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The "Seagulls" have been around since 1901, playing in the Southern League before being elected to the Football League in 1920. They played in the First Division from 1979 until the rollercoaster season that led them to the 1983 FA Cup Final, which they lost to Manchester United before being relegated.

In common with many clubs they Brighton have had their share of poor management and came very close to relegation to the Conference in both 1997 and 1998. Saved from liquidation by a management buyout they clawed their way back to the second tier of English football in 2002. In the 2016–17 season the club earned promotion to the Premier League for the first time in their history, back on top after 34 years.

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The Brighton & Hove Albion Squad

1. Alireza Jahanbakhsh Brighton & Hove Albion 1.3m fans 640.0
2. Martin Montoya Brighton & Hove Albion 817.0k fans 583.0
3. Mathew Ryan Brighton & Hove Albion 205.4k fans 449.9
4. Percy Tau Brighton & Hove Albion 218.7k fans 430.9
5. José Izquierdo Brighton & Hove Albion 144.9k fans 430.2
6. Shane Duffy Brighton & Hove Albion 145.1k fans 402.4
7. Beram Kayal Brighton & Hove Albion 132.3k fans 389.2
8. Leon Balogun Brighton & Hove Albion 147.4k fans 377.5
9. Tomer Hemed Brighton & Hove Albion 101.1k fans 354.9
10. Isaiah Brown Brighton & Hove Albion 112.3k fans 339.5
11. Florin Andone Brighton & Hove Albion 98.4k fans 322.7
12. Davy Pröpper Brighton & Hove Albion 58.9k fans 314.7
13. Yves Bissouma Brighton & Hove Albion 64.5k fans 271.5
14. Gaëtan Bong Brighton & Hove Albion 62.6k fans 267.1
15. Glenn Murray Brighton & Hove Albion 61.6k fans 264.2
16. Jürgen Locadia Brighton & Hove Albion 24.1k fans 231.3
17. Solly March Brighton & Hove Albion 28.4k fans 190.3
18. Leonardo Ulloa Brighton & Hove Albion 28.0k fans 189.6
19. Anthony Knockaert Brighton & Hove Albion 26.8k fans 185.2
20. Bruno Saltor Brighton & Hove Albion 25.2k fans 177.2
21. Bernardo Brighton & Hove Albion 22.4k fans 165.5
22. Billy Arce Brighton & Hove Albion 20.9k fans 158.1
23. Dale Stephens Brighton & Hove Albion 20.3k fans 156.0
24. Pascal Groß Brighton & Hove Albion 14.3k fans 136.9
25. Lewis Dunk Brighton & Hove Albion 11.5k fans 127.4
26. Dan Burn Brighton & Hove Albion 11.1k fans 123.8
27. Markus Suttner Brighton & Hove Albion 5.4k fans 101.1
28. Hugo Keto Brighton & Hove Albion 4.8k fans 98.2
29. Leo Skiri Ostigard Brighton & Hove Albion 2.7k fans 81.4
30. Niki Mäenpää Brighton & Hove Albion 1.7k fans 68.9
31. Anders Dreyer Brighton & Hove Albion 1.7k fans 68.2
32. Peter Gwargis Brighton & Hove Albion 1.3k fans 59.4
33. Warren O'Hara Brighton & Hove Albion No fans 0.6
34. David Button Brighton & Hove Albion No fans 0.0
35. Jason Steele Brighton & Hove Albion No fans 0.0
36. Joseph Tomlinson Brighton & Hove Albion No fans 0.0

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13 hours ago

Brighton & Hove Albion FC

👏 Well played, lads! ... See moreSee less

👏 Well played, lads!


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Well played? Well played? The only good thing was the point. There were 29 goal/corner kicks down our end and 3 at the Wolves. It is a sad situation that our performance was worthy of praise when the only plan was to not concede. We were playing a newly promoted team as if they were Barcelona.

These Wolves fans have short memories ,it was a job well done to get a point at a club with massive foreign investment. April 20th was my birthday and was a nice present a bore draw brilliant in our current situation .In 2013 Wolves were relegated from the Championship and on the 20th April we stuffed you 5-0 at our place ,went down without a fight . It’s not pretty but get off your high horses and remember how desperate your situation was before the Chinese backers came calling.

Great job 😍❤️

Percy Tau Want To Play In The World's Best League Next Season 🔥👊

It's a welcome point but it's not worthy of a well done in my opinion, Wolves better side by far, we had some good opportunities but made wrong decisions again, vast improvement required further to best Newcastle.

Beram you played a blinder, great job! Good point that sets us up to stay up....UTA

well done to the players did us proud enjoyed the day just got back

Its positive

I will take parking the bus until we are safe any day..........start fresh approach to next season's campaign by attacking more.....chris it's the best form of defence but in moderation. Well done today lads.

Played Wolves twice this season and took 4 points. Thank you very much Chris Hughton.

As a Wolves fan you played the most boring football at the Molineux this season. You literally came for a point and lucky to get it. You celebrated at the final whistlr like youd won game. As a fan i would be quite embrassed by thr way Chris Hughton has got your players set up

3 more draws or a win and we should be safe. Played with fight and spirit today well done lads.

We got a point but that point is actually worth 3. Cardiff now need to get a minimum of 4 points from there last 4 games to get above us. At the moment they are averaging less than a point a game. That point also pts us within reach of Southampton so it was not only a hard fought point it was also a precious one.

Good job lads , even duffy sell him self in Fpl

It’s all about the points now, good job done. Let’s get another one against spurs and 3 against Newcastle 🤜🔵⚪️⚽️

The effort the boys put in today was fantastic 🔵⚪️ UTA

Vamossss si se puede 💪🏻🔵⚪️🙏👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Dale Stephens or Harry Wilson for derby county?????

Good job, great point, love you guys

We love you Brighton. Come on lads. Listen to your boss. You will get through this. Fight!

Well earned point having dug in & battled hard.

Great 👍 result lads keep it going the wins will come best of luck

Played like consolation finalists. Not PL material - fact. Have fun and more success in the Champions div were you deserve to be. Football should be fun and not painful and this lot ..painful.

Anybody that cant see this was a good point and the performance was irrelevant needs there head seeing to. After the crap the players dished up at the amex last week it was important to get a result by any means neccesary. Do people think we are going to start playing free flowing football all of a sudden and score our way to staying up? Newcastle is massive lets gets behind the team and bring the 3 points home #brightontillidie #gosbts

Gross is as enthusiastic in his clapping fans like was with his performance. He was awful today

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14 hours ago

Brighton & Hove Albion FC

👊 The reaction we were after, says the manager!

Read the full thoughts of the boss online!
... See moreSee less



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No we are looking for points and we got one !! Well done UTA 👍🏻 #together

Play to win against Newcastle, please. P.S. I'd be very happy with today being repeated Tuesday.

Thanx so much for that point, love you allxxoo


Natthawisa Barrow

Need to remember where we were not many years ago, and where we are now. It's progress but with a glitch. We stay up we will learn from this, we go down we will rebuild. Either way we are in a much better place when I watched us back at Hereford fighting for league survival. Keep the faith.

Just keep scoring points, don't care how, just keep scoring them!!

Unfortunately, the gaffer game plan has always been defence first and counter attacking and me I would say before Xmas it was working . BRILLIANT!! HOWEVER, INJURIES ETC HAVE CAUSED A MAJOR SLUMP SINCE!!!! TODAY WE DEFENDED AS A TEAM, WE RODE OUR LUCK NEAR THE END, BUT WE GOT A POINT!!! THAT HAS TO BE A POSITIVE STEP FORWARD!!!!

A draw against Newcastle will mean Cardiff need 2 wins due to our superior goal difference.

The point today was vital... but aren’t we all assuming we can beat Newcastle? We couldn’t beat Cardiff ffs...

Were all going completely OTT over this boring nil nil. Its embarrassing

Defended well. Kept a clean sheet. Taken 4 points from two games this season against Wolves.

We’ve had a real rough deal from ref decisions this season. Optimistic for next season’s outcomes with VAR

We’ve had a real rough deal from ref decisions this season. Optimistic for next season’s outcomes with VAR

So we looking for draws then

Shouldn’t we be thinking about Tottenham before Newcastle? Let’s try and points from Tottenham first.

It was a point earned! The Albion keep marching on!

We always go for a clean sheet because we have to you prick cause we can’t fucking score

Not PL material, face it. At best the Seagulls would be sucking on the weakest tit of the PL for years. You just don’t have the talent nor the money to get the talent. Don’t ask what’s beyond your players... it is clear they are at best solid Champions div BUT not pl.

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18 hours ago

Brighton & Hove Albion FC

🔢 Here's how Albion line up for today's Premier League match against Wolverhampton Wanderers FC at Molineux...

👀 Gaetan Bong and Jose Izquierdo return to the side!

🙏 Big performance please lads!
... See moreSee less

🔢 Heres how Albion line up for todays Premier League match against Wolverhampton Wanderers FC at Molineux...

👀 Gaetan Bong and Jose Izquierdo return to the side!

🙏 Big performance please lads!


Comment on Facebook

How the hell Stephens keeps making it in the side is beyond me. Everyone can see he’s shot to pieces as is his passing. Surely Bissouma needs to play. At least he has effort and energy.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Do the hierarchy at the club want us to get relegated or what!!!!!

Hughton in wrecking mode. The sooner Bloom shows him the door the better. He knows he's off in the summer so one would have hoped he would be leaving on a happy note. No pace up front and the court Jester in midfield.

People shitting on Gross, he was our best player last season and started this season off well. Scored the winner against Man Utd. He's just come back from an injury, have patience.

Ch:”give me 10 pieces of wood and Dale Stephens and i'll win the premier League “

Bernardo plays consistently well but gets dropped. Kayal must wonder what he has to do to get in front of the chuckle brothers in midfield. At least he offers effort rather than strolling around the pitch

oooo i love this part of the day where the team is announced. We have a squad of 25 - 3 keepers - so that is 22 outfield players. Some are just purely back up - never first team so it amazes me how the team sheet comes as such a surprise to people. Really feeling the love in the group !!

stephens on the pitch again after his cardiff performance amazing....

Stephens and Propper??? What does Kayal need to do to get a game? No Bissouma? Puts Bong in...............Hughton is taking us down peeps!

Disappointed!! Stephens should have been left out games ago. Where's Bissuma?? Not sure what Kayal has to do to get a game. Anyway let's be positive and get behind the seagulls. UTA 🙂

Bernardo most consistent player, Dropped. Also, what does a Kayal have to do?

Good luck BHA-please step up and perform today!🤞

Our players gives away ball very easily

Why Stephens but not Kayal?

Board at fault should have sacked CH Monday morning and then BHA may have had a chance of staying up . Players have lost respect of manager and his tactics and players that are playing badly still playing or wrong ones been changed .

Will reserve judgement until after the game, but was hoping for a more attacking option and a bit more of a dynamic midfield, Let's hope we are all proved wrong and we come away with 3 vital points

He obviously doesn't like Kayal, Kayal should have started the last few games, never let's us down. Same old shit, different game

No pace with our one striker and no creativity in midfield, I can only see defeat In afraid.

Stephens again? No Kayal... really?!?

Three changes (two if you count murray) from the start of the 2017 season, nearly two years ago and no summer signings in the starting line up. Not exactly moving forward are we.

I would play 3 5 2. Ryan, dunk, Duffy, burn( imagine the set plays threat with those 3) Montoya and Bernado as wing backs. Propper, bissoumq, gross, Murray andone,

DALE STEPHENS! REALLY? 😤... What about KAYAL!!! 🙄 and only the ONE striker???.. we are already defending a draw or a loss 😤

Is Stephens having an affair with Hughton?

League points are over rated anyway 😳😂

Let’s wait until the final whistle then comment people, get behind them all. Come on Albion!

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