiful

Gives such a different perspective to life 👍🏽

Watching this from New Zealand. Its great to see the family values in the team. Gunner for life.❤❤❤.

Who is that chopping onions

This real happy smile got stuck on my face the whole video.....

Xhaka fun,Forever arsenal fun.

If you really want to know whether xhaka is boom or not, kindly ask united goalkeeper de gea.

This is such a lovely gesture from my first love! ❤️ Money can't buy class! And we're class! Proud to be an arsenalite! ❤️

As an Arsenal supporter and father of a daughter with Downs I can only thank you Granit Xhaka. Respect.

Brilliant, well done Arsenal. More than just a club

You are a Champion Xhaka. Great Stuff Gunners!

My love always with you arsenal ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Xhaka booooooo

Such a great man , I love him for what he is doing all the time !

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5 hours ago


Happy Holi to everyone celebrating today! 🔴⚪ ... See moreSee less

Happy Holi, Gooners! 🧡💛💚💙


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HAPPY NAW RUZ TO ALL BAHAI's around the world #Haifa #kampala #FoxB

Is that wherre the word "holiday" comes from?

Happy independence day Namibia 🇳🇦

Happy Newroz to Kurds and Kurdistan🇹🇯🇱🇹 🇦🇲21st March. Happy Kurdish New year to my people worldwide. COYG Happy Holi🇮🇳🇮🇳

Happy Holi to all Gooners

But Nepal also celebrates the holy so don’t bias Nepal from it happy holi Arsenal fans 🇳🇵 JayaNEPAL 🇳🇵

Holi wishes to our lads. These holidays are killing me, no premier league football means damp weekends. Just can't wait for April

Happy Holi to you all. Love you guys

Wishing more colores for Aresnal on the festival of colours

Happy Nauryz to all turkic nations

Love From Myanmar Happy Holi To You All Gunner

Happy holi from Nepal 😊 We nepalese too celebrate holi 😊 #coyg

Thanks Arsenal for the nice gesture !!!! lookin forward to see you playin at #Dubai 😎

Happy Holi to all the Gooners

Thanks..Happy Holi Gooners.. Go grab the 3rd spot 😍

But nepal has done yet yesterday playing holi

Yes wishing the same to all Hindus and everyone celebrating worldwide!

Happy Holi The Gunners ⚪️🔴🇻🇳

Happy holi all you gunners.

Happy holi to miss no toilet

Happy Holi. Wish our whole team have a colourful day.

Thanku arsenal.. Happy holidays gunners..

All arsenal fmly happy holi

Happy Holi Gunner's 😍😍😄😄✌️

Happy holi Arsenal fans Love from India 💖💛❤💚💙💜🧡

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15 hours ago


So, turns out Stephan Lichtsteiner takes quizzes serious. Very seriously.

Who knew? 😂

Check out how he got on against Granit Xhaka 👇
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😂 Stephan shows his competitive side | What do you know?


Comment on Facebook

Xhaka would never say serbia 🤣🤣🇦🇱

Sell Lord Lichtsteiner and use the money to buy ice-cream for fans😏

Xhaka looks so much like Ronaldo 💜 doesn't he?

I was waiting for Xhaka to say Serbia 😂😂

Lichtsteiner was a top rb however he's maybe a bit too old for the premier league. Swiss legend, but it's a shame he hasn't worked out much with Arsenal.

Mustafi would have cause penalty even in this 😏😏

Seriously no one knows Somalia, Senegal, Seychelles?? 😂😂

Xhaka Do You Forget Somalia??😓😓

we need this with quiz with Micky

Seriously. BOTH times, Arsenal editor. Use that adverb!

Xhaka's sleezy! Replacing Casillas with Garcia when questioned 😂😂

Now I know how it feel to fall in love Am really missing our boys

He should take leaving Arsenal in the summer serious too ...thanks a lot for the work but we won't need your services next season Mr.Stephen

Licheinster??? Warm bench him until next season but two...

Lichtsteiner does the typical italian movement with his hands at the end of the video 😂

I’ve come to love these guys. Xhaka keep it up. Stephan we love you.

Takes it more seriously than defending 😂

I personally admire boom's energy..

Granit couldn remember country on S where he is from, hm 🤔

Stephen is a nice guy, like him

Stephan should be playing second division

The Swiss boys having fun.

The only thing Stephan Lichtsteiner do best on the field is back pass.😛😏

Shame he doesnt take crossing the ball as seriously

Well I hope he is better at that than he is a player as he is completely crap as a defender who just can’t defend!

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17 hours ago


If this doesn't make you laugh, nothing will 😂😂😂😂

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Matteo just cannot control himself 😂😂


Comment on Facebook

Nikos Manolis Jimmis otan zorizoun ta pramata o sokrataros to girizei sto elliniko k arxizei binelikia

Mustafi would give a penalty away in that game.

All of you bashing Guendouzi needs to chill. He is just 19 , I hope you ain't mistaking his jersey number as his age. Boy has quality and potentially for future.

I laughed so hard watching this. Don't ask me why, I don't even know....

I want my 2minutes back please

Socrates at the end says: “Deka lepta etsi imaste” which means: ten minutes we are at this situation... 😂😂😂😂

Laugh laugh laugh but can’t control the ball on the pitch

What is this girl laughing at 😀😀😀

Goundouzi has to laugh,for me just looking at Sokratis always makes me laugh,imagine when he is funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

If i were papa i would die laughing but look at him no hint of smile on his face but why bruh 😂😂😂


Da tong pao🤣 they are playing Chinese chess

Guenduzi the guy who laughs too much and can't control a ball when yet he is put in every game 😂

I do t want to laugh now. I want trophies. Only trophies. Trophies will make me laugh for a long long time.

im still asking why sokratis doesnt tackle him 😂

in kenya sokaratis have another name #papa_sheraandula ..😅

That guy is high on weed

Beating Napol will make me laugh😊

Don't have idea was happening but don't know when I join laughing hard 🤣🤣

Sokratis is from Kalamata,Kalamata is very famous for it's first quality weed....Sooooooo it figures,right?

2 minutes of my life wasted 😠 if i was Papa I would slap him on the crag 😂

Sokrats make me laugh 😂 I don't know or understand why ? Even what's they talking about lol ?

Ahhh... Best player in the worldddd😍❤

Some people should stop being party poopers just enjoy the good laugh stop being serious everytime and criticism left right and center Patric Mpenda Arsenal kuja ucheke kidogo

Why is he laughing so hard?

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18 hours ago


It’s official - we're returning to the International Champions Cup this summer!

Stay tuned to find out who we’ll play and where -the official schedule will be announced on March 27 at 10am EST.

#ICC2019 #ChampionsMeetHere
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We're returning to the International Champions Cup this summer!


Comment on Facebook

For a moment i was hoping you would say "its official we are returning to the UEFA champions league next season"

PLEASE come to the USA already. We have soooooo many Arsenal supporters and and fan clubs yet so many of us will never be lucky enough to see Arsenal live and in person. I think it would be great for the Team in expanding their global reach. Much like NFL teams playing in London to increase that fan base.

Oh I hope it’s in Dallas

I loved arsenal and eventually i got married to it in a union that no one will separate

Chicago rumored to be on the agenda! COYG!

Come again to Singapore! 🇸🇬🇸🇬🇸🇬

Hopefully Chicago like it was rumored

What is it we are champions of then????

Michigan Stadium I hope! 🤞😬🤞

This means we will win the europa cup, that's how we will enter the competition as champions, up the Arsenal

Can't wait 👌

So what about the Emirates Cup, will that be on this year

Does Chicago have a shot?

Please come to Malaysia 😁

A crafty way of avoiding the real internation club championship cup

Singapore or Malaysia 😁😁 so I can travel to see you

What are we champions of?

I hope the game will be at WAKANDA....cos am.there now

Chicago best sport fans in the USA see you at Soldier field

Can anyone name last 3 winners or even last years winners. Without cheating

Win ,loose or Draw Gunners till I die

Can we not go to Asia? 11am is too early for me.

Support Gunners till I die ❤️

Won't last in the competition anyway

Because pre-season injuries are always a joy...

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