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Plays for: Arsenal
Ranked: 77th in Premier League
Héctor Bellerín Moruno is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a right-back for English club Arsenal and the Spain national team. Bellerín started his career as an attacking winger for Barcelona, and credits his development as a successful right-back to Steve Bould upon his arrival at Arsenal in the summer of 2011. His speedy pace, skilful dribbling on the ball, and crossing ability have also helped him in creating chances for his team. On 21 November 2016, he signed a long term contract that ties him to the club until 2022.

Bellerín played internationally for Spain from under-16 to under-21 levels. He made his senior debut for Spain in 2016 and was chosen after such for the European Championship of that year. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Feels nice to stand up againnnn 😅

Keeping the knee in check

So far so good. It's starting to look like a knee again 😬

My best rehab companion ❤️

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6 days ago

Hector Bellerin

‪Sorry it took me a month to post a vlog, been a tough few weeks with my rehab with little setbacks, but everything's good now 🙏 youtu.be/r1hxLXs3SvQHector Bellerin gives insight into setbacks during his rehab and the mental drain the worrying is putting him through. ... See moreSee less

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Happy Birthday Hector ,, Get well soon ‪ 🙏 ‪ 🙏 ‪ 🙏 ‪ 🙏 ‪ 🙏

May the luck of the Irish go with you Hector ☘️☘️

Happy birthday, Hector 😍😘🎁🎉

Sorry to hear that. Arsenal will go mad to see you back on the pitch . We all support you and think you are the best. Take care

Set backs and knee rehabs go together I know from experience. Don't force it. It will improve in the end. I know from experience. ;) Keep up the good work

Thank God for you Hector... Keep moving strong 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙏 🙏

Take it slow and easy we want you back stronger and forever. Keep your head up. Praying for you.

Thank God u are getting better, wishing u a speedy recovery.#WeAreTheArsenal #TerrificBellerin

Hang in there and get better fast

Get well soon bro. We really miss u

Already watched. It makes me cry. Keep being strong. You've got this.👍💪👏

Don’t rush it hector it will come get well soon we miss you 😘

Hector iam missing you in the pitch much love and quick recovery

It’s gonna be ok baby , fight on ✌️✌️

You’ve got this!!! We are all pulling For you. Remember, there is one low & two highs for every pendulum swing. Catch your highs, brotha! Big love!

Try not to be down stay strong & positive

Be strong Hector, and good luck with the rest of your rehab. Stay positive, I for one know that positiness will even keep cancer quite xx👍💚

keep pushing You've been greatly missed Get well soon

Miss seeing you keep up the good work on recovery you can do it!

💪💪💪 Stay strong, you're doing great man

Speaks English better than Harry Kane.

You are strong Hecy B, you will get there 👊🏼 keep yo head up

Please don’t force anything. You have 15 years more to play🙏

Prayers on there way for speedy recovery!

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7 days ago

Hector Bellerin

One small step for man, one big step for Heccy 😂 ... See moreSee less

One small step for man, one big step for Heccy 😂


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I miss your runs and lethal crosses. Get well soon big guy

With one leg still better than Lichtsteiner

My name is Hector Bellerin and I'm the fastest player in the world. I play for Arsenal F.C and in the course of winning to Chelsea F.C i hurt my leg and I'm the only one fast enough to help my team beat all the other team,I am the Flash 🔥🔥🔥

Heccy wa kayole ,😂😂😂😂😂😂my boy can't wait u back

come back soon we need you

The best right back in the Epl!

So happy you are getting there

Super than super man. Can't wait to have you back

Happy birthday Hect.

All the best. Goal celebration whip out the mask of zorro

In 1974 when Escobar was shot on his leg

We still love you Hector, get well soon

The best RBW in the world. Come back. Stronger

Wish you can step more 😍😘

get well soon Hector You've been missed greatly in the team

I know you'll come back stronger

Quick recovery right back

I miss you Hector ilu bro😊💞

He looks like some drug lords of the Mexico 80s 😂😂😂 Get well soon flash

May lord Pashupatinath bless you...Get well soon brother

It was 1974 when Hector did this achievement(u can tell by his camera quality and his fashion sense)

Come back stronger Hector 🔥

Come back stronger and faster bro

Hope you get well soon Hector.

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2 weeks ago

Hector Bellerin

In this months British Vogue edition. My mum still can't believe it lol ❤ ... See moreSee less

In this months British Vogue edition. My mum still cant believe it lol ❤


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We have a big match today n yo busy modeling.... Anyway happy women's day

So good to see you've found your calling at last.

Well done boiii ❤ Can't wait to see you back on the pitch 💪 COYG! 3 points today!!!!!

Good to see that you also are making your dreams come true outside the football world Hector Bellerin. I like ur drip young king

Happy women's day Hector

Arsenal kit looks better and pays more buddy

Happy Women's Day, Mrs Bellerin

All you lot slating the man..how much do you get paid for hating?? He's twice the man that most of y'all will ever become..at least he's got a life..get one first..fucking losers..you hate him yet you follow all of his pages..

Dapper young man. Good look. Now kill it on the pitch.

Bud, when you comin back? Mustafi at RB is driving my pressure up. Fts ftw

I still cant believe too 😍😍

*sets as phone wallpaper* 😍🙈 looking good! (As always) HAHAH xx

Please come back This guy was really improving until that injury. He has began to time his runs perfectly and work on his crosses. He made our right wing active. Him on the right and Kolasinac on the left and we have more attacking opportunities

Important stand you make... “be yourself no matter what they say...” #Sting #QuentinCrisp

Wish you were back playing football

Only 1 #Hector Come 🔙 Stronger 💪 We miss you ❤️

Hector, Are you still a footballer? Let Emery find a replacement, focus on fashion and modelling! You are hot❤️💕😍

Hector Bellerin , Get well soon..

Fit to wear suits. Fit to play. Get back on the pitch..!!

you are very handsome hector <3 l like your style <3 please never leave arsenal ppleaseee

Focus more on football man😂 Like this you re going to Portsmouth FC next season🤣

At least they dressed you mate 😂😂👍🏻

We can't believe it too...

Gooners are waiting for you to come back...

Oh My God!😱Is that you?😣 Ohh!! I love you beller💜😍

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2 weeks ago

Hector Bellerin

Feels nice to stand up againnnn 😅 ... See moreSee less

Feels nice to stand up againnnn 😅


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You should be back nailes and Lichtenstener are joking in RB

~ Just see you standing up. 🏃🏻‍♂️ I have a smile 😁 I don't want to see you fall. --" May you return as well. ♥️ #HectorBellerin 😘

Your the missing piece in us come back strong hector 😍

Come back stronger hector!!!

Quick recovery Hector, miss you big.

Welcome back Hector.. the void you left is irreplaceable.. meanwhile one Arap Ruto will never be the President of Kenya 😎

Good job recovering. Now let’s focus for top 4 for the remaining 9 matches .

Come 🔙 Stronger 💪 ❤️ We love you Hector

come back stronger brother <3

Now that looks like a picture from the 2010s instead of the 1980s. Looks like you're progressing well.

nice to see you in current century :D

And you continue to for the Gunners

We need you at rb hector mustafi is a shit rb we miss you

Get well soon and stay stronger 🙏

Love ♥️💫😌 Wish you recover soon

I wish you could play against United

Safe and speedy recovery Hector, look forward to having you back ❤

Get well soon Hector walahida we miss hih niyaho tima dheerleh

Good to see you like this. 😍😍

Good to see you stronger 😍

Get well soon Hector #صديق 💞💞

Keep it up hector! Missing you loads! Cant wait to see you back and faster than ever:P

Get well soon..we want hector back😍

Speedy recovery we miss you 2.

Oh my love! Thank God for your quick recovery

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4 weeks ago

Hector Bellerin

Keeping the knee in check ... See moreSee less

Keeping the knee in check


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Wish you a speedy recovery, Hector ✊

Are you getting treatment in 1934 bro ?

Get well soon my one of my favourites

Get well soon sherlock holmes

Did they remove his style gland.

Ha ha who is it taking these photos! And what kind of camera are they using! Has me in stitches! Give me a call man if you need some one to take clearer pictures.... I'm not a professional photographer... I just don't take photos on potatoes and I'm not in the 70s😂😂😂🙈

Be back from the 80s stronger. We need you at the right full back. Litchsteiner got experience but we need speed at the back. Hope everything goes well.

Quick recovery my best right back

Ruto will never be the President of Kenya

Get well soon boy, we are tired of Liechtenstein and Niles at your position on the Pitch.

You will come back stronger & better, we really miss u out there ❤ #coyg

A day at a time Hecy B... You’ll come back stronger 👊🏼

At least they fixed yours! I was told it was just water on my knee, 6 years later they completely removed my ACL 😢

Get well soon Hector, our right wing without you is dead.

really we miss u so much more than every player in this would get well soon bro bellern

We miss you so much... get well !

Get well soon,Bro! I wanna see your action right now. Hurry up,Bro!

SPEEDY RECOVERY BELLERIN We can wait to see u back again

Get well soonest champ!

Get well soon bro we r waiting 😭😭

Much love frm Uganda 🇺🇬 Africa 🌍

Quickest recovery warrior 👏👏

Get better soon inspector clouseau 😃

Like a chavvy Inspector Clueso

Miss you lots, Come back Stronger.💪

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