Shkodran Mustafi


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Plays for: Arsenal
Ranked: 103rd in Premier League
Shkodran Mustafi is a German professional footballer who plays as a centre back for English club Arsenal and the German national team.

He began his career in the youth ranks of Hamburger SV and English club Everton, where he made one substitute appearance in ​2 1⁄2 years before leaving to Sampdoria in January 2012. He signed a five-year deal at Valencia in August 2014, and moved to Arsenal for a reported £35 million two years later.

Mustafi made his full international debut against Poland on 13 May 2014, and was part of the German teams that won the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, also competing at UEFA Euro 2016. Description provided by Wikipedia


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🔙🔛🔝 Congrats boysss 🔥🔥 Great fight for a big win at the Emirates tonight 👏🏼❤⚽ #derbywinners #ARSCHE #sm20 @arsenal

🔙🔛🔝 Time goes by.... 😄 #10YearChallenge #sm20

🔙🔛🔝 I love this Game 🤷🏼‍♂️😂 #sm20

🔙🔛🔝 Alhamdulillah 🙏🏼❤️ @noemimustafi

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3 days ago

Shkodran Mustafi

🔙🔛🔝 Time goes by.... 😄 #10YearsChallenge #sm20 ... See moreSee less

🔙🔛🔝 Time goes by.... 😄 #10YearsChallenge #sm20


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Were you any good back then?

Allahu te rujt Shkodrann. Rrespekt nga une ;)

And still shite

Plastic all the times😡

Bro we are at bottom of top 6. Not on top. What you smokin?

Leader Skhodran. But stop giving penalties

موفق باشی مرد دوست داشتنی

And still cant defend

And your still shit


Schon damals hatte ich dein Profil geliked. Als einer der ersten 200. Super was aus dir geworden ist. Aber ganz ehrlich: Das hatte ich damals schon geahnt.

Many can never appreciate him but I love Shkodran Mustafi, he's done some mighty saves for goonere since he came, don't blame him for mistakes as though given chance you could do it better than him.... #TeamMustafi...

Were you any good back then?

Nice but you do work hard against London derby

Adrian Hsw still rmb 2014 world cup injured out of squad

Shit—— still shit 🤫🤷🏽‍♂️

U r just not worth the price Arsenal paid for u

Same old shit

Smash Chelshit

Im sorry only people that made improvement can do 10 years challenge

Challenge actually shkodran

So how come you're so useless at our club right now? The money paid for you seems so wasted when u leak goals like a rice colander

Are you better then??

Paolo Maldini- greatest defender of all time said: "If I've left my feet, I've made a mistake" Please take this lesson- you've been around long enough to read the game well enough to avoid going to ground so often!😇⚽️⚽️⚽️

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3 weeks ago

Shkodran Mustafi

🔙🔛🔝 The wait is almost over... comeback in sight! ⚽️👀 #sm20 ... See moreSee less

🔙🔛🔝 The wait is almost over... comeback in sight! ⚽️👀 #sm20


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Now we could saw, how big influence has Mustafi on our game (2 loss and 1 draw in december without Mustafi)

I want you to be Ramos tomorrow!

Never thought I’d be glad to see this. But thank fuck for that.

Welcome back boss player

Glad finally our best centre back is back in action Don't make a mess tomorrow

We need you tomorow so Whatever it takes Even If u take Injection Be There tomorow.

Beat Liverpool or draw no matter what! We don't want you to lose for tomorrow match! We need your determination and bring back the conjones

Welcome back minister of defense

Plz come back faster. We've missed you like hell. #Coyg

Come back tomorrow as stronger pillar for victory. #3points

Please start tomorrow really need you

Wellcome back best defender in PL

Don’t mind the noise of Lliverpool supporter just try everyone to concentrate and focus where’s the ball going sometimes it’s not that ur good in scoring but tactics is very important and concentration Goodluck boys u can beat them let Ozil play his a playmaker


You've been deeply missed. Hopefully you start tomorrow.

Average players just at Emirates. Aggressiveness to win games is zero. We just win painfully by the mercy of Gid

I have seen you were working, come en tame liverfooools

Wlcm bck... Much love frm Uganda 🇺🇬 Africa 🌍

Welcome back I was suffering seriously

Beri hada adi dheleesid wlh kalsooni qabnaaa mustafiyo ar u fasira qofka englishka ikaga rooney

We truly and genuinely miss mustafi

Are you fit for tomorrow's match?... let's hope so

You on your own man and we need another three guys like you be fit for the next games

About time Mushy. You are the best we have got 😍

We misses you Man Mashallah

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1 month ago

Shkodran Mustafi

🔙🔛🔝 Finishing off this important week with a win 🔴🙌🏽 7 points out of the last three games. We build on that! #sm20 ... See moreSee less

🔙🔛🔝 Finishing off this important week with a win 🔴🙌🏽 7 points out of the last three games. We build on that! #sm20


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Arsenal torreira love ku ahay ma ii og yihin waraa adaa ku weydiinoyaah

Excellent 3 points! Fought hard and won. Get well soon Musti! 🎈🎈🎈😉😉


This awobi thing belongs to championship or Sunday league

Hope you are ok 👍🏻

Are fine.for next game?

Praying your injury ain't a serious one. Solid once again.

This is the spirit we didnt have the last few seasons, and because of this spirit sometimes these hard matches that look to be 0-0 turn up as a 3point win for us!

Get well soon. Musta. ♥ The future captain

That's great from the guys in hard December fixtures.


Garet Difender

Hope the injury wasn't all of that serious

We will hope Nice score this season

Mustafi Come back next game insha allah

Wish u speedy recovery

Abowe moztafi ma dhaawac matay😭😭😭

Hope you alright man

early goals pliz

What abt yr injury.? No worry? Pls 🙏

get well soon lad

Don't get sidelined

Why that 5 th yellow card shkodran?

Get well soon #SM20

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1 month ago

Shkodran Mustafi

🔙🔛🔝 „... and then they said: Arsenal will never go 20 games undefeated 🤣“ ...four points for us out of these important last two games. We take that and keep going! 👊🏽🔴 #sm20 ... See moreSee less

🔙🔛🔝 „... and then they said: Arsenal will never go 20 games undefeated 🤣“ ...four points for us out of these important last two games. We take that and keep going! 👊🏽🔴  #sm20


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The absence of Xhaka was seriously felt at the park .

Shkodran, referit pse s’ja dheve komt bre vlla 😎 Keep up the good form Shqipe ❤️

Thanks for your goal. But your defense is purely shit. We had to win 1-2

Exactly! Let's be happy with what we got instead of crying over what we could have got. #20unbeaten COYG!

Today is the real Mustafi I know,,,,,,,keep it up bro!

Mistafi you best diffender in the World CONGRATULATIONS

You're improving in every game, and I hope this form of yours continue. It's a great game which would've gone either way, but it's better to come out with a draw than a loss

Guendouzi is better than the whole untd players combined😅😅😅

ROUGH strategy by Man United but our boys showed class. 20 matches undefeated and still counting

You did well bro but tell that pasthalolooooooouuuuus to quit football 😭😭😭

We are not satisfied with result because we had chances to beat them! Anyway we go on with unbeaten run.

Calm down Mustafi u drew against a mid table team

Mate...Don't show midtable mentality by celebrating yesterday's draw. United were there for the taking and Arsenal dropped 2 points and lost the opportunity to go above Chelsea. That's no reason to celebrate...

Just make sure arsenal win there next 6 games!!!

Great game Mustafi👌 ...that second "lucky utd" goal was very hurtful though !!!

That defense cannot even concentrate for a minute after we've scored?

But Arsenal can go 15 years without winning the Premier league 😂😂

You damn right you do , Musti !! It was there to be taken but we learn from the mistakes and keep on going with heads high up ! 🙌🏻

But why Ozil is not playing games?

Not worthy d celebration due to injuries sustained but still have to smile, we made it out with something

No thanks to you really. Please please just go

Yes we can MustaFi proud of Arsenal on Top

5/15 points (33%) against other 5 "big" teams in the first half of the season. Hopefully we'll get more than 50% (at least two wins & 2 draws = 8/15) in the 2nd half of the season

Your defence cost us the game, pls you guys at the back should try to compliment our strikers effort by defending the goals scored.

We need kosecisly arsenal Defence very problem

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2 months ago

Shkodran Mustafi

🔙🔛🔝 F A I T H 🤲🏽 #sm20 #alhamdulillah ... See moreSee less

🔙🔛🔝 F A I T H 🤲🏽 #sm20 #alhamdulillah


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Lahuta nuk është prej sot më Shqiptare!!! Atë e përvetësoi Serbia e futi në UNESCO si instrument serb... Dhe ju shqiptarë merreni me këto gjëra!? Ju mallkofte gjaku I dëshmorëve që nuk ranë as për fe e as për ndasi mes nesh por ranë për Lirinë e mëmëdheut, mos e harroni kte se as dheu nuk ka më ju lan brenda nëse ja ktheni shpinën Atedheut! Rroftë Shqipëria e Kosova e bashkuar!

Ti ke emrin shqip(SHKODRAN) ti e ben shqiponjen ne gishta shqiptari ti eke deshmu vehten si shqiptar sportist i madh, te lumt qe edhe ti ke nji fe si un që i nenshtrohemi dhe lutemi vetem Perendis

allah bless you and your family member

The religion of albania is only albania 🔴⚫️

I show this picture to my 6 years old sun he says why he’s counting his fingers 😂😂😂

You are the best defender we are proud that we have you on the team

O ne xhami shko falu e ne fushen e futbollit hapi syt e luaj futboll e leni kto formalitete.

Why we criticize him to Leave the religion home why all the other players preying when they go in the soccer field or when you get out of your house this is just simple prayer so stop talking boll S**** pray and pray every single min my brother god bless you allah blesses you and Criss blesses you

You are best defender epl

Shkodran do not mix sport with religion please

Yeah. Your current form needs urgent intervention from Allah.

Thank My player thank Masha Allah

Msha allah allah bless you mustafi good lucky

proud of you sheik mustafi ,I love you and Ozil, kolasinac and xhaka

allah bless you and your family member

Congrats guys for the 3 maximum points but no complacency on Wednesday against Manchester United.

Is Alli still in your pocket? I think you can now bring him out

You're the Best centre-back in EPL Skhodran

Dude ... Please play wisely ... U great but u always does a silly mistake ...

Mashallaa we win Evre club my bro inshallaa I make duha for you guys

All Gunner fans were also praying and we got our great result🙏🏻🙏🏻⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Please play all games with the same intensity and passion that was the real Arsenal the fans want to see and The Emirates stadium came alive yesterday.

is alli still in ur pocket ?

king mustafi you are best defender Epl

Ma Shaa Allah, with Allah everything is possible.

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