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Aaron James Ramsey is a Welsh professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Premier League club Arsenal and the Wales national team. Ramsey mainly plays as a box-to-box midfielder, but has also been deployed on the left and right wings. He played as a schoolboy for Cardiff City, where he spent eight years in youth football, became the club's youngest ever first team player, and made 22 appearances for the senior team – including the 2008 FA Cup Final.

Ramsey moved to Arsenal in 2008 in a £5 million deal, where he quickly gained first team experience. However, his career stalled significantly after he suffered a broken leg in a match against Stoke City in February 2010. After two loan spells away from Arsenal, he returned to full fitness and re-established himself as a regular starter during the 2011–12 season. Ramsey was a key player for Arsenal in the 2013–14 season campaign, scoring 16 goals in all competitions, including the winner in the 2014 FA Cup Final against Hull City. He also played in the 2015 FA Cup Final, which Arsenal won, and scored a second FA Cup winning goal in 2017.

Ramsey made his full international debut for Wales in 2008, and was part of their successful UEFA Euro 2016 campaign, where he was included in the Team of the Tournament. He also represented Great Britain at the 2012 Olympics. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Prep done. Ready for tonight.

‪Rest in peace Emiliano Sala 💔. My thoughts and prayers go out to your friends and family 🙏🏼‬

Happy birthday mum ❤️🎈

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11 months ago

Aaron Ramsey

Happy Easter Sunday everyone. Good day all round #threepoints #MOTM #afc ... See moreSee less

Happy Easter Sunday everyone. Good day all round #threepoints #MOTM #afc


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Welcome to Juventus ⚫️⚪️🇮🇹

Please stay at Arsenal !!!! You give us so much happiness to see you play, you are and must be the leader of this team Especially since you are the last legendary player in this team! xx Sorry for my English.

CoME on to AC MILAN to be the leader of the biggest club in the world ! ⚫️🔴⚫️🔴⚫️🔴⚫️

Aaron Ramsey i just read that your country will play a friendly with Albania on 20-th of November in Elbasan Arena. I am a fan of Arsenal since 1994 and i have never, ever, had the chance of seeing my favorite team except tv. But i have the chance to see one of my favorite players and it will be more than pleasure to see you here. Since i cannot message you directly, i will kindly ask you to take your Arsenal shirt with you when you come here for me. I know you take hundred and thousand of messages like this, but not anyone has the chance to see you so close and for me this is a great opportunity. I will be there on that day and i promise, but you have to promise me to, otherwise, i wont let you take a selfie with me :D 😂. I hope you take it into consideration this message. Thanks. Peace

Ya te chingastes a avici :v,pero ahora mata al justin biber,a los de scobby doo mierda,a los posser de mierda,a los trompetas,alas putas y putos,a los pendejos, ya noma te faltan ellos y el mundo es happy,y bueno tambien a los regetoneros de mierda y al maluma ese puto tambien XD Thanks KING IS DEAD RAMSEY

Like this comment if you want Ramsey to sign a new contract with Arsenal!!! #ShouldBeCaptain

Waiting for you to sign a new contract !

Good game Aaron Ramsey :))) I hope you to sign a new contract :)))

Hi Ramsey just a quick Q: How does it feel to play alongside Welbeck esp when Laca sits on the bench?

saw some nifty moves from you today rambo. Keep it up mate!

Happy Easter Aaron, well deserved man of the match!!! 🔴⚪️

I was amazing today and I'm glad you made yourself wonderfully

Happy Easter Rambo, that quick-response Dink in the First Half almost went it below the Crossbar. More Success on Thursday, #Legend...

TKS RAMBO u,ve showed combativity today happy easter to u&team mate

Took the scenic route guys but you got there. Rambo - name your top 10 ever Welsh players. Mine: John Charles, You, Leighton James, Bryn Jones, Jack Kelsey, Reg Lewis, Rush, Giggs, Bale and Cliff Jones.

Happy Easter to you aswell Aaron........ much love brother

Guys keep up with that momentum....that's how we should muzzle maximum points for the remaining fixtures

you grow up, just dreaming to play football,,, you then turn into a greedy git, who just dreams of money ,,, money , stronger than loyalty , and no matter how many millions you make now,, its never enough,, you guys are never satisfied.. greed,, just one thing,,, what do you do with all them millions,,, can not spend it,, can not take it with you when you die...

happy Easter to Aarom Ramesy, I'm natuhwera johnson from Uganda, hope that you will sighn anew contract with Arsenal

Aaron Ramsey could I have a chocolate please? i mean I'd ask for the MOTM award but think you deserve to keep that one sir :) best wishes to you and your family x

Yes yes our Rambo!!!! We love u so much & we wish u happy Easter Monday coz u played well

Rambo not a good to sale happy Easter

Happy Easter Rambo, I love love you.

Welldone Super Aaron. Happy Easter to you

Happy Easter to you and your family.Please please to not leave Arsenal.I am a devoted fan from Ottawa Canada.🐣🐣🐰🐰🌹

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12 months ago

Aaron Ramsey

After a disappointing run that was a Great response from the team 💪🏼 #europaleague #afc ... See moreSee less

After a disappointing run that was a Great response from the team 💪🏼 #europaleague #afc


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Aoron Ramsey Is currently the best player in Arsenal, Your Performance today is exclusively great,

My favourite box to box midfielder... Great tackles,orgasmic runs ,terrific techniques and a third eye for goal....we love you Rambo

Took you're goal extremely well, but stop giving those silly fouls away in dangerous positions, I'm getting old now my heart cant take it

Welbeck would have missed that😂😂

When the draw for the last 16 of the Europa League was made, AC Milan sporting director and former Sunderland scout Massimiliano Mirabelli said: "I feel sorry for Arsenal." LOL

Dear Wenger out fans.for once in your life enjoy ur win and support your team.If you dislike Wenger so much,keep out for a while.Dont make us a joke of a club.Gooner through thick and thin.COYG

great work Ramsey.. keep going.. let now focus on Sunday game against Watford

WIN 1, LOSSES 4....And thats what happen in the next next next matches...we need Bergkamp and Henry to lead this team

When you are down you are horrible but when it is your day you score some wonderful goals. Its good that you sink and float some sink forever.

Today someone who is famous will die. If Aaron kick goal someone will die. Great performance. Captain was absolutly perfect. Midfield players kept the ball as Arsenal player shold know. Grat( I hope the next week you will won again) Have a nice night! Congratulation for the team. Grat for the goal and the playing!!!

Good result but still weren't great. Why can't we ever just see out a game and keep the ball? Basics! See the game out.

wenger should stay!! otherwise congs guys, u really ve a vry gud record against de Italian clubs. i believe now. wish u de best in de struggle.

I bloody agree amazing where the hell has that commitment attitude and having a pride in themselves been nearly all season ? Sorry to be so outspoken but all the fans want you to do well and we just haven’t seen that in many performances this season. I go back to the defeat at home to Man Utd if we had got a draw or won that game which we could have if de gea had not been phenomenal we would,I believe be challenging still for the top four but we didn’t and at the end of that match you could see the players lose belief in themselves just my opinion. Let’s hope you can drive on for this amazing result and play as well vs Watford who have beaten us already this season and last and against a tough Leicester side who are challenging us for 6 position. Enjoy tonight but let’s get ready and play as well in our next premiership game. Maitland Niles great performance when he came on for a young lad and Koscielny looked a leader which he hasn’t in the last few games. Well done lads

Aaron Ramsey I must say that you have spent over ten good years in this club and your performance is continually poor you can't count yourself among elite mid fielders in europe I wonder why Wenger keep using you when he can buy some one more better

Thank you Ramsey amazing performance and a beautiful goal will remain in memory I am happy for you I wish you success

Kudos to you Ramboo.. You guyz did very well last night.. Hope to win sunday match against Watford. Cheers.

Let's not paper over the cracks here Milan were poor Beckham could have played for them and he wouldn't have looked out of place

Their wingback Calabria had a knock or two which helped down that flank but the lads worked well at closing down the final ball and took their chances. Can't we play all PL games on Mondays to get that extra day's preparation?

Well done, my Welsh boy! You're playing well. You worked so hard last Thursday against Man C. I was there with my daffodil willing you to score a St Davids Day goal! Keep up the good work and inspire your team mates. The team definitely play quicker when you're on the pitch! Good luck x

It's Not Easy" By Lucky Dube. I remember the day I called mama on the telephone I told her mama I'm getting married I could hear her voice on the other side of the telephone she was smiling And she asked me a question that I proudly answered She said son did you take time to know her I said mama she's the best But today it hurts me so To go back to mama and say mama I 'M getting divorced Oh I'm getting divorced This choice I made didn't work out the way I thought it would [x2] it hurts me so mama Mama said to me [Chorus:] It's not easy to understand it son But I hope you'll make it [x3] You'll be happy again I remember in church When the preacher read the scriptures You looked so beautiful and innocent I did not know that behind that beauty Lies the true colors that will destroy me in the near future This choice I made didn't work out the way I thought it would be [x2] Now I'm hurting I remember when I held you By the hand preacherman read the scriptures Putting words in your mouth Maybe what the preacherman said was not something that was within you Now I know what they mean when they say Beautiful woman is another man's plaything Oh Lord I'm hurting now This choice I made didn't work out the way I thought it would Mama said to me. 😢 RIP Lucky Dube. Type RIP $ Share widely

Aaron Ramsey so sorry that your leaving and I hope you go on to better things thanks for all you've done for my club your a great player and a pleasure to watch good luck for the future all the best mate

Rambo my man, I love your spirit and Arsenal always lack that winning spirit when ever you are not in the squad.

Tel wenger to this summer atleast he must leave us in champions league by winning europa then he goes.

Yeah congrats we won yesterday but it’s still #WengerOut even if we win Europa and every other match for the rest of the season, #WengerOut.

Ram 🐑 the Ramsey cracking goal 🥅 showed composure and just the win Arsenal football club needed hope the confidence grows from this 👍🏻

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1 year ago

Aaron Ramsey

Great night for me personally and a brilliant response from the team👊 #hattrick ⚽️⚽️⚽️ ... See moreSee less

Great night for me personally and a brilliant response from the team👊 #hattrick ⚽️⚽️⚽️


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Waiting for celebrities who will die 😂😂

Hattrick Ramsey = end of the world

I always said you should be captain. Yourself and jack show the most passion when on the pitch,some may say not but passion is the key. I hope you stay and I hope you become captain we need passion from a captain on the pitch not a voice on the bench. My 6 year old son pretends to be you (Or Ian Wright lol) we will see you hopefully in March Leicester vs us. We won a match day experience in the hospitality(couldn't afford it normally) my boys called George he would love to meet you. Good luck and all the best make us us feel pride to be a gunner!!

ramsey scored a hattrick and real madrid died.

Like my comnent if you are True #Gunner

You done us proud when we need it most!!! Stay consistent and meet the objectives, for this season, so that we can build on nexr season

Hahahahaha congratulations i wish no one will be dead 💀 with your hattric 😁

You were amazing... I think the formation and the team choice clicked. Every one was on top of their game... let’s keep this spirit going. Lads!!!#goArsenal.

Thank you Ramboo,,, hope you continue with your fine form. I have no doubt you're a legend @fly emirates.

Lets see who lives the Weekend !! Love you Aaron Ramsey, you are a King on the pitch when you or in the mood !!!

Why don't you like playing it simple instead of overelaborating. You're can be the most annoying Arsenal player yet sometimes you the most hard working, running up and down the pitch

Ramsey whenever you're on pitch I enjoy watching the game, I watched you yesterday and it was indeed fantastic. good luck Rambo

Keep on playing like this Rambo and maybe you will succeed ending up 4th like always ! Lol well played lads #COYG

Please do not shoot more hattricks. Polish actor Wojciech Pokora has now died through your last hattrick ;/

I always say Ramsey is most underrated player, I enjoy watching you Aaron you the best player both for Gunners and Wales you remain consistent even from injury you well deserve to wear armband. I was happy when you take no8 because I always rate you to Toni Kroos my fovourite playmakers....keep doing wat u doing on the pitch

Rambo! I knew you had it in you, only Mesut that needs some extra polishing and still the defence...done.

Congratulations. Arsenal supporters feeling good with this slightly new Look team and your return from injury 😊😊😊

Aaron Ramsey Hizo un Hat Trick significa que; Me wo preparar para el fin :’) y que también me Wo a morir Joven y sin Hijos :’)..... ✌🏼 Felicidades 🎊🎉🍾🎈 Crack

Besides from Robbie, has arsenal got any fans with a British name😂great hattrick tonight Rambo🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Rihana was watching your game that you scored hat trick and she was shivering that she might be on the line of the goals you scored as a celebrity to die.

well done Rambo , u and Jack are the heart and soul of Arsenal # longest serving now that theo has left .

Great to see you back. And in such great form. Your passion is just what the team needs. You are an Arsenal legend.

The result is fanastic. But we need consistency from the team. There was a diference before and after half time with in a game.

Congrats Aron Rambo. You're the best box-to-box midfielder across Europe. Wish you more succes in Arsenal colours

Ramsay por favor realizar meu sonho de fazer um teste no Arsenal sou do Brasil no meu estado não tem muita oportunidade e também ter uma camisa do Arsenal por favor

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1 year ago

Aaron Ramsey

Brilliant performance last night by the boys. Another trip to Wembley to look forward to 🙂 ... See moreSee less

Brilliant performance last night by the boys. Another trip to Wembley to look forward to 🙂


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Up gunner!!! Pls dont betray us like alex chamber&d rest of them.wishing theo walcot all d best at his new club.

Please stay at Arsenal !!!! You give us so much happiness to see you play, you are and must be the leader of this team Especially since you are the last legendary player in this team! xx Sorry for my English.

Please don’t ever leave us Ramsey!

Heres how it will go, ramsey will score the winning goal and another poor celebrity will die

Half way through the season and we’re already on for a double after securing the community shield! Arsene Wengers red and white army. Best team in the land #COYG

u have a bad habit of scoring at Wembley 😂

....and hopefully another winning goal from your good self? 🤞🏼🔴⚪️

Yeah, another trip to your favourite stadium to score goals lol. Gooooooooal..It's Aaron Ramsey again. I can't wait. COYG!!!

Of course , Becouse you were not played Rastgo Rauf

Good, Go At Wembly And Bring The Trophy Home


good job bro.Be the best at Wembley

Its just papering over the cracks though! 😡

That was great,in the second half we domnated and took the game by storm,Ramsey be a Legend at Arsenal we need your services for many years to come.Congulatulatons.

You need to bloody step up if u wanna stay in the team mate, we done better since you got injured and Wilshire came in

I hope you remain out of the first 11 for a long time coz the team looks alot better with Jack Wilshere in it instead of you!

Congratulations for humiliating chelsea as you are moving forwards, Manchester city wont be an obstacle towards a trophy you really deserve it and you have proved to us that every thing would be possible

I know you are a great player who depends so much on yourself, I pray that God will perfect your finishing and will give your more experience as a midfield general...😎

Ozil was immense. The whole team got their just rewards for their hard work and tactical discipline. No reason we can't go on and win another trophy. Good luck on the final.

!!!!! 🤔 What game was Aaron watching. 😯.

ভাইগো আইজকা তো হ্যাট্রিক মারছেন।মেসি - রোনালদো - নেইমাররে নিয়া চিন্তায় আছি।আপনার লাক তো আবার পুটুন্দা।যাইহোক, এদের ভালোমন্দ কিছু একটা হইলে ফুটবল ফ্যানেরা কিন্তু আপনার হ্যানত্যান কিছু একটা কইরা ফেলবো।

and so again, you'll be the one who will win us the trophy :)

We are deadly very suer & ready for double celebration at Wembley & sheet supers ground b/c we have Rambo

can you tell you mate Xhaka that he needs to get a new club cause he was temporary cover for you. You and Jack in midfield!!!

Please convince winger to bring us #Aubameyang

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1 year ago

Aaron Ramsey

‪I hope you all enjoyed Christmas as much as we did! Thank you for all the birthday messages yesterday #muchappreciated #boxingdaybirthday‬ ... See moreSee less


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Happy birthday to u our Rambo Aaron Ramsey we love u so much and come back coz we're missing u dia

Merry Christmas from Canada to a great soccer player and lovely young man.

At last a player who might not be one of the greats but always trying glad your a arsenal player resected in every way happy new year gunner for the last seventy years Terry

Happy birthday, Ramsey. And Merry Christmas. Also thanks for your kindness,, willing to stop your car and signed my jersey and taking picture with me. Stay healthy,, and stay as Arsenal family. Love you, Gunner.

Thank you so much for making this Arsenal mad boys Christmas by signing this ball for his cousin to give to him yesterday, merry christmas to you and your family x

We all hope that we enjoyed Christmas as much as u did ...

I wish all the best thing for you and your family. 😁😁

i loved you so much ramsey as you are our best midfielder as gunners, i am always proud of you, i would have wish to have avisit to you in london becauase i always admires to join you in arsenal. (alphonce - from Kenya,...may God bless you... )

Congratulations on your twins Boys cuzzy One Love cuzzy Xxx

Hope to see you in Liverpool F.C. soon!!!! 🙏👍

It's was condusive and enjoyable

Happy belated birthday Rambo. Merry Christmas fella. #togetherstronger

Aaron enjoy yourself and you have not perform wonderfully well this season... Shake up you injury,i want to see you play at your best again.... Rambo contd

Respect to the Ramsey 👊🏻

Please stay at Arsenal !!!! You give us so much happiness to see you play, you are and must be the leader of this team Especially since you are the last legendary player in this team! xx Sorry for my English. Love You Gonnerrrrrr

rambo ramsey put in a performance tomorrow fella please pump up the boys we got turn up at Palace please

Yes we enjoyed and hope u too as a birthday boy u did with yr family, request for 3 points tomorrow. Thanks

Merry Christmas Aaron and have a nice birthday ... you must back soon we need u to help xhaka and jack with middle fight⚽👍❤

Those look like some tough shoes your better half has on for walking cobbled streets Mr Ramsey. Hopefully she's not suffering too much.

Hello Ramsey...., We are still in INDIA From, ☀God's Own Country☀ KERALA We have one thing to say... YOU ARE A AMAZING MAGIC CARD.. ____________🎲 #newageoutlaw

Happy birthday Rambo...... Get well soon... We all love you

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, with a great New Year to you and the family!

Happy Birthday Aaron Ramsey. My favorite Gunner.. Wishing you many more blissful and prosperous years ahead... And your boy looks handsome, grew up pretty fast...

Love you. Hope you will come to Vietnam 😘

So sorry l'm too late for your birthday wish now happy birthdays to you and all the win of the match.

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