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Ranked: 77th in Premier League
Héctor Bellerín Moruno is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a right-back for English club Arsenal and the Spain national team. Bellerín started his career as an attacking winger for Barcelona, and credits his development as a successful right-back to Steve Bould upon his arrival at Arsenal in the summer of 2011. His speedy pace, skilful dribbling on the ball, and crossing ability have also helped him in creating chances for his team. On 21 November 2016, he signed a long term contract that ties him to the club until 2022.

Bellerín played internationally for Spain from under-16 to under-21 levels. He made his senior debut for Spain in 2016 and was chosen after such for the European Championship of that year. Description provided by Wikipedia


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No matter what. So happy to be back out on the grass!!

XTG apparel @puma x @footlockereu


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2 weeks ago

Hector Bellerin

LFWM AW19 ... See moreSee less



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အက့္နခမ္းေမြးနဲ့တေျဖးေျဖးႏိုင္လူ႐ုပ္ေပါက္လာတဲ့မတ္မတ္ရဲ႕အခ်စ္ကေလး ျပန္ရိတ္ရင္ရိတ္မဟုတ္ရင္ေနာက္တစ္ေယာက္ေျပာင္းခ်စ္ေတာ့မယ္ 😁😁

Sebastian Montes debería dejarse crecer esos 5 pelos y el y bozzzzzo ya lo tiene para que quede como Bellerin 🤣🤣😂😂🤣

Stop joking and return these clothes to your grandmother

what is wrong with you.

What happened to this young man

I remember the day you looked normal and were a good player! Don't get me wrong, it's ok to dress like a clown but stay focused mate

Ok !! Emery kick his ass please 🤣🤣🤣

This guys got issues 🤦‍♂️

Keep smoking the weed Hector

what the actual fuck are u wearing

Fashion week or antifashion week?

Jacob Dring should have flogged him barca when he was decent. Nob is going round london like a wizard now ffs

AW will always be Arsene Wenger, never autumn winter 😂

Who bewitched our innocent fullback 🤔 may they never experience peace 😕

Modern day Inspector Clouseau!

Heheee... I like this one bro Hector

What the actual f*ck m8! Play football and stop wit di nonsense!

what's this collection you're wearing called? rich homeless person collection?

I just want better cross from you.

Less soccer ⚽ more fashion. Disgrace

Oh my man... Wait a minute that was then. When you were a real Gee... Now I don't really know who or what you represent anymore... Whoever got this young man twisted shall burn in hell😈😬😠😡

That's my guy, hector berellin

Pls come back and chase Lictschiner from that position,

Hector please come back as soon as possible because the old Lichtsteiner plays worser than my grandma 😕


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3 weeks ago

Hector Bellerin

No matter what. So happy to be back out on the grass!! Arsenal ... See moreSee less

No matter what. So happy to be back out on the grass!! Arsenal


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we're sorry for the bad things we said 2018... come back take your Lichsteiner.. and grow all the hair you want.. 👌😃😄😄

Sachin Kumar All of us probably see bele now as cafu after watching lichsteiner play. 😂😂

Oh thank God and boy oh boy were you missed.

Hector...come back...all is forgiven Often in life ,we do not appreciate a good thing ,until we have to do without it

What happened to the world? Guys showing Flasherin love😲. What happened to the days when I had to come here to defend the poor lad 😭

We only valued you enough when you was injured... We need you back

We missed You Hector, Welcome back

Dude, our right flank is so broken without you bro

Come and take your Lichiestener

Next match...we need to be full of harm as we meet fulham

WB Hector now work hard please

ok Hector you not the best RB in bpl but if i have to choose btw you and stephan... ok changing mind you the best RB in bpl. XD

"No matter what" means "even though we gor trashed by liverpool"

Miss you... Without u our att like shit

welcome back @Hector Bellerin💖

Miss you Bellerin. God bless you with a great 2019 x

miss you man we know your value when we try lichtsteiner

Congratulations for most stylist player.

we miss you so much... move that Lichtsteiner away...

Welcome back we missed u

While you were away Stephan Lichtsteiner made us look likea big joke of the year.

Happy New Year wishing you and all Gunners players all the best ✝️✝️✝️

The sooner you are back the better

We need you man motho gatwe Liechteiner ore bolaisa di team

but some time you also over run ... You delay to return .. Best wishes you are pretty right than Lichsteiner

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4 weeks ago

Hector Bellerin

XTG apparel
PUMA x Foot Locker Europe
... See moreSee less

XTG apparel 
PUMA x Foot Locker Europe


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Mohamed Reda fach tatlbs lbak 7wayjo 😂

C’en est trop... Ki Rii j’abandonne 🤷🏻‍♂️

London is blue

Hector, you're the best 😍😘😘

I thought this is Dua Lipa🙄

Get back in pitch, we've lost bcoz of your absence

haircut handsome than t

Wow missed you 💕

Chaviado pros rolê no BR

Wtf dude.. I thought you injured

Remember you must track back.

Looks like an extra in a 80s rap video

Bg up urself and özil tell ur team mate

And they said he is injury, it was better for you to do in the field what you are doing in social media

Look how this guy is perfect🥰❤️. Hope your injury is nothing Hector❤️

Dope style bruh

Please we are expecting you on pitch tomorrow

I miss you face when a you coming back?

When are you coming back


Hi. If you have ever played Fifa, I would like to call your attention to the following: the pronunciation of the commentator in Premier League is incorrect regarding your name. I know this is a small problem, but for a huge Arsenal fan and a regular Fifa purchaser it is pretty much annoying. Please do something about it! Thank you in advance!

Dopisha missed ya

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1 month ago

Hector Bellerin

👨🏻 ... See moreSee less



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Sa Nay Shine ဆံပင္မညွပ္ ႏွဳတ္ခမ္းေမႊးမရိတ္နဲ႕ အဲ႕ရုပ္ေပါက္လာမာ


Good luck tonight lads, let's make it #22unbeaten 💪❤


Best arsenal defender and he deserves to be the captain

Cut ur hair please

Padahal mah ora ngerti kunuh ya coy... Hahaha..

Love you "fan hetor" cut hair

Doing great this season

Practice more banana kicks. U r wasteful in the final 3rd

Hector Chukwuma Bellerin #Gunner ❤✌

Like a boss 💪

Fashion boy 😍

Please you can small help me please please please please please please please I am waiting for your message I am your fan please I am from Pakistan

Looking good Mr Bellerin

good luck tonight guys

Hector I love you man

best RB of Arsenal


Hello Bellerin..Keep up the good work..Gooooo Gunners

Take some goals 💪💪💪

Best club ever ManU idiots

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2 months ago

Hector Bellerin

Me right now.. #COYG ... See moreSee less

Me right now.. #COYG


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Everyone Gooner is invited for a roast!!!! Let's enjoy this tasty, juicy chicken tonight!!!! I'm overwhelmed by the surreal experience of winning London Derby, absolutely buzzing!!!! Crying, screaming and feeling sooooo proud!!!! #19unbeaten 💪 London's RED!!! 😂😂😂❤❤❤💪💪💪🐔🚫

Brilliant game Hector 🥰 Love from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵

Cheating is temporary, Class is Permanent. London is red. COYG

What do u think of Tottenham???

U improved so much this season bro, keep it on!!!!!

U almost give them a gift😑🤣🤣

Hector we are ready for #Omushambulizi ( Lukaku ) on weno, great game today everyone gave their best and we got the results we deserve. #Coyg

Please be more careful, overall solid

Well done man you played well today

Love your hair bro 😻😻 Growing my own too And tell Auba to post a pic eating bananas 🍌 😹😹

Brilliant match Bellerin!! Heroic performance from you and all the lads, love the passion and fight!

man you gave 2 assists to the spurs players fortunately they didn't score them plus too many miss passes , you have to improoooove

Hold your emotions tight Hector! Last time you kissed someone else this time our little man! 😂you like kissing ? Just kidding my man! You played with full energy. Good ball to Ramsy and Auba with the finish.

Damn you. your silly mistake almost cost us.

Bellerin;where have you been all my life?

Yaaas!!!! Totally worth waking up at 5:30am in Cali to watch you boys dominate!!!! Sooo sexy!!

You are allowed to enjoy fully with the results that are coming in being pleasing!

what do you think of Tottenham



How come you’re already uploading pics when the match just ended 😂

Auba is fake we need Yaya Sanogo 😂

what did you do in the game?gave the ball to son

Oh man I love you guys so much!!!

Today u were superb bro 😎

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