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Manchester City Football Club are a football club in Manchester, England. Founded in 1880 as St. Mark's (West Gorton), they became Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887 and Manchester City in 1894. The club are based at the Etihad Campus in East Manchester, encompassing their 80-acre training facility, Academy Stadium and their home ground, the City of Manchester Stadium which the club moved to in 2003 having played at Maine Road since 1923.

Manchester City first played in the top-tier of the Football League in 1899 and won their first major honour with the FA Cup in 1904. The club's most successful period was from 1968 to 1970, when they won the League Championship, FA Cup, League Cup and European Cup Winners' Cup, under the management team of Joe Mercer and Malcolm Allison. After losing the 1981 FA Cup Final, the club went through a period of decline, culminating in relegation to the third tier of English football for the only time in their history in 1998. Having regained their Premier League status in the early 2000s, the club were purchased in 2008 by Abu Dhabi United Group for £210 million. Since 2011, the club have won seven official honours, including the Premier League in 2012 and 2014.

By 2016–17, Manchester City had the fifth-highest revenue in the footballing world with an annual revenue of €527.7 million. In 2017, Forbes magazine estimated they were the world's fifth-most valuable football club, worth US$2.08 billion. In 2015, a 13.79% stake purchase for the club's parent company, City Football Group (CFG), by the CITIC Group for £265 million valued the entity at $3 billion.

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1. Sergio Agüero Manchester City 34.5m fans 945.2
2. Gabriel Jesus Manchester City 12.9m fans 923.3
3. Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City 12.3m fans 921.8
4. Vincent Kompany Manchester City 7.7m fans 902.8
5. David Silva Manchester City 7.3m fans 898.4
6. Raheem Sterling Manchester City 7.8m fans 889.3
7. İlkay Gündoğan Manchester City 5.9m fans 883.8
8. Fernandinho Manchester City 4.1m fans 859.7
9. Benjamin Mendy Manchester City 3.7m fans 850.2
10. Nicolás Otamendi Manchester City 3.3m fans 843.6
11. Kyle Walker Manchester City 3.6m fans 834.4
12. Danilo Manchester City 2.6m fans 827.5
13. Claudio Bravo Manchester City 5.8m fans 811.0
14. Riyad Mahrez Manchester City 5.1m fans 805.1
15. Ederson Manchester City 1.7m fans 800.4
16. Bernardo Silva Manchester City 1.6m fans 793.1
17. Leroy Sané Manchester City 4.2m fans 790.5
18. John Stones Manchester City 725.8k fans 688.2
19. Fabian Delph Manchester City 337.5k fans 597.5
20. Aymeric Laporte Manchester City 532.9k fans 595.3
21. Oleksandr Zinchenko Manchester City 325.9k fans 567.5
22. Phil Foden Manchester City 306.0k fans 481.1
23. Daniel Arzani Manchester City 63.5k fans 362.8
24. Claudio Gomes Manchester City 21.4k fans 226.0
25. Philippe Sandler Manchester City 8.4k fans 179.2

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5 hours ago

Manchester City

Il y a un tout juste un mois, Riyad Mahrez remportait la CAN et devenait champion d'Afrique avec l'Algérie 👏🇩🇿🏆 ... See moreSee less

Il y a un tout juste un mois, Riyad Mahrez remportait la CAN et devenait champion dAfrique avec lAlgérie 👏🇩🇿🏆


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تحیا محرز


الاستعمار 😂 مالڨري مڨرط عايش غاية راك فاهم 😋

And no substitute of course ;so next time he needs to not warm the bench

So why he is always reserved ??? Despite the excellent show he did last time

Grand bravo a Riadh et tous les algériens

he's better than Sterling and Silva he has to be titular thanks for your understanding 😍

Il doit avoir mal au coup avec toutes ses médailles 💪

he won all this title but he still in the bench , pep should know that one day mahrez will say no i want to play or i leave the team,before all this drama it's better to give him chance instead of burning his talent.

mehrez even if he scores from the planet Mars he stays on the bench...2. vous faite ca juste pour gagner le coeur des supporter algerien ........3 il ya juste deux jour il a fait gagner man city deux jour apres il s'es retrouver sur le banc !!!!!!!!

متحشوناش دخلوه يلعب 😑

لعبولنا الطفل رايحين تعقدوهولنا ياو

حتى ڨورديولا لازم تطوشيه الحملة تاع يتنحاو ڨاع شكرا

il mérite de jouer titulaire avec le club aussi, #guardiola permet moi de dir ça mais t'es nulle mon pote!

Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas encore Mahrez n'est pas le genre de joueur qui vas pleurer ou faire le con pour se faire une place titulaire tel aguero et sané ou sterling et autre .... Il est dans son poste patient et surtout éfficace, réponds présent a chaque match donc aussi simple que ça ya pas respect a lui.

ومن بعد عاد للفريق و أدى مباراة ممتازة و تحصل على أعلى تنقيط في الجولة الأولى ليجد نفسه في الجولة الثانية في مقاعد البدلاء ,!!!!!!!!!!

Oui Mahrez est un champion mais au City il est au banc de touche! C pas logique le meilleur joueur du dernier match reste au banc!!!! Mahrez change du groupe! Ne perd pas ton talent chez qui ne connais pas ta valeur! 🙏

هاته الالقاب في غضون شهور ومع ذلك الفيلسوف يهمش اللاعب ويضعه في الاحتياط ويراوغ الجميع في المؤتمرات الصحفية بالاكاذيب الأقاويل: اووو محرز ذكي موهوب استطاع في غضون اسابيع فهم اسلوبنا وطريقة اللعب في الفريق ، محرز اتصل بي وأكد لي جاهزيته رغم أنه لم يركن للراحة ، محرز لأنه ممتاز وأبان عن جاهزيته اردت ان ابقيه في مقاعد البدلاء ولاننا في بداية موسم لابد ان اشاهد واقف على جاهزية الجميع يااااااا سي غوارديولا انت تلعب بالعاطفة اتجاه بعض اللاعبين أمثال اغويرو سترلينغ دي بروين بالمقابل تهمش محرز لانه منضبط داخل وخارج المستطيل الأخضر اشركه وامنح له فرصة اللعب بالانتظام أو اترك يرحل الى فريق يستفيد من قدرات اللاعب . . .

A high level player must be essential in every game or else he must leave this winter

Wz need mahrez play every match because he is champion of africa and the best player in africa

بركاو ما تشرو في الملاحة! 😡😡😡😡 عطيناكم الطفل دخلو جدو يلعب ولا اطلقوه يروح🏃🏃🏃

قوالب سبي غوارديولا بالعقلية هذي متروحش بعيد و خير مثال ليفربول هربت عليك الحاج

لكن غوارديولا لا يعتمد عليه كأساسي لمساعدة الفريق .

Guardiola commits a crime against this man because he is the best player in the city all the world know that he is the best high quality

لا تذكرهم...هناك سينغاليون ذوو بشرة بيضاء ستحترق قلوبهم

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11 hours ago

Manchester City

On this day in 2013...

🧙‍♂️ A David Silva header
🌟 A Samir Nasri strike
🎯 A Yaya Toure free-kick
❄️ A cool finish from Sergio Aguero

Which one is your favourite?
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OTD | City v Newcastle 2013


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Benali Benali

All 4 for me, I loved each and every one


Mahrez: Guarrdila, he does not believe in your abilities, leave immediately from this club

Man, Yaya was such a beast!

we are The Cityzens!

The best in the history of the city Yaya Toure

Yaya Touré

one season left of the little magician 😭😭

seriously Algerian fans should see the world outside their well. Riyad Mahrez is a top class footballer but he isn't the best player in city. If he was then he would be in the starting line-up on a regular basis. Also to some Algerian fans who questions Pep they are just showing themselves that they have no knowledge in football

.Mehrez is the best player of the City and he is a lot of oppressed in the team

شباب صبايا ، لي عندو اهتمام بالكرة يدخل يشاركنا اخبار اللاعبين والاندية والمنتخبات ، المجموعة وليدة اليوم وان شاء الله رح تضم كل العرب اهلا وسهلا فيكن ..

نشالله عمرك ماتشوف الربح يا غوارديولا

Yaya Touré

Yaya is the be(a)st.

What a team that was!! 💙💙💙💙💙

Really Miss Nasri and Dzeko 😢

A silver header be a use those didn't come often thay season 😂 we knew Dzeko was the main header main

Riyad Mahraz The African champion was behind 5 goals in the previous game with City taking the same mark with a hat-trick. Sit in the bench! He is in top form rather than a key intervention to assert his central position against a strong team like Tottenham. Do you want to destroy it, Guardiola !! Is it just a rabbit race in order to upgrade your players! ? If you were a racist, why did you bring him to City? The lives of Yayaturi and Eto'o Samuel have been lost and it is time Is it because they are from Africa? You are selfish and unjust

This club as really fished from arsenal oo.. Just look at the list Na$ri, Adeba¥o, Clich¥, $agna...😣😥

Best part about this video is David Silva‘s hair

Yaya Touré best player 👍

Yaya (y) (y)

VAR 10-0 Man city🤔

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15 hours ago

Manchester City


On This Day last year... 👀
... See moreSee less

OTD | City v Huddersfield 2018


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Don't ever play mahrez

This season is very difficult, i wish with all my heart💙 a good luck to the team, go go go 👍👍👍city remain the best 💪and will always remain.

Quite beautiful game. This year is a bit different and hard but I pray that we run so fast and accurate and more importantly keeping on changing the game (short passes and long passes where possible) though I know that that's not our coach's game

amazing performance that day by our skyblues !

i hope we will be a champion like last year

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The African champion was behind 5 goals in the previous game with City taking the same mark with the hat-trick recorder his spirits are very high! You sit him in the bench! And he is at his highest level instead of his intervention essential to confirm his main position against a strong team like Tottenham Do you want to destroy it, Guardiola? Is it just a racing rabbit to upgrade your players? If you're a racist, why did you bring him to City.

Get well soon leroysane 19 @Manchester city Cheers from across the pond in Canada 💥💥

بطل افريقيا كان وراء 5 أهداف في المباراة السابقة مع السيتي أخذ نفس العلامة مع مسجل الهاتريك معنوياته جد مرتفعة ! تجلسه في دكة البدلاء ! و هو في اعلا مستواه بدل من ان تدخله اساسي ليأكد مكانته الاساسية ضد فريق قوي مثل توتنهام هل تريد تحطيمه يا غوارديولا !! هل هو مجرد أرنب سباق من أجل رفع مستوى لاعبيك ! ؟ إن كنت عنصريا لماذا أحضرته للسيتي !!؟

Les souvenirs nous efface notre colère merci beaucoup pour les souvenirs 🏅👑🏆toujours city qui gagne 🥇🥇

i am soory mahrez i am soory les algériens 👐

نبغي ربي يخلص سون سمير شح مح😂

Let talk about six! Is better 🤫

Mehrez won five titles And the African Cup He won the league with Leicester City What he lacks to be a key player

Yeah,we just started ,we will lift the trophy once more

اتمنى ان يغير محرز الفريق بسرعة ،😎😎😎 و مافعله أغويرو يدل على انه ل ليس أفضل من يلعب و انما من يستطيع ان يخيف المدرب هو من يلعب رياض محرز اعلى تنقيط و ا حسن لاعب في اللقاء الاول يبقيه في كرسي الاحتياط ڤوارديولة مغرور يجب على محرز تغيير طريقة معاملة مع المدرب السكوت اكثر من اللزم هو الذي افقدهو مكانتهو الاساسية او يجب عليه تغيير الفريق ...😎😎😎 شاموتيين الله يحرڤكم طرجمها كيما بغيت تشدو غير سبي هدا العام بهاد طريقة 😎😎😎 و روحو طيط ماطكم

Riad Mahrez You are a great player but with this coach you will break yourself you have to leave Manchester City and go to Arsenal

أن شاء الله متزيدوش تشوفو الربحة بلا محرز

Scoring the number one star in the team, how it is not the champion of Africa, I do not know why you hate all his money linked to an Arab star, why not Ttazt about what happened between Aguero and Guardiola, the truth is unfortunate player size Sergio does not deserve the status of Valcity

City will finish 3rd this season

The coach's maneuvers will leave the club with zero hands this season

Commentary is better than background music

وحد الوقت عذبكم رياض على اديكا تكرهوه رياض محرز الأفضل في مانشستر لو منحت له الفرصة كالبقية

Manchester City squad 2007. Nicky Weaver GK. Michael Ball Vedan Corluka Richard Dunne Micah Richards Stephen Ireland Kelvin Etuhu Geovanni Michael Johnson Paul Dickov Paulo Wanchope Shaun Gaoter.

Come on Manchester City

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24 hours ago

Manchester City

Get in! 🤩 A last-minute Tessa Wullaert goal clinches a stunning comeback, as we finish our Women's International Champions Cup campaign on a high! ... See moreSee less


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good work lasses

Great result CITY LADIES

Amazing night. We travelled for over 6 hours from Atlanta to watch the match for our daughter. Best result we could ask for 😊

Very very beautiful celebration lovely girls

So proud of you ladies


Well done CITY

God bless u great ladies

Congratulations Girls


Great tournament!!!

great finish to game thought the girls coming on changed the game for us well done

Well don't celebrate already. The VAR may change the decision tomorrow 😂

Mahrez: Guarrdila, he does not believe in your abilities, leave immediately from this club

الزين مطايش يالرب العالي وحنا ضايعين 😂

All the CITY players gave it their best , And Nick made the right Subs in the muggy heat :-)


What was the score?

They play better than Guardiola😂

سترلينج يستحق اللعب معهن 😂😂

Mahraz Did he take part or reserve as usual? 😳😳

اي طفلة تمركي لازم تنحي التريكوا باه تفرح وتفرحنا معاها


ااااااا عمري هااااااا ⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩

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