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Plays for: Chelsea, Croatia
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We are off to the next stage @EuropaLeague! #BATEvCFC and now let's get ready for @Everton... #blues💙

These moments with my niece ❤️ Look at her beautiful organic cotton clothes from @lunilou_official you can shop on

So proud of my wife and my sister in law for taking care of our little ones with the Eco friendly children's collection 🙏🏻🌱✨❤️ @lunilou_official Link in bio 👍🏻

+3 #cmonblues 🔵 #CHECRY

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1 week ago

Mateo Kovačić

The final outcome wasn't as we hoped and planned but we have much to be proud of and I'm sure there will be a lot of reasons to be happy in the future. 💪💙 Chelsea Football Club #hardworkpaysoff ... See moreSee less

The final outcome wasnt as we hoped and planned but we have much to be proud of and Im sure there will be a lot of reasons to be happy in the future. 💪💙 Chelsea Football Club #hardworkpaysoff


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99% of chelsea fans are actually VERY PROUD OF THE NEW CHELSEA. Which is rare in our club!!!! I particularly am so excited with you guys! Beautiful BEAUTIFUL #BEAUTIFUL football!!! Its unbelievable! And you MATEO! YOU ARE JUST WOW!!!!! Thank goodness you signed permanently!! In my eyes you are already a Chelsea legend. THIS TEAM IS TERRIFIC!!!! And you are THE PILLAR!! SURELY THIS TEAM CANT GO A YEAR WITHOUT A TROPHY!!

You guys gave everything yesterday, we are proud of you...

Well done guys. The way you glide through players has been more than impressive. A great season awaits us all

Thank you guys for giving the faith back in this team by such a great performance after that disastrous start to the season Hope we will keep this momentum and come back to Premier League and show the world who Chelsea truly are.

We are proud of you guzs it's just their lucky rather than ours. But you have played a wonderful match indeed.

I'm proud of you guys @Kovacic17 tell Tammy that we all love him... In the road of success, failure is allowed but what matters is how you bounced back to fix those failure! One love blues family.

You guys made us proud, to be honest with you, keep it up boys

i loved this team yesterday, playing with a lot of enthusiasm. Don't mind about the loss via penalty kicks, that was by luck. #KTBFFH

That was a polished performance overall guys. Keep working hard. We are Chelsea

So pround of u guys, its time to forcus on the games to come

Chelsea for life. Celebrate me today Is my birthday. Nothing can change my blood from being a blue Fan's

You guys played very well but the luck is not in our side but am proud with you guys well done lampard up chelsea.

Hard luck mateo. Our team deserve to win so much. Nvm, after rain there will be sunshine, believe it 👏🏼

Guys you are the best combination in our mid.

You made us proud last night super hero

A great improvement from Sunday's game..let's keep it up.. We shall get there✔

Nice performance so far, but keep on still fighting

#MateoKovacic use tough momentum if not, the midfield will be porous. You guys should always be determined and work as a team. Play is if its your last football of your carrier. Emulate this speed from Mancity and liverpool.

Mateo you are the best player on Chelsea. You had a great game yesterday but the team was unlucky. Keep up the great job. And good luck.

U guys did great yesterday. I cant remember the last time I saw chelsea played great football the way you guys did. Do not relent and the best will come our way. Ktbffh.

You guys were awesome to watch!!! Up blues

you guys did really good, never give up great things take time.up blues

Heads up you were fantastic bro tell the whole squad that we always there to give u enough support

You really rocked it yesterday... Big ups to you Mateo

The match was so entertaining we all enjoyed it but I will advise you guys to be more clinical that's matter a lot

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2 weeks ago

Mateo Kovačić

Preseason ✔️
Can't wait for the season to start 💪⚽ Chelsea Football Club
... See moreSee less

Preseason ✔️
Cant wait for the season to start 💪⚽ Chelsea Football Club


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Looking good my guy! Just make sure you look that good on the field! We are expecting success this season under Frank. Make him & us proud! You have our support! 🙏

I pray you guys have a great season. Enjoy yourselves.

Beautiful and Midfield masterclass!

Expecting a spectacular performance from you this season.

thank you so much. longtime no see. l miss you. l am looking forward to see you in the further. my heart and eyes always will be there .my greetings send to your families. speciallyto your children's and your wife.

Your indeed a greet lad😍😍😍

Glad to see you with us full time!

My friend! We want results not selfie arena. It's only less than a week. We expect nothing less than victory.

You are a special talent to our group...whatever characteristics you one else are different from the rest...

Looking forward to see ya.. Shine on lad.

Go and get yourself a for the club and the fans will love ya..

U are a class in the midfield. Ur combination with EH was a master class. Hope there is another EH to keep the flow of the game. Shine lad. Blue is the colour.

I wanna see goals n assists from'll incredible if you score 12 pl goals n 23 in all games with 15+ assists...I know you are able u so inspire me a lot ...

I think you will perform better than last season

this season is yr season to shine

We are expecting many goals from you this season br

Amine Kouirina mateo fookin kovacic

Kapa, kao pravi Englez ;)

Like the love child of Jason Statham and Michael Ealy...

For me... You are the most humble CFC player.

Have a good fighting season!!!! and I'm wanting for you to return to Japan!Forza Mateo!

What second division team did you end up playing after Real Madrid ?

Be the focal at the midfield

Gabriel Rousseau renvoyer le nous au real dans 3ans c'est la relève de modric ce type

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3 weeks ago

Mateo Kovačić

Have you already checked out lunilou new swimwear collection?!? There's a great eco-friendly story behind each and every product. Take a look and start saving the planet with Lunilou! 🌏 ... See moreSee less

Have you already checked out lunilou new swimwear collection?!? Theres a great eco-friendly story behind each and every product. Take a look and start saving the planet with Lunilou! 🌏


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Linda ❤

Lovely and beautiful baby

الغالي وبنت الغالي 😍💛

We love you Blue

Happy holidays

Beautiful photo😍

Enjoy your holiday

Nice picture

More fire lovely family

A great photo kova ❤❤❤

Very nice picture🤩🤩🤩

More fire lovely family

I love you covacic

miss you buddy

Good luck😘😘

NYC one, you are the star of our team

یگان عکس نفره بان که پشت اش دق شدیم

Great bro...

Good luck 🎲


Nice one

Nice pic

Nice pic

Nice pic brethren we love u. blue is d colour,Chelsea is d team

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4 weeks ago

Mateo Kovačić

Just ☀️, 🌊 and my ❤️... ... See moreSee less

Just ☀️, 🌊 and my ❤️...


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Always be happy to be with your love

be always happy with your love

Friday with lovely couple❤

Beautiful couple. Good luck for the new season Kovacic

And photographer 😜

Enjoy your holiday and be ready for next season

Kovacic enjoy with your lovely wife..... A good partner will always make you smile...

استفقدناك يا غالي والله الك غيبه

Bou k darun lag6e .. Ekta rat Jodi katate partam .. uffff

Mohammed Lariel قول للزمان ارجع يازمان😭

سلملي عليها وبوسا عني😂😂😂😂😂😂

Bah , valoi mosti korcho. Coming season e valo kore khelo vaya

طيب زيدان ما اشتاق ل هالمنظر بالسانتياغو 💔💔

Lampard better teach you how to score goals....we gonna need them next season😂😂both on & off the field You look adorable by the way

One of us Chelsea is the best.

مش بتاعتك لواحدك يسطا ❤❤

الله ع أخلاقك لسى شباب مبارح قالولك نزل صورها Thanks ❤️😘😂

عينك عالايزابيلا ترا الكوفا مايدوم Mohammad Aldali

Tu te promène avec ta femme c'est pas mauvais mais sois prêt pour la saison nous avons de grands défis

Looking forward to seeing you play for Chelsea next season.

Please let her use the third leg..Leave the other two for us Chelsea fans.. Happy holidays

اشتقنا لايزابيلا😍 Salma Al-Hijaziشوفي محلاها

Dobrý, pak výkony, ok?

آآآه ياإيزابيلا، تركتينى انتى وچورچينا وحدى.. وحدى تركتونى 💔

You better score at least 10 goals and assist at least 15 for next season

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4 weeks ago

Mateo Kovačić

Get well soon my friend! I know you will come out of this even stronger! 💪🏻💪🏻 Marco Asensio Willemsen ... See moreSee less

Get well soon my friend! I know you will come out of this even stronger! 💪🏻💪🏻 Marco Asensio Willemsen


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Come back 🖤🙏

come back home mateo, we really missed you

ممكن تنزلنا بس صوره وحده لمرتك الغاليه يباشا

We miss you Kova! 😢

We miss you Kova! 😢

We miss you Kova! 16

We miss you Kova Come back soon

Todos t extrañaremos dentro de las canchas

I believe he will surely come back strong


Gracias por esas palabras Mateo que sigas triunfando en tu nuevo club..pero en el madridismo te seguimos queriendo 😝😘

انت مالك ياسطي بالفريق وبعدين وير ايز ايزابيلا قلبي 🖤

Come stronger than before Asenio.

9months it's a tougher period to live through but let's pray for him

يا ريت لو بترجع💔 بسس😔

Just retired is good decisions he's poor talent..forget him and focus to captain's america

Mateo come back

Thus why we miss you

Prompt rétablissement Marco Asensio Willemsen ❤❤❤

شکرا كوفا ستضل في القلب

Come back stronger champ

Omg I am worried for his career

Come back soon son❤️🙏

We Madridista miss you Kovacic. We wish you success at Chelsea FC.

Kovačić and Modrić 🇭🇷🇭🇷

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