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Chelsea owe their existence to a decision made by Fulham FC not to move to a new stadium built at Stamford Bridge in 1904. Founded the following year in a pub opposite the new ground they quickly earned a reputation for signing big name players and drawing large crowds.

They hit a low point in the early 80's and almost went down to the third division and they continued to struggle until the appointment of their first European manager in the form of Ruud Gullit in '96. In 2003 Roman Abramovich bought the club. They've done pretty well.

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1. Eden Hazard Chelsea 26.6m fans 912.3
2. Willian Chelsea 17.4m fans 903.5
3. César Azpilicueta Chelsea 7.3m fans 870.7
4. N'Golo Kanté Chelsea 7.2m fans 869.2
5. David Luiz Chelsea 52.0m fans 848.3
6. Olivier Giroud Chelsea 5.0m fans 845.1
7. Mateo Kovačić Chelsea 6.1m fans 844.0
8. Cesc Fabregas Chelsea 26.9m fans 841.7
9. Gary Cahill Chelsea 5.2m fans 835.2
10. Álvaro Morata Chelsea 20.9m fans 834.4
11. Pedro Chelsea 15.5m fans 827.8
12. Victor Moses Chelsea 3.0m fans 767.9
13. Antonio Rüdiger Chelsea 1.5m fans 761.1
14. Marcos Alonso Chelsea 1.8m fans 704.3
15. Wilfredo Caballero Chelsea 684.8k fans 667.6
16. Kepa Arrizabalaga Chelsea 625.7k fans 658.1
17. Andreas Christensen Chelsea 658.0k fans 648.9
18. Tiemoué Bakayoko Chelsea 1.0m fans 643.7
19. Davide Zappacosta Chelsea 522.1k fans 621.9
20. Emerson Palmieri Chelsea 408.4k fans 589.9
21. Daniel Drinkwater Chelsea 576.7k fans 578.7
22. Jorginho Chelsea 512.8k fans 564.1
23. Ross Barkley Chelsea 467.4k fans 546.5
24. John Terry Chelsea 397.9k fans 527.5
25. Branislav Ivanović Chelsea 51.6k fans 312.8
26. Kyle Scott Chelsea 56.7k fans 290.9
27. Robert Green Chelsea 42.8k fans 263.1

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21 hours ago

Chelsea Football Club

'Since the beginning they came with the plan to defend...'

David Luiz gives his assessment on yesterday's draw...
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If Chelsea has 10 millions fans am one of them If Chelsea has 10 thousands fans am one of them If Chelsea has 10 fans am one of them If Chelsea has 1 fan, am the one If Chelsea had no fan, that means am dead Chelsea today, tomorrow and forever

If this comments am seeing are actually coming from Chelsea fans am sorry to say Chelsea doesn't have fans...First of all do you know what form Everton is and their game pattern yesterday...With that we were able to discover another way but throwing long pass of which Chelsea fans here said we only pass horizontal through out the game. Secondly,in life and also in football u can expect 100% perfect record...U can say man city is a way ahead of us when the Liverpool they failed to beat or score a goal has actually been defeated once by Chelsea and a lucky draw for Liverpool in other.If you thought draw wasn't good for yesterday game,what should man city do when they were defeated by Lyon or other so call big team that lost yesterday. And thirdly,we shouldn't see anyone has pass over,and God didn't answer never mean it is ok, same as man city toping never mean there is no hope for others. I will keep saying this,learn to support ur team when they are beaten than when to won. Man u fans still supported their team despite that they are fully aware that they will lose.Everton keeper really made the difference for them to me ooo

David is right and we failed with changing tactics to unlock their defence. Once again, should have played Giroud upfront instead of Morata

Sarriball: more possession, less goals. We had the chance to atleast close the gap on City, but we failed to do that. Now, City are four points ahead of us; meaning that we can not even go above them if they lose a game. And we still have two big games (Manchester City and Tottenham) to play; no excuses for this draw at all.

Luiz really impressed me he tried as a defender, connive with Rudiger and blocked the defence... But I wonder 😁 when luiz started playing free role 😁 I will see him at the defence next minute I found him at attacking RW next minute I found him at AMF 😯 I no fit shout!!!

Chelsea had passed d Era where they have to rely on luck to win least teams are defending against us dis season... at least in sarriball Chelsea are attacking and keeping d ball on like defending all thru and waiting 4 a breakthrough

They didn't come to defend....we did not start well we gave them the chance to come into the game I mean all the Chelsea players on the field where sluggish in both passes and moving the ball, there by causing them to break play Early Chelsea problem is sluggishness..... David,kovacic,jorginho,Eden were too sluggish in passing the ball

i didn't see Good display upfront by Morata...he wuld have been taken out in the last of first half...tired of his poor performance that he cuden't i dentfyed himself ...we need someone special to the front side....

Sarriball is doing just fine,the only additions required are a reliable striker and a good left winger,there's too much reliance on Hazard only to score goals! Mark Hazard and Chelsea's attack goes kaput!

I love Chelsea, I've always loved them and I always will my heart is woven into the fibers of the flag and my life long mission is to sit in the stands sing loud and proud at the Bridge.

City is the biggest challenge you have to face! The next fixtures are easy. Progress with this and at least make it a draw. :) Good going Team <3

David Luis keeps slowing down the movement of the ball and countless miss place of passing no passion no aggression, Hold the ball more than nessesary while others are waiting, No treat from him in the opposition box. Causing unnesasery panick in the midfeald for jorginho and kante Almost get joginho sent off today before he was replaced.

There will be many buses coming to SB, we must cruel n clinical to finish them. After this 4 buses, i believe we can deal with others buses very soon. Then we r not scare of any bus, tank or areoplane. ✌✌

The game was well but the team need to improve the pace...shooting is a very impotant key factor rather than tick the second half the team attacked very well but in the first half the tick tack styll was too much........Morata sometimes is not physically fit, he is always on the ground looking for the refree. The team need to build up in terms of pace and shooting as well not to always slow the ball.....we need to attack guys Love Chelsea

Everton came with a game plan to waste time, over act at every opportunity, which in effect ruined the game and they got what they came for. We should have attacked quicker and stop passing sideways or backwards. All in all a very frustrating game for the side and the fans

He is the worst he should learn to move the ball faster before his teammates blocked. He will suffer against Sterling, Muhrez, and David Silva

We didn't win the game it's ok, that's what comes with the game. But my problem is, the defenders are very slow in putting the ball forward. They gonna pass the ball between themselves for some time before putting it upfront, and it's killing our attack. Slowing the pace.

Luiz has a point but if Morata could have been aggressive like Giroud and not falling down unfairly plus those silly offsides he kept repeating, basically we could have secured a win.

I think it was obvious yesterday that Everton had very good players and when you have very good players, they will do the job for you.

Everton was not just defending they played better. If Sarri doesn't emphasize on passes that are meaningful or else we will be the next Arsenal or worse looking good and playing beautiful football but no desirable results

even chelsea was defending because with two number sixe's jorginho&kante, plus four defenders and kovacic not born a scorer which means hazard ,morata, willian were the only 3 looking for goals

This possession thing is just nonsense without goals. And Luiz looks stupid with this comment, because even lord Mourinho parked as always but City still scored 3 goals. If they can't understand that this is not an orchestra, that this is seriousness and business then we're still doomed. We're just another Swansea of yesteryears....

Nope Everton didn't come to defend. Chelsea's first half performance gave them belief and hope to get at least a point from them game

For once barkley was praised he ruins it immediately the next game. Did anyone saw that volley he screwed up against toffees ?. Wao..........

When u cant break an everton defence & failing to score dont think about winning the league. Sarri has got to see wads real football . Look at the way man city play, they are fearless & attacking minded , pressing games & always giving opponent problems & they have got a finisher in aguero. Dribbler who tormented defences david & bernado silva, sane, mahrez & even fernandinho is looking world class . Thats the way to play in EPL. U dont let your opponent comes at u

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2 days ago

Chelsea Football Club

We're live from Stamford Bridge after the Blues were held to a 0-0 draw against Everton.

Tell us your thoughts on the game... 👇
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Morata Game Stats Shots on Goal 0 Yellow Cards 1 Offsides 10 Fall downs 13

We need a man who can pass a ball to Morata, he's getting no service. AND PUT THE BALL IN THR BOX!!!!

I think Morata should play only when Chelsea plays the womens teams. He doesnt want to be physical and stay on his feet.

Stop putting your blame on Morata, he did all his best! Just that luck not on our side 😏 try yourself to play and see whether you can score 🙄

I don't dare give a blame on anyone, as a team we tried in giving all we could but luck was not our potion today... I wonder why Morata must be a TOPIC here!!!

Hazard and William were too selfish and didn't supply Morata... They wasted chances when Morata had a better chance on goal...

Chelsea fans who say they hope morata gets injured are a disgrace you Day say that last week against crystal palace

Moratas not to blame. Willian could have easily squared it to be 1-0 up but decided to take a shot on goal.

When are the coaching staff going to teach Morata the offside rule ? Or is that too much to expect of a professional footballer ?

I think our making top four is dependent on having a striker who can make a goal our of nothing; in the mold of Diego Costa.

You people must stop blame morata ffs. He couldve scored if willian had found him on two occasions and we wont be talking about his offsides.

Morata is shite we need a striker, throwing himself on the ground every 2 seconds is no use to the team

Morata didn't have a good day today. He made us happy last week, if this week is different let's encourage him and hope for the better next week

You keep blaming Morata like he's not a good player he tried all he could but no luck for us today for me the refeeree was crap

The Blues are too blunt. Hazard aside, comparing Chelsea’s attack with that of Liverpool and City. There’s no comparison

Morata always offside. Basics! If Hazard plays so should Giroud. Sarri must have doubled his nicotine intake today!

Hopefully morata will get injured soon

This feels like loosing to me seriously, we should have ended that game a lot time tho a little bit of hard luck too. Let’s keep it up. Chelsea is my religion. ❤️❤️❤️❤️👆

Once again note good enough up front in the first half and à little bit unlucky in the second ! We need a stricker who goes at war with the defenders not like Morata !!!!

We don't have the pace while passing to unlock stubborn defenses. This an area we lack specially against mancity and Liverpool.

Honestly think Giroud is better for this type of one/two touch play, his link up with Hazard is amazing, he should start for us

Striker is our problem...willian would have passed to a drogba or a diego costa...morata would have missed it anyways.

Frustrating game, slow slow slow!!! No speed instead it was get the ball lose it then we start all over again.

Sarri showed Everton a bit too much niceness ... why was Willian subbed off.... at a time when he was the only guy we had on the pitch.... who was finding space?

Gr8 work, but we need to be aggressive in front of the goal to always secure the three point. Anyway, I suggest we show Morata the exit door because he can't provide us with positive result as an attack.

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