Granit Xhaka


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Plays for: Arsenal, Switzerland
Ranked: 69th in Premier League
Granit Xhaka is a Swiss professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for English club Arsenal and the Switzerland national team.

Xhaka began his career at hometown club Basel, winning the Swiss Super League in each of his first two seasons. He then moved to Bundesliga team Borussia Mönchengladbach in 2012, developing a reputation as a technically gifted player and natural leader alongside criticism for his temperament. He was made captain of Borussia Mönchengladbach in 2015 at the age of 22, leading the team to UEFA Champions' League qualification for a second successive season. He completed a high-profile transfer to Arsenal in May 2016 for a fee in the region of £30 million. Description provided by Wikipedia


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W I N N E R S 🤣 High spirits, good training, now total focus #GX34 @arsenal

Thank you for having me @tommyhilfiger and congratulations on the new collection @zendaya Wearing Tommy x @lewishamilton

We win together, we lose together, we draw together - keep your head up @aubameyang97 bro, we all ❤ you #GX34 @arsenal

We fought, we battled, we really tried to make you proud today 🙏🏻 #GX34 @arsenal

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4 days ago

Granit Xhaka

Feels good to be back on the grass again after a few days away 🙌 Welcome to Arsenal bro @kierantierney 🤝 ... See moreSee less

Feels good to be back on the grass again after a few days away 🙌 Welcome to Arsenal bro @kierantierney 🤝


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A good addition to the squad...a celtic boy...with a big heart. Watched him @ celtic...absolutely phenomenal ✅come back stronger...Kiereny!

xhakaboom!!!! improove on your tackles in penalty box..nevertheless your leadership is great...keep up the good job..lotsa love from MOMBASA KENYA

Thanks Captain for welcoming Kieran

Mr. Captain we need ur improvement this season most especially on your tackling too aggressive. I can't count ur yellow card last year also we need long passes and more heavy shot.God will give u wisdom to leader and lucky to achieve.all the best.

Stay fit and strong, Gunners. Love you both.

Please brother let all the work mostly focus of our defense... This is where we are lacking behind, thanks and good luck. 3:0 against Burnley.

Hope we will winish 4th this year

I feel good our Captain to make more spirit to your teammates.Get more stronger as fans we are behind you!!

Welcome back kerien wish you all the best

How about you and ozil on the pitch next game

Good to see Kieran working his way back can’t wait till he starts his first game Burnley on Saturday hope we can keep the clean sheet going and get three points

we as arsenal fans we hope you will be a good captain in my team

Hello Commander We are optimistic in this season we want a strong performance and fighting and the result will inevitably come

Xhaka you need to improve your game. Last season you were very bad. I hope this season you will shine! COYG 😍

Try to improve on yo tackles and passing accuracy otherwise I like yo passion

u re such a good leader granit keep it up

It's Good to see you both in training...let's focus on the next game, This season is ours, #WeAreArsenal🔥💯

Looks like Lee and Nigel are back, Hector and Kieran.🔥🔥🔥🔥

Mr Xhaka your progress is frustrating Arsenal fans. just nothing is improved in your play from last or previous year. Dont forget the armband as wll mate.

Mr captain...from Kenya much love

Welcome back captain

The future is too bright 😎

Great,Captain we need to be in the top 4 coz arsnl is abig club which is not supposed to be playing in Europa league

I can't wait our Next game at Emirates, this is New Arsenal.. Go Go Gunners Go.

But give captain armband to Luiz he is matured in EPL, leadership winning mentality and a warrior. You can sit back and support him when we win we win for all.

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1 week ago

Granit Xhaka

PURE PASSION! #GX34 ... See moreSee less



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keep the passion high and results higher.

Xhaka as a new Captain,wish you the best and struggle more with high inspiration as gunners we need to see the positive results for the incoming matches!

Passion thank not lead to anywhere!🤣

And look at monreal the unspoken hero very passionate even in the field so impressive

Up arsenal, up xhaka. Go and succeed. Best wishes

True capie, however you two guys because you are my capies you need to ask much form the boys. Keep the passion so that the boys can get inspired by you guys. I believe in you two for the leadership of my only club. Sorry to use theis example in the contemporary world of Soccer: If you guys can get a thing from Company former City captain. Thats the captain am seeing in you, the likes of Ramos. I love you guys whether what oir what you will remain great

Cần màng trình diễn tốt hơn ở sân nhà

Granite xhaka your my favourite player in arsenal keep up the good work bro love from Canada

Great work but u need to work hard each game

My guy just love to see you with ball on your feet and i would like to see that rocket............ #Xhakaboom with that captain armband while #Peter_Drury commentating the game at Emirates and by God grace i will see it soon! much love from me to you thank and stay bless #Xhakaboom34

Up Arsenal, up Xhaka. Best wishes

first win as a kapitan!!

Still, we need more gaols, why our manager start with Davis Luiz, Tierry, Pepe, i am not happy last game

Let the passion continue and keep up the ability to grind out results even when the team doesnt hit top gear in a game.

Just get the hell out of our club.. I am ashamed to see u as captain

My captain u are too much, we need much improvement next time tell our coaching not to future nelson and willock on first half plsss , to avoid been disgrace by any top 4 club this summer also tell aubameyang to learn how to stop ball accurately please

Yah real pure

You really a great footballer but please work on not giving wrong passes this season. COYG.

New Season √New Captain√√√√√√We are Together bro √√√Am from African Tanzania

We need more performance

Yeahhh.. Captain Xhaka and Monreal.. 💪💪💪 Love you both.

U are trying xhaka.keep it of luck.

Cimaamadaada mahaysan karo😉 Xhaka 34 Boom💪

The performance was poor and disappointing, but the win makes the fans forget the performance, perhaps this level will not go far Arsenal was pathetic in the first round we are the worst between the top six teams

Passion without brain 🧠

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1 week ago

Granit Xhaka

I'm proud of the way we fought today 👊 It feels good to play my 💯th @premierleague game for this great club @arsenal 🙏🏻 #GX34 ... See moreSee less

Im proud of the way we fought today 👊 It feels good to play my 💯th @premierleague game for this great club @arsenal 🙏🏻 #GX34


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Good performance on today. Love so much for your abilities.

Y don't you complain been partnered with guendouzi? That boy will make you always look bad he doest fit playing alongside you his positioning his vision always dragging you behind. Your game was much better when you played with torreira

Your performance was very poor

You people are so soft with the ball with no sign of hunger for winning. Thank God we got the maximum point

you will try to show best performance but today performance good but not enough

At least for the first time after a very long time you've impressed me a lot. Now just a few areas that you need to improve now that you are putting on the armband. Plz be a leader, you need to show some aggressiveness a bit, be a team leader and a leader must talk. And lastly tell Mkhitaryan to improve or else when Ozil comes back he will never get the number and he will be sold in January, he was very poor today, not even on Willock's level.

Great job but performance was very poor.... The lineup was not strong enough and courch should change as soon as possible.... Anyway thanks for the 3 points

fantastic opening game by all standard, we always started poorly every season but this season gonna be different season thank GOD for our three points for our first match #GX34

Great performance today xhaka you show some captain and leadership qualities today

You should try to be better even for the normal pass. You are not impressed bro.

You were poor, always passed back plus your errors

Better than the previous opening matches, but a lot of concentration needed. Thank you #GX34

I am Liverpool FC fan, but Arsenal has a good place in my heart as well. Today I saw so many Arsenal fans talking gibberish about the team and the players how they played today. They don't realize that this is the first game and every team needs a tune up first 3-5 games. So good win away today for Arsenal and to the fans of Arsenal support your team instead of throwing rocks at the players.

Granit mein Freund wie immer eine stabile Leistung von dir👍.Grüsse aus Basel

Not your best match. You need to learn to put your heart and soul into games.

I don't think you had a very good game, noway are you the future captain of our club.

Important three points but very bad game the should up their game next time bravo to the team and thanks to the fans around the globe

sterling performance by the team today, Great to start the league with a win away from home and also a clean sheet #COYG

You had a decent game yesterday,but please avoid unnecessary and needless yellow cards you normally get

average performance :Plz tlk to Emery not to include Mikhi in the next games.hope this z his first & last game of the season.

Ich freue mich das du ein neues schönes Zuhause gefunden hast nach deiner Heimat die Schweiz und Mönchengladbach, die dich immer noch vermissen.

You don't deserve the armband,every time you play back passes and slow the game

You were good man, the whole team played well always behind you guys no matter what.

congrats on 100 games - now I would like to see less of matteo during the season

In the meantime nobody's deserve to leading our Team like you. good performance

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1 week ago

Granit Xhaka

Let’s start the right way 👊 #GX34 ... See moreSee less

Let’s start the right way 👊 #GX34


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Lujte shume shume mire. Keni bo skuader me te mire se vjet. Edhe shiriti I kapitenit po te ka hije. Shume suksese Granit krenohemi me ty.

Please do ...we have suffered for so many years..hope this is your year

Wishing you the very best let there be improvements

And be a bit tighter with our passing... 😇

All the best for tomorrow, we wanna see alot of goals & great performance

💪Start strong and finish stronger 🦵 Your left foot is blessed please use it more often.

Please please we need to win this match for tomorrow and we need to lead the table God bless Arsenal all the best

The right way or the highway. Wishing you a brilliant new season 🥅⚽️

Happy to see you as a captain if you only improve your pace on the ball and enhance your flexiblity influence in the midfield area just like joe willock. Remember this time you have the highest responsiblity to lead the team as a captain in a proper way and you should even be very careful not to make any unnecessary mistakes on the pitch just like last season you costed the team. Please this season make us proud of you as a captain of the team by becoming an integral performer of the squad and it is high time for you to prove all your doubters wrong. I wish you a good start on the openning of the premier league contest and your captaincy leadership with best luck ahead.

Don't disappoint us for we are yearning to lift EPL title after many years of drought.Good luck to the Arsenal team#yours faithful fun.. Gerald gk.

You always feel to much comfortable on the ball that sometimes make us loose possession... And when this occurs the opponent mostly score us. Pls try to work on this... Wishes you and the whole team a wonderful season. #COYG👍❤⚽

My guy my captain am happy for you. If you miss the ball, don’t miss the leg 🦵

all the best GUNNERS we trust

Alla ina adeer qaali maxaan kuu xiisay i am waiting Eid day match xhaka BOOOOOOM

There are better candidates for the armband, you are such a lazy player I wonder if you will ever improve

Yes please don't have a repeat of last year start please we are begging you

And I hope you’re not gonna be making too much mistakes again 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

And make sure you tell all your mate, we don't loose our first match.....

Granit the goonwr xhaka 💪🏻 #GX34

You always make some erratic mistakes that makes me wonder what kind of captain are you.... At least this season play with seriousness otherwise I'm seeing Unai offloading you very soon

Step up your game and be more calculative and disciplined when going into tackles especially now your are carrying the armband....

You start the right way, you are our problem now...

Pick up your game! Play for the badge! COYG!!!

I can see Xhaka shd be a bench player; he's playing like lazy Ozil last season! Many midfielders shd be in front of him in the queue (Guendouzi, J.Willock, D.Ceballos and Torreira) as 1/2 DCM! Arsenal shd play 4-3-3 this season! Auba(C)-Laca-N.Pepe/Martinelli Ceballos/Rowe-Torre/Guendo-Ozil/Willock Tierney/Mon-Hold/Sokra-Luiz/Cham-Bell/Mait Leno

And, like somebody said earlier: don’t get too comfortable with the ball and lose it, those ones are unforgivable mistakes... Other than that: good luck Captain! COYG!

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Anyway we are anxious with the cups winning,wish you lads good this season full of God blessings.

Good luck with the new season Granit.You are the heart of Arsenal midfield,great vision,perfect passes,you need to take over the free kicks, you have a tremendous strength in your left foot,you are a blessing to watch 🇦🇱 🇨🇭 .

our favourite captain

I want to see your Improvement this coming season!

You guys must do all you can this season to make us proud.

👍 irgendwann wieder zu uns! Liebe Grüße, Bas

Great xhaka Kindly make the team proud these season.. all good but I'm so worried about defence...

We expect a lot from you this season xhaka.we are vary optimistic u can make it.don't disappointed us pls.Best of luck.

You’ll be on the bench for the rest of the season.

My name is Flondrit Bytyqi 🇨🇭🇦🇱🇽🇰🇺🇸Come to Prishtina I am the new player for u10 I look forward to see you

We not here for photos, go get those Trophies

I love you Granit xhaka, my leader my captain my number 34... I'm so impressed about your performance against Barcelona and I'm wishing you more goals and lift up trophies💓💓💓⚽💓💪👏

We love u but please do not forget yourself whenever u are near our 18 yard box especially when u are with the ball

photo credit, looks like a new signing 😍

emery is building fast flow playing style around you. hope u can make fast decision and reaction while holding the ball.

Yo bro. Im expecting a big season from you. Please no stupid tackes. please dont get sent off. please make proper pass and do not lose the ball in our own half.

It's time for you to leave arsenal please go for good. Arsenal don't need u any more a player who cannot help us go

Brother what is going on ur mine now , I hop we are complete now sha

Do you remember that free kick goal you scored against crystal palace? Do you? How about the one one you scored against #Mufc ?do you? 😊😊😊

El capitano good job💪🏼💪🏼

On the bench This Season👎

Time to do the business. No more chances. No more lazy defending letting people ghost past u in midfield.

how are you our captain

We heading another new season💯☝️ my words to u are don't challenge the opponent players in the box area and try to control your midfield mistakes☝️💯🙏

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