Héctor Bellerín


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Plays for: Arsenal
Ranked: 83rd in Premier League
Héctor Bellerín Moruno is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a right-back for English club Arsenal and the Spain national team. Bellerín started his career as an attacking winger for Barcelona, and credits his development as a successful right-back to Steve Bould upon his arrival at Arsenal in the summer of 2011. His speedy pace, skilful dribbling on the ball, and crossing ability have also helped him in creating chances for his team. On 21 November 2016, he signed a long term contract that ties him to the club until 2022.

Bellerín played internationally for Spain from under-16 to under-21 levels. He made his senior debut for Spain in 2016 and was chosen after such for the European Championship of that year. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Feels nice to stand up againnnn 😅

Keeping the knee in check

So far so good. It's starting to look like a knee again 😬

My best rehab companion ❤️

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4 days ago

Hector Bellerin

Looking at the comeback like👀 ... See moreSee less

Looking at the comeback like👀


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We Miss U ,come back stronger then ever 💪🏿 #COYG

War heedhe welcome back waaba kuu xiisnaye kaalay naga fariisi Damiinadaan Booskaaga isku qalajinaaya👋

We are really excited to see you back

Miss you! Come back strong and healthy!

I love your brain...really looking forward to meeting you.

Wow that's amazing in fact we're miss you so much bellerin

Yes man..come back with your new adidas wonderful kits...

Amazing ur Be Back On The pitch Soon Nice Hair Too x

Maitland have already replaced you, but you would be a fantastic sub for him

Our Captain, good luck with that, we can't wait to have you back.

We miss you come back stronger ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

love your former undercut...

Eager to see you and KT3 on the pitch. Come back soon my man.

Wow i like the smile papa💋❤️

Nice looking hair

You would be a good sub for maitland niles!

Love you, from Korea

HB2 come back strong. We miss you.

Patiently waiting for our Ferrari.

We don't really miss you Maitland is doing well

Can't wait! Your welcome goal and assist is awaiting. #COYG

missing your run and killing crosses quick recovery

Look at your hair bro :))₫

When are you coming back? We miss you

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2 weeks ago

Hector Bellerin

In flight pastime ✍🏼 ... See moreSee less

In flight pastime ✍🏼


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Have A Safe Flight Cool Hair Looks Great 👍 X

Stop the fashion and concentrates on the pitch. Everyday fashion fashion fashion but no hardly output from the field where they pay you. Adding fashion to injuries. Work hard else we gonna boo you in games

Where are you?🙋

But you😂

Hope something great in you come this weekend

On Sunday it's our day to earn our 3 points after the past 3 seasons. Wishing you well

Good look, looking forward to seeing you on pitch

We miss U so much in Arsenal bro

Hector please we miss you soooo much @home come bk please

Hope new hair style with new skills 😍😍

Hector we love you , we are expecting your class defence and runs on the flank once more.

I wish you could use this time to develop your crossing, shooting and speed !! Players nowadays can't concentrate 100% to their job

Remember the road that leads to the emirates

Waiting for ur back at the pitch my ⭐

hey bro right wing back is your palace

Can't wait to see you back in our squad

Gaalow naga soo kaca bilaa 2 bn nahee meshii wn dhisnee

now short haired???

Champion d Angleterre cette année

نتا ماعرفناك واش عايش معانا ف 2019 و ﻻ عايش ف 1976

ايه ياعجله الكلام ع ايه

why would you draw Bob the builder??

Nice, our captain next season

ارجع بسرعة ابوس ايدك

Its pas-time not past-ime 🤣🤣

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3 weeks ago

Hector Bellerin

We keep it classy at the Emirates ... See moreSee less

We keep it classy at the Emirates


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I eagerly BeLeave that you were with Arsenal and in future you must be a part and parcel of Arsenal. May Allah bless you.

You can keep it classy not only in your Emriates but also in my heart, bell. I love you...

You are the best player and very handsome.

Nice hair cut and nice glasses

Hello hector I am top fan of yours please can I have the match day tickets and signed shirt

Hector berline.my favourite

Yes We Witnessed It Yesterday

Wait, are you still wearing that your great grandfather's cloth at Emirates ?

Again you've taken your grandmother's clothes 🤔😊

Come back and give us your services #Hector

You are classy mate but our team’s performance is CRAP 💩

Come on bro..come back stronger!!💪💪💪

Hector ..please come back for us and help us ..please you are a different class 🤘🤘👋🙌

We dont want your post, we want you back on pitch. i cnt watch niles as RB. We need you Bello. Come faster.

اخويا السندال♥️

Sambil ngopi enak kalee

We need silverware not class

We want classic on the pitch not on chair

again my you guy is back in line up we need that sexy foot ball

We need trophies not classy

You played Chelsea as if you had never trained. Very disappointed

Nhanh khỏi mà vào sân đo ông nội

Can’t wait til you start again! #COYG 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

Rubbish keeping real but bot on pitch

And still lose? You guys never cease to amaze me

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4 weeks ago

Hector Bellerin

Can't wait for the link up 👀 Bienvenido hermano! ... See moreSee less

Cant wait for the link up 👀 Bienvenido hermano!


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Welcome back Hector, this season will be different

you are the god of love and love is my religion

Nice To See U On The Pitch Again Looking Amazing Too xx

Looking forward to the upcoming season!

Great to see you fit and well again can't wait to see you back as you were before you was injured

This is the type of content I signed up for

My man...so excited to see u back ❤️

Can't wait to see ya. Love ya , man😍

We missed you so much Hector💕💕💕

Welcome back to the pitch,son!

Yea man can't wait to watching you play man

My fastest right back,,,,,, hope u use ur speed well this season and also have in mind that we going to get the Europa 💪🏆

Thanks for the role you played for him to come to England.

mau trở lại anh oie ❤️❤️❤️

Waiting for the new season

Need our sure 4-7odd You can kindly chat us with 09031172961 for a trial and see how consistent we are

You get back on your feet first!

Can't wait to see you baby 🥰🤙🏻

We really can't wait to see u both thus coming season

wish you an exciting league hope its your timevbe the invincibles good luck lads

Return of #deniss22 Karibu sana.

Yesterday,I got you in free gold pack in pes 2019 game.😜

Come back sooner and stronger champ. ❤️

Bravo for the two spanish

Thank you, Hector, for the role played in Ceballos' move to Arsenal!

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1 month ago

Hector Bellerin

Thank you LA for all the ❤ on tour! #ArsenalInUSA ... See moreSee less

Thank you LA for all the ❤ on tour! #ArsenalInUSA


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You Look amazing love you

Hello my sunshine

Good looking brother 😍😘❤❤

U Look Amazing Glad U Had A Lovely Time x

Would be awesome to meet you in Charlotte!

Thank you for recognizing me as your top fan

Love the haircut great young man

Looking stunning❤

Love love Love love love 💕

Hello Hector...looking stunning❤❤❤

Thank you too for your support towards the club .

Hello I love you so much

you look so good get well soon my heart😍

Thank you LA for everything 😁😁

You looking cute 👌

So beautiful 🤣😅

thank you mik mik 😆😁

You look good hecto 😍😂😂

Perfect we love you Hector from Uganda

We need u mn please recovery quickly

you look smart,I would like to land one day in london

I also would like to invite to visit my native country , bel...love ya

Looking well and here’s to seeing you on the pit soon

You sure deserve all the love you've got so far #COYG

Belle can please come back stronger. Arsenal needs you more than before.

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