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Xherdan Shaqiri (Albanian pronunciation: [dʒɛrˈdan ʃaˈciɾi]; born 10 October 1991) is a Swiss professional footballer who plays as a winger for Premier League club Liverpool and the Swiss national team.He began his career at FC Basel, winning honours including three Swiss Super League titles, before moving to Bayern Munich, where he gained eight domestic and international honours despite playing less frequently. In January 2015, he moved to Inter Milan for a fee of €15 million, and seven months later to Stoke City for a club record £12 million. After Stoke's relegation from the Premier League in 2018, Shaqiri was transferred to Liverpool prior to the following season.

A full international since 2010, Shaqiri has earned over 70 caps for Switzerland. He represented the nation at the 2010, 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cups, as well as UEFA Euro 2016.

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🌟🎯🔥🚀👌🏽 #XS23 #LFC #YNWA

#XS23 👀❄️🏃🏻‍♂️

Amazing Champions League ⭐️atmosphere at Anfield yesterday😍👌🏽 #XS23 🔥🚀 #YNWA 🔴⚽️❤️

Champions League ⭐️ is back Tomorrow ! 🔴🔥🚀⚽️❤️ #XS23 #championsleague #LFC #YNWA

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3 weeks ago

Xherdan Shaqiri

Matchday! ⚽️ #XS23 #YNWA 🤲🏽💪🏼🔥🔴 Liverpool FC ... See moreSee less

Matchday! ⚽️ #XS23 #YNWA 🤲🏽💪🏼🔥🔴 Liverpool FC


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I dont know why Klopp dont want Shaqiri to play but Shaqiri is better than most of Liverpool players

Hope you play. Love from Tennessee

Good luck with benching.

Why not see him play. Good luck to tou.

King good luck

Mr Klopp drop Henderson give shaqiri chance

Good luck XS23 from Switzerland

LOVE 😘😘😘u Xherdan.. i from Bangladesh

Love you from Asian country, Malaysia. Goodluck 👍🔴💪

I hope you’re playing today

In South Africa we love you🇿🇦

Good luck shaq, from one of your stoke fans

I love you from ethiopia

From egypt i Love you so much

We miss much more on the pitch Shaq

Hope to see you on the pitch we miss you! ❤❤

#XS23# YNWA Liverpool FC

Hope u ll play

Matchday Man City Champion 😂

Hope to see you to play but its be hard

get in there super-shaq-man!

It's shame for J.Klopp makes you on benched always.

Hope you play 🙏

Hope you score at the kop end

Hope to see you play!

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2 months ago

Xherdan Shaqiri

Matchday! Lets do it Reds! 🔴🔥💪🏼⚽️🚀 #XS23 #YNWA #MUNLIV Liverpool FC ... See moreSee less

Matchday! Lets do it Reds! 🔴🔥💪🏼⚽️🚀 #XS23  #YNWA #MUNLIV Liverpool FC


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I hope I”ll see superb long shoot from you goodluck. And fight for team I”ll wait you and oxlaid play together

Thank You Shaqiri for the two goals you scored in this match. Without that 2 goals, all of this wouldn’t be possible and I thank you for that. You are the real unsung hero for Manchester United. 😘😘😘😘

Just go on field and finish them 😍Love u Shaqiri 😍From - Bangladesh 😍

Let's win this one. We are Liverpool FC. Dear God let Shaqiri score a goal today 🤲 #YNWA

Let's win this one. Shaqiri score a goal today.

ขอบใจหลายๆเด้อ บ่ได้มึง แมนยูกูบ่ได้ดีปานนี้

Good luck XS23 and score ✌️

Who is the best player right now 1- like for #Messi 👍🇦🇷 2- love for #salah ❤🇪🇬 3- wow for #hazard 😮🇧🇪 4- haha for #Mbape😆🇲🇫 5. Sad for #Neymar 😢🇧🇷 6. Angry for #Ronaldo😡🇵🇹

I hope You will play XHSH .

Kot nuk thone Karma Shenove shqiprise, i bone keq Maurinjos. Bench forever

Xherdan, ndrroje ekipin Urgjend Kloop don meta shkatrru karrieren Shko ne nje ekip me te dobt, por qe dallohesh si lojtar i mire

Liverpool have to Win today

Walaal shaqiri cidaas meel iga saar nio hada hada ka hor stoke city iskala so jabhadeenay😂😂 Walaal salah asna usheeg marada ha ceshto united goal cadi hadu ka dhalin karin xitaa penalty dhali dheh walalkena cidas waa ku cebeysan yahee😂😆😆😆😆✋

Man like big Shaq doing the damage YNWA

We are Liverpool, we can 0-3 to liverpool

Big shaq 👏💯#23

Jurgen Klopp is a little coward. Shaqiri should start.

Was zum Teufel ist mit Klopp los? Warum spielst du nicht ? Geht das wieder wie bei Bayern los oder was ?

Big Shaq going to score.

Hahaha sorry lost you Today.

Go and finish them Xhero!

Plz do it again like u did at anfield

The good thing utd knows what you are capable of doing

We r waiting for the victory bro❤❤

Du hast nachgelassen Xherdan.. dein Power ist weg kqyr vlla munohu mu inkvadru mashum nloj.. Mos u bon si Henderson right Pass, left pass.. Ose bonu dikushi ose shko ne Eintracht Frankfurt. Aty bile lun. Mos ja qi nonen burr, Kloppi nones kom pa menu qe e ka fitu besimin, po aj Kumpir spo ta rras fort 🤦🏻‍♂️ Epi gas burr, u lodha tu e kqyr gjdo loj, e ti slun! Se kom ngat at kumpir se per veshi e kisha ngre..

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2 months ago

Xherdan Shaqiri

Special Game for me tonight against my Former Club 💫👌🏽⚽️❤️ #XS23 #YNWA #lfc #championsleague Liverpool FC FC Bayern München UEFA Champions League ... See moreSee less

Special Game for me tonight against my Former  Club 💫👌🏽⚽️❤️ #XS23 #YNWA #lfc #championsleague   Liverpool FC FC Bayern München UEFA Champions League


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Get as far as you can from Klop.

xs23 ma best! we have big respect for your former clubs ynwa

Inshallah Liverpool is the winner and good luck shaqiri

Wish u only the best for the game, and.... Score one or two for the lads ;) #YNWA

You are great player everywhere ,but Liverpool is the Best !!

Good luck.. It time to shine!!!

I am from Baku,Azerbaijan.Good luck Xherdan Shaqiri.Xherdan Shaqiri is good footballer

Good luck pit bull 💪💪

Good luck XS i hope you will be happy after the Match ❤️

We Love you in both side Xherdan You’ll always be Bavarian to us 🙂 Good luck tonight

Score a brace and don’t celebrate 👏👏

Why didn't Shaqiri play after all? He said he was going to?

Show them wo is the Boss bro

Good luck big Shaq, YNWA

We miss you in Munich 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

Tonight is our win, there is no another alternative! Xherdani jonë, we expect goal from you and your shine too! #XS23#YNWA Liverpool FC

Luj ma fort mos pasoo shumm para gollit po shutooo vet jep goll sesta din kush.🤗🤗

So a great opportunity to score against them

Good luck for tonight XS23. Prove them wrong and put in a performance to show them they should have kept you. YNWA

Let's go & Do it - u r a lucky man 😍from - Bangladesh 😍

Respectt zerdan shaqirii all the albanian are with youu !!!💪💪

Especially from the bench very special one

We are proud of you.Big Shaq

Come on Shaq ,we still believe ❤😍

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2 months ago

Xherdan Shaqiri

Im deeply saddened about the death of Emiliano Sala. My Family and I would like to extend our sincerest condolences to his family and friends. Our thoughts are also with the family of pilot David ibbotson. ... See moreSee less

Im deeply saddened about the death of Emiliano Sala.  My Family and I  would like to extend our sincerest condolences to his family and friends. Our thoughts are also with the family of pilot David ibbotson.


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R.I.P Emiliano Sala and David ibbotson. Thanks and blessings to you xherdan .

Thanks and blessing to you xherdan 🇦🇷🤝🇨🇭

My condolences to Sala family’s and as well as to his friends like you xherdan shaqiri

respect our shaqiri

RIP, emilino sala, we love u but God loves u most.

thanx shaq finally sm1 mentiond hm as well. . rip sala and david. . love xs23

Rip Sala


Le pauvre toujour quand je fais la prière je me sevien rebi yrhmk toi et le pilot


Por eso sos grande shak ..... Vamos Suiza..... Vamos sack..... Te sigo desde q estaba Valbuena

Good by sala 🙏

R.I.P SALA 😭😭😭

Normal ce ti je kshtu zemer mirë dhe e ki ne faqen tende te profilitë ketë foto. Te lumt o krenarija jonë. R.I.P. Emiliano Sala💐 Shumë i mirë je Xherdan me nje karakter e moral fantastik. Lumja nena ce te ka dhe te lumt na te gjuth ce te kemi💫

Finally someone mentioned pilot's family as well... :)

We will miss you Sala

Rest in peace and may God take both near him. Such a tragedy.😥

Thank you for your words, Xherdan.


What a tragic😭 Rest well sala😭

What a tragic


Respekt Shaqo

Merci Xherdan de penser aussi au pilote. Oui c'est triste pour la famille et les proches des victimes.

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2 months ago

Xherdan Shaqiri

New MERCURIALS 👀 @nikefootball
... See moreSee less

New MERCURIALS 👀 @nikefootball 


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ارجوك ما تسجلش علينا بيه😭

Baita. Big Shaqiri 👏🔴🚀😉

wawww shaqiri the beast fans

shaqo mos e ngo trenerin ike ne te djatht

All I need is a pair of football boot

Dayum 😍

Lugtaada io dhirir kaga maba is lahe zax wa u wadaa nio Beenta xaran waye kabtaan ma kuu gazho gaab yahoow😂

Cât vrei bro pe ele?

ლივერპულელი.კი ხარ მარა მევასები მაგრად❤


the best player shaqiri

Qomi mue o bir, posten e paguj vet 😁😄😄

Tamon numri jem koka , Shaq po ta dho adresen e posten e paguj une

Hahahahahahaha o bir, menova qe jom ne Merrjep kur i pash kto "kopaqka"

Shuem të Bukura qenkan gëzofsh më Pelqejn

Shaq i letze drei spiele hast du sehr schwach gespielt ich wünsche das du von 20-25 meter auf Tor schießt wie beim Basel zeit.....

Paske me shky topin Shaqo👍

xeher i paske marr bablok

Kur hajr spas pi shaqes ni par patika smi qon.

Come to arsenal Liverpool will never win the epl

Maj i madhi n'vend🇨🇭🇦🇱🇽🇰

A mi jep niher ntermin .?

I madh je👏👏👏🇦🇱🇦🇱🇽🇰🇽🇰💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

a i ke fundos Qetnikat me qito Shaq

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