Granit Xhaka


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Plays for: Arsenal, Switzerland
Ranked: 59th in Premier League
Granit Xhaka is a Swiss professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for English club Arsenal and the Switzerland national team.

Xhaka began his career at hometown club Basel, winning the Swiss Super League in each of his first two seasons. He then moved to Bundesliga team Borussia Mönchengladbach in 2012, developing a reputation as a technically gifted player and natural leader alongside criticism for his temperament. He was made captain of Borussia Mönchengladbach in 2015 at the age of 22, leading the team to UEFA Champions' League qualification for a second successive season. He completed a high-profile transfer to Arsenal in May 2016 for a fee in the region of £30 million. Description provided by Wikipedia


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W I N N E R S 🤣 High spirits, good training, now total focus #GX34 @arsenal

Thank you for having me @tommyhilfiger and congratulations on the new collection @zendaya Wearing Tommy x @lewishamilton

We win together, we lose together, we draw together - keep your head up @aubameyang97 bro, we all ❤ you #GX34 @arsenal

We fought, we battled, we really tried to make you proud today 🙏🏻 #GX34 @arsenal

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47 minutes ago

Granit Xhaka

Julian, you are an inspiration for me 😃 No matter if things go well or badly you always give me a positive energy and it was so nice to thank you for that by surprising you in London 😊
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Du hast den Prinzen Julian und seine bedingungslose Liebe zu Dir nicht vergessen 💚❤💚

Ganz stark Granit, du bist einfach der Beste ❤❤❤❤

Granit, einfach Respekt! Das Geschäft ist so schnell lebig aber ich finde es schön, das du immernoch den Kontakt zu Julian hast. Er ist so ein bezaubernder Kerl und du machst ihn, trotzdem das du nicht mehr in Deutschland bist einfach immer wieder glücklich. Einfach klasse! :)

Respekt Granit je nje ⭐️ ne shptaret mburremi me ty dhe Familiejn Xhaka

Schön, das Du Julian nicht vergessen hast. Für immer Borussia.

Schön das du ihn nicht vergessen hast. Einen grösseren Fan könntest du gar nicht haben❤

Class from Xhaka and Arsenal ❤ 🇪🇹

Respekt Xhaka je një ⭐️ i vërtet Shqiptar i vërtet 🇦🇱🇦🇱 Respekt pë familjen Xhaka

Mir fehlen die Worte, einfach super Granit 💚

Ganz stark Granit 💪💪💪 LG

Klasse Granit 💚👍

Our next from Addis Ababa ethiopia

This is the way of humanity. Pure class Granit Xhaka

Eure Freundschaft ist so wunderschön und besonders ,toll das es euch gibt 💚🥰💚

🍯May all the seven colors of the rainbow come together this Holi and bless your life with happiness and joy🍯 Wishing you a Happy Holi 💦💥 @Vaibhav Shaswat #LoveFromIndia

❤️ love this


You'll be an amazing daddy one day, Granit. ❤

Well done Granit

Fantastic Granit, very well done

Things like this make you realise the great work some footballers do out of the goodness of there heart 👍🏻

Just love anything attached to arsenal 😂 😂 😂 😂 #AmAGooner #MadeOfBlack

Wow,am an Arsenal Fan from Uganda

💙💙💙 I Madh je Granit. Pershendetje. Inspirim i madh 👍👍

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2 days ago

Granit Xhaka

International break but no stopping for me. Focus fully on Switzerland 🇨🇭 #HoppSchwiiz #GX10 ... See moreSee less

International break but no stopping for me. Focus fully on Switzerland 🇨🇭 #HoppSchwiiz #GX10


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Come score against united again

injury free i pray please.

Hope you will come back to arsenal with good health may god keep you in safe life because we want your help in our team #COYG

Continuo for ur booming and shooting xhka

Hope u come back in good shape.we love u Granit #GX34 #Xhakaboom💥

Future Arsenal cap 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I we always and forever love you more #GRANIT_X34... wish you best of luck man & safety return #GUNNERs_For_Life

save you best for arsenal

Congratulations to our most valuable midfielder

Lest take shordan shaqiri to arsenal his o good for arsenal

Home Is da Best....... Bt We Still need Ur Services More at Arsenal

Good luck dear! The best esver!

Gx34 please return to us in good health. ....Gunners 4 life

Good 👍 feeling my beloved xhaka boom up gunners wishing you God's protection and divine health 💉 💉

Be careful bro i hope you come back strong

Save you best for Arsenal

We intended your shooting.Please increase ! increase! increase! Your shooting performance on opposite club.

All the best brother

GX34 come back safe you got a job to finish #XhakaBoom🔥🔥🔥🔥

To all our players on international duty come back injury free we need u all

You've been a beast for us this season bro,continue with the same spirit.#coyg.

Awesome do good job all the best

But just you be careful about injuries. The top 3 EPL is ours with you!!!!

Degea with respect you always

That's good xhaka of being hard working these days u will make it as it was against man u

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2 weeks ago

Granit Xhaka

I LOVE this game - and I LOVE being a Gunner ❤ @arsenal ... See moreSee less

I LOVE this game - and I LOVE being a Gunner ❤ @arsenal


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Granit Xhaka Hallall sot ke ken lojtari me i mir ne fush Edhe pse isha ne stadium per Manchester United Sot ishe ti ai qe na ndale Urime dhe me shum gola ne ndeshjet e ardhshme

NASA have confirmed that all Man united fans have returned to earth safely

Where did you hide Paul Pogba?

Xhaka what a wonderful game and goal legend❤🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴 from Somalia

Somebody should tell xhaka to remove pogba Fred and matic from his pocket 😥😥

Lagend says that de gea still searching for the ball😆

That goal was beyond science... boomxhakaboom😎😎😎

You saved my girl friend from break up 😉

Great Performance Papa do the best. Best wishes from Somalia🇸🇴❤🙏

My heart is so full with joy, thanks for that Xhakaboom goal. Thanks for making me this happy MY LOVE❤

I knew you will score, your a bloody gunner man. Cheers !

Proud to be gunners 👌💞🤛🤜

I am a Chelsea fan but today I was in support of my neighbors, Arsenal. Your shot was superb ,you rounded off de gea to the nearest zero.

I said it in your last post that you are going to have an impact on this game, Much love Xhaka-boom Let's keep this going guys champions league football is looking good

Owned De Gea like a Boss! ❣️💯

My man of the match is Leno ! He was immense today ! I think his performances recently have convinced Cech to hang up his boots...

United noisy fans silence proudly sponsored by #XhakaBooom!😊

Today you played well! Thank you!!!!!

U make de gea look like karius. Well played 👍🏻👏👏

Top performance! You deserve it! Future captain!

I love the spirit u showed from the beginning till the end. Always turn up in big occassions#xhakaboom

You was outstanding you was abeast 💪

Thanks Xhaka. Love from Uganda

And i love u do me 2 kids xhaka

Man of the match was the #couch

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2 weeks ago

Granit Xhaka

What is so important now is that we are all TOGETHER until the end of the season 🙏 We really need your support tomorrow, let us make it a special Sunday 👊 #GX34 @arsenal ... See moreSee less

What is so important now is that we are all TOGETHER until the end of the season 🙏 We really need your support tomorrow, let us make it a special Sunday 👊 #GX34 @arsenal


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If you spare some time and you get ur way to the goal area please am begging you tear De gea's gloves with a XHAKA BOOOOMM shot

Stp essaye de bien jouer comme contre spurs et dis a mustafi d'éviter ses erreurs de novices

I want to see Xhakaboom tomorrow

Stronger together!!! 💪💪💪 See you tomorrow Gunners! ❤

The sad part of it is that, you guys are always good as lion in talking in social media but when face opponent on the pitch of football you become cats. Play the game and give Gunners fans joy and not all this unpleasant display you guys are always giving us.

I'm Chelsea fan. but i support you tommorow come on Gunners

Love Xhaka’ s team loyalty

Must win Tomorrow 🙏🏽🔝 Gunners for ever ❣️

Stop misplacing simple passes and I'll be a happy man

Bro you have to understand that you play for Arsenal. You should leave your Heart on the pitch. You should play for the badge and show that you understand that. Always saying this kind of things be with us. We are always with you and you should play stronger

What happened to the long range goals you used to score. What did Emery tell you bro.


Xhaka try and avoid unnecessary yellow cards.also red card have been Soo many.some could have been avoided.Torreira, lacazette,and skrotis were all avoidable.all the best

With that statement "special sunday" of #GX34_, I said Congratulations to Arsenal in advance. #COYG_

Arsenal will win man united tomorrow 2-0 Xhaka will score tomorrow Up gunners One love

Sorry about the airport incident. Infuriated fans had their say!!!

I will be there in the Northbank. Play well and let's do this together as the Arsenal family. CIYG'S

talk to Mustafi before the game infact call him ASAP n tell him no monkey business tomorrow he always messes things up

Yeah duu we can make it❤️💪🏻

Count me out because you guys have let me down on many occasions

Here in kampala Uganda its gonna be a shameless nyt for us arsenal fans if man u beat us

Score a screamer again tomorrow 😎😎

Pls win tomorrow for my mum Tomorrow is her Birthday #Granitxhaka #Coygs😢💪

Wait till McTominay pockets you. 😃

Talk to mustafi bro ... I liked his header against united .....come on you Gunners

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4 weeks ago

Granit Xhaka

Professional performance, vital victory, comeback complete ✅

Thanks for your support Gunners 🤝 #GX34
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Professional performance, vital victory, comeback complete ✅ 

Thanks for your support Gunners 🤝 #GX34


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My best player in Arsenal Xhakabooom love you from Kenya


Much love from Somalia 🇸🇴 Africa 🌎 we love Xhaka

Ozil is back Xhaka boom

I loved when you're protecting Nacho from a bad tackle at the end of the game!!

Wooow you were amazing tonight beb💥✨well done✅ 💪💪😘😘😘

But Granit... What was with all them shots today 😂😂

Well done GX34, we're always proud of here @+254

Pls like my post granit xhaka 😭😭👏👏👏👏👏

Well done Granit for the assists. 💪

Xhaka your fighting spirit is my inspiration keep it going please well played tonight 😍😍😍

I like your style my professional player #Xhaka booom

Thanks for ur regards to the whole team.......Arsenal fan from Zambia

Great game, one thing would be nice if the whole team would stay and thank the fans. Thanks to Cech and Papa for coming to the North bank

I wonder how your critics understand.... You're among the best Granit. Well done

Thanks our granyi xaka well done

To be honest in the first leg arsenal were missing xhaka and ozil you can see what they have done tonight and if Arsenal want to win the remaining fixtures they have to play ozil well deserved win for Arsenal 👏

That first sh🔥t was booming


Ozil is back and creativity is back, winning is back Much love to Granit Xhaka and my man Ozil

With Out Granit Our Middlefielder Plays Slagish football........ Good work Boys......

Well done Granit 👊🏻💪🏻

What a great performance from #Gx34

I just loved the performance esp from u, OZil, soktratis 😍

Thanks Xhaka we need that perfomance on sunday'game

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