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Ranked: 86th in Premier League
Alexandre Lacazette is a French professional footballer who plays as a striker for Premier League club Arsenal and the France national team.

Lacazette came into prominence as a member of the academy at Lyon, where he made his professional debut aged 19. He helped the club win the Coupe de France and Trophée des Champions in 2012, and was named the Ligue 1 Player of the Year in 2014–15. During his time in France, Lacazette cultivated a reputation as a prolific goalscorer and poacher, recording multiple twenty-goal seasons, which earned him a move to Arsenal in a then club-record £46.5 million deal in 2017.

Ever since debuting for the national side, Lacazette has represented France across all youth levels. He was a key player in France's victory in the 2010 UEFA European Under-19 Championship, where he scored the match-winning goal in the final against Spain. He then made his senior international debut in June 2013, scoring his first goal in a competitive match just over two years later in March 2015.

Known for dribbling, pace, and ability with both feet, as well as his persistence to press and tackle when out of possession, Lacazette has been compared to former Arsenal forward Ian Wright by Gérard Houllier. Description provided by Wikipedia


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V I E W ✨

When the Fans sings For you 😍😁🎶

The best way to start 2k19.. 1 goal ⚽️ 1 win ✔️ Thanks for the Support 👏🏾👏🏾 and Happy New Year 🥂 #coyg #Laca

Just a Smile For You 😁

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cette vidéo elle est magique j'veut faire sa a mes enfants plus tard

amine on Twitter
“cette vidéo elle est magique j'veut faire sa a mes enfants plus tard
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Guys I just found out this page! Latest Skysports News on Facebook. it's a new page that dishes out latest news on Sports. Can't wait to like this page!!

In today match ……… U assisted Marcos.A for winning goal for Chelsea. Shame on you Lacazette. You are so weak all of these two match included last match with Mancity. You aren't deserve Arsenal. Just leave and go away.

Đá như con cặc kh xứng đáng chơi cho ars

good work lacazete, i love u,keep up

lad pls fire more

You made it but dont forget us the Championship.Congrats for yesterday's match.

..also we are have in Russia now exclusive french - restaurant project it's "Brasserie Most" , "La Maree" and "La Colline" .. i'm meeting my director now to 1 December with Monaco news..:-*

Laca why dont you post something

La toile d'araignée tu l'as nettoyée là! 😂😂 Bravo pour ton match et ton entente avec Aubameyang, l'équipe a du potentiel je vous souhaite le meilleur!

Good evening, dear Alex! :-* This is Alla Zhak.. my creative team was support FINAL FIFA 2018.. it's was Natalya Vodyanova and others 15 July.. me was at meeting with creative team in "The - Ritz" lobby cafe.. Ritz it's big holding Msk, France & etc.. we are exchange gifts & news in real life.. have a gifts by oficial FIFA shop and others news.. we are keep in touch now to Euro 2020 with news..Kss..:-* my instagram page was working just 1 month summer time.. we are be open with administrator new page..

Don't go back...France team...Laca...💓

Lacazette come to Napoli🔝🔝💪❤

Come to Beşiktaş

Come to Galatasaray

Mdrrr je suis sûr que tu feras mieux fréro 🔭😄

Why not post today? Loll .. Super Assist of Chelsea🤣



I have a school project due and I have a question about how is it like to play football as a career please respond if you can if you do can you do a video please If you can

Alexandre Lacazette Officiel leave today. Please. U cost us the game against Chelsea and no negative vibes are needed at my club so please go today

Je suis un passionné de football Français qui adore depuis des dizaines d'années ARSENAL... son jeu et sa conception du football. J' ai 78 ans et je suis encore dans la commission technique et des jeunes dans le district de l'Ariège, bénévolement bien sûr !!! Ton maillot serait pour moi un BEAU CADEAU que je serais fier de porter pour les détection de jeunes...MERCI !!!

hapy new ear man!

I love you lacazette

You played a big part in the win today, lets appreciate that. We believe in you, and there are many games coming to show us that killer instinct. I totally understand your frustration.

Say what now!!? Lol.

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Retweeted Kim Huang (@KimHuangNBA):

If Carmelo Anthony goes to the Houston Rockets I’ll buy NBA 2k19 for everyone who RT this...and yes, I’m serious. @Ronnie2K get this message out! #Melo #XB1 #PS4
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Besir, si David Suazo osht njeri :D

Alex Schäfer Tomi Duda Paul Taylor gratis Runde

Alisan Ambrosio Onur May Burak May Metin Keser Ahmet Özkeles eine Runde gratis 😜

Khris Mnk

Yes. Buy for me too


I will be glad if it happens

For real?


Yes please


Đá như con cặc kh xứng đáng chơi cho ars Fuckk

Looks like it is only a matter of time

Rudy Steven Quevedo William Martinez (Rooney) y’all got Twitter go do it

Lol premature end unfortunately

I love arsenal football team but I hate KROENKE

wow...all big names wants to go to a successful team to win. CP3,Harden now Melo???



Michella hat kein Kohle mehr der junge, retweetet schon iwelche likegeilen posts 😂

Lacazette is that you?

What ?

What RT means?

What does rt mean laca!???

Salut Lacazette comment tu vas tu te portes bien quand je suis très content merci bonne continuation

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HandShake brooo !! 🤝 #HANDSHAKEDAY @NBAFRANCE @NBAUK @mertesacker

Alexandre Lacazette on Twitter
“HandShake brooo !! 🤝 #HANDSHAKEDAY @NBAFRANCE @NBAUK @mertesacker
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Alexandre Lacazette on Twitter


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keep up lacazette,u are making us proud ,good work,keep on scoring

Bjr bien dormi

Je t'aime de tous mon coeur mon idole


/fort grand

The Gunner's are on their mission.



trop coll le 3ème but

Đá như con cặc kh xứng đáng chơi cho ars

Lacazette Uganda arsenal funs love u goal diva. I love ur scoring formula no goal keeper can Master it bravo $$$$$#####

Big ups. Laczt#Uganda.SAM

Love you 😍😘

El magnifik alexandre lacazette

Hi lacazette I luv u I enjoyed the goal vs liverpool

8 October Monday Joshua and me Happy birthday 🎁 25


I Love Your Strik Lac


We love you Laca❤❤

Hello my lord of football

Alexandre... Please bring your Lyon Fire that you are known for. Tell the Coach where you feel more comfortable on the pitch... Light up Arsenal... We are rooting for you... Go Alexandre...!!!

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⭐️🇫🇷⚽️🇫🇷⭐️ ... See moreSee less


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Giroud out Laca in❤

Should have been there instead of donkey Giroud bro!

Tu aurais largement mérité ta place... dommage un incompétent a "brillé" et décroché un titre qu'il ne mérite pas... j'espère l'Euro sera pour toi😉

La prochaine tu nous la ramènes en étant titu en pointe :)

Dégouté pour toi Tu méritais d’y aller à la place de Giroud

world cup stats :- lacazette 0 games in world cup 0 goals ,, giroud 7 games in world cup 0 goals 😭😭😭😂😂😂

Should of been there Laca.

I am a top striker, I played all the games in the world cup, I won World Cup without a goal, who am i?

Honestly am not happy you weren't their, I would have love to see you lift the world cup. Congrats France, but France coach has no reason to drop My Lacazette

En tout cas je regrette tu aurais eu ta place peu etr pas a la place de giroud mais au moins dans la liste des 23, pour rentrer en cour de jeux. Mais tu es en partie responsable; tu aurais du rester au moins une année de plus à l OL et partir a arsenal cette année.

Giroud was a big shit. I wish u were there laca

Sorry my star but ur beta than fake giroud

Tu aurais mérité 100 fois plus la place de Giroud! RDV dans 4 ans, tu y sera sûr !

Kylian Mbappé Nabil Fekir Antoine Griezmann sorry that you are not there man. Hope next time you will be. Alllez les Blues 🇨🇵️🇨🇵️🇨🇵️🇨🇵️

la grosse chevre a été a ta place malheureusement mais pour l euro c est toi.....

Il aurait dû être là à la place de l'autre chèvre. 😠 Jonathan Nabil

Laca...u will get em next time...for now get back in form

Sorry you weren't there Laca, but now well rested for the league without injury.

It's a pitty that you were not there. Congrats france.

Hello,am Justine And am an amateur football who want to become a professional football

Uma pena você não ter ido, tenho certeza que faria uma grande copa do mundo.... mais quem sabe na próxima você esteja lá junto com as estrelas novamente ❤

Happy for you though our man😍

can't believe they took donkey giroud instead of you

Tu mérité d'être à la place de Giroud mon gars..

J’ai pensé à vous hier soir. Je vous ai vu gagner la coupe d’Europe des moins de 19 ans à Caen, en 2010. Vous méritiez votre place en Équipe de France.

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UMTITIIIIIIIIIII 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 ... See moreSee less


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uspokój sie

Tu ferais tellement mieux que Giroud..

Wish you were there Lacazette coz you could have scored goals in this game than Girioud :'(

Don’t get to excited, it’s coming home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Tu devrais être en ce moment à la place de cette tanche de Giroud...

Wish u were there my lacca🤔😍

Plus qu’un but de Nabil

Laca just know am not supporting France because France left you out of World Cup...

Oui un ancien gones au top et le deuxième ancien gones hugo Lloris super beau match

You are better than Jirud

Tu manque alex quand je vois l'autre bon a rien de gurouette sa me dégoûte pour toi

Jonathan Rasmus Victor Demange on oublie pas les couleurs les mecs, un lyonnais nous envoie en final de la coupe du monde 😍😍🔵🔴

On va la gagné!

Allez les lyonnais

Alex you would be ideal CF go for French wings today #tricolore, #lacazette

UMTITI!!! France get the breakthrough. Belgium are stunned! It comes from a set-piece. Griezmann whips one in and Umtiti attacks it at the near post, beats Fellaini to it and glances one into the net. That's a HUGE goal. World Cup final is in the sights for the French now.

Lâche rien mon Alexandre Lacazette Officiel tu reviendra et encore plus fort 💪🏾🙏🏾 on est ensemble ✊🏾 🇫🇷 🏆🔥

Beautiful start of second half. Bless your head #Umtiti

Superb assist from you bro.....oh

Glad France got to the final mate! Unfortunately that's as far as you'll go though! #itscominghome

I’d rather have lacazette than giroud

I wish you could have make it to Russia 2018.Better luck next time Laca

You should play instead Giroud #justsayin

Wish you or Benzema were at Giroud's place

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