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Plays for: Arsenal, Nigeria
Ranked: 95th in Premier League
Alexander Chuka Iwobi is a Nigerian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Arsenal and the Nigeria national team. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Still Got Another 90 ... We Go Again 💪🏽

@yungfilly & @chunkz_en Try Test Me FoReaal ! 🤣 @prodirectsoccer , The #PhantomVenoms Got Me Feelin’ Nice , Have A Watch 😉

Confirming Parking After 6:30PM Is Free 🕵🏽‍♂️

Negatives Thrown , Positives Shown ... Thank You Lord 🙏🏾

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6 days ago

Alex Iwobi

Barging Into The Next Round Like ... 💪🏽 ... See moreSee less

Barging Into The Next Round Like ... 💪🏽


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T’es un negro un noir un africain et tu as réagis comme un raciste hier face a ton frère noir. Penses tu être mieux que lui ? Penses tu être meilleur que lui ? Sais tu pas que vous avez la même peau noire ? Ou peut être t’es un joueur d’arsenal et lui Rennes tu te crois supérieur à lui ? Non monsieur pleins de joueurs ont débuté dans un grand club et ont fini par la petite porte. Soit humble car l’humilité fait grandi en sagesse. #saynotoraciste 🙏

SHAMEFUL Alexander Chuka Iwobi... Place of birth LAGOS NIGERIA 🇳🇬 holding his nose following stand off with Hamari Traore from MALI 🇲🇱. Even though am a staunch arsenal supporter. Am highly disappointed with iwobi. Wish uefa will ban iwobi and even disqualify arsenal for his barbaric act towards humanity.

Moi je ne parle pas bien Anglais, mais français. Tu devrais avoir honte. Comment un noir peut il se comporter comme ça envers son frère. Écoute moi, déraciné culturel, lobotomisé du cerveau, au lieu de venir ouvrir ta grande Gueule de Merde, commence à t'excuser, ça te Grandira. Enfant mal né. Généralement, ceux qui font ces gestes sont ceux là même qui puent de la Gueule. Bande d'ignorants.

I ba bo hi. Allah ki faga. Allah ki i sé Kari. Ki aka carrière ban peou. Sèguin ki djoufara. Boda ba den

Never in my life I will feel sorry for this boy iwobi.karma is coming around i wish you paid this in the worst way

Commencer à Arsenal c'est bien, mais finir dans un club de 8è division anglaise est l'autre chose. Tu seras maudit par les Dieux africains. Mal éduqué 🖕🖕🙆‍♂️

Entoucas ta mercon petit chien pourri tu fais honte à tout le peuple africain

Alex Iwobi or when you play football but you don't have a brain... The most stupid black player I have ever seen....

Oh I think he should apologize to the guy for his gesture

You gesture was absolutely disgusting

Congratulations! Good game last night but what you did to that guy is unprofessional, at least he's your fellow black footballer he don't deserve that at all..... Big17

One day y'll victim of racism ,nobody will defend you

Hamari #Traoré 🇲🇱 is more than a soccer player, he's a man ! #ShameOnWho disrespect human being ! Just sad

Please stop judging Iwobi wrongly. No one knows if he's breathe truly stinks. Why did he challenge Iwobi? To get a reaction n he got one! Please let sleeping dogs lie!

Bro,, I love you but please apologize to Hamari Traore

Dat was so superb from arsenal.. Dats wat we call awesome and great comeback I hope man united will learn from dat.. Am a chelsea fan bt I must say I loved de way arsenal played, it was great Massive counter, flexiblity and solid defense.. Truely de are good contenders I hope de reach de finals #chelsea♥

#Naijaboy🇳🇬🇳🇬 #Iwobinho Keep flying brother Yes we going for the cup #EUL #WeAreTheArsenal

You know that we love you and will always be on ur side but please apologise to that player for what u did, bcus if it was a white player who did that to you, we would all be shouting Racism and asking for a hefty punishment for him, welldone for ur impact when u entered the pitch, always a good player... #Gunners4Life #Arsenal4Ever #IAmArsenal

Hi iwobi my main man, i just like you and heart you. hope to see you one day and wish we gonna wine and dine together

Much mad love from Kenya 🇰🇪 🇰🇪 🇰🇪

Golden boy please u should apologize to that Rennes player for what u did to him yesterday that was so unprofessional. Covering your nose like that when he was talking to u clearly send the signal that he has BAD BREATHE. We loves u very much BIG 17 #COYG #NigeriaMessi

Iwobi be like "yo brush ur teeth"

Don't like how you treated Traore.......

Sorry Renner players were acting all the game to have an Arsenal player send off,like they did in the home game. They were exaggerating and diving. Rge referee fell for it but at the end he realised

Iwobi u acted childish yesterday

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3 weeks ago

Alex Iwobi

Deserved More ... Nonetheless, Proud Of The Spirit We Showed ! We Battle Again ! ... See moreSee less

Deserved More ... Nonetheless, Proud Of The Spirit We Showed ! We Battle Again !


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You should move from our club and join average club like Aston villa because you're average player and you can't play such a great club like Arsenal....

They hate and yiel at you not because you are all that bad... Let their words not bring you down 👇.... Keep on improving bro. You are one of the best today as well.

Bro, you are doing great, your style of football is entertaining, i observed u are a big threat to the side lines ,do me one favour,drive in often,cause penalty,try to hit the net ,it will add to our profile . Those hoping for ur downfall have all failed since

What a great performance from you alex iwobi 😍😍😍😍😍

you played very well today and what a shame we couldn't get a win at the dearth, head up #Naijaboy That nutmeg of Sisoko was ✨ 💡 🔥 lol

You Never Know What You Are Doing On The Field . Always Value Less

Fantastic energy. Improved ball winning and leg work. But na small thing just remain - quicker decisions. Pass the ball when you have to. Nothing do you. We don already love you be say we don love you. On top your matter na em we dey. No shaking!

Those hating u,no sabi football, excellent display at wembley ,accurate passed ,i am enjoying you game bro ,keep making us proud ,the shot was good ,when u find the net more often u get the support ,all the same i love u

U didn't play well today. U couldn't drive in to support the attack. U were caged. U also need to improve ur game in defending and tracking back to help the defenders.

Good work young man ignore the haters

Great game but that last penalty should have get in.

Put it in the top corner next time Alex. Great match! Deserved more. Anyways we move on 🙌❤️

Iwobi my bro Najia no dey carry last oo , you are now showing the world say e dey body improve more bro . Nice one .

IWOBI my boy , weldone man,you were incredible today, I wish you should have taken that penalty instead of Auba..

1️⃣ Rose’s lunge on Leno = not a sending off. 2️⃣ Kane clearly offside = not given. 3️⃣ Sanchez’s stamp on Koscielny = not even a booking. 4️⃣ Vertonghen encroaching in the area during Auba’s penalty = no retake given. *The FA is a farce.

Be more effective please. Emery wants to keep you in. Prove something ffs

You have shown big improvements in recent games, keep that fire burning 🔥🔥🔥 #COYG #ARSENAL

Keep pushing Alex. Good show again today

not bad man.You showed Trippier you are a tough opponent.

Try improving is like you are now weak,you used to do more than like this before.why I am telling you is because am a fan of arsenal and I always pray to see my club improving.

Poor penalty from Auba... Now we have to beat United this weekend. COYG

You should have converted the penalty lol

Keep your energy we need the best of you in the African cup of nation 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

U guys play well today, just that the officiating by the ref was poor.....

Please be consistent. Today you in form the next day like WTF. I love you man

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1 month ago

Alex Iwobi

Broski ... See moreSee less



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Iwobi, keep playing your football and follow Emery's Advice of been calm in the Final Third, there is still a long way to go for Arsenal top four hope and for Nigeria Afcon hope and I know you can play a big part of those success.

Why keep playing football dude.. are you not shame... Feel like pro but u are amateur dude.. u Don't deserve to wear any Arsenal shirt... U are emberassing Jay Jay Okocha... Poor you...

Work hard so u will b lik ur uncle okocha... He was indeed a legend

Fuckkk off Arsenal fans hates Emery& Iwobi Emery& Iwobi outtt

Allison is better than Iwobi

Get him to play for Nigeria..

#AlexIwobi...big fan, Gunners all the way

That habit of running with the ball waving your hands like a girl child you should stop it....and concetrate on your footwork.

i think u should cut ur hair to let your brain do more and more every match instead of running and dribbling 😬

Remember d love ur country men shows u is gr8ta Dan d love d foreigners will show. So always take dia contempt or rebuke as a challenge 2 improve more. U are bless honey

You're a talented player but PLEASE stop being selfish on the ball in the final third

#Naijaboy #Iwobinho #princeofnutmeg Keeping flying bro 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

Caption this... “yo that guy telling me to try harder can’t even commit to his gym membership “ keep doing what you do guys! True Arsenal players coming through from the academy 🔥

Maitland Niles still better pass da useless old man

All the best in your career. Looking so fantastic brotherly. One Nigeria

Work on your finishing bro

Good boss, good steps. More grace for you. Keep moving forward and making more progress in your football career.

I don't expect you to do as you did during man city match,but you have problem of much dribbling!!! Change that,but you are best

Iwobifun....I see bro My regards to Maitland Niles


Brother Iwobi 🇳🇬 Good luck tomorrow.


Football isn't iwobi way, he should try modelling

#naijaboy with da blood Try to get better bro.

Dope bt tell niles to improve aah...

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1 month ago

Alex Iwobi

Resilient💪🏽 ... See moreSee less



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Useless kid. Your quality is championship.

Your too confused while playing

A great blindness is upon arsenal fans which makes them to not see the big value of Iwobi.

The useless player I'd ever seen in football history. The most worst player in Arsenal history. #Iwobi_go_out_fromArsenal you not deserved to be there.

Reading all the comments here, I'd have to say SHAME on Arsenal fans.. Bravo Iwobinho!! Keep going..

Serious alex u need to in proved u always play like primary school student

All I know is dat u scored today weather they like it or not

Be consistent mate... Though you play good football but you have to improve.. I mean alot

Honey u are the best player for Arsenal 💕 I love u 💕 Be strong 💪 Be happy 💕 Be great 😍😘😘😘

U just nothing Rashford is better than you and is more talented than you

So yo happy with your performance are you serious just cz you scored?

You need to work on your end product. You keep shooting at the keeper. But I will say you was robbed off a second goal

You're such a waste of space in Arsenal

Wasteful, is the word I would use wouldn’t have went in without the deflection ,

U guys should understand that iwobi is a good player but it's just that he's not that lucky scoring every time i guess he has more assists than goals,but that is not withstanding he's still a good footballer.

After a week of being trolled by the haters he finally scored.. #BIG17

You must learn from Rashford How to well play in a match..Rashford Becoming A great palyer...For United .But you are nothing here..#COYG

I like yo foot work, I like your pace & resilience. The problem comes at delivering that final pass. Work on that.

Guy, thanks for the goal. But you are yet to be making those quick decisions. Don't hold the ball for too long trying to dribble. Let it out and let the blame go to someone else. We love you!

You need to score goals. You waste too many chances.

Totally Resilient, well done bro

I pray the you keep on improving in every game

Thanks Alex we love you

You can't even finish your name 😕

Let's be honest bro.. that wasn't your goal. It was your strike but not your goal😂😂😂😉✊

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2 months ago

Alex Iwobi

😁 ... See moreSee less



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Get out from Emirates....We don't need you more..😡

U shouldn't get discouraged by their comment. But I really hope u can improve more and take everyone by surprise. Pls am begging u. So many hopes on u

Get him out from arsenal racist 😡

How do you find sleep after losing the ball since you like holding it too long?

How did this man found himself in arsenal he should be in nkana fc or Gor

When ever you are removed from a match I changed the channel When ever you hold the ball I pray you score You know how to play football well but you don't have enough confidence. Will pray for you alex

You like dribbling but u are not good at it.... U surprise me Iwobi aka "The dancing queen of Nigeria " Try farming football ⚽ is not for u man. Your gloves and dreads are the only things i see moving and shaking when u are playing the ball.

U no at d world cup turnament 2018 Russia against agentina dat day i was realy disaponted i was crying because if u had started d 2half we won't have losed,your name will stand in d heart of your fans like me !! Once again NAIJA ALL D WAY" to afcon i no u make us proud

My name is kenechukwu im from anambra state but the name of my village is imo state please i what to join Asirsnal in foot ball this is my number 0808439554 please

boss, you don't deserve to wear the arsenal jersey

How in the hell got chance to play in premier league? How much do you pay to play in this league

Pls dance zanku against Man Utd ..... U most score

1st goal of Man City is amazing Assist By Alex Iwobi

I strongly suggest you try a new look.. Still behind you our #naijaBoy #WeLoveYouArsenalWeDo

You look great and here's to a brilliant rest of season, play as hard as you can

Jay jay more grace of God upon ur career

Your present style of okay doesn't win trophies, decide what you will do with the ball before it gets to you and release for attackers early enough. You are still one of my favs anyway.

Magic boy I believe you till tomorrow the best dribble in england number one

Keep taking it straight to defenses brotha, you are insane when you hit your stride inside 25 yards

Please don't kick the ball if you are not confident

Yes oo.....Alex at it again,forever ur fan...xoxo Tutu

Please dude go away from our club ! The truth is that you're not good enough for The Arsenal...

Hahahhaa... U are the cause for city 1st goal... Nice job iwobidinho.. the next ronaldinho.. 😂😂😂

You are getting it, you are hitting the right notes now, keep up the tempo. Kudos #ALEX. #COYG.

This is my super star Alex Iwobi

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