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Plays for: Chelsea, Croatia
Ranked: 37th in Premier League


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We are off to the next stage @EuropaLeague! #BATEvCFC and now let's get ready for @Everton... #blues💙

These moments with my niece ❤️ Look at her beautiful organic cotton clothes from @lunilou_official you can shop on

So proud of my wife and my sister in law for taking care of our little ones with the Eco friendly children's collection 🙏🏻🌱✨❤️ @lunilou_official Link in bio 👍🏻

+3 #cmonblues 🔵 #CHECRY

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10 hours ago

Mateo Kovačić

And we are on our way to UEFA Europa League #semifinals 💪💙 #CHESLA Chelsea Football Club Pedro Cesar Azpilicueta N'Golo Kanté ... See moreSee less

And we are on our way to UEFA Europa League #semifinals 💪💙 #CHESLA Chelsea Football Club Pedro Cesar Azpilicueta NGolo Kanté


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madrid need you 😢😢

Congratulations Kovacic and Chelsea

Good player Well done 😘

Congratulations guys

You played well today. Massive Well done. Hope you'll stay in this Club and don't listen to some plastic CFC Fans.

Nice well done

Job done💯✊ MK17💙💪👑

you are coming back to Real Madrid with immediate effect

Te extraño, regresa a Madrid.


চলে আয়

زير روحك خويا كوفاسيتش سينو عام جاي ينوضولك البواسير من القعاد على الدكة مع زيدان

Kante 💚


هلا مدريد


Come On blues🔐💙💙💙💙📷

You play very well today

Congrats Kovacic

Please just go back to Madrid after this season Tell Azpelicueta he's getting worst each day Inform Pedro to limit he's runnings and give passes to ease his movement on the ball

Back to Madrid 😡😡

Come on blues!💙💙💯

Congrates! But poor performance tonight honestly

After this season please go back to madrid okay.... You are a great player but..... All the best blues

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2 months ago

Mateo Kovačić

Edvin Hodzic Gedenkturnier 2019 ❤️ ... See moreSee less

Edvin Hodzic Gedenkturnier 2019 ❤️


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Schenk mir mal triko bitte 😁😁😁

Blue we love u

حبيب رجاع وماتخسرني الشرط مع يزن بربك Yazan

We love u

Please Stay at Chelsea Kova 17

Buelve al madrid mateoo....

Kova, gledam ovo prvo sad protiv Wolvesa, do kad će više ta albi igra, povratne stalno, stalno na sigurno. Primiš loptu, malo prije, deset metara do obrambenih, Hazard bi se okrenuo i povukao kao šilo, ti to isto možeš, ali ne, povratna i onda se otvaraš na krilu, ali ti ne vraćaju više. Istina, često i kad odigraš ne vrate ti na dupli ili na otvaranje, al za to se moraš malo više sam nametnut. Ovak, ... Uglavnom prosjek i izlazak u 60. minutiu. Svako dobro, 'ajde više!!!

المظلوم 💔

check this out my page like & share more videos 👇 👇👇 👇👇👇 SlowPapua

Feine Aktion von dir! Respekt! 💪🏻

Mateo revient à Madrid

انت امتي ب اتولي للريال معلش ؟؟

مبسوط عندك؟؟


Mahir Hodzic din fætter

Rebal Bannot انو شوفوني بحب كوفاسيتش بس بقاااااااااا

Svaka cast ljudino!

الزئبقي يا روووح❤❤


احبج 💜

عد الى مدريد اشتقنا لك 😢



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3 months ago

Mateo Kovačić

The best way to end this weekend! 💙Chelsea FC ... See moreSee less

The best way to end this weekend! 💙Chelsea FC


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Great player

Thank you Real😂 your and hazard best player for chelsea

You will replace Modric at Real Madrid very soon. Take care of yourself and learn for now. Madrid is waiting for your return to the best team in the world

Fantastic player ❤️

Best player in the world

The best 👌

Best Midfielder on the premier league⚽❤🇭🇷

انت الافضل يا كوفا

Buena Mateo!!

এত লাভ রিয়্যাক্ট চেলসি বলা বাদ দিয়া,বছর শেষ করে ঘরের ছেলে ঘরে ফিরে এসো।

idi kovva u madrid

يقبشني اللي حاسس حالو ببيتو 💙

يجب أن يرجع الى مكانو الأصلي ضروري

اشتقتلك ❤😭

رح ترجع ولا لا؟

Trebam te #Chelsea

De lo mejor del mundo

We miss you at Real Madrid, Mateo! 💔

Mùa sau ở lại chelsea luôn nhé thằng bạn 🇻🇳

توحشناك اساط. جي لمدريد لعام جاي بلاصتك كاينة مودريتش عيا اساط

Please come back to Real Madrid we need you 💔

The master of passes

Y Ou are thé Best ever

Trop classe

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3 months ago

Mateo Kovačić

All's well that ends well!!! Great game guys and now let's go and see what the Carabao Cup final looks like! Chelsea FC 💙 ... See moreSee less

Alls well that ends well!!! Great game guys and now lets go and see what the Carabao Cup final looks like! Chelsea FC 💙


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When are you scoring for us bro???

London is blue 💙

Congratulations Mateo kovaci i love you really

Moving from Madrid was a mistake anyway. You have just lost your place to Barkely.

Just in case we still love u in madrid

Come back to real madrid, i need you👏

Thé best

Come back home Kova.

The king kovacic❤️😘😘

We Love #Mateo #KOVACIC <3

We love kovacic

Oh kova, that phrasing looks like literally means u r going to loose change it.

Love ❤ you kovacic

Good luck, bro

Wow meteo

El proffesore 👏👏👏👏

Mateo 💕 covacic


മുക്കി ജയിച്ചു അത്രെയും മതി


Pernambucanos do Brasil estamos enviando os PARABÉNS a Kovacic e todos do Chelsea.

منور الغالي الله ايحفظك

London is blue

a sta ti kenjas. dva druga i ja juce ti izpred stadiona odpjevali"ljepu nasu" i vicemo de stani samo sekund.. a ti kao da ti g klasa Mercedes nema kocnice.

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3 months ago

Mateo Kovačić

Bravo dečki 💪👍🇭🇷 ... See moreSee less

Bravo dečki 💪👍🇭🇷


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Ai Nhắn tin tâm Sự với em Không??

ما فهمت شي بس بحبك 💜

Vamos CROACIA!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

بحبك 😥💔

كيفا ايزابيل 🤤


Mateo boli te patka ti si napravio jeben uspjeh,samo naprijed...👍 Imas vise trofeja od svih top talentiranih i poznatih nogometnih imena...

Come back to real madrid Kova



back to madrid ، KOVA ! 😓

Forca 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇦🇱🇽🇰 PS, comeback to Madrid ❤️

thé Best of the would


Please Sir get out of Chelsea now! Ooh I'm coming for your sexy wife😂😂

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