Matteo Guendouzi


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Plays for: Arsenal
Ranked: 213th in Premier League

Mattéo Guendouzi Olié (born 14 April 1999) is a French professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for English club Arsenal and the French under-20 team.

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Very good game with a win on penalties 💪🏽 #JobDone #Preseason #WeAreTheArsenal 🔴⚪️ #LacaOnFire 🔥

The Winning Team against PSG #COYG #Arsenal #BestTeam #StrongTogether 🔥🔥🔥🔴⚪️

Good Game Guys today💪🏽 #workinprogress #preseason #WeAreTheArsenal #DreamTeam 🔴⚪️ #arsenal

Training session in Singapore with smile 🔴⚪️ #stayfocus #preseason @arsenal #AFCTour2018

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1 day ago

Matteo Guendouzi

Bien arrivé à 📍Clairefontaine
Premier entraînement ✅🔛🔝
Concentration maximum pour le premier match contre l’Allemagne #StayFocus
Rendez vous Jeudi 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
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Bien arrivé à 📍Clairefontaine 
Premier entraînement ✅🔛🔝
Concentration maximum pour le premier match contre l’Allemagne #StayFocus 
Rendez vous Jeudi 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


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Guendo 👍

play safe and avoid injury coz we need you in the last hurdle!!

Fuk you




Tu va le regretté mon petit jeans Louis guendouzi t aurai ta place en équipe A du Maroc MAis tu préfère la France vient pas pleurer comme munir après


قندوووزي 😍😍

Mateo rejoint le Maroc ta 1e place labas soit fier de toi en France t'aura que dal.....demande nasri benzema ou encore Ben arfa

We have the same name 🙄

Good night everyone. Sleep well and good luck 🤗


Keep well buddy and get home to London safe. Good luck🍀🏡

all hail Matteo, The Young Gun..!!!!

Wish you all the best matteo

Destroy them , the rock..



Guedouzi 💟


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5 days ago

Matteo Guendouzi

Très fier d’être appelé de nouveau avec l’Equipe de France Espoirs pour les deux matchs amicaux en vue de l’Euro 🇫🇷⚽️ ... See moreSee less

Très fier d’être appelé de nouveau avec l’Equipe de France Espoirs pour les deux matchs amicaux en vue de l’Euro 🇫🇷⚽️


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حض جيد ان شاء الله تشرف المغاربة والعرب فمنتخب الديكة bonne chance good luck buena suerte ghandouzi

Vamos marocains Notre Afrique a besoin des ambassadeur comme toi Je suis congolais 🇨🇩 Mais mon souhait est de te voir avec le MAROC

aprés 2 ans tu vas venir pleurer chez les marocains 😥 je veux porter le maillot des lions car tu es un 6 eme choix pour ton poste au niveau de l equipe francaise

Tu vas atrendre minimum 2 ans pour jouer 2 min avec les bleus apres te disent bye bye et tu vas regretter

Ils parlent du Maroc comme s'il allait gagner un jour la Coupe du Monde avec eux.😅 Il est trop massif pour Maroc, désolé... Bonne chance Matteo! COYG! 💪

Show your game,not slaying like Kim Kardashian

Vous êtes un garçon merveilleux et vous souhaite toujours bon.

You need defensive skill and strength. Premier league have strength is very important.that is pressing game.If you can fill this gap,you will become the best mildfielder. 💪💪💪

Un conseil mateo, vous êtes un très grand prometteur joueur, mais le choix de la sélection faut se patienter un petit peu car , la moindre erreur vous retrouverais sans équipe nationale comme beaucoup de joueur de foot rebeu et renoi de France

Matteo - tu continue comme ça et les portes de l’équipe de France vont s’ouvrir.

Good Luck Matteo Guendouzi😍 Arsenal❤💪

Guendouzi was born and raised in France he doesn't even know where Morocco is on the Map

Good luck ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Matteo Guendouzi 😍😍😍😍

Your are my player, much love for you 💕💓

Never dream to play against the best player in the world Ronaldo, 🐓🐓

Congrats boy, U deserve it, just be a bit more tougher in ur game and approach to games... #Gunners4Life #Arsenal4Ever #IAmArsenal

Proud of you my little Arsenal hero. Good luck and get back to us save and fit. ❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪

It's good you didn't play vs Man Utd

Mateo you're always great. I love you bro 🤩💥💞💖

Congratulations buddy.. No laca no party

You deserve it Man. Keep working hard.#COYG!💪

You deserve it bro,congratulations

you deserve to be in the first team mate

Congratulations you're such a good player

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3 weeks ago

Matteo Guendouzi

Good fight guys
Keep going gunners
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Good fight guys 
Keep going gunners 


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Que bien, Mattéo. Eres un crack, todo un jugadorazo. Uno de los mejores jugadores de el Arsenal, eres demasiado crucial, fundamental, vital en el juego del equipo. Dios te bendiga y sigue así; llegarás a ser uno de los mejores del mundo.

Tell Aubameyang.... Thunder go fire am

You are the Future of this team

Welldone boys keep running it #MG29

Matteo guendouzi je t'aime de tout mon coeur, mon référence 😍

Stop running in the field like aheadless chicken

Kane's goal was really Offside

Sometimes u look like David Luiz

I like you I really do but you fall down a lot and you and nacho cost us that last goal. Show some heart for a team that showed enough faith in you to put you in a big game. Aaron ramsey beat you back and he's got a bigger contract pending with another team. If your not a gunner then move on son we can give another youngster with more heart a chance.

Please learn from your mistakes.

Auba decided to disappoint us

Good fight brother 👍🏾👍🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Why do you hold unto ball so much. Your style of play is disgusting 😈😈😈

You play well every match keep it up allez matteo 💫

Need more from you we know you are better ❤️ chin up and work hard allezmatteo❤️

VAR is needed in the EPL ASAP. Auba can be very sluggish sometimes, Xhaka should have taken that penalty in the absenc of LACA. VAR and Auba cost Arsenal all three points today.

Go to gem And build your body You need a strong muscles

Pls Gundozi make always fast pass 💪🛑

Tell the Coach to bench Mustafi and Auba for three months

i love your mentality matteo keep it up🙌

My countryman against my boy....its OK though. At least we got a point

You looked tired today, you deserve some rest now

You played great. Keep it up.

Keep Up the Tempo Boys All the Best arsenal Give US A Win Over United And Rennes

VAR is needed,Auba and laca really surprised me today

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3 weeks ago

Matteo Guendouzi

About last night...
5️⃣1️⃣ Great job guys 💥💥💥
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About last night... 
5️⃣1️⃣ Great job guys 💥💥💥


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Nice game guy Keep it up

Keep building ur confidence by adding goals and assists to ur game. Low driven shot could do the trick. Good luck

Next time know how to be strong in the box, don't weakly fall

You are great but soon we know they are going tew sell you..please don't go

Great player And a great result 💪🏼💪🏼

Emery sees something special in you, i do tooo.... Keep that passion chap! Two seasons from now you'll be worth more than Neymar, just keep the hardwork and consistency...

Good game boy you proved me wrong last nyt keep it going coyg

Great work rate, but boy u gotta increase ur stamina man. dropping down so easily and complaining to the ref wont flourish ur carrier, u are stronger than that, ive faith in u. COYG.

Congratulations the Gun and the Roses Arsenal 👌👌

Learn how to draw fouls Matteo. You are a great player inthe making but you go down easly

Chin up one mistake dosent makes a player go from good to bye we love you matteo ❤️ off to the NLD 🔥🔥🔥

My favourite youngster, the future of Arsenal ❤💪 Love watching you play!

Played well young man keep it up!! Can see abit of viera in him just need more aggression.

Don't play with the ball in your own penalty box...

I understand yo a Ball player but try to release the ball faster since you can't dribble plus you aint hard enough.

Yes,it was gud night but u denied us to get clean sheet

Please can you give me your shirt matteo

Leno will kill you for breaking his clean sheet chance, but 5 goals is a result we fans want to see more often

Don't copy ozil sentance ya gunner ya

I see what u did there bro,.Bit of uhm Copy right :D:D :D #coyg

You don Dey use GLo sim

like a butterfly-from one flower to another, aimlessly.

Don't go to PSG

I didnt watch the game..Hope you got a good game..

Be more careful with the ball in the back thw next time. Grea job gunners. COYG

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4 weeks ago

Matteo Guendouzi

Training Session 💪🏼🔴⚪️ ... See moreSee less

Training Session 💪🏼🔴⚪️


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Felicitaciones Guendouzi eres un muy buen jugador, Arsenal el mejor a ganar siempre,⚽👏💪

Miss u Guendouzi💖

Do lots of shooting practice. Add goals to ur game

Fighting ❤❤❤❤

Gunners my team that i love ever 💙💙💚

best young player in arsenal🖤❤️

Emery anafanya naanza kukuchukia bure kijana, kuna vile unaeza muambia asikuanzishe mechi zote?

See you in team morocco inchaellah

avoid back passes we need the ball forward always #Africanexperts

YOU are growing well Matteo. At times, pleaseeeeeeeee avoid unnecessary /extra touches that slows down movement of the Ball otherwise, keep on working hard bro.

Let's get there guys...

Need to win

Please don't train. Bate Borisov had spent months without training and they won.

Son of my contry we are proud of you 🇲🇦🇲🇦

Great player

More strength boy 👏

my hero keep it up

If PSG wants to buy you, let them pay 200million pounds.. u deserve it!!!

Two things ozil is there and iwobi is not there

The only thing I saw there was Ozil

Geu💛 Real Gunner

You and Auba players of our season so far.. keep it up young buck!!👌🏾

Please make us proud at home tomorrow convincingly....great gunnerz

Love u.....make us proud tomorrow

Make una win match ooo.. No be only taking photos during training seasons like models..

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