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Plays for: Liverpool
Ranked: 80th in Premier League
Loris Sven Karius is a German professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Liverpool. He represented Germany at youth level.

Born in Biberach, Karius began his career with Stuttgart before moving to Manchester City in 2009. After two years in Manchester City's youth system, he returned to Germany with Mainz 05. He established himself as first-choice goalkeeper for the Bundesliga side before transferring to Liverpool in 2016 for a fee of £4.7 million. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Haven’t really slept until now... the scenes are still running through my head again and again... I'm infinitely sorry to my teammates, for you fans, and for all the staff. I know that I messed it up with the two mistakes and let you all down. As I said I'd just like to turn back the time but that's not possible. It's even worse as we all felt that we could have beaten Real Madrid and we were in the game for a long time. Thank you to our unbelievable fans who came to Kiev and held my back, even after the game. I don't take that for granted and once again it showed me what a big family we are. Thank you and we will come back stronger.

Spain with the boys 😎☀️🤙🏻 #LK1

When you‘re ready to go but the battery is on 10% 🙄🤷🏼‍♂️🔋

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5 days ago

Loris Karius

Yessss! We got what we wanted! Epic night at the Vodafone Park! Thank you fans! 🙌🏼
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Yessss! We got what we wanted! Epic night at the Vodafone Park! Thank you fans! 🙌🏼


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Karius best of luck😘

Great Loris, the goalkeeper ! Good match, from now to the end you are the great Besiktas ! Good luck Loris, i always wait for you and i home to meet you.

Great game Loris karius. Hope to meet you some day

best of luck...

awesome goalkeeping champ ✌🏼 keep it up


My man of the match! ⚫️⚪️

Great saves tonight!

Always my best karius, stay positive mad love from Kenya bro, wish to meet you some day.

Bravooo Bro. Great play, congratulations 🏁🦅🏁

Κλέισε το στόμα θα μπει κανα γκολ

Number one man 👏👏👏👏

Good for you!! Glad to see you've gotten a good run and some confidence back! I wish you the best! Annoys me to see people posting the gifs of the CL final, why come on the post to do that?

خربت علينا احلامنا وفرحان بحالك 😢

Come to liverpool we missed you Real Madrid fun ☺🤗

Grandioses Spiel von allen Vorallem auch von Dir sehr gute Parade so wollen wir das sehen und die Stimmung war phänomenal Da waren es auf gala nur noch 3 udn auf basak 8 Points #blackeagles

clean sheetရလို႔လား ခ်ိဖ

Man of the match⭐

Şimdi kizlari sikmeyi hakketin Karius

Do they pay you now??

Pero no tan épicas como tus atajadas al Real Madrid :"v

Man of the match ❤

MAN of the match🔥

wish to see you in Anffield Again.

Yes, you did it again our number 1.🖤🦅

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1 week ago

Loris Karius

Great win last night and a hat trick for Güven Yalcin!
Well done boys!
Let’s keep it up🔝
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Great win last night and a hat trick for Güven Yalcin!
Well done boys! 
Let’s keep it up🔝


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We encourage you❤ #IComefromThailand🇹🇭

Never walk alone

You will never walk alone ❤️❤️

So proud of you our number 1🖤🦅

I hope your career pick up again into a bigger club !! Good luck mate

Next year Real Madrid... .... .... ... ... .. Reserve team GK

You'll never walk alone guy... Be strong.... Work hard... The future is yours

Sha ukunetseka kubelgium or wherever kwauri, but Liverpool yaakuda kutora uefa champions league yavakatidyisa last year

I wish you all the luck ynwa

YNWA Loris. Keep up the hard work.

Come back to Liverpool i forgave you are long time ago, people make mistakes and you ain't the only one #YNWA

You will walk alone 😠

BEŞIKTAŞK ❤ we will go to champions league together

Don’t come back. But do well for yourself boy!❤️

Karius I will you all the best at besiktas. No mind this your enemies .just concentrate for ur job.

One of the most talented GKs......YNWA.....walk on walk on

Keep it up bro we forgive you. Wish to see you again in Anfeild #YNWA 🙏

And for U also I wanna say well done!!! I hope one day😉

Your World Record Mistake Is Still Given Me Concern Till Today. Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1

Liverpool are playing 2nyt go nd help they need you a lot 😅

YNWA Hope you're better now

Loris karius welcome back Liverpool

Good Job beati loris

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1 month ago

Loris Karius

⚽️❌🥅🤫 ... See moreSee less



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Stay positive Loris.. there are still Liverpool Fans who love you - YNWA ♥️

We love you but don't come close to anfield

We trust you KARIUS. Lets go to champions league 👍👍👍

Well done Loris and it’s a pleasure to see you smiling ! You are my favourite goalkeeper and you are in a great team, Besiktas is my light. I want to see you so at the end of the match, good luck! From Italy for Loris Ciao

Clean sheet brother well done . Hope to see you at Liverpool soon

Good to see you happy

The best goal kepper in the world 👌 never give up💪❤️

Karius for the 🇩🇪 Germany team.

I hope you come back to LFC soon, from me fan in Cambodia

Ein Stuhl hält mehr Bälle als du. Wir brauchen ein Torwart mit Leib und Seele.🤔

Look at the comments lazar markovic got when he left lfc say good luck and all the rest of it, was a player that didn’t make the first team but went away with respect of the fans, Karius is still an lfc player give the lad a chance

Love you boy from Africa Uganda 🇺🇬..#livpool

A quoi tu joues chacal, t'es titulaire de la pire performance de l'histoire des finales de C1

BeSt GoAl KeEpEr iN ThE WoRlD

YNWA once u wear that LFC red shirt u are family #LK1


Ulan ibne bir gol yemedin diye artistlik mi yapıyorsun?? Her maç saçma sapan gollerde yiyen sensin karius bey!

26 games 35 goals. Better than both Messi and Ronaldo big respect vro

Good job! But please stay away from Anfield 😃 #YNWA

Hooyadaa wase meeshaa tagto qasaara ka wadaa hdane turkidi maa ku keentay

They call him the Lord Bendtder of Goalkeepers!!! #LordKarius


Good job but jst a reminder u know when a Goal Keeper makes a mistake in the box we say he committed a Karius bcoz u know what happend in the UCL final u know 👈👈👈

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2 months ago

Loris Karius

Important away win💪🏼
Third league win in a row!
Let’s keep up the pace 🔥
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Important away win💪🏼
Third league win in a row!
Let’s keep up the pace 🔥


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Losing a battle is not losing the war, a great moment is once in a lifetime, this is the moment, your confidence put you at the top of your career the place where you should always be

Keep on going

Great to hear you are doing well! YNWA

I wishing you good luck everything😎#YNWA

From mainz to England to besiktas. What a way! Best wishes from Germany :) and congratulations 👍

So proud of you loris! Congrats!❤❤❤

Good luck karius. Anfield is patiently waiting for you.

Caner = dost çevrəsində həmişə mənasız zarafat edib, əslində ciddiyə alınmayan tip Khayal

I am happy for you Loris, for Besiktas team, for Senol, now you are in a good moment because you know Besiktas si a great team ! I stay with Loris for ever. From Italy i like Besiktas

Keep fight, YNWA

I want him back to Liverpool than timd Mignolet

Good win. No clean sheet so now you buy me dinner. Head it to the Champions League.

Karius helal sana kalecisinyav iyice fb ye şike yaptınız bilirim ben gvt onlar ben bjk liyim 1 yaşından 13 yaşına kadar bjk şerefli takım onları seviyorum Selam soyle

Saludos desde Costa Rica.

O tshamekela team efe gompieno ??

Lembro me bem do frango que deste na liga dos campeões 😂

Que lindo es el futbol 😊

You smash it lad #YNWA wishing you good luck with everything 👊🏻👍🏻✌🏻

Can you please forget the stupid memes and negative comments re: the Champions League final of 2018? It is old news, boring, rehashed and beaten into the ground. We all know he made two mistakes, time to move on! He has done so can you all please do so too? Good grief, enough already!

Ndokwako chaiko ikoko usadzoke kuliverpool

Best goalkeeper in the world ❤👊

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2 months ago

Loris Karius

Good result yesterday. Clean sheet and back on 3rd place 👊🏼 #LK1 ... See moreSee less

Good result yesterday. Clean sheet and back on 3rd place 👊🏼 #LK1


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The best goalkeeper 👏

God bless you , you are a good goalkeeper keep moving fordward

Do you have any chance to be 2nd goal keeper at Anfild?

Congratulations Mr Loris Karius

Your best is yet to come Bring it on Karius

Karius you great kick

The best goalkeeper in the world ❤

Congrats howler

Guapote! Hahaha

رد بالك من التوجهات الدفاعياااااع

Lorris offside

Lan seni kaleci yapanın götünü sikeyim

الله يسعدك ويبعدك 😂😂😂

Trust your self can ride to the top of mountain

thats our baby eagle <3, good luck

أنت ابيض

Well done I'm fan from thailand

You are best goalkeeper in a world

First clean sheet in your life


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