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Plays for: Arsenal, Nigeria
Ranked: 95th in Premier League
Alexander Chuka Iwobi is a Nigerian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Arsenal and the Nigeria national team. Description provided by Wikipedia


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We Thruu Yaa Digg 😉🤟🏽

Happy New Year 🥳

2018 🙏🏾

Merry Christmas 🎅🏾🎁🎄

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1 week ago

Alex Iwobi

LG Nigeria Always Hookin' Me Up! 🤙🏽😜 ... See moreSee less

LG Drop!


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Brother Alex please don't leave me alone.please help me.I beg you for God me and let me become a professional football player like so very small to get just trying my best to get something's to feed my self.please brother.

My husband keep breaking records

man ilike you mobe

Awobi you will score today for us against Chelsea congratulations

@lerine obijiaku stop complimenting him herw before all this small girls with big God will snatch him away from you,with their heavy


Wow, boy you are really growing... At this age, you already modelling so many big international company products

yeah ✌ You need to learn how to shaku Bro

I need one

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3 weeks ago

Alex Iwobi

Happy New Year ... See moreSee less

Happy New Year


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fuck off Out from Arsenal .gunners family don't love u .Nelson was greater than u beach out

Great perfomance Alex, keep working hard and try to be scoring goals as it will give you an edge in your playing career.

Love u from ur country nigeria stay bless brother

Happy New Year Big17, wishing u a good year in ur life and football career, injury free 2019 and a trophy... #Gunners4Life #Arsenal4Ever #IAmArsenal

Gunners we love you all always

He finally wished us a happy new year.Thank God! Just keep on the good work,Alex.😘

what a performance Today from Ethiopia Alex iwobi

Now we are loving you..More Goals/Assists to your name this new year

Young and talented the nephew of former Nigerian midfielder jay,jay okocha........iwobiiiiiiiiiii that's what we sing when gunners play

Good performance bro.. Improve on your tracking back.. #Big17

U are doing a very good job in two matches weldone broo

Thank u Alex ..I love your efforts towards the club..but u need to make quick decisions with the ball..You over do" there needs to be q part of creativity with you when you've reached inside the opponents box

Happy New Year to you too!!!🔴🔴🔴🔥

Good effort, keep improving 🇳🇬

A perfect to celbrate the new year keep improving more goals and assits @Big17

Well done guy. I say make I hail you all the way from NAIJA. But guy, you still dey give away those balls o. Try to de make those decisions quicker abeg. Happy new year!

Congrats guys more winning

You will score against Chelsea today congratulations

Happy New year keep the good work this season broski

You made me terribly proud today because you put in a good shift today.

Nice job boy but you were poor second half

If he is a Nigerian n he is playing for my club that has automatically made him my favourite. I wish I can get his contact. I have a footballer friend from Benin who I will like to join arsenal

Happy new year to you and your family.. Good performance

Stay safe brother, Happ New year

Please bro Alex can we talk I seriously need to talk with you please its very important

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3 weeks ago

Alex Iwobi

2018 🙏🏽 ... See moreSee less


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Happy New Year Iwobi & Nigeria from 🇭🇷️, 2019 another football year.

Patryk Budziszewski Piotr Dziurda


H N Y Alex iwobi

The next JAY JAY.

God's grace always. Greater to come in 2019.

👍👍👍.. Alex

Xawash gafuurweyn oo damiin ah

HAPPY NEW YEAR MENTOR Pray to meet u one day

Happy new year bro more goals nd assist in shoe bro #naija care#super Eagles

More grace naija blood....? Plz put more effort for the African best player

God bless, bro. We are rooting for you!

You are great


Happy new year sir and your family

Ти си най-слабия ни играч,който някога съм виждал...

HAPPY New year Alex Owobi


Nik Adam

New year new iwobi shaku shaku ❤❤❤❤

Happy new year bro Wishing u God's speed

More Grace

Life is good my brother. Happy new year!

Happy New Year Bro

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4 weeks ago

Alex Iwobi

Early Christmas🎄 ... See moreSee less

Early Christmas🎄Image attachmentImage attachment


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Barb that rubbish from your head and have sense.

ALEX, I want to quote Koz " U have everything u need" there is a world class player in u if you can trust yourself enough in all games and deliver. Nothing is impossible! Fear not.

Alex hard work pays! keep improving i hope u become a better player than@okocha so as to bring back NGR & ARS lost glory

That you scored doesnt change the fact that you need to step up your game man, or better still, stop dem step overs if in d end you'll get confused looking at your own legs then end up loosing the ball.

All the Iwobi haters, where are they hidding??? If Iwobi wasn't Gud enough, he won't be playing for Arsenal. Welldone boy... keep keeping on!!!

Great result fully deserved the last goal

Team bonding regardless of years of experience and race. Continuity is essential

Better player, unfortunately I couldn't watch the game when I couldn't find u in the starting lineup.

Only Ozil could see a couple of balls he picked out today

I hope that yesterday's goal will build your confidence. Happy Christmas bro

Iwobi I really love the fact that you did not jubilate after scoring today. Let those haters keep beefing while you keep improving. Merry Christmas, Cool dude.#Big17#COYG

We believe this is the beginning of goals galore in ur career. Bless up

Up your game bro you get the quality

#That naija boy.Keep winning boy

Nice one Alex. Proud of you always.

You should leave bro. Gain some experience. Please.

Much love iwobi.. But am looking for someone who will take me out this xmas period

Weldone bro... Iwobi you're good and I enjoy the fact that you hardly lose the ball ✌

Weldon my bro, more goals

yoo niggaa get out u cant play football stupid player

Why didn't you do the Shaku Shaku today??

Well done boys they tried to kick us out of it but class told

When you will leave arsenal?Would be a great Christmas gift for all fans.What the fuck you doing on the pitch.Offers nothing,always doing nonsense with the ball.Running like chicken without head.Also you cant dribble or have creativity to create goals.Please leave this team because they dont want sell you.Go anywhere to lowest division and improve yourself,man.

Keep the fire on my countryman

Been focus paid, keep the faith brother*merry Christmas

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1 month ago

Alex Iwobi

Unbeaten Run Continues 💪🏽 #COYG ... See moreSee less

Unbeaten Run Continues 💪🏽 #COYG


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My #NaijaBro pls stay off SOCIAL MEDIA it's really affecting your game. Your yesterday tracking, trapping, touches and passes was terrible. please focus.. I don't want to see you leave or stay on BENCH. GoodLuck!

Stop playing football dude... Even u cnt control ball with your feet... Stupid player Arsenal ever had is you...

Dude, I'll defend you always but you seriously need to up your game. We're in the market for new wingers and I don't know if you'll still be very involved in the starting team. Up your game.

iwobi you are making a lot of mistake you have to improve because you will soon go back to bench

ιwoвι pleaѕe ғooтвall aιn'т yoυr callιng 😅😅😅😅 pleaѕe coмe тo ĸenya and вe a вoυncer ιn one oғ oυr ѕтrιpper'ѕ clυвѕ😜 #iwobi_oυт

Learn how to control the ball within your feet and stop being idiotic👆

Dude...come on u gat to stop ur mistakes and get better

Make those passes quicker and decisively too. Great player you are!

U played trash these days. please adjust ur game because i don't want to see u on bench

Either we should loan you to Germany or Spain and see if you develop, or sell you in January!! You are being immature on pitch, every time i see you take the ball , im praying that you pass if to someone else before you start with your dribbles, pretending to be Messi and by doing that becoming a huge liability to our team... Learn from Reiss Nelson and up your game or your spell at Arsenal might end very soon, Wenger is no more and I dont believe Emery can tolerate inconsistency!!

Please improve on your decision making. There is room for improvement.

Hope u get back to form soon enough. 💪

Yea, thanks to Torreira. Man, you need to up your game. You've been very poor in the past few games.

Having to watch you every week continues hopefully your shipped on loan deal or sold in January so I dont why to watch and complain about you losing the ball constantly every match

Iwobi please improve. You play like a headless chicken!

Nice performance brother unbeaten run still on & am still hoping I will still get that jersey from you

Plz learn from prev mistakes, repeating same errors is inexcusable and dont try to do too much with the ball... I still believe in u pal. U hav a chance to be a legend.

Up the gunners Up Iwobi More love for u

You need to improve strongly or else you letting us down. Focus on outing the ball in the net.

You...must be try to improve Individual Skill....

But please you dont continue,

Iwobi I am an Igbo man and I will not deceive you. learn ow to score asap. Unai is not wenger he can fire you wit alacrity.

Excellent team spirit! Keep up the good works. Hopefully our run of form will continue.

Train more and pass accurately... You are a great player better than messi..

You need to up your game.. You gotta be more decisive..

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