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Plays for: Arsenal, Armenia
Ranked: 56th in Premier League
Henrikh Mkhitaryan is an Armenian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for English club Arsenal and captains the Armenian national team.

Mkhitaryan is Armenia's all-time top goalscorer, scoring 25 goals in 70 international matches since his debut in January 2007, including their first hat-trick. His previous clubs include Pyunik, where he came through the youth system, Metalurh Donetsk, Shakhtar Donetsk, Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United. Mkhitaryan is known by two nicknames: Heno and Micki .

Mkhitaryan has been named Armenian Footballer of the Year seven times . He was named Ukrainian Premier League Footballer of the Year in 2012, and was the top scorer in the 2012–13 Ukrainian Premier League with 25 goals, more than any player had scored in a single season since the league's inception in 1992. Mkhitaryan was voted the CIS Footballer of the Year for 2012, making him the first Armenian footballer to be named the best player from post-Soviet countries. He received the award again for 2013. He made the most number of assists in the 2015–16 Bundesliga, while playing for Borussia Dortmund. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Meet up with Kids in Yerevan was 🔥😄👌🏼 Keep believing in yourselves and training hard little Champions!⚽️ #mickitoy #promo

www.mkhitaryan.am & online shop available NOW! 💻 #mkhitaryan #micki #mickitoy

State-of-the-art official website www.mkhitaryan.am and online #mickitoy shop unveiled tomorrow. Follow up and don’t miss it 🔥🔥🔥

Throwback to Moscow #russia2018 #worldcup #альфа2018 #legends #gathering @nobel_arustamyan

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2 weeks ago

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Always representing.
#DareToCreate #arsenal #micki #mickitaryan
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Always representing.
#DareToCreate #arsenal #micki #mickitaryan


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Much respect!

Our Former player 🙏

Thanks for nice performance on yesterday

Great performance yesterday... Kp it up! 🤗

Representing the bench?

Your performance was utterly poor yesterday

Perfect as usual ❤❤❤

You make me happy yesterday I wish you best form ❤

very poor unacceptable 1st half, Improved not satisfactory 2nd half. needs improvment which is obviously very unlikely

Why do fans put their players always down. Put yourself in the players shoes. I am sure he feels his mistakes the best . Why don’t you pick up your players , as if you all are supermen and never had ups and downs in your lives. Now everybody praises Auba, as soon as he makes one two mistakes the hate is in the social media. Just be behind your players . Micky you just need your confidence back the rest you have , just please show what you are capable of.

You good bro but work on your finishing

Poor performance lad you've got to improve

I always love this guy.. he is to clean.. no tatoo.. Nice Hair cut.. and his style of play.. good or bad i know u will mkhyt mikybooo

Yesterday you created a lot for Newcastle :)

Congratulations That Assist to #Auba was Out of this world. Keep Creating. #KeepDreaming.

More than Half of these “arsenal fans” are only saying Mkhi is playing poor because of AFTV. I bet more than half of u don’t even watch the game

Avoid this miss pass! It's irritating

Needs to push harder...you still have that magical touch...push on...

A good skilful player. Need to calm your mind and focus more. Slow things down for your game and then see how can achieve form like you had at Shakhtar or Dortmund... Micki trying to rush things under pressure and getting frustrated and thus losing possession

Miki you have skills to beat players but your final pass and shot on target is very poor.. Kindly concentrate and improve your skills... We want our old Miki back... COYG ❤

Hi here comes the negative comments I ain’t surprised he played well yesterday none of u play football stay stay Micky and be happy remember our god good

Keep fighting to create assist

Good Luck all the time Henrik Mikhitatyan.Miss yoo from Manchester United ♥ Red Army♥

Молодец , ты хорошо играл , создавал голевые моменты !

Miki they lei to you you just didn't have a great game yesterday

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2 weeks ago

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

One more day to go...we‘re ready to kick off this new #PremierLeague season🔥🔥 Let‘s go for it #Gunners 👊🏼⚪️🔴 #arsenal #coyg #micki #mkhitaryan #mickimagic ... See moreSee less

One more day to go...we‘re ready to kick off this new #PremierLeague season🔥🔥 Let‘s go for it #Gunners 👊🏼⚪️🔴 #arsenal #coyg #micki #mkhitaryan #mickimagic


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Best of luck!

I wish Henrikh Mkhitaryan could maintain the performance he delivered in the first match throughout the season. Was a solid performance against Newcastle united

Henriiiiik Always enjoy your game when you enjoy we enjoy to All the best to you to your game two new season your new family shortly all the best to you we love you as a person As a player As a Proud Armenian

As usual, battled the hardest and showed the best effort and quality on the pitch today. Well done Heno!

New season! New teammates! New energy! All you have to do - motivate yourself and use your talent...Good Luck Heno!

Hi Miki. I would really appreciate if you could check your post and answer to my daughter's letter written to you as a part of school project to write their chosen celebrities. As we are an Armenian family who lives in Manchester area, we have told them a lot about Armenians and you, she decided she wanted to write to you. A small reply from you to her school would make a huge difference to her. Thanks.

We're all hoping & wishing you all the best! #COYG

This man has really changed in weight

Best of luck mickimagic, hoping to see goals from u this season, not just to shoots and miss. You should shoots and score. #mickimagic7

Good luck dear HENO!!! dear David!!!! and Arsenal Henrikh

Hi Mkhi. When are you leaving?

Concentrate and improve your performance on the field or you will be kicked out

The worst midfielder we will have this season in our games. You deserve no chance. Prepare to leave permanently. No room for you.

Wow am thrilled to see David Luiz in arsenal team.Best of luck to the gunners.

we need 3 points from now...please play hardly for the badge for the fans

You have lost of things to improve as a player yet. Look at reiss nelson who has all ingredients one winger should have such as pace, dribbling skill and good shooting ability which is a big headache to antagonist defenders. You always make me so sad by your continous misplaced passing and shooting of the ball habits on the pitch. Two important points you must improve this season:- develop an accurate and straight ball passing and shooting and raise your work rate on the pitch very high and get back behind very quickly to help your teammates when the team is being attacked by the adversary team specially when the ball is with the opponent side, you've to do whatever you can inorder to take the ball back and keep the the control of the game. Wish you a good luck!!!

Just score and assist goal then I'll have nothing to ask you again

i want from you 1goal and 1 assist tomorrow,ok?

Cannot wait to see the magic back! Tuxov Heno tuxov!!🙏🙏🙏

We need 3 point for good start season

Good lucky mkhitaryan and luiz

we are expecting a magic season

New season new dreams prove your world class

Finally 😂 Guendouzi grew up and, mature enough to play very2 serious at this time 👍 good luck tomorrow #coyg

Sell Mkhi, Mustafi and Elneny!

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2 weeks ago

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Come On You Gunners!!⚪️❤️ #arsenal #coyg #micki #mkhitaryan ... See moreSee less

Come On You Gunners!!⚪️❤️ #arsenal #coyg #micki #mkhitaryan


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Just back to your top perform! You're a really good player

Good luck ! I am sure we will see a brilliant performance this season.

We love you Miki we are proud of you , work hard and show everebody that you are the best.

You're very fortunate this time, you should've been sold if there was a buyer. You better show the club you deserved to be here this season

Your next out the door.!!!

You're a living miracle... You jumped out the departing train and survived. #You'reNext

7 in one player.....I trust in your talent mkhi

Bro step up ur game... U r a good player. Find that rhythm again please🙌🙌🙌

I believe in you Miki

Show the haters how it’s done brother!! P.S. it was awesome seeing you in Denver!

Don't get too comfortable lad...you need to work hard to earn your position. You are just like Alex (but he's left). January is 5 months away 😏

Miss u from Man united fan...

How did you hide? I thought you're gone too!

you better prepared for this season,zaha is knocking on the door & January is coming

miss u as Red Devil.

Africans with nationalism. This is arsenal in London. Not a corrupt football in Africa. Iwobi leaving is a business, a great business for the both clubs. No body owns any club. If Manchester United sold the almighty Ronaldo, who is iwobi not to be sold? #COYG

Better up yur game this season miki!

Find a better form January around the corner

Come back to Oldtrafford

New season new dreams your world class just show it to the haters

Am wondering how Arsenal can sell Iwobi and leave you to stay😂😂

Man U fans are here hailing insults on Miki! We love you Mkhitaryan! Arsenal is proud of you!

with all due respect, you need to work on your finishing. You & iwobi didnt shine on the wings last season and now Iwobi has left. Now all yours to prove your doubters wrong. COYG

Prove yourself this season!!! You can help us back into CL!

We should have sold you. Not iwobi :(

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4 weeks ago

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

FINAL day in Armenia: #Portugal & #Spain will be disputing the European U19 Cup🏆

Այսօր՝ Երևանի ժամանակով 20:30-ին, Վազգեն Սարգսյանի անվան Հանրապետական մարզադաշտում կկայանա Մ-19 Եվրո-2019 եզրափակիչ հանդիպումը Պորտուգալիայի և Իսպանիայի հավաքականների միջև: Բաց մի թողեք ապագա գերաստղերին տեսնելու հնարավորությունը: #U19EURO #MakeYourFutureNow
... See moreSee less

FINAL day in Armenia: #Portugal & #Spain will be disputing the European U19 Cup🏆

Այսօր՝ Երևանի ժամանակով 20:30-ին, Վազգեն Սարգսյանի անվան Հանրապետական մարզադաշտում կկայանա Մ-19 Եվրո-2019 եզրափակիչ հանդիպումը Պորտուգալիայի և Իսպանիայի հավաքականների միջև: Բաց մի թողեք ապագա գերաստղերին տեսնելու հնարավորությունը: #U19EURO #MakeYourFutureNow


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Good luck

Wish you all the BEST this season bro

I love youuu


Victory to Spain 🇪🇸 good luck

I am Portuguese and Armenians so I have Portugal to win

Getting ready to go to stadium and see the future star of Dortmund😍❤❤❤


Leslie Wong what an Iconic player one of the best to play for arsenal in the last decade.

Will be there!


Ապրես դու ,որ հայերեն ես գրում 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Mkhitaryan's Top 5 goals 🔥 m.youtube.com/watch?v=tRAhg4ghSe8&t=9s

Come on Armenia ma beloved

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4 weeks ago

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

This tour was amazing🤩⚡️Thank you #America and see you soon👋🏼🇺🇸 #preseason #tour #usa #Aubameyang #Lacazette #mkhitaryan #micki ... See moreSee less

This tour was amazing🤩⚡️Thank you #America and see you soon👋🏼🇺🇸 #preseason #tour #usa #Aubameyang #Lacazette #mkhitaryan #micki


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Thanks brother!! Good luck in the season!!

Good luck let us enjoy

Good luck to this season

The best friends.

Best wishes for the season ahead #COYG

You guys have done a great job

Thx our boys

thanks Guys

We need a goal Henrikh! !!!!! Wish you all the best this season!

Les trois plus beau 😂👌❤️

Best of luck to this season. #Brotherhood

Micky. I want you to be hungrier on the pitch, mate. You've been disappearing in the game. Enjoy yourself during the match as well to get the best out of you. I don't want to see the overrated you but the underrated you.

We need results this forthcoming season, no joking.

The tour was amazing but yo game was not Mhiki, u need to revive back the form uu had in Dortmund.

I like your smile micki 👍🤩

Up gunners



Thank u amo Harout ese kone

My warrior

See you soon????

Micki I need your Jersey please!!

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