N'Golo Kanté


7.2m fans
Plays for: Chelsea, France
Ranked: 23rd in Premier League
N'Golo Kanté is a French professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for English club Chelsea and the France national team.

He made his senior debut at Boulogne and then spent two seasons at Caen, the latter in Ligue 1. In 2015, he joined Leicester City for a fee of £5.6 million and became an integral member of the club's first ever Premier League win in his only season at the club. The following year, he joined Chelsea for a reported fee of £32 million, winning the league again in his first season. He also won the PFA Players' Player of the Year and FWA Footballer of the Year and became the first outfield player to win back-to-back English league titles with different clubs since Eric Cantona in 1992 and 1993.

Kanté made his senior international debut for France in 2016. He was included in their squad that finished runners-up at that year's European Championship. Description provided by Wikipedia


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So good to win again with @chelseafc

Another @carabao_cup final to play with my teammates and one more step before celebrating with our @chelseafc fans.

Plenty of #determination @chelseafc +3️⃣ pts

A new victory and a good finish for 2018. Thanks to our incredible @chelseafc fans, I'm so thrilled to see you again in 2019. Ngolo

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2 days ago

N'Golo Kanté

Well done guys !
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Well done guys ! 


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Well done kante! Superb game get ready for the semis!

Congratulations you are my favorite

#wedi #nara well done my best

Congrats with all from Botswana my boy

The goal keeper needs practice, unreliable & over confidence gets you in trouble. Sarri needs to admit that his formula doesn't work for Chelsea.Giroud is a strong player, holds the ball well.

Cagaweyn soo badiya waa inoo final waligiinba waanu idin garaaci jiray final hady noqotee aar usheeg dhuxulayaasha

[(LOVE)] from [(TANZANIA)]

Well done man! Frankfurt will be tougher, we need you guys to even work harder. You have made many of our days joyful and thanks for that esp you Kante, mad love for you man!

Congratulations two in one player

Well done to you N’Golo! We love you 😍

please help my student KANTE.

Kanteee.. Well done.. Please stay with Chelsea.. Become a legend Chelsea... Blue is the colour... Football is a game.. 🎶🎶🎶🎶

You are the best both in and out of the pitch. Courage man. The sky is your limit

You are the only committed player in the Chelsea team

Great job can't wait to see on triumph day

Best Chelsea player. Not that overdo Belgian. Pls come Barca.. Tell your Agent to get it done!

N'Golo 'Little Napoleon' Kante 🙌

Job done🔥💯👑💪✊ Brother NK7💙✊ you're one of the best midfielder in de world🌎👍💯

Please kante we need the trophy

Good game our everlasting power bank. Kante

Chris Ballinger so fucking humble. Played the full 90 and cleaned the dressing room and still has time to congratulate the lads on Facebook . I expect he’ll be on a litter pick round the stadium at the minute

A player with a consistent performance

Well done you the rest were out of game

Odogwu Kante. Another year and another trophy for you.

You are the nicest man in football NG

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3 months ago

N'Golo Kanté

Plenty of #determination Chelsea Football Club +3️⃣ pts ... See moreSee less

Plenty of #determination Chelsea Football Club +3️⃣ pts


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GREAT WIN !)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) But I wish to you and all Chelsea MORE LUCK, succeesses and new victories yet !))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Chelsea straight !)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Happy birthday Kanté

U are the best kante i like ur ball

#Kante, the midfield maestro! I have seen your long lost brother, he lives in my community 😂

Happy birthday Maestro Ngolo

#10YearChallenge N'Golo Kanté Never give up on your dreams ❤️

Kante quiero ser como tu llegar a jugar usted Tu humilda Y respeto es bueno

Thank you, bro! You are a team hero. The team has given everything Hazard, Kante and other friends Love you CHELSEA

Respect, our engine room

The problem when you're facing this guy is that once you've dribbled past Kante you still have to go through Ngolo...

You are a great man and player , respect

I and my kids love you Mr kante. Keep on man.

Happy Birthday...🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈 ................() .........()...._||_....() ....()._||_(........)_||_.() .._||_(..................)_||_ .(____________________)

Happy birthday to Kante 😊😊😊

Love you kante Love from Kerala India

You're the engine of the team. You're the best in the team. With you in the team victory is assured. Without you there's no Chelsea. You are Chelsea... ❤

The stronger midfielder in the world Respect 🌹❤️

Tu es le meilleur au mileu dans terrain.j' avoue que tu es l'enfant de bon avenir pour le monde en general

Nos pensées sont toujours auprès de toi, N'Golo. Que Dieu te protège!

You is warrior , exemple of effort i'm Brazilian

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بمناسبة مرور 50 عام على شركة mbc . انا ربحت هاتف iphone 8 😘 الجديد و2 من اصدقائي ربحو لتربح هاتف انت ايضا اكتب في 🔍 جوجل mbc600 وادخل للموقع الاول الموقع له صدقية✅ من جوجل ونسبة الربح كبيرة أانا حبيت افيدكم الهاتف يصلك مجانا حتى المنزل كل ما عليك فعلة هو كتابة mbc600 فى جوجل 🔥 واتبع الخطوات بسيطة وسهلة جدا

Merci ngollo avec tout les de determination dans le terrain bonne que dieu te garde dans le football anglais

Plz my guy your number is 6for ever want to be with you brother still fighting even if I can't reach your levels but how make sure I move on your lane brother

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4 months ago

N'Golo Kanté

A new victory and a good finish for 2018. Thanks to our incredible fans, I'm so thrilled to see you again in 2019. Ngolo ... See moreSee less

A new victory and a good finish for 2018. Thanks to our incredible fans, Im so thrilled to see you again in 2019. Ngolo


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Happy new year Mr.Smile, Wish you happy in 2019, I <3 you Ngolo

n'golo the machine happy new yr

Kante happy new year and may you live long ,we love as Chelsea family,happy2019

Happy Birthday My Legend ❤️

We love you n'golo And happy New year

Alhamdulillah, I pray to the Almighty to grant you all the best and a pleasant life long.

My player of the year 2017/2018 ,it was a very Bad season and he gave is best thanks kante and happy New year

An incredible Superstar and a Humble guy.So glad he is one of our heroes.

Alhamdulilah bro ur the best Champion of the century, and mashallah keep up with the good work. 💪🦁👑

kante u are the one and the only love u so am united fun i wish see you in oldtraford

Best consistant player for Chelsea No1 in my book and so humble.

Happy new year our N'golo 😍

Thank you for your scoring goal last week N'Golo kanté really we are very happy with and i wish you that you may be the best player in the world and you are the first person who became the best player in the world and who is black really if we are African we are very happy with you

Thanks to you too My pro .happy to make your fan leave 2019 to be full of beauty For you😘

Happy new year Kante, Blues for life

Proud of u Ngolo you are great player

The midfield general Happy New Year

Happy new year kante and keeping in this way 😍😍

Happy new year brother keep it up

You Make Me Love Football N'Golo Kanté.... And Make Me Again In 2019

Everybody is happy for this guy. He doesn't have enemies. Happy new year Kante

Ngolo the general. You've got to love this man for his smile and simplicity. He is an example and above all, he was a match winner for us, Chelsea. Happy New Year

Nicest man in Football. General Ngolo Kante. 💙💙

Alxamdulillah our bro u a the best midfielder in Europe thanks bro #kante

We love you. Best idol for every Young boy or girl!

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5 months ago

N'Golo Kanté

I have chosen to join Chelsea FC in 2016 as it has always been my priority. I want to thank the Management of the Club, the President and my agent for making this agreement possible. I am grateful to my teammates and to our amazing fans as the adventure continues. Common’ Chelsea! ... See moreSee less

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Ever since you arrived at Stamford bridge you makes chelsea football so sweeter than as it was for me before particularly in that Midfield...I Ahlulbayt Bashir so much have a great respect and much Love for you Kante.....you are my best.

Umakwana kante koma please visit us in Malawi

Go back to ur original position because Chrlsea no longer do well since u left that position

N'golo kante is like dieder deschamps adopted son. giving him alot of love

Thank you Ngolo...we love you so much and feel at home.

This is another Kante from Katsina State Nigeria.

Hi kante ...you are an amazing player and a great person I wish you found to sala

Proud to call you one of my favorite footballers. Humble man mixed with a devastating player. Chelsea FC fans appreciate and adore you N’Golo Kante.

The best without a doubt. Very hard working player. God bless you young man Keep the blue flag flying high!!

Thank u Kante we love u so much

Congratulations Kante, we love you 💙💙💙

We love you so much Kante You are our engine. Please stay here for a long period.

I would have prefered to see you joining Kilian in PSG

Love from this part of the world!!! #KTBFFH

Good decision General ng'olo Kante ...come on the blues .

Je vous demande de penser à ceux qui dorment dehors dans votre pays la France. Il fait froid pour les sdf, migrants etc.... Je travaille avec eux, mais je pense que je veux arrêter bientôt "parce que je vois pas leurs sourire". J'ai entendu parler de vous. .... Y a imam qui disait que vous suivez le comportement, caractère du Prophète "que la paix soit sur lui". Un jour nous quitteront cette vie, même si on est millionnaire où d'autres. Je vous demande juste de faire un geste. Messages d'un frère Barak allahou fikoum

Caro amigo Kanté. Boa tarde! Tenho um filho de 12 anos chamado Pedro Henrique de Oliveira Rocha, e ele é seu fã potencial. No aniversário dele que foi no dia 17/11/2006 ele me pediu uma camisa do Chelsea mas o número e nome ele fez questão de colocar o seu, assim como a decoração da festa. Sabe tudo sobre vc e assiste aos jogos do Chelsea com muita animação e prazer. O sonho dele era te conhecer ou quem sabe receber um olá ou uma lembrança autografada por vc! Sei q os pedidos devem ser muitos mas eu como pai gostaria de ver esse sonho do meu pequeno realizado! Parabéns pelo excelente jogador de futebol e pela pessoa humana q vc é! Grande Abraço!!!

# Topman = Legend

you are one of the best pkayers in the planet rihgt now and i wish you onglo to win erery hourble thing so we love you very much we we are glad and so happy expend this time bro go head thank you and to mett you to tommorow wenbley stadium 😃😃😃😃

I hope PSG are listening...

Kante! GOAT and a wonderful role model to young soccer players. The best!

n golo t as choisis chelsea super et les gilet jaune t en penses quoi? on a besoin de ton soutient comme nous on te soutient.

Congrats.... now just convenience your teammate and friend hazard to do the same bro♥️✌️💪

We love you N'golo and thanks for everything you're doing for this club. Come on Chelsea 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵

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6 months ago

N'Golo Kanté

Another good week for the team with this victory ... See moreSee less

Another good week for the team with this victory


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Great midfielder more blessings more strength

What a awesome personality ,we love you so much from Nepal Kathmandu valley ,from the real fan of gigi Buffon

Kante and pogba in Man united will very strong,kante join to Manchester united

We love you so much Please stay here for a long period You are amazing You are the best and very hard working player of our club We needs you so much I love you so much Keep improving your game. God bless you Keep the blue flag flying high!!

You are my the best Kante keep it up

Hey! Kante yesterday you defeated because all team you plaid lazy, I don't know why?

I'm very miserable. Can you help me for 500 dollars? 105867476495 bui chi thien

Best of the best brother kante

Much 😍 love small but mighty

Your next game should carry a condolence message to Leicester city as ur respect

Best player in the world 💪💪

Thanks for committing your future with Chelsea Kante. 😊

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Keep doing great for us #kante the best midfielder good lucky inshallah

Best midfield

Kante please send some condolence massages to Leicester club thank you

best talent person and humble

Best player in the world 🐝

General Ngolo Kante Midfield maestro 💪 Life is good under Sarri ⚽⚽⚽⚽

Fantastic job well done for everyone

U're the Best of the best... mulah and bro kante

Best in the world N'Golo <3

My favorite player

Keep doing great for us,we love you,and dont forget to sign yout extending contract Kante

Another tireless performance for the club Thanks man, for giving your all

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