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César Azpilicueta Tanco is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Chelsea and the Spain national team primarily as a full back but also as a centre-back.

A youth product of Osasuna, he spent three seasons in La Liga before switching to Marseille, winning four major honours with the French club. In the summer of 2012 he moved to Chelsea, winning the Europa League in his first season and a domestic double two years later.

Azpilicueta earned 55 caps for Spain at youth level in all age groups, and represented the under-21s in two European Championships, winning the 2011 edition. He made his first appearance with the full side in 2013, and was selected for the 2014 World Cup and Euro 2016. Description provided by Wikipedia


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2 wins in a row during a busy week! We keep going! Thanks for your support! 💪 #KTBFFH 💙

Amazing night yesterday in Stamford Bridge with @kickitout . Congratulations on the great work over the last 25 years! @chelseafc


Good win yesterday to send us through to the last 16 and prepare ourselves to be at our best for the final on Sunday 🔵 #CFC

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A very special training session 🏟
Thank you for your support! Chelsea Football Club
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A very special training session 🏟 
Thank you for your support! Chelsea Football Club


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We always will,and we are proud of you.

A very special training session! A very special training session!! A very special training session!!!. Saturday is just 3 days from now, we will see how SPECIAL this training is.

Come on blues. Our first steps of this season were not easy at all. But we are positive and motivate to support the blue family 💙🇬🇧🇪🇸⚽️🥇

The best full back ever our skipper our warrior keep on going we love you

ان شالله تكون عرفت تعملك شي عرضية

You need to recover your best version, I know you will, you are The best azpi

Had a great morning watching you all train. Thanks!

Improve your crossing and going forward

Am your number one fun but you have very poor Crosses.Improve please

keep improving because we want good results every game.

We need not to rely on one goal always, the fight for geeatness continues. Go harder, Captain

Good luck Captain🔵💙👏.You dropped form of late,Hope you won't disappoint, the next meeting against inform Norwich city🙌.All the best Dave💙👏

Hey Cezar, let the BLUEARMY know we r proud of u guys nd rallying behind u win,lose or tie our blood is still blue.... #CFC... #KTBFFH

I Always Support You Form 🇮🇩

Learn how to cross and create a bit pace

Thank you Very much Azpi Blue Blood 🔵💪🏆💙

Norwich, aren't push overs, so prepare for a battle of titan.

Loved it! 💙⚽️

We have taken long without seeing a win.Let the journey start this weekend against Norwich city.Lord at our side.

Know we're behind you watching every ball you guys kick. Do Lamps proud, Do us proud! Win or lose. Just fight and we'll be there #Carefree #KTBFFH

Your performance are poor. We need James to remplace you

Top work Dave!

Try and keep in top gear for longer please

We need a win against Norwich... Because I will be betting for Chelsea to win and the odds is quite big so all the best 😂😂

Your place is becoming the weakest for teams to play with us so sit up

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4 days ago

Cesar Azpilicueta

There’s one way: learn, work and improve! All together, let's make it happen! Congratulations on your first Chelsea Football Club goal Mason Mount, many more to come ⚽ #KTBFFH💙 ... See moreSee less

There’s one way: learn, work and improve! All together, lets make it happen! Congratulations on your first Chelsea Football Club goal Mason Mount, many more to come ⚽ #KTBFFH💙


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Our first half was super Lampard, our first 25 minutes was super Lampard 😂😂 Are we joking? Football is won in the last minutes..yes, even in additional time... Lampard isn't even learning on the job... it's pathetic. You guys are supporting because he's English. Wise up guys... he's our legend but he's not a good manager 😭

You as a leader wasn't impressive. Your performance was below average. You really need to improve your game. I'm sure others are looking up to you.

It's too soon to judge..the odds are against us just from the beginning,the Chelsea Chelsea I know will figure out the best strategy!!!

Dave its time to pack your bag. You are playing with your heart but you really lack the "worldclass" quality.

Ceaser, my captain please ask the boys on my behalf to better their second half display always. It's sad to play well at first 45 then concede recklessly in the last 45. They must recognize that while on the pitch, they represent millions of passionate fans like me.

Capitan... We proud of your team... More efforts

We need Jame Reece to remplace you !

Dave, we are only three games into the season and you are all adapting to faster forward gameplan and pressing. Frank is a highly intelligent guy still learning the job but will be a great Manager.Keep going and ignore some of the twats on here.👍 COYB

If you really want the team to improve, you should rest man you are tired you can't even make 1 good cross in 20 games. You really play with passion but you are no longer that Dave we used to know. Good efforts though.

But you are not improving Dave.You had a poor showing yesterday

Well done yesterday cesar need for improvement but good game considering we have a transfer ban.the wins will come .good luck for the next game and we'll done mason on his first goal what a great young player.Rome wasn't built in a day.

All we need is an experienced centre back who should also be tall enough to the additional Rudger. Leicester scored because ndidi is taller than you and you failed to reach his height. Also remind Abraham to be marking tall opponent when defending corners like Giroud was doing other than like he stood there and allowed ndidi to take advantage of your height.

We sign no player and lot of the squad is still injured at least our best player at each position excluding dm and striker which his only using that he has so let's wait till they all return Wish JAMES REECE QUICK recovery so Mr consistent AZPILICUETA CAN REST

Your time is up buddy ,,waiting for James to be back,

You need a break guy! You’ve being seriously worked off and exhausted. Cfc fans are not happy🙂

How much time you need to learn to do things in a good way. We don't deserve a RB like you.... You don't deserve to be our Captain

You're tired, Dave.

You were poor all through, Bro. You can't even do cross out properly, next time drop that captain band and learn from the bench😴😴

Easy on him guys!

3 games played.. 2 of them league and and you're slating the (brand new )team and brand new manager who, is a Chelsea legend! These supporters are pissing me right off! Give them all time.. jesus christ! How did Pep do at his first season with city..?? Klopp?? Get behind them, and these youngsters who are wearing the blue shirt! And deserve to... everyone has to start somewhere.. Well done Mason for his first premiership goal, what a cracker it was too.. And those plastic fans, do us a favour and go support another team..In Frank we trust! 💙💙

Too many mistakes at the back Dave not just on u alone the whole defence but im puttin all the blame on u not just because u are the captain but also because u are the most experienced. LEAD BY EXAMPLE DAVE. I still believe in you tho

Dave, you say learn work and improve. Are you doing that? You were continuously out of position at old Trafford when we got hammered, and you did the same when Ndidi equalised. It’s easy to preach when you don’t deliver. Captaincy comes on the pitch not on social media sir

Your time is over you’re too fragile n slow Dave, Reece James will be here soon and Hudson to replace Pedro, you two are the reason we drew today! You’re shit at tracking and too slow, it was your fault United beat us and your fault we drew today

Captain you are letting the team down with your performance, you need to improve, teams are always attacking from your side because you are the weakest link.

Pedro is our problem... He can't have a 90minutes match back to back... they keep taking the ball from him....and whe he has it he cant even make a brilliant pass.

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1 week ago

Cesar Azpilicueta

Proud to be part of this team 💙 We will keep fighting!💪 Can't wait to be back at the Bridge on Sunday 👊🏻 #KTBFFH ... See moreSee less

Proud to be part of this team 💙 We will keep fighting!💪 Cant wait to be back at the Bridge on Sunday 👊🏻 #KTBFFH


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Great to have asuch aplayer on our side and Lampard is good coach for the generation plus the future of tea.Above all we are selling and not buying

Yes proud to be a Chelsea fan You guys gave me back the faith in this team by performing very well in last match Hope we will come back strongly in EPL

Indeed, you guys worked very hard and we are proud of the team. Though, I was really expecting you the Captain or Pedro to take that last penalty? But, all in all we are the Blues Chelsea family. Next game make us happy we the fans and you yourselves, we are dying here with stress men.

last night i am very disappointed but i proud of the you and team.

Hard work - focus - dedication = success we seem to be going in the right direction - once a blue always a blue so good luck against Leicester the weekend. We are so proud of you all. !!!

Super proud of the boys. Saw enough last night to keep us believing in Lamps.

Proud of you guys. Keep pressing and count our support. #Abraham is the next big thing at #Bridge

What a great performance by the blues.i am glad to be a chelsea fan

Proud of you guys. Love the style of the game. Blue is the color, football is the game....... We are together wining is our aim.......

Great game from you guys, just keep up the good performance.

i'm proud of you guys you great amazing game but we didn't win never give up we play together, we lose together and we win together so don't be sad guys next we gonna to win this trophy this is chelsea the blue

Proud of your fighting spirit yesterday, sour at the bridge Blues

I was angry with you guys on Sunday..... But on Thursday I was happy... Thank you guys for that performance

If we can play at this level the whole season we are sure to get a trophy and a top 4! fantastic game we were the better team but very unfortunate to lose it

To boost the confidence and spirit of both the team and fans, win the game on Sunday. Whatever way you can.💙

You still got my support!! Hope you will come back strong at the Bridge on Sunday...

You guys should play your way BACK to winning ways, otherwise this proud of the team will absolutely make no sense. The earlier you guys start it from Sunday the better.

Azplicueta keep mute,you suppose to be benched for now. U are making too many mistakes. Am a Chelsea fan from 2001 but I can't do without safety truth.

Great team performance yesternight. We keep fighting no matter the result 💪💪

What value do you exactly add Dave? Don’t see much leadership in you on the pitch, and defensively you are not what you used to be, always out of position.

let's keep our heads tall.. We will surely bounce back..

So proud of You all especially Kante. Only one who was really tearing their mid apart, Kovacic too. Mr Capitan why didn't you appeal the last penalty cause all of us fans clearly saw Adrian step out of the line b4 Abraham made the shot. VAR are bitches and so was the ref and her sidechicks

You need to step up your game my friend. You've been caught ball watching too often these two games. Late to react on 2 or 3 goals and slow to play the ball resulting in bad passes or loss of posesion. Time to buckle down Azpi!

Well done Dave! It was so close, anyway I prefer the Premier League trophy. Rock on, keep going..

Well done, Azi, we need more leaderships role from you Perticularly on the field.

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1 week ago

Cesar Azpilicueta

SuperCup final tomorrow! Let's go Blues! Chelsea Football Club 💪💙 ... See moreSee less

SuperCup final tomorrow! Lets go Blues! Chelsea Football Club 💪💙


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Dear. César, I'm not happy about the manner at which we lost that first game, please let's improve Best wishes buddy

tonight i like watching you guys take down Liverpool and win the first trophy of the new season wish you luck I always love you

I wish u guys the best of luck tomorrow against Liverpool, but Cesar you must Up your game and the rest of the boys. I know we are in a transitional period and with time things will improve but please put in more effort .


Last match was very poor We really lack confidence Our performance in the final third area was so poor We didn't create much We are physically a weak side compared to Manchester United and that was visible throughout the match We needs to keep our spirits high and come back Come on Chelsea We defenitely needs to improve our performance Keep working hard

Go where we are not chelsea anymore...4-0 by Man u...lampard as made chelsea to be derby county

These people are really working so hard...May God crown yah efforts...Predominantly...This so called manager (FL) even trains with the guys...special kudos to you man...yah efforts on this team shall never go in vain...ameen.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

In Super Frank we trust, ktbffh ;-)

Come on boys do us & yourselves proud & bring home that Super Cup back to Stamford bridge. Blue is the colour

wish u guys d best but we have issues with our centr back position, Zouma lacks confidence

You're the reason we concede a lot. ... with all your experience ... you still can't control these young defenders. ... you're even the one making petty mistakes at the back. ..... Chelsea needs a leader at our defence

بتعرف يا كبير ، كلما ما بفكر انك رح تلعب بوجه ماني بتجيني الرجفة ، روح إلهي ربي يكون معك لأنك رح تحتاجه

Step up man !! You were so shambolic during the United game Come on, you are the skipper and the leader now up your game and take charge of the defense

Pliz, ensure there's leadership on the pitch. Instruct your fellow defenders and the mid fielders always to mark and capture their opponents rather than chasing the ball alone. Sometimes, I hate when the goal keeper passes to you the ball, course sometimes u do make a mistake and lose it very easily?!! I hope you can correct it?

Iwe wemwana nambwa uposeko amano. Playing for the badge doesn't keep a clean sheet. Know how to cross and defend.

In fact zouma should not start first lineup.

I hope you won't flop like you did at Manchester. Am looking forward to you becoming a strong influential captain who leads without fear. This thing of you behaving shyly like Abraham is sad.. Take the mantle and lead as captain.

Hope all the rookies used against Manchester United will not be used. Emerson,Abraham,Zouma,Berkeley etc should never be part of our first team again

Just bear it in your mind..Reece James is nearing his return...last game you lacked confidence...going forward ,you lacked energy n skill ...its simply not your talent to attack...you did less to stop rashford from netting his second goal of last game...#captain out!!

Lampard I hope you have work on defender if not Liverpool we score goals 5 tomorrow.

I wish you the best of luck. Plz improve from the last game especially defence wise cos ur fans hurt a lot when the team looses the way they did on sunday. #iamblue#

Lets make it Captain. Just be a beast amoung the defense. This is ours.. lets kick Kloop and his boys with a Trophy in our hand.

Go again Chels... give it a good go you blue boys!

captain step up in cb and let zapacosta RB Keep your head up ... and learn when is necessary to pass the ball, and when is time to shot the ball

Instead of Juma, Frank should play Emma, Christiansen, Azpi, n Davide. I hv trust in blue but not in Juma

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2 weeks ago

Cesar Azpilicueta

Premier League Here we go! 👊 #CFC🔵 Chelsea Football Club ... See moreSee less

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We love you Dave! Thanks for not leaving

Great, dedicated and committed "CAPTAIN" best of luck to you and to the rest of the team. Love you guys.

Captain fantastic, we love 💕 💕 you the main Dave

I don't want to hear "That was not the result we wanted" You guys should play out your hearts and come out with a good result to shame critics and most especially, David Luiz. Good luck

Just go out, play entertaining football, be proud to wear the shirt! Easy!

4-0 boy, 4-0! All the best by Rashy! 😘

Frank lampard is not a looser,good future as a coach for blues,Cesar pls help our dear Frank to achieve is good aim for Chelsea ,up blues forever

Is it only me thinking that Dave has posted this video as a reply to luiz. Keep it up captain ! ⚽️⚽️⚽️💙

Very weak team, the boys did not play as a team and they were all average. Our best 11 was not selected and it has hurt us. Zouma and barkley should not have started this game. I hope this thrashing teaches frank a lesson...

up your game for us this season because we did not enjoy your performance on the field last season

We have a great squad and a good manager. I am sure we will fight hard this time and achieve success. We are behind you guys. Keep the blue flag flying high!! Chelsea is our name. Winning is our aim. 💙💙💙

Last man standing! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Keep it up sir. I believe in you all that this season at least a trophy is ours

Good luck for Sunday cesar let's show them reds how it's done.up the MIGHTY blues.

Big shout out to big Able Captain.. #..Dave

I know you will not leave Man Utd to fork up please and please don't give up best of luck God is with Chelsea

Bro up your game. Go learn how to cross the ball. Perfect your crosses.

Happy you listened to my opinion n made sure the sloppy guy is not around..good work...pliz improve your final third delivery or else you gonna follow luiz's path..nice time captain!!love u

All best at this season for Chelsea

Dave I like you alot but you should be train cross ball, Tammy is a nice header.

U are a big disappointment that captain hand band should be taken from u

three at the back , with dave on the right , chris in the middle and rudgier or zouma on the left

All the best Cesar 👍 Do well.. This year championship is yours 👍👍

Veamos el partido por su estrategia ... La estrategia: Andrea Annie jajajajajajajaj

That's hard work right there. Lead the boys with that heart

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