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Chelsea owe their existence to a decision made by Fulham FC not to move to a new stadium built at Stamford Bridge in 1904. Founded the following year in a pub opposite the new ground they quickly earned a reputation for signing big name players and drawing large crowds.

They hit a low point in the early 80's and almost went down to the third division and they continued to struggle until the appointment of their first European manager in the form of Ruud Gullit in '96. In 2003 Roman Abramovich bought the club. They've done pretty well.

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1. Eden Hazard Chelsea 26.6m fans 905.2
2. Willian Chelsea 17.4m fans 896.4
3. César Azpilicueta Chelsea 7.3m fans 863.5
4. N'Golo Kanté Chelsea 7.2m fans 862.0
5. David Luiz Chelsea 52.0m fans 841.1
6. Olivier Giroud Chelsea 5.0m fans 837.9
7. Mateo Kovačić Chelsea 6.1m fans 836.8
8. Cesc Fabregas Chelsea 26.9m fans 834.5
9. Gary Cahill Chelsea 5.2m fans 828.0
10. Álvaro Morata Chelsea 20.9m fans 827.2
11. Pedro Chelsea 15.5m fans 820.6
12. Victor Moses Chelsea 3.0m fans 760.7
13. Antonio Rüdiger Chelsea 1.5m fans 753.8
14. Marcos Alonso Chelsea 1.8m fans 697.1
15. Wilfredo Caballero Chelsea 684.8k fans 660.2
16. Kepa Arrizabalaga Chelsea 625.7k fans 650.7
17. Andreas Christensen Chelsea 658.0k fans 641.5
18. Tiemoué Bakayoko Chelsea 1.0m fans 636.4
19. Davide Zappacosta Chelsea 522.1k fans 614.5
20. Emerson Palmieri Chelsea 408.4k fans 589.9
21. Daniel Drinkwater Chelsea 576.7k fans 571.3
22. Jorginho Chelsea 512.8k fans 556.7
23. Ross Barkley Chelsea 467.4k fans 539.1
24. John Terry Chelsea 397.9k fans 520.1
25. Branislav Ivanović Chelsea 51.6k fans 305.9
26. Kyle Scott Chelsea 56.7k fans 283.9
27. Robert Green Chelsea 42.8k fans 256.1

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38 minutes ago

Chelsea Football Club

The Blues are behind at the break... ... See moreSee less

The Blues are behind at the break...


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The beginning of the end of Sarri. He is too stubborn.... Why is he playing hazard as a false 9 when we have a striker?? it's limiting hazard's influence and also affecting the confidence of the strikers. We are just inviting pressure unnecessarily. He should learn before its too late

I question the competence of a manager with static tactics, who takes players who have won both World Cup and Premier League (Kantè and Hazard) and uses them in positions where they are gimped. Using the same start 11 every game even tho his favourite Jourinho isnt pulling his weight. Im sure Hazard can play goalie aswell, but for goodness sake that doesnt mean he should. Continue like this Sarri and your stay will be a short one - dont have to be a manager to see that.

1. Worst Chelsea players on the pitch - Jorginho & Alonso 2. Bring back Kante to his original position 3. Change the stupid false 9 tactic 4. Sarri only have one formation (4-3-3)

Watching jorginho should be included in the 1000 ways to die

Kepa - Man of the match till now Azpilicueta- below par David Luiz- good passing pathetic defending Rudiger- I don’t know what is he doing Alonso- better not speak Jorginho- pathetic for first 10-15 minutes then improved Kovacic- avg Kante- good going forward horrible passing Pedro- ok...finishing could have been better Willian- better not speak Hazard- along with Alonso the worst player on pitch.

How is it possible to not see that we are forcing Hazard out of the club. Sarri's refusal to play Giroud is killing us. Sort it out Sarri. Oh and while you're at it, tell Jorginho he is allowed to pass forward and attack.

What the heck!!! I am so pissed off right now We don't even have a shot on target, come on, seriously This is a pure joke

That's by a mile the worst half of football we've played this season and Arsenal deserve their 2 goal lead.The first 15 mins was extremely shocking even by our recent lacklustre standard!! We criticise others when they underperform so let's be honest to ourselves,Hazard's been shocking in this match.Completely lost and out of touch......Better 2nd 45 please boys!!!#KTBFFH

Sarri is the problem, he is supposed to be a manager yet he can not get the basics right, play your best players in there best positions, we have Giroud on the bench yet we are crying out for a Target Man, #sarriout

#Sarri out, I don't care if you call me plastic fan we just have to admit that.. he knows nothing about #Football

Im turning it off, if you're not going to play seriously and without a striker to holdup play and cross to, whats the point...passing around each other until we concede. Good plan. 28 years of watching you and this is the most boring it has been.

Same team that plays all sense of urgency,no competition among players,boring team, no rotation and I wonder what Zola as a team legend doing as an assistant.

I already see how Sarri career will end. Credit to our Goalkeeper, he saved us. Imagine if Zaha from Palace was playing upfront with Hazard (false no9). Chelsea see the green light.

It’s ridiculous to rely on crosses when there is no proper striker. At least they figured that out halfway through the half, because Alonso and Pedro look lost trying to pass it around now

Not surprised hazard playing false 9, Jorginho can’t make a simple pass, Alonso can’t defend unlucky on the header tho! Kepa keeping this game from being a blow out...higuain can’t come fast enough

Sarri won't be managing this club for long his stubbornness & Ego will be his downfall in a match like this u need Kante sitting deep he can't provide sh** upfront because it's not his role , Hazard looks cluess when he's not playing in his position , the defensive pairing is terrible , I've been defending Sarri when he received stick but his tactical approach is crap.

Not to disrespect Serie A but this is the Epl, Jorginho can't handle being the anchor of the team, he was able to back at Napoli but he's struggling, 4 2 3 1 is needed, he needs help and Id rather be called plastic than to pretend to be optimistic about this team, we aren't ambitious in the market nor the field

23League games for Jorginho NO single counting it for him. Willian was impressive in the 1st half, Hazard looked lost, Alonso flopped, Kante always awesome...looking forward to 2nd half Chelsea did the playing...Arsenal did the scoring. Sarri has NO plan B #Sarri_Out

It is stressful to watch Chelsea and it is frustrating to watch players play who do not deserve to be on the line up. Marcos Alonso plays like his legs are heavy. Don’t even get me started with Jorginho. When we have possession and there’s no creativity. We get to the 18 yard box and that’s it. On the other hand, Arsenal are playing like MUST win game.

How many times has Alonso hit the post this season?

I wonder why Sarri keeps on playing Hazard as false9. All that Chelsea needs are versatile wingers with a prolific finisher . You can’t displace Kante, this leaves defenders vulnerable. With Odoi on the right wing and Hazard on the left , no team can beat Chelsea

I don't know why everyone is saying Sarri is 100 percent the problem. I agree he should make changes but what can one do when you have weak strikers and full backs that are not sharp dynamic enough.

There’s no leader on the pitch, and no spirits, lack of fight, no passion in our players.... weakling Alonso...Willian lazy

No point trying to play on the wing if we do not have a physical striker to win the headers. Utter shambles and embarrassing. There’s no desire at the moment. Alonso and Jorginho are useless. Get Willian off for Hudson-Odoi

enough is enough, clueless Sarri must leave, are we really expecting anything from a manager that never won a single trophy?

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1 hour ago

Chelsea Football Club

Ready to go at the Emirates!

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Turn off your TV, guys. We're dead meat 🙃 Sarri ball is f-king weed ball

We already lost this match Hazard is not good as a false 9 Kante suppose to be a central midfielder, not jorginho the lord of back passes☹️

At Man City, a player has 1 bad game they get dropped, one costly mistake in a game and you get dropped. That's why they are title contenders and holding champions and we're not right now. No pressure on players, they have a secured spot in the starting lineup no matter how bad they play CONSISTENTLY. Wow! Can we not hire an Italian manager ever again please, they are so stubborn (unless it's Ancelloti).

Coming from behind to win games isn't Sarri's way, so logically we've lost this one😢 just unfortunate how naive Sarri is😠

Just send hazard to real madrid already

Alonso and Jorginho out of Chelsea first team please. They don't deserve it. Enough is enough,Period !!

Sarri after game pack ua things en go we r tired with your boring ball why can't u start Emerson as left back but always ua wife alonso

Alonso and Joginho be careful pls

1-0 down already. Wake up Chelsea.

Chelsea my team!!! do you know the confidence we build in you when we're placing our bet don't let us down.

Are really going playing the same system and the same players no matter whom we play.sarri won't win crap doing this.

AM A CHELSEA FAN We need to loose against arsenal

Alonso is so so pathetic. He's just playing because of no other considerable choices in his position. Privilege indeed. So poor terrible display

Jorginho got to go, he is absolutely useless

Given the display as I see now. Chelsea are mostly losing 2 0 to arsenal

Knew it as I said earlier Jorginho is friggin shit Gave the ball away 3 times in the first 60 seconds Yet still loved by Sarri?????

Chelsea sometimes use to disappoint! But on this one I saw #Arsenal losing to #Chelsea tonight in my dream last night.

Come on blues take no notice of some of the haters on here there not true supporters

Alonso please go as your only any good going forward

Chelsea you are playing so poor! No stricker again!

Jorginho is so useless to me it is over for chelsea coz arsenal will score more goals

No Attacking power ,trying to walk the ball in .Take some more risks Chelsea

This is now becoming annoying...ball possession possession then we concede goals. #Boring

Rubbish lost our swagger this season

Next season can you (Chelsea ) hire a coach who will give us league and take the team to UEFA not this Sarri

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2 hours ago

Chelsea Football Club

Team news is in! 🥁

Here's how the Blues line up against Arsenal...
... See moreSee less

Team news is in! 🥁

Heres how the Blues line up against Arsenal...


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I'm proper fed up of not playing a striker. Sort it out.

Please admin next time don't post our starting lineup anymore. We know this lineup will play Tottenham next week too 😡😡

We already know the don’t post the squad because sarri doesn’t make any significant change

Sarri!!!!! You have a problem. This is Arsenal hazard wont see the ball as false 9 start a natural striker or swap Hazard with Pedro so he can make those right wig runs pls.

We need morata or giroud to play strike So hazard can destroy arsenal as playing Wright wing 😳 #sariout

This Higuain deal is taking a lot of time I would prefer Pedro played as a false nine so Hazard can drift in from the wing and create something out of nothing.

I hope and pray that Sarri has a long term plan for where this team is going. Because at the moment when you put these teams up I'm left wondering how we're going to score a goal and how we're going to stop the opposition from scoring. Alonso is a liability. Not convinced about Hazard up front. Just not a natural goalscorer. Pedro and Willian don't do enough. I don't think Kovacic had scored or assisted once all season. Don't know what Jorginho offers unless you want to control the game by sending everyone to sleep. Maybe he needs better players around him. Every time Luiz had the ball I hide behind my hands. I love Chelsea but I don't like any of the players! Sell the lot and pay the youth team!!

Jesus Christ 90 mins of passing the ball backwards and sideways had to sit through that last week thank god im not going to the emirates today

We need Hudson-Odoi in the starting line!! 🤬

Hazard won’t be able to perform, again!!!

We will destroy arsenal ....Chelsea forever 🔥💙

Just lose the game . Congrats Chelsea ! Sack Sarri

Emerson and Odoi for Alonso and Willian respectively.

Chelsea Football Club how do you expect hazard and odoi to sign a contract extension if you keep playing one out of his preferred position and the other on the bench. And what Mind BLOWING JOB does willian do actually ?

I wish this was fifa in real life. I would have called Pulisic from Loan and have put William on Bench. And let's not even talk about Alonso. Even Pedro can play better as LB. Oh lord Let Higuain do some wonders for the mighty blues.

I hate this line up. Where is odoi?

The lineup is very good...But I want Pedro and Hazard to keep swapping positions...But as it is, we are very good defensively and very dangerous on counter attacks... Chelsea 4:1 Arsenal

Can Sarri start Morata so Hazard can play what is expected of. I don't understand why Giroud is always on the bench & Morata is not.

Oh look the same line up for the millionth week in a row what a surprise!! 🧐😤😤 I know Sarri clearly doesn’t rate some players but what is the point in giving our opponents a head start?! They’ve worked us out and know our line up well in advance no spying needed here!! Hoping we get something out of it but it’s gonna be tough for sure

In Sarri i trust... Tonight is our day at Emirate, come on you blues!!! We gonna crush arsenal like a b****!

If care is not taken chelsea will finish 5th or 6th. William and jorginho should be sacked from the team

Collum Hodoi super sub. I like the starting line up. No Morata. am happy now

Hazard as a false 9 again? I hope this work out today, because I won't be happy if we didn't win this match. Sarri is hiding his only weapon.

No odoi again in starting 11 hes deff going to Bayern Munich in the summer

Hazard's best for is when he is playing in the wings....same scoring problem continues when will Sarri learn this

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Arsenal v Chelsea coming up... 👊 ... See moreSee less



Comment on Facebook

Tripple H Hazard Higuin Hudson Can't wait for them to send epl to Wrestlemania 😂😂😂😂😂😂

I don't have Anything to say,all i know is,chelsea fc is coming back to Stamford bridge with 3points😎

Come on Chelsea give me the perfect birthday present

Blue is the colour !!!

Why is almost everyone wearing blue today in Nairobi? Plz,Arsenal fans stick to your line and be proud to wear your is not your colour. Respect,..... I'm very proud to be a Blue. What about you?😁😁😁😁.

I hope Alonso has changed his batteries 🤔🤔🤔.

Bench Alonso and Willian to win the match.. If both starts than Arsenal win for sure.

Show them that it's worth the watch Chelsea. Lets do this work and focus...👊

Chelsea are now building a wrestling mania to their squad........ Watch out for tripple h horror fight... 😂 😂 😂 Only Chelsea fans will understand Let's confuse them in the comment box ❤️

Arsenal 3-1 Chelsea.. Chelsea must fall we could be having an EPL trophy this century bust spoilt our happiness. But this year no one will stop us. YNWA

Start Hudson-Odoi and let Bellerin tense. COYB

Bench Morata and Giroud then Chelsea will win🔵🌍💪🔝

We Can Beat Arsenal, Only if Higuain playing today.

Bring on Leandro Paredes and Leon Bailey Both are young and amazing talents

We will lose if we play without determination

Who's that commentator who said "Arsenal plays the football and Chelsea has the goals" after Drogba scored a fantastic second goal at the Emirates in 2011 I think

We will teach them how to play football Hazard on the score sheet

Each time I see Morata on our starting XI i always throw up

After Drogba when he divorced arsenal her new husband is eden hazard🐐🔥

Chelsea you mean you were not prepared for this Game. 2-0 at half time

Start Morata. He scores more than Hyguen

Luiz to score today.. Giroud to start alongside Eden and willy..

I don't even know Between Kezman, Torres, Morata and Giroud who is better anymore

Not looking forward to another Sarri nightmare Chelsea could get battered can only hope for a goal from someone in the Chelsea team , but who ? No idea

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