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David Luiz Moreira Marinho , known as David Luiz, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for English club Chelsea and the Brazil national team. Primarily a centre back, he can also be deployed as a defensive midfielder.

After starting out at Vitória, he moved to Benfica, remaining with the club for five seasons . He joined Chelsea in January 2011, winning the UEFA Champions League, and the FA Cup during the 2011–12 season. In the following season he won the UEFA Europa League. In June 2014, he transferred to Paris Saint-Germain for a fee of £50 million, a world record transfer for a defender, and won all four domestic competitions in both of his seasons in French football. He returned to Chelsea in August 2016 in a £30 million transfer deal.

David Luiz made his full international debut for Brazil in 2010, and has since earned over 50 caps for his country. He was a member of the Brazilian teams which won the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and reached the semi-finals of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and has also represented his nation in two editions of the Copa América. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Em tudo daí graça, pois prevalecerá sempre a vontade de Deus !!! #behappy

Alegria nordestina na house !! 😃

Happy bday bro !!! God bless u a lot !!! 👊🏻

Deus é a nossa alegria !!! #smile 📸by: @heberb4rros

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17 hours ago

David Luiz

Great atmosphere, great spirit and great win! Let’s keep fighting!!! 💪🏻 So happy with my debut and thank you so much for all the support!!! #gunners ... See moreSee less

Great atmosphere, great spirit and great win! Let’s keep fighting!!! 💪🏻 So happy with my debut and thank you so much for all the support!!! #gunners


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You're great.... Great performance..... London is Red

I am Chelsea fan I wish you good luck bro and all the best in your new adventure

I loved you but Arsenal loved you more. Happy retirement #Geezer

I've been your true fan,I felt disappointed by your move to gunners.

was confused between you and Mateo but I love your leadership.....hope to perform extremely better against Liverpool

You are doing well lad! I know your nose is bigger than the new team’s success! Keep going! 😂😂

Don't mind Franky that kept the issue you both had as a teammate up til now n had to sale you out even when we had no replacement for you. Best of luck my most loved defender. Shine On.

You're an amazing footballer, Luiz. You 'see' the game like no one else. I wish you great success with your new team.!

I loved your passion and fighting spirit when you played for our rivals and it gives me special goosebumps seeing you in arsenal Shirt......luiz and arsenal all the way to the trophy.

You don't love our noble Chelsea football club ,you need to fight for your place at Chelsea no player that is bigger than our Chelsea football club, let see what will happen at the end of the season

Your transfer to Arsenal is just like a dream come true to me. I can't hide my joy for you've been giving an headache to our strikers. Hope you will instill the same spirit to the whole team. Just but a late welcome from me.

You had great game... A good game for you and I wanted to see your first goal...😍😍 I saw it that you needed it but you couldn't... But thnx for the solid defense that we have

Great Luiz. You missed by a whisker to score a goal on your first debut yet you're a defender

I support you David, im always with you any where you go..... Keep it up

good game today luiz ,love that leadership u showed today.hope it continue next Saturday against liverpool and till the end of the season

La roja nos trae buena suerte q bien te queda y estrenando zapatillas ? Que bien cuídate mi Davinchi.

Waiting for " Disgusted with the result today, we need to pick up ourselves and be ready for the next match, we owe good results to the fans"

My hero i love from benfica fc to arsenal and I will continue to love you wherever you go..... you really played well today, you are welcome to a club that has the best fans and supporters.... We really love you geezer

What a great acquisition to gunners. He is a real fighter. Keep it up.

It’s an amazing feeling to see you in red and white. #COYG

When he says how much he loves Arsenal....just remember a few week ago he loved Chelsea...#Lovewhoeversignsthepaycheck

Am a Chelsea fan,and I still respect your decision to join Arsenal every decision has a reason enjoy your time at Arsenal and keep your fighting spirit you will always be my number1 defender because your really the best defender without a doubt good luck David Luiz.❤🌎💪

Well done Arsenal so happy for you David Luiz but London is Blue always 😂

I was eager to see you scoring an own goal

You're the best defender David. Welcome again at Emirates stadium, Welcome to Arsenal fc.

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1 day ago

David Luiz

Come on you #Gunners ! 🔴
⚽️ Arsenal 🆚Burnley Football Club
🏆 Premier League
🏟 #EmiratesStadium
📱 #ArsBur #AFC #PremierLeague
... See moreSee less

Come on you #Gunners ! 🔴
⚽️ Arsenal 🆚Burnley Football Club
🏆 Premier League
🏟 #EmiratesStadium
📱 #ArsBur #AFC #PremierLeague


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I hope you score but Own goal,Goodbad David snake🐍

Wish you a wonderful game to be crowned with a superb own goal from you. Good luck to Gary Cahil

Always blues in our heart

am a Chelsea fan but wishing you all the best in your new Jersey... promise you will come back as a technical advisor

You really have the passion for this club

Our young boys are doing fine , thanks for running away

David luiz I will replay later, I'm still in the hospital my brother has swallowed a 16gb memory card now he is singing all the songs we just pray not for it to enter the video folder. 🤔🤔🤔

Good luck to you David, come on you "Gunner's".

Great! Zouma and Rudiger will Destroy. Thanks

David, you were afraid to compete for position at Chelsea because you don't even trust your ability. You are already going down and you know it. It's shameful to think that you ran away from competition

We should wish him luck. The lad just didn't want to leave London. It wasn't about arsenal. He did a lot for Chelsea. Thank you, David. And good luck

Good luck with injury but of course I can't wish u success since we're on the same race.

Chelsea is only right place you deserve, thank you for the memory and you're welcome again

It is just cycle of football. Good luck with Arsenal, David!

Thank you for leaving Chelsea and giving an opportunity for youngsters like Zouma, Christensen, Tomori to shine

Good luck, thanks for the trophies but time to unfollow.

I have taken a sick off so that i can watch your full debut in colours of the best Club in the world.

saya ingin menggunakan baki 1% bateri saya untuk memberi pendapat saya walaupu

I never knew your on Facebook till you join Arsenal. Loneliness or what?

You will be on the Bench today too???

Come on Burnley!!!!!!

Shush 🤫 We all know that in a crucial 4th place decider between arsenal and Chelsea David will score an own goal to send us to the Champions league! It is a calculated move lads, just wait and see!

You #calling luiz a #snake, what of #Olivier Giroud who even #scored against us in #baku. Take a heart am believe in what's happening #congsDavid

Betrayer, we have lost our respect for you. Chelsea will still do well this season. Congratulations for joining trophyless club arsenal

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2 days ago

David Luiz

💪🏻 Focus for tomorrow ! Arsenal vs Burnley Football Club 👊🏻 Are you ready ? ... See moreSee less

💪🏻 Focus for tomorrow ! Arsenal vs Burnley Football Club 👊🏻 Are you ready ?


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Yes we are ready...💪 Suddenly i have developed so much love for this guy. Can't wait to see you in the pitch tomorrow.#InLuizwetrust #COYG

Can't wait to see OG from Good luck.

Suddenly i developed love for Luis ❤ you're my best defender indeed

hours to go.just eagerly waiting for your depart in arsenal colours.i hope you will perform to the highest level

Meu lindo amanhã estarei assistindo vc jogar na sua estréia!

You just left us because you followed your young brother I know you very well

Can't wait to see an Own Goal.... 😏

You only went to arsenal because there’s no competition there. When there’s no competition there’s no motivation and you will keep doing same mistakes over and over again and eventually causing your team huge problems. When I say problems I mean lack of trophies as usual. I dare you to win player of the month just for once if you think you’re good enough😅

You forget your shorts and have to dig some out of lost property?

Your styles of playing does not sweet me at all, why? Because you're too rough.

Yes we are ready. Please can i have you sign jersey?

He's gone and move on. He's not the first. Arsenal fans still claps for Giroud even though he plays for Chelsea. Ashley Cole and many others have done same. Luiz case should not be different coz he wasn't assured of first team, hence he moved on to a place he could be valued more. This is a new chapter and appreciate him. Welcome to Arsenal Luiz and it's great having you in our dear club.

Hope you start tomorrow because Burnley is a difficult team to beat. We always win burnley at second half

Sempre vou torcer pelo seu sucesso David Luiz ♥️

David Luiz achou o irmão dele, o irmão dele é o Guendouzi

Ao ver esse Fly Emirates por momentos pensei que era uma recordação dos tempos de SLB

one of chelsea fans asked"how does luiz feel joining arsenal"and i replied how does giroud feel joining chelsea.

It is not too late, kindly delete all the photos to took while you were still in Chelsea Fc

I wish Arsenal could win the league with Luiz, m a Chelsea fan but i hate to see David Luiz on the bench. He should play all the games

Luiz and holding r will be the best centre back pairing in England

Does your sister know you’re wearing her shorts?

Quando vc volta ao Brasil? O Corinthians te espera...

U are take stupid decisions...will stay in Chelsea....u spoil in ur name...u are the Chelsea legend but now in nothing, everything is zero now.

The idiotic comments from Chelsea fans, shows how desperate they have been all along. Arsenal has been losing great players to Chelsea, but never did any Arsenal fan hurl insult against that player, Robin Vern Persie went to Manchester, we never insulted him. Kids thinking anyway

But why do you always pull your shorts. Up

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2 days ago

David Luiz

One week of the beginning of a new chapter in my life! Let’s go to win together. 🤜🏻🤛🏻 #COYG 🔴

Uma semana de um novo capítulo na minha vida! Vamos vencer juntos! 🤜🏻🤛🏻 #COYG 🔴
... See moreSee less

Transfer Deadline day: Behind the scenes.


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David Luiz que o Senhor Deus te abençoe infinitamente mais pois uma nova história de muitas Bençãos e vitórias na sua vida Profissional nesse novo clube Maravilhoso Arsenal..!! Um forte abraço..!! Campeão..!!

David Luiz ❤ Deus o abençoe nesta nova jornada da sua vida bjos 😘 Te Amo meu Zagueiro ❤

Tão lindo. Que faça uma bela jornada! Amo seus cachinhos!

Bring glory to our family name 🤙🏻

That's the way to go...... I love your humbleness, May you achieve greater things in life.......

Welcome to our home of retirement.

Força nesta tua nova etapa na vida ! Que Deus te ilumine no Arsenal !!

The way am loving David this days🤣🤣👌, now Chelsea fans they will bring thr emotional comments here🤣🤣🤣🤣David welcome to the beautiful team in the world #the Gunners

Though you new Gunner but we believe in you as our captain, defense commander and a warrior. In you arsenal trust.

ديله هسه ع اساس جاي فان باستن 🤣

You'll spend the rest of your Arsenal career on the beach Trust! Snake in a human form😡

Continuas a ficar lindo de Vermelho ,tal como no Benfica ,tudo de bom para ti

I am disappointed David Luiz is playing for Arsenal he was one of my favourite Chelsea players it's hard not to like him he is brilliant footballer

Serás sempre um dos nossos #juntos Slb

يا دافيد ما طيحش زعما حلو نتا قلبك كحل طلعت بيك سمحت فيا اتهلا تحيا موسطافي كونطرا على العديان

Boa sorte David Luiz. O vermelho fica-te muito bem.

A camisola é bonita só falta mudar o símbolo!Um abraço e boa sorte

Boa sorte,eu quero muito uma camisa do Arsenal agora...David Luiz 23❤

Our club is far more interesting than Chelsea

Remember what ashley coley and chelsea fun did to us , Henry and cole left in 2006 At that time arsenal tottaly becomes 0

David Luiz you are a very poor defender. Poor positioning, you often lost your man and above all, you incite. Arsenal will regret

Still a real Chelsea legend! 💙 Never understood why they let you go. There’s only oneChelsea geezer. Take care DL30 👊🏻🇧🇷💙

Why are Chelshit fans crying. Ashley Cole move from Arsenal to Chelsea. Football is professionally. Appreciate this guy.

Nice start d best defender in d whole world. Better than all d Chelsea defenders

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3 days ago

David Luiz

A new chapter in my life! First Arsenal interview. #Gunners ... See moreSee less

David Luiz chats about his move to the club, leaving Chelsea, Aubameyang & Lacazette and more.


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Eu tenho um carinho muito grande por você David Luiz. Que Deus te proteja sempre!!!

My God go with you on your new journey, you will always be a blue to me. Thanks for some totally wonderful memories in a Chelsea shirt, truly a legend

I love you David 💙 I have a blue heart, and hold no malice for you jumping ship. I will still be following you all the way from the United States. But my heart and support will always be with the blues. Good luck on your new adventure 💙❤️

Já estamos com muita saudade de você Grande craque. Parabéns pelo seu novo desafio. Agora vou ter que assistir Arsenal, sempre torcendo por você! Que Deus te dê muita força e bênçãos! Um abraço forte!

Deus o abençoe ❤ meu Zagueiro Lindo David Luiz ❤❤ Te Amo ❤

That's my Luiz 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿i used to watch you in Chelsea, n i liked you so much cant believe am now watching one of my best football players in my Gunner... Much love Luiz 💕💕💕💕

I so much love Luis watching him play for Chelsea now I can’t wait to see him play on Saturday with arsenal

we are waiting for your debut saturday

I'm a Die Hard Chelsea Fan however I'm also your huge Fan not only because you are a very good footballer but also because you have a golden heart although I'm still very unhappy that you left Chelsea but nevertheless I respect your decision I will start to watch Arsenal matches just to see and support you all the very best at Arsenal I love and miss you very much Geezer...

Luiz we hope you retire well at Arsenal 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we chelsea funs have no hate against you we love you so much but remember (Never score a goal against us ) All the best bro in the retirement zone

David, good luck in meeting the new challenge of moving to the new, great club - Arsenal 💝💝💝

You seem to be very happy here more than where you used to be? Welcome Arsenal Boss

This last chapter will be like the last season of GoT 🤣.

Welcome to a club that will treat you like a true experienced professional, and we're not transfer-banned! :)

A new and last chapter in your footballing career, Ask Cech.

Salut Dave je sais très bien que tu comprend le.français, je suis un supporteur de Chelsea tu nous a abandonné dans un moment ou nous avions besoin de toi, mais je te souhaite toute les chances du monde et une bonne réussite a Arsenal

I.'m chelsea fan and I have deleted all of your photos in my memory

you were transfered to arsenal? when did that happened? anyway it should be great whenever you are. good luck.

Meu sonho te conhecer,moro em Dagenham!

The kind of big club that you went to retire???? Don't worry we understand Cech said the same thing.

At first I thought it was a statefarm commercial.

Can't wait for your debut on Saturday at the Emirates Stadium 🙏

If you feel betrayed tell your father to take his jersey and represent the team you want Luiz to be at. Idiots

All the best in this new challenge, toda a sorte nesta nova etapa David Luís, saudações benfiquistas

Thanks u boss for coming to stabilise our then weak defense....

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English football gets David Luiz wrong. He is a fine Arsenal signing | Barney Ronay

The Brazilian’s blunders have met with much mockery but he has been one of the Premier League’s most influential defenders

Frank Lampard denies David Luiz forced Arsenal move with strike threat

The Chelsea manager, Frank Lampard, has said the decision to sell David Luiz to Arsenal had nothing to do with player power and was ‘purely a football decision’

Arsenal in line to seal double signing of David Luiz and Kieran Tierney

David Luiz looks to be on his way to Arsenal after not training with Chelsea on Wednesday and Unai Emery is further strengthening his defence with Celtic’s Kieran Tierney for £25m

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