Héctor Bellerín


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Plays for: Arsenal
Ranked: 83rd in Premier League
Héctor Bellerín Moruno is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a right-back for English club Arsenal and the Spain national team. Bellerín started his career as an attacking winger for Barcelona, and credits his development as a successful right-back to Steve Bould upon his arrival at Arsenal in the summer of 2011. His speedy pace, skilful dribbling on the ball, and crossing ability have also helped him in creating chances for his team. On 21 November 2016, he signed a long term contract that ties him to the club until 2022.

Bellerín played internationally for Spain from under-16 to under-21 levels. He made his senior debut for Spain in 2016 and was chosen after such for the European Championship of that year. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Feels nice to stand up againnnn 😅

Keeping the knee in check

So far so good. It's starting to look like a knee again 😬

My best rehab companion ❤️

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4 days ago

Hector Bellerin

Don't let them tell you, it's not possible. Thank you to Virgil & Louis Vuitton for the opportunity 🙏🏼 ... See moreSee less

Dont let them tell you, its not possible. Thank you to Virgil & Louis Vuitton for the opportunity 🙏🏼


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You look beautiful Lady Bellerin :-D

You tell them Hector glad your getting to do what you love with your fashion. Just hope we see you back on the pitch soon we miss you.

I hope for your sake the authorities never get hold of your hard drive you massive, weird turbononce 🤣

Hey beautiful girl, what's up?😁😜

Enjoy your leisure time as we wait for the season to start. You're smart.

Why the hate for hector? He was injured most of the season, he is still one of the best RB in the league. He is not supposed to have interests outside of his profession? Lol. Be a true fan and support Arsenal .. win or lose. #COYG

The fashion king... Much respect from me to You

He just posted a vlog where it says his knee is still in bad shape! It’s only been 6 months and recovery takes a while! Don’t listen to the haters Hector, keep doing you while you heal and we can’t wait until you can return to the field! ❤️💛 #COYG

Hector, love you bro and I’m all for anyone doing whatever makes them happy but remember we are going through bad times at the moment as a club and we are counting on you to come back to your best and playing like you are the best right back not only in the prem but in the world, we trust and believe in you hermano 👊🏻

It’s not good to see this kind of stuffs on pride month

This is what u have become now? Kikikki father God have mercy on my arsenal

I fucking love Hector the lad has balls like watermelons

Woman! You need to focus on football!

Looks like del's tracksuit in miami twice, shocking!

Jesus... just focus on defending you plum!

The best competitor for Ranveer Singh ! 😅😅😅

A lot of you need to get into the 21st century. I know some of you are from some pretty backwards countries, but come on? Are you that stupid? Or do you just hate what you don’t understand? I pity you and your poor excuse for a life

I’m glad to see you have another interest outside of football. Looking forward to seeing you back in your arsenal shirt but in the meantime while you’re recovering .. you do you babe and ignore The Haters!! Proper Arsenal fans appreciate you. I shall look forward to singing your name from the North Bank!!

Nice choice, Hector. Don’t listen to the haters, wear whatever you want. Our right-back, proper Arsenal fans appreciate you 🔴⚪️

¿Pero qué tal mandar un buen centro, cabrón? Deberías practicarlos mejor, así como lo haces con tu contoneo para presumir LV.

Watch out there is a snake on your leg 😱😱

I think you should give up soccer to focus on fashion😛😛😛😛

From Arsenal Womens cheerleaders team.. One of our cheerleader..

We need new defender for new season lol

Luke Brown imagine Keane and Vieiras faces if he walked in the changing rooms dressed like this 😂😂😂

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1 week ago

Hector Bellerin

I've uploaded my latest vlog. On my last one I asked what you'd like to see and a lot of you asked me to show you what my day was like. Lemme know what you think youtu.be/Q2JjOBKXUFATaking you guys through my daily routine, follow me through some rehab, what i eat for the day and the Arsenal Foundation ball! ... See moreSee less

Video image


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Really miss you💕

i hope you'll shave a little bit your hair

I love it come back strong

Perfect vlog i hope u quick recovery and want to see you in the pitch with the speed you have achieved

For my patella break and removal I did quite a bit of freestyle swimming in recovery to maintain cardio. What do you do to maintain cardiovascular fitness?

Best friend tag with nacho ❤️

You are happy right

I miss you serious my friend.

I miss you!

Added to watch later

Great vlog. Really enjoyed watching it. Xx

Wow Hector. I really enjoyed watching and listening to you, I didn’t realise how good your English is, can’t wait for the new season to start and hopefully you will be back on the pitch, and by the way don’t you dare have your hair cut, my 11 year grandson has long black curly hair, he like you likes to be an individual thanks for your update on your wellbeing get well soon xxx❤️

My favourite player

Yesssss! I loveee it! What program do you use for your editing anyways? Xx

Keep pushing on 💜 Great vlog, love seeing your updates xx

Seems you’ve got a great routine. I probably couldn’t stop eating bread either 😄 good luck with your recovery!

We just want you back in the game

Will you be fit before the next season???

Great vlog hector, speedy recovery on the knee, and cant wait to see you on the pitch soon.

Nice one Bellerin

Wow really amazing#gunners 4 life#

I love it dude I hope to see you soon on the pitch

Great vlog, good luck with the recovery. Hope you achieve more in the gunners shirt and you’re back in the champions league soon

Engkim a tha vek, sel tur reng hi k nei lo, i sakruang..aaaaa i engkim hi 😍😍😍😍😍

Barca t'attend mon pote

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2 weeks ago

Hector Bellerin

‪Walking past the haters like.. ‬
... See moreSee less

‪Walking past the haters like.. ‬


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Look good now looking forward to seeing you back in the team you were very missed

My Boy looking great...miss you Come Back

Wait the day you come back! 👌👌👌

Such a wise young man ...great to have a Gunner like this

Going to the lover with your smile and leaving the heater with your neglect😘 luv you sososososo.

You look great and I hope you have mend d well

We miss you. Hope to see you fit & well next season. 💙

I will always ❤️ Hector Wish you quick recovery 📈

Come back strong We need you to be fit

we miss you hector bellerin

Love more well from ball can you happy ha ha

Quick recovery Hector Bellerin we miss you

We love you bru Get well soon 😍😍😍🙌🙌 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

Hope you doing well Hector, wish you a quick revovery come back strong we miss you...

yeah fashionista Hector Keep flying and anticipating having you back fully for next season #COYG

Like A Big Boss 😎😎 Come On COYG 😁

Hector !! Come back stronger champ !

At first I thought Dua Lipa

Beatlejuice, Beatlejuice, Beatlejuice!

Not getting call up for national team like 🤣😂❤️ I love bellerine

Fight back on the pitch soon!!

I Wish U Quick Recovery Belerin Hector

Best footballers page ever

Have you gone to Newcastle?!

Come back soon Hector Miss you

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2 weeks ago

Hector Bellerin

What, you think I can't take pics? 🤷🏻‍♂ ... See moreSee less

What, you think I cant take pics? 🤷🏻‍♂


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Get well for me soon bro. We miss your attacking strength

Hey bro, come back soonest and stronger too..best of luck!

What a picture 😍 I love you so much ❤️

Hope your back to full training

What you need is take care of yourself. I wish you to say thanks alot for your recognizing me as your top fan.😘 As I alway tell you, I luv you sooooooo😍😘.

For a moment i thought it was an older gal 😅

Hector please be fit next season we miss you.

I love you, Heccy. Can’t wait to see you in Charlotte and DC this summer

Wow this post has really changed my life.. cool post thanks for sharing. 😍

Hurry back we miss you come back with fire in your tummy

So sad you missed this World Cup 😭

Good to see you looking better and ready for pre season

We signed you to guard our defense now you have turned a professional photographer 😂🤣

Maaan, we need a Right Back ! Not a full time instagrammer 😫

I know you can't keep a clean sheet

yes you can't take someone dd it for u

come back as soon as possible bro

Welcome back Hector Mob love from🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

Nooo but we want you to play footy! Come back soon! #COYG

#صديق you better prepare for nxt season

Who cares... I don't need the pictures, I need trophies. For once, you guys should give the fans inward joy outwardly

I think you can t play football

Hector Bellerin Come Recover as soon God blesses GUNNERS

Naughty Beller Boy 😀Lad Should Comeback Stronger Ohhh...

Just focus on football dude

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3 weeks ago

Hector Bellerin

It's been a season with loads of learnings for everyone as a collective. The result was one which hurt us all. We'll continue to work hard and get the club back to where it belongs. Thank you again for all the support this season.

Ps, so proud of you my brother Ainsley!

... See moreSee less

Its been a season with loads of learnings for everyone as a collective. The result was one which hurt us all. Well continue to work hard and get the club back to where it belongs. Thank you again for all the support this season. 

Ps, so proud of you my brother Ainsley! 



Comment on Facebook

Can’t wait till your back man! The team needs you! I feel terrible for Ainsley he played he heart out but his lack of experience cost him. Glad to see you are a true teammate because no one else publicly backed him. Can’t wait to see you both back next season #COYG

Very proud cause he would of done the same thing FAIL

The super Hector. Lots of love from 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

We are proud of you Hector Belerin and Gunners super stars at large

Nice to see so much support for someone competing for your position! Top team mate and great embassador for the club! Come back strong next year 🤘🤘👊

Wonderful gesture Hectorito! See you next season!

Proud of you guys Niles really give out his best in that position......love you Arsenal..love you guys

Proud of you guys hopping best come next season

Come back soon Hector We need you at our defence. Hopefully next season will be much better than this season. Enjoy the break!!!!

Yes bro. When we win we celebrate it, but when we lost we have to accept it even how hurt it was. Hope we learn what is wrong with us(team) in this final. Head up and come back stronger team. 💪🔥🔴

Awesome embrace! Come back soon and with that same attitude! ❤️💛 #COYG

We really miss you at the Back.

Am very proud of u Hector one love😘🙏

We are waiting for youand also hoping for you to get better. As I always said , Love you more and more.

Am proud of this group..my blood will always be red

Hector Bellerin you at RWB and ainsley at LWB🤤 that would be perfect. Maitland has put in an insane shift at RWB this season and deserves to start too! The penalty was incredibly soft imo nothing he did wrong! Up the gunners!

Proud of you guys......We need that spirit of brotherhood Hector.....Come back stronger next season Our Hector

Loved it 😍 Come back soon bellerin 🖖

Proud to be the Gunners... come back stronger #COYG

Ainsley had a great game, played with pride and passion. Good to see the Academy paying off!

The boy Niles has been playing out of position and he never complains,very passionate and doing his level best for the club.....I love this bouy

No matter the condition I'm still in arsenal I'm proud of you guys thanks put more effort up gunners

Truth be said... Niles has been one those outstanding members this season. I pray you also come back stronger next season. I believe in young talent

We are waiting for your epic comeback 😅 #COYG

Proud? Why? Such a poor performance by everyone. It’ll take a lot of years and a lot of money to recover. Call Kroenke! Best wishes from a gooner since 1971.

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