Sead Kolašinac


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Plays for: Arsenal, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ranked: 120th in Premier League
Sead Kolašinac is a Bosnian professional footballer who plays as a left back for Premier League club Arsenal and the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Happy March 1st Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina! Domovino, sretan ti Dan nezavisnosti! #BiH #bosniaandherzegowina #proudtobebosnian #mojazemlja

Midweek success 💪🏼 Shoutout to this man shining again tonight #M1Ö 🎩 Now bring on Saturday! 👊🏼👊🏼 #YaGunnersYa #COYG #GibGäs #SeoKol

🔴⚪ Home streak is on 🔥🔥 See you again on Wednesday, #Gooners! 👊🏼 #COYG #GibGäs #SeoKol

It‘s all about repairing last weeks loss tomorrow 👊🏼 Get up and go! 🔥#ComeOnYouGunners #UEL #GibGäs #SeoKol

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4 weeks ago

Sead Kolašinac

Think we're fine 😁 #M1Ö #SeoKol
Thanks for your messages!
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Think were fine 😁 #M1Ö #SeoKol
Thanks for your messages!


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True Hero ! That's what friends do !! #respect from Algeria

So proud of you, what you did is the sign of a true friend! Take a bow, son! 🔥🔥🔥

brilliant fearless hero. I can't stop watching that video and I proud to be a gunner. I wish you should be next Captain for Arsenal.

Top United fan here,but I have to admit I love the way you got your bro's back. That's a sign of selflessness and true friendship!

Even though I do not think it was very smart of you, never the less a very very brave and selfless act all the same and to you I say "RESPEK" bro! 👍🏾

You put your life on red line to save your friend.Thankyou very much! you are always defender wherever you go!

"Happy Birthday" brothers 💪👍

I hope you can read my comment. My brother Said Kolasinak. I have a message to my brother Massoud. We in Gaza love you and love your game. I hope you will rejoice next season by reaping all titles.

I am proud of you. This is bromance! 👊💪

Very proud of you man, I want to do the same on the pitch defend for the team

Nice to see you both smiling. Well handled that situation!

Je ne te connaissais pas et quelle Présentation ! Respect à toi pour ce que tu as fait pour ton coéquipier !

So Brave Sead. A hero! 👏🏻

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. Thank Almighty that you are all well 🤲 Ponosni na tebe brate 👆

The Incredible Hulk 👊👊👊

We are proud of u tank🤗🤗

Legend. Very brave of you. Not everyone stays cool in those situations, you all looked after each other and I wouldn't mess with Sead.

💥💥💥 we want you named as the new Captain with immediate effect!

Glad to here your find no one with mess with you after standing up for yourself. Stay safe.

You made us Bosnians proud 👍👍👊👊🇧🇦🇧🇦

My brothers muslims i proud of you sead you saved your best frieds true friend never down up to you

Legend! Bosnian Tank! 👊

No matter whether you rate Kolasinac as a player or not, you have to respect him in that situation. Putting his life on the line to save his friend, his friends wife and his own wife. You'll never see me say a bad thing about him. Have incredible respect for him. Thanks God they are good and safe now 🙏🏻

Alte Maschine seo richtig geile Aktion!!! Grüße auch an deinen Onkel der die Bar in Nürnberg hat

Još da je Spahic bio, bilo bi krvi do koljena. 🇧🇦 💪🏼👊🏻

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2 months ago

Sead Kolašinac

19/20 🔴⚪ /// What are your thoughts? 👊🏼 #DareToCreate @adidasfootball #GibGäs #SeoKol ... See moreSee less

19/20 🔴⚪ /// What are your thoughts? 👊🏼 #DareToCreate @adidasfootball #GibGäs #SeoKol


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Love the new kit

So lovely and classic

So Beautiful Sead

My thoughts 💭,how long before you get injured 😂

Looking forward to the new season my geeza

Thoughts? ...great jersey. Hope you'll be able to wear the national one as well.

Respect for your action to protect yourselfes. You were very lucky because your heart was strong enough for that action. Without this maybe you could get hurt,that was the best you could do. #respect

Simply beautiful.

Very nice 🔥🔥🔥

Respect of the brave scene!

Hallo Kola. Ich wünsche dir viel Glück und Erfolg für die neue Saison! Bleib gesund 🍀 Euer neues Trikot sieht gut aus, aber das blaue stand dir besser 😉 Ich hoffe als Schalker dich spätestens in 2 Jahren wenn dein Vertrag ausläuft wieder in der Arena begrüßen zu können. Glück Auf ⚒

Beautiful Jersey.#COYG.👌

Work on your cross bro, you need to deliver the ball the the box earlier! Delaying your pass too much last season where there could of been an easy tap in:) just something ive picked up on!:)

Nice 😃👍🏼. Oh, and come back to Schalke, please 😉. We are in dire need of a good Linksverteidiger!

Starke Aktion Kola 👍🏻 Respekt vor deinem Mut und Hilfsbereitschaft 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Wir Schalker haben nur einen Gedanken : KOMM ENDLICH WIEDER NACH HAUSE, JUNG!!! 😜👍

Love!! Can’t wait to see you play again Seo xx

🔵⚪️ steht dir besser 😉⚒

Looks perfect on you Sead! Way to go Gunner

Blau und weiß steht dir bedeutend besser 💪🔵⚪

Nice how you protected your friend, but be careful next time, you shouldnt have made the attack, he had a big knife, i`m lucky you are okay. I knew since i first saw you in Schalke, that you will gonna make it, because you have that special power, and you also can go deep behind the opponent defense line, and make got passes, that is so important in modern football, you are underrated, in my eyes world class. I hated to play against players like you. #Ehrenmann

Hab noch eine schöne Zeit in London und dann hoffentlich bald wieder Glück auf 😜

Mein Gedanke .... 🤔 das du bald wieder in den einzig waren Farben spielst ! 💙 Sieh zu das du zurück Kommst inne Heimat ! 💙💙💙

<fg=f0f00f0f><b><h> My man as Ever you here in <fg=b00000ff><u>Uganda🇩🇪

Svaka ti cast brate sto si se spasio svog suigraca!!! 💪

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2 months ago

Sead Kolašinac

First adidas Football x Arsenal shirt 💥 Freshhh right Mesut Özil? 😎😂 #GibGäs #SeoKol 👊🏼 ... See moreSee less

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Fresh af 😍🔥👌 COYG!

Good kit

Jay Bardsley 😂

Denise Özil: Peng 😂

Good 31

Glück Auf 🔵⚪️Komm bald zur 🔵⚪️








Alban Hoxha Abedin Villa Hoxha dem va fina aa

stay with us

Cool as our transfers💪👏👏 #COYG


It's dope

Ösil runs and screams and Kolasinac fights… On the street like at the Stadium;)


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2 months ago

Sead Kolašinac

When you see him not having his seatbelt fastened 😠🐕😂 #GibGäs #SeoKol 👊🏼 ... See moreSee less

When you see him not having his seatbelt fastened 😠🐕😂 #GibGäs #SeoKol 👊🏼


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lovely dogs <3

Aaw they’re beautiful 🙂

Coole Hunde Seo


Wenn ich mit deinen Hundis Gassi gehe, darf ich dann mal mitfliegen? 😬

Come Home Baby

Legenda 👍

Ali se preserujes, boze dragi . Nekada jedan od drazi reprezentativaca. Sada samo gluma, u repki uvjek povrijedjen u Arsenalu ispod svoji mogucnosti.

Hoffentlich Richtung Düsseldorf 💙 Wir warten ✌🏼🤣

2 keRa 3 šupka😎

Haha, but that colour of your dog isn't good, a brown one is better bro

Try to cross the ball for god's sake

Sejoooooo kralju 👌👍👍👍

A igrat malo za repku, ništa to

Where is your wife

maybe he is the boss

Auf der Reise nach Gelsenkirchen :)

Ko voli zivotinje. Voli i Ljude..RESPEKT Jarane.

A to sto repka gubi, to ništa... 😂

Pazi da se ne povrijedis dok drzis psa.

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2 months ago

Sead Kolašinac

Thank you everybody for your birthday messages yesterday 🤙🏼🎂 | Vielen Dank für eure Glückwünsche gestern, hat mich gefreut 💪🏼 | Hvala lijepo na čestitkama za rođendan 👊🏼 #GibGäs #SeoKol ... See moreSee less

Thank you everybody for your birthday messages yesterday 🤙🏼🎂 | Vielen Dank für eure Glückwünsche gestern, hat mich gefreut 💪🏼 | Hvala lijepo na čestitkama za rođendan 👊🏼 #GibGäs #SeoKol


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Happy birthday to you long life and prosperity I graduated from ATBU

Happy birthday to you Mr

Happy birthday boss


Happy birthday sir age graciously

Happy birthday x ❤

Happy birthday Seo.

Congratulations to you birthday boy.

Happy birthday to you

Wow happy birthday

Happy Birthday 🎊

Sve najbolje za rodjendan Sejo Legendo 🎉🎈😃

Happy birthday 🎊 🎉

Happy birthday Sead

Alles Gute Seo💙⚽komm wieder nach Hause.🍀🍀🍀🍀

Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich 💙☘

Happy Birthday Idol 😘😘😘

Sretan rodjendan i sve najbolje u zivotu

Happy Birthday sead 😘

The man himself happy birthday

Happy birthday to you Bosnian Tank our own armour tank, God bless your new age🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Happy birthday

That love island spice

Happy birthday, Sead !🎂😘🎂

BIRTHDAY Buddy....🎂🎂🎊🎉🎊 just another 6/20 hatchling checking in....little belated tho..🎁🎁🎁🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈.

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