Granit Xhaka


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Plays for: Arsenal, Switzerland
Ranked: 59th in Premier League
Granit Xhaka is a Swiss professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for English club Arsenal and the Switzerland national team.

Xhaka began his career at hometown club Basel, winning the Swiss Super League in each of his first two seasons. He then moved to Bundesliga team Borussia Mönchengladbach in 2012, developing a reputation as a technically gifted player and natural leader alongside criticism for his temperament. He was made captain of Borussia Mönchengladbach in 2015 at the age of 22, leading the team to UEFA Champions' League qualification for a second successive season. He completed a high-profile transfer to Arsenal in May 2016 for a fee in the region of £30 million. Description provided by Wikipedia


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I told you we were ready! I am very very proud of this team today 😁 #GX34

Ready for the challenge, ready for the fight, ready for the battle 👊 #GX34 #xhakaboom

Përvjetori jonë është më i rëndësishëm se çdo ditë. Unë festoj dashuria ime, për ty dhe të dua në çdo moment. Ndihem shumë me fat që të kam, dhe uroj që shpirti yt të jetë gjithë jetën i mbushur me lumturi! Uroj më të mirat e kësaj bote sepse dashuria që më jep më ka bërë më të fortë e më të lumtur. Uroj me gjithë dashurinë time që ditët e tua të jenë vetëm me diell, sepse në ato me shi, dielli yt do të jem unë. Gëzuar pervjetorin e 4❤🌹 Te Dua Zemra Jem❤ @leonita.x

Sunday brunch @boysnberry_london with my brud @vissi_pajo

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6 hours ago

Granit Xhaka

I told you we were ready! I am very very proud of this team today 😁 #GX34 ... See moreSee less

I told you we were ready! I am very very proud of this team today 😁 #GX34


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Is that Alan Pardew on the camera? 😂

And we're proud of you guys! LONDON IS RED !!! COYG ❤

You are the Spirit of the team welldone #Capitain😍😍

You're celebrating as if you scored and everyone knows how useless you are to the team....#leavearsenal

Hazard is still in your pocket🤣release him please *

great performance Xhaka.

Well played Granit as always 😁

Well done grant xhaka you have made us very proud tonight

90 minutes you were thinking of how to get on social media.

Arsenal force Chelsea to play nonsense 💪💪💪💪

Spurs knock you out of the cup

That was too quick to be on social media. First take a shower

You make us happy we need to continue the same strength 💪

Excellent from you people Lots of love from Kenya

Yeah okay I want to see this team for the coming match ❤️ Love U Granit Xhaka


You took care of your passes tonight. Well done man. Same against Utd yeah COYG

Well played xhaka, keep it up

Ur hero u love this team good peeformance

Well done bro! Can we try to replicate that performance on every game we play the EPL?

We want you all to play like this with full of fighting spirit and passion. We never gonna lose any game Brilliant performance from the team today love to watch again and again #COYG

What a game, great result. Now do the same Friday

Well done...a great complete team effort

Booooom Xhaka Boom take a long distance shot dude!

Proud of you man💪💪❤ keep up the spirit

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1 day ago

Granit Xhaka

Ready for the challenge, ready for the fight, ready for the battle 👊 #GX34 #xhakaboom ... See moreSee less

Ready for the challenge, ready for the fight, ready for the battle 👊 #GX34 #xhakaboom


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Yeah until the wind blows you over in the first minute

And then you make stupid mistakes as always and Arsenal loses again

Ready to get booked, ready to give the ball away, ready to jump lower than how tall you are, ready to get beat in a foot race , ready to loose your man on a set piece.... the list goes on

Same old fallacies. You can't decive me again. #NeverAgain #

which challenges after making the most error that lead to goal in premier league this season don't know y u are playing ahead of Elneny self

which challenge and we know you have already prepared a back pass 😂

Having the most errors leading to goal in EPL since 2017/2018

Forget the stupid mistake you committed on Saturday and boss the midfield tomorrow go and outsmart Jorginho

Ready to get an As#whooping tomorrow😢

the team is never ready poor performsaces from each and every one of u

Ready for conceding silly goals 😂😂

Please don't give away a cheap goal this weekend

Get your whole team panic moves loss of concentration can get a win .. COME ON YOU GUNNERX

The window is still open feel free to hand in a transfer request

You said that last time and you flopped. Shoulda been you going to juve not Aaron

Yet you in particular will play rubbish and keep on playing rubbish. You all should up your game and make Arsenal fans and your coach happy

You are ready for a challange. You want to fight again. That's good. Try not to make errors. You are such a kind of player who makes mistakes that can be easily avoided. Apart from that you lose control and make unnecessary tackles. Stop doing that and you will make an impact. Good luck 4 all gooners🤲🤲🤲

His style of play doesnt suits premuer league #xhakaout #mustafiout

The fact still remain same #KroenkeOut

You're awesome when it comes to tackles but please bro, don't make mistakes which gonna cost us .I still believe in you but #KroenkeOut

Like you were ready for the fight against Liverpool and West ham ?

Ready for the next lose ...

But did you know that whenever you post before the match Arsenal loses.

I request Xhaka to be our captain tomorrow please I like your leadership.

Don't allow kante and Jorginho win you and Torreira in that midfield 2morow pls,c

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2 weeks ago

Granit Xhaka

Thank you @underarmour for the new boots - ready to make some good memories in these badboys 😎 #GX34#xhakaboom💥 ... See moreSee less

Thank you @underarmour for the new boots - ready to make some good memories in these badboys 😎 #GX34#xhakaboom💥


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New boots but non-sense player 😊

Try to shoot from a distance bro we miss xhakaboom ⚽

Chaging of shirts or boots will not make any sense! You have to change your performance. Your common repeated mistakes on the pitch. Hope you will improve that next time when i see you on the pitch man. That's gonna' make us happy all.

Magic shoes for the best player in the game.

Is Lichsteiner really your countryman?If yes then what plane did he use flying to London?

Make them at another club please, to think we’ve gone from Santi to you in our midfield - deeply depressing......

Can I have them when you’re done with them?

Your puma sponsors won’t be happy

Please XhakaBoom 💥💥💥, can you please give me the Boots 🙏🙏.. Thenks in Advance

Ye hopefully you can string a few 5 yard passes now init

We miss ya rocket my man,Love you my star🔯GX34#Xhakaboom🔥🔥🔥

When you giving away the shirts 😂😭

Unleash that against West ham and Chelsea

Granit left foot + underarmour=xhaka boooooom

You are real eagle proud of you brov 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

Please don't use this boot again You just have rice a chance to score

Aahh....that's your style huh😉

Please can you help me the one you done with them?

I need that boots of yours.

Try using them for once.

Try standing up in them !

Have you thought about asking for a transfer away from our club? Unai needs fundings to strengthen our defence Our defence is shit because a batch of midfielders did not help out our defenders to release some attacking pressures from our oppositions

Hope you have a great second half to the season⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Dude still waiting 4 your shirt where a hack it is ?

A few successful passes would be a start 😂

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3 weeks ago

Granit Xhaka

😃 #GX34 #xhakaboom💥 ... See moreSee less

😃 #GX34 #xhakaboom💥


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Firmino ju ka shti me hanger bari 😂😂

You need to do that more often

Good to see firmino let you out of his pocket

Amooo XhakaBoom... spo shiton ma prejs largi.. ju ka hi kriza e madhe, kqyr e njeke interesin ton hiqu Arsenalit se ekipin shum te dopt e kini.. Nmujsh me kallxu veten me Booma na bon krenar neve edhe vet veten!

You played poorly at the start, thanks God you stepped up your game. But you have 5/10

Bravo Shqipe veq suksese ama shuto kaniher se i ke si raketa.! Per mu veq shkive qe jav pate qaa gollen llegend je aa.!

Wow 😮 that's awesome 🌟 finishing from my beloved xhaka boom 💥

I could have scored v Fulham with a bad back and at 61

That wasn't Xhakaboom. Xhakaboom happens from outside the 18 yard box

Easy too talk from the sofa + coffee , you have too think averyone is giving the maximum too win the match. I think you’re doing very well becouse the position you play isn’t easy for nobody! Good example for young players , 👍

Happy New year! Really u are nice, perfect passiert & charger! Love u! Again HNY With ur all familiy! Sol from Ethiopia!

it was nice goal nice time..but still i am not happy at the back....

Finish like a striker.....boom

Happy new year 2 u G.Xhaka,arsenal players and arsenal fans,i wish u all God's blessings this year,G.Xhaka i wish u more goals especially longe range goals this s season.

Just luck did not score twice but I think you was bast player on game who understands soccer game with your passing you are amazing

Not good enough to play for Arsenal Fc

I was on toilette during his goal.. goddamnit Granit why i can't take a shit without missing a goal from you?

Why haven’t we seen you shoot from distance for so long !!!

Te lumt Granit..kam nje porosi nganjeher i ben do gabime te pafalshme ne pasimin e topave..Koncentrim te lutem dhe eliminoj kto gabime...Ma mir eshte ta hedhesh topin jasht fushe se sa tia jepsh kundershtarit...kete te met largoe sa ma pare...Perndryshe je shum i forte dhe i pazevendsueshem...

The touch and the finish was classic

u don't make those boom now days,i don't know why?

You need to be more consistent, Xhaka! So much talent but we rarely see it. Anyway, credit where it's due, well played yesterday!

no pictures from the poooool game.😉

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3 weeks ago

Granit Xhaka

Can you guess what my resolution for 2019 was? ⚽😉🤣 Very happy to start 2019 with a win - well done Team 👊 #GX34 #xhakaboom ... See moreSee less

Can you guess what my resolution for 2019 was? ⚽😉🤣 Very happy to start 2019 with a win - well done Team 👊 #GX34 #xhakaboomImage attachment


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Very good xhaka come on to win forever

To get out of firmino’s pocket

FACT: Granit Xhaka has more goals in.2019 than Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi Leo combined 🙌🏻 Unlocked !

O Granit Xhaka naj kenaqe shpirtin sukesese se lojtare si ti lindine shume rrale te deshiroje sukesese te me tejshme klm ne 2019

the problem is when we lost u don't talked

Yes to give the ball away more to your opponents 😂😂😂

To win every match I guess

Hey hold on Granie, first thanks for the win. However if we can work on some minor mistakes; we know the gunners as pushing and entertainment with individual and team brilliance. We are slow, I wonder sometimes why in our possession wait until the opponent grab from us. As my Capie actually a new leader of my mighty team I want to see u lead this. Press press n then defend as a team. Am watching u Granie dt disappoint. I made prophecy as Per was the Arsenal Captain, then I wished him to have a management role and now see who is. It is the same, I only watched u twice I made another prophecy as a key midie with your vision and as the captain because I saw quality. So am following you pliz dt disappoint

tell the defenders that we don't like that their lazy way of tackling and marking

To be the first to score this year for your team xhakaboom 😆

Xhaka you make me more happy today. I am impressed to see xhaka booooommmmm

To score at least one goal every game!!!!

Hope you are fit to face Man City. Something so wrong with Toreira.

Congratulations, Xhaka Boom. Being a defensive midfielder, doesn't mean that you always remain behind helping the defenders. Sometime you have to get in there & score a goal when it's really needed. I won't tell you to do like Paul Pogba, but I urge you to be really wanting to score in every match.

Why you didn’t post something when you lost against Liverpool? Just when you win or you score , you should support your team when they lose not when you score ...

Xhaka boom is resolution long range goals dude do it again

Stop giving the ball away under no pressure? Sort your body position so you are on the half turn? Or stop slowing play down? Good run into the box though and a nice finish. Sort the rest out and you might turn into a decent player 😉

Nin ogaden ah oo mayda adaaa jira xhaka Hadad waxjiratahay liverpool ayad meeligasarilahyd mnta inaad udabaldagto fullham waaaiguceeb 😵😱🔶✋😥

If it was to stop giving the ball away than it's not the best of starts so far 😁😆 only joking pal happy New year 😉

Let the winning streak continue #coyg🔥

Buh sometimez u disappoint

"Luka's a size 10 ,boot",Brother!!

Not give the ball away so much

I wasn't keeping a clean sheet 😂😂 Congrats on the goal and the win

Good performance from you Mr #Boom_Xhaka🚀🔥💪 If we are Arsenal fans always we supported to you👏

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