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Manchester City Football Club are a football club in Manchester, England. Founded in 1880 as St. Mark's (West Gorton), they became Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887 and Manchester City in 1894. The club are based at the Etihad Campus in East Manchester, encompassing their 80-acre training facility, Academy Stadium and their home ground, the City of Manchester Stadium which the club moved to in 2003 having played at Maine Road since 1923.

Manchester City first played in the top-tier of the Football League in 1899 and won their first major honour with the FA Cup in 1904. The club's most successful period was from 1968 to 1970, when they won the League Championship, FA Cup, League Cup and European Cup Winners' Cup, under the management team of Joe Mercer and Malcolm Allison. After losing the 1981 FA Cup Final, the club went through a period of decline, culminating in relegation to the third tier of English football for the only time in their history in 1998. Having regained their Premier League status in the early 2000s, the club were purchased in 2008 by Abu Dhabi United Group for £210 million. Since 2011, the club have won seven official honours, including the Premier League in 2012 and 2014.

By 2016–17, Manchester City had the fifth-highest revenue in the footballing world with an annual revenue of €527.7 million. In 2017, Forbes magazine estimated they were the world's fifth-most valuable football club, worth US$2.08 billion. In 2015, a 13.79% stake purchase for the club's parent company, City Football Group (CFG), by the CITIC Group for £265 million valued the entity at $3 billion.

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1. Sergio Agüero Manchester City 34.5m fans 980.9
2. Gabriel Jesus Manchester City 12.9m fans 959.0
3. Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City 12.3m fans 957.5
4. Vincent Kompany Manchester City 7.7m fans 938.5
5. David Silva Manchester City 7.3m fans 934.2
6. Raheem Sterling Manchester City 7.8m fans 925.0
7. İlkay Gündoğan Manchester City 5.9m fans 919.5
8. Fernandinho Manchester City 4.1m fans 895.4
9. Benjamin Mendy Manchester City 3.7m fans 885.9
10. Nicolás Otamendi Manchester City 3.3m fans 879.4
11. Kyle Walker Manchester City 3.6m fans 870.2
12. Danilo Manchester City 2.6m fans 863.3
13. Claudio Bravo Manchester City 5.8m fans 846.7
14. Riyad Mahrez Manchester City 5.1m fans 840.9
15. Ederson Manchester City 1.7m fans 836.3
16. Bernardo Silva Manchester City 1.6m fans 829.0
17. Leroy Sané Manchester City 4.2m fans 826.3
18. John Stones Manchester City 725.8k fans 724.1
19. Fabian Delph Manchester City 337.5k fans 633.5
20. Aymeric Laporte Manchester City 532.9k fans 631.2
21. Oleksandr Zinchenko Manchester City 325.9k fans 603.5
22. Phil Foden Manchester City 306.0k fans 481.1
23. Daniel Arzani Manchester City 63.5k fans 398.2
24. Claudio Gomes Manchester City 21.4k fans 261.6
25. Philippe Sandler Manchester City 8.4k fans 214.8

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15 hours ago

Manchester City

You asked, Riyad Mahrez answered! 💬 ... See moreSee less

POTM | Riyad Mahrez


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A message to some Man City players: Don't be selfish...Mahrez was many time in the right place, and some players don't give him the ball...Especially: "Aguero, Sterling, David Silva, Fernandinho". If those players give the ball to Mahrez in the right place, City will win a more higher scores, and more matchs again. Don't worry, Mahrez is an intelligent player, when he see that he can't score, he will giving you the ball again to score, like he have doing yesterday with Aguero. I hope coach Pep will speak in that point with his players...they can win all trophies if they left selfishness behind 😉 Good chance Man City ✌✌

Mahrez get the hell out of this is nothing more than dollars and racism..go the greatest club in the world Barca

Mahrez is a good player

I think mahrez the best in history of man city from USA

Why God why God did you create Algerians

Tell your fans to respect other players 🙄

Here comes the algerians 123 Go

You should listen to Fernaldinho kid, for you to be a proper Man city player!

Riyad Mahrez is very beautiful either hand the face or morality is a modest player not as some players we love you mahrez💕💗💓💓💔💔💔💔💔😍😍😍good luck to the club of man city💕💓💓💓💕💕💓💓

Wow such a good and you are always Top for me .I hope you will be get best player in this year....

The Algeria's are starting to annoy me this was our worst buy for Man City I think they must loan him in Spain so we can have some break from these Algerians

Message to administrators on this page : Why do not you stop the racist comments on Mahrez and the Algerians by some English racists on this page? Do you accept that someone will call you terrorism? I love this team but what I see daily from racist comments made me change my mind. This is totally unacceptable.

Awesome stuff Riyad. Huge Congrats on winning ETIHAD Player of the Month, all the best for the rest of this season and special thanks to those behind the scenes at Manchester City for getting my question out to him. Greatly appreciated. MCFC Australia represents! 🤣👍

This page😂😂😂.... Algerians and Mahrez FC

Worst player on the pitch when he plays. We should have saved the money and splashed it on de Jong. Sanè much more dangerous on the wing

Dont let fernandinho do this again , u are algérien where IS nif ya rebek 😂😂😂🤣

لي يعرف الصفحة تاع فيرناندينيو يقولنا واش اسمها عندنا هدرة معاه الرخيس 😠😡

really best plaier of the month ??

Great player! My question...Do all the Algerians that follow you also irritate the life out of you? 🤔

Fernandinho You have to submit the reason for your attack on Mehrez or we will invite you to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Bb mahrez I love you too much, why you don't defend yourself when fernandinho touch you ?

تصريح مساعد المدرب مانشستر سيتى لقد أخطأ فيرناندينو في التصرف مع لاعب رياض محرز صحيح رياض لم يغطى اللاعب بشكل مناسب فالكرة كانت قريبة لرياض محرز لكن التصرف من فيرناندينو كانت تصرف غير محترف قليلا بعد انتهاء المبارات اعتذر اللاعب لرياض محرز وأخبره انه لم يقصد شيئ من تلك الفعلة رياض لاعب محترف لم يتصرف بمثل مافعله فيرناندينو فهو لاعب منضبط تصرف بشكل ايجابى فنحن كلنا نعتذر عما حدث فلن يكن مثل هذه تصرفات مستقبلا اما عن تغير لرياض محرز لم يكن بسبب ماحدث بين فيرناندينو ورياض بل كان تغير تكتيكى للمدرب المصدر بين سبور وقناة انڨليزية سبور

Ho is the big dog in the world ?? 1-fernandinho 2-fernandinho 3-fernandinho اللى يجاوب صحيح سيفوز برحلة مجانية لريو دى جانيرو مصحوبا بشقيقة المنجوس البرازيلي فرناندينيو😇

mahrez the best player in histore of manchestre city 😍😍😍😍

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16 hours ago

Manchester City

POW! 💥 ... See moreSee less

POW! 💥


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The next match wiil be played in Franc against Lyon and wiil be Welcomed by the algerian Community o Dog Férnandinyou 🐕🐕 الجالية الجزائرية بإنتضاره محشيتلو 🙈🙈

اللي راه حالف في فيرناندينيو ولا يكرهو كثر من أغويرو يديرو جام Fernandinho must learn to respect riyad Mahrez 👊 وكما قال الشاعر أغويرو اللي خانو زهرو يصبغ شعرو

Like for👍 salah Love for❤ aguero Wow for😮 hazard

I love mahrez,but some of his brothers here are very fool and make me feel sad.Surely, not all Algerians are fools.

Great assist from mahrez 💪💪💪

Why didnt we win 6-0 as usual???so many average players in our squad like fernandinho n mendy

I don't know what's the current relationship between Pep and Sane but he should've started ahead of Mahrez. Guy brings intensity going forward and cause more menace.

Who is the best player right now 1- like for #Ronaldo 👍🇵🇹 2- love for #salah ❤🇪🇬 3- wow for #hazard 😮🇧🇪 4- haha for #messi 😆🇦🇷 5. Sad for #Neymar 😢🇧🇷 6. Angry for #pogba🇫🇷

This goal reminded me of the tittle winning goal 2012

Man City will not win anything this season because there are a few selfish players, Success does not come with envy, folly, hatred ,,,,,, Success comes together and work on the public interest, remember good this talk.

Algerian international Riyad Mehrez, on arrival at Houari Boumedienne airport, confirmed that what happened with Manchester City's Fernandinho in the Derby against United yesterday is not worth the trouble. "Ahh, nothing happened, it was just a reaction from the pressure," Mehrez told the media. "In addition to all this, Fernandinho is a great friend and friend to me," he continued, smiling.

Some of our foreign fans or those who purport to be fans don't half chat some shite. Don't get me wrong some English fans do but you lot collect the top prize

It's clear some Algerians were watching a different match. The goal by Aguero was a 1-2 pass between Aguero and Mahrez and many a times Aguero passed the ball to Mahrez. I don't really understand why they are saying ball was not reaching Mahrez I don't understand for Algerians, the moral of Sané has died because of Mahrez Sané now plays average yet you guys don't still appreciate the club

Celebrate until you win Champions league 3 times and Premier league 20 times. Manchester Is Red..

How long for the mahrez comments, about 30 seconds I reckon

OMG i can't imagine a whole country of Algeria can be this silly and dumb.

You guys if you are commenting here stop telling us where you are from or your favorite player, just tell us your views not feelings.

That goal he scored looked nearly the same as the one he scored against QPR back in 2012

Until whenever you wan't be able to win the thropy ucl Manchester is Red

aguero ni superstar, I like all man city players all are best in the English premier

رياظ محرز محسود من طرف زملائه من يوافقني الرأي 😞

This club gonna break all record this season just wait and beleive that

اياا دخاان شمة مالبورو تاع لبلاد ايااااا ڨوفريط ڨوفريط 🚶 كشما خصكم يا ليجان ⁦🗣️⁩

المان سيتي لن يفوز بأي شيئ هذا الموسم لوجود شلة من اللاعبين الأنانيين ، النجاح لا يأتي مع الحسد ، والغل ، والكراهية،،،،،،النجاح يأتي بالتكاتف والعمل على المصلحة العامة ، تذكروا جيد هذا الكلام .

fena was just givin game tips to a felow teammate no hard feelings. if algerians dnt want marhrez corrected create his own league and let him play alone. how dare can you let an opponent go like tt in a derby hey know the meaning of derby its a no messy game

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1 day ago

Manchester City

Turning the city 🔵 once again! Manchester Derby highlights...

... See moreSee less


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Fernandinho must learn to respect riyad Mahrez 👊

Algerians!! 😀 😀 Leicester Facebook fans must be glad they sold him. 😀 😀

I love mahrez as a player but man city is not about him... My Algerian brothers should take things easy city is not a mahrez team... 😀 mahrez one of the EPL greatest ♥

Mahrez has not only recaptured his Leicester form, he looks capable of doing the unthinkable and making Manchester City even better as well.

I apologise on behalf of all The rude comments coming from Algerians (they actually have a very good heart) just always too excited. I’d love to congratulate Man City’s fans for this win. I think it was a good and a fair game. Marez and Aguerro played well which is good, but they were substituted for tactical reasons. Well played city and for Algerians(Calm down)

Don't Touch Riyad mahrez is the best fernandinho يالمجلخ

Stones really turned into a beast! What a player. He and Laporte should always start! I hope Sane can work his way back into the starting 11 soon...

In fact, Mahrez has scored more goals in the past 10 matches than Sanchez has managed in the past 10 months.

Mahrez is an Algerian god, not Man City God, show him and his fans that they are nothing by giving him an unpleasant life in every match. Boo that pig until he leaves Etihad, Algerians talks too much. We had the Toures bros and enjoyed football with them, there was never madness like this from the ivorians.

I wish Man City never bought Mahrez. Algerians are arrogantly turning football into 100m sports. Show some respect to the team by appreciating the team and not a certain Algerian player. ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

ضرك انا ندعي عليه دعوة مش مليحة.. روح ا سيدي كيما هولنا الله يهول ناسو آمييييييين🤲🤲 الله يريب قنطاسوا .. آمييييييين🤲🤲 نشاله يمرض و ينوضلوا الحب في راسوا آمييييييين🤲🤲 نشاله يربطوا على الضناية و الزواج آمييييييين🤲🤲 يا سيدييي......نشاله وين يروح مقلوڨة عليه

Riyad Mahrez suffered the remonstrances of his team-mate Fernandinho in the Man City - Man U derby (3-1). The Brazilian called Mahrez by holding him by the pass after a loose ball. It was hot ! And why do not you do that with Neymar !!!

Manchester Derby, But something like the city play against Derby County.

Fernandinho You have to submit the reason for your attack on Mehrez or we will invite you to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia

No matter how big the screen of your phone is, you will still have to scroll down to view man.united on the table.

No doubt Mahrez is a great player in the EPL... I like Mahrez especially the season Leicester won the premier league and he emerged as the premier league best.... City is a new experience for him and Mahrez fans must be patient

Mahrez's fans are so irritating.... yes we love him too he is a city player... why is it that we no longer hear about other players ... Mahrez this Mahrez that

what does Liverpool and united have in common? the deep understanding that they will never be better than city just lucky

"But really the idea is for the whole team to defend, not just me. When the other team has the ball we are all under instruction to win it back as soon as possible. Everyone, including the strikers and wingers, has to press high. That is how we try to keep control" Words by Dinho before the match. Just leaving it here.

Mendy needs to come down and play football. Walker, Stones nd Laporte where solid... plus Bernardo was always there to help. to me, Bernardo was da man of da match. Mahrez played well but he looked a bit tired. Sterling had his worst first half but did better in da second half. i think yesterday was not our best performance in the first half. but we still played beautiful football than any other team this weekend. lol 😂 we lucky Sanchez ddnt come to Man City.

Manchester is red and stays red tide of life and you are just a passing cloud will fade with time until each team returns to his station

Riyad Mehrez is the biggest player in the league. This is the new and new team to win the English Premier League. Fernandinho must be punished for his behavior against Mehrez. Yes, they are afraid of beating Riad because he is better than them technically.

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ anyone who’s wishing to watch the highlights please remember that you’re neck and eyes are extremely valuable and at half time they do swap sides and go the other way!

Why does everyone in Manchester City hate Riad Mehrez ... even though he offers everything he has to the team and he is shy and respects everyone because he is a Muslim?

what Pep has done is....create 3 - 4 options of combo upfront...that gives him the flexibility to make changes when he needs....great combo of Aguero/Jesus,... B Silva / KDB / Gundongan, ....Sterling / Mahrez / Sane....with David n Fer being the play-makers in the middle.... this is the team to beat....wont be surprised if they remain unbeaten....this season...

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1 day ago

Manchester City

Champ meets the Champs! 🏆

Александр Усик / Usyk joined us in the dressing room for our derby victory celebrations! 🙌
... See moreSee less

Manchester Derby | Dressing Room Cam


Comment on Facebook

What Fernandinho did to mahrez and the silence on that ... shame of the whole team, managers and supporters as well.

Fernandinho, Mahrez is way better than, don't you dare and touch him

What Fernandinho did to Mahrez was good ,next-time he will remember that City plays as a unit, defends as a unit, attacks as a unit and nobody is better then not defending. If he feels like he is being abused at City ,then he must ask to transfer in January

بداية حملة دعاء على فرناندينيو السمانة الجاية يتبليسي ياخويا ياخويا ليحب محرز يعمل جام هنا 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Fernandinho. . You should respect your teammate mahrez and never treat him the way you did today. . Would you do that to agüero or sterling ? ? Never. . #hagarrr

A non-sports shot from Ferdinandho against Riad Mehrez in the Manchester derby when he pulled him out of the top and is a non-sport shot and Guardiola must punish him. Fernandinho is a bad player.

outstanding performance by Fernandinho he's the engine of the team...

Fernandinho did nothing he was just letting mahrez know that if he can't keep up with the guy foul him don't leave him to run towards our goal. It was just heat of the game nothing else Fernandinho is a great player and sometime have to pull some strings on new players he had every right to tell him u did wrong.

LMAO all these people tripping over the Fernandinho and Mahrez encounter. These people have never played a game of football. You will talk to your teammates in the heat of the moment and you will be 100% fine after the game is over. I bet Mahrez isn't even thinking about it. You're all ridiculous.

Fernandinho ?? Sports ethics above all and what you did today with your colleague Mehrez is not a moral thing. Mehrez is a polite player inside and outside the stadium. And you showed that you are a bad player. I do not defend Mehrez because he is the son of my country, but because the shot took place in front of his teammates, supporters and all the cameras of the world. You must learn ethics before reading.

I'm happy to win but Fernandinho behavior when he spoke with mahrez violently everyone is angry to that.

#Fernandinho ___ Stop 🚫 do not touch riyad mahrez 26, you are not his coach for him give advice in the field, when he was leiscter he win all alone these teams 👉 tottinham, man united, chelsea, liverpool, and the big clubs, best players lfp 2016, you have no right to touch him, leave him alone and bawl with time, not for racism,

Best striker : Bernardo silva Best middfiler: Bernardo silva Best defender : Bernardo silva Man of the match : Bernardo silva

Get a grip, well done fernandinho... Remember Roy Keane? Great captain an told it how it was... You fairy cakes just love drama, get a grip

Guardiola was told to pay attention to the plot that some players are doing on Mehrez by not passing the ball to him, although he is in a good position to score the goals, yet he faces it with a smile We say to these players this player did not come to this team, but rather a fictional deal with the determination of the coach and the administration. So we tell you that your game is clear and what is on the skeptics only preview the games again to notice their selfishness and stupidity. And the last chapter of the plot is the non-sports shot by the bald brazilian, which does not dare to do with any other player Despite all these conspiracies, he scored and scored goals alone without the help of the intruders.

How mad are Algerian football fans ffs! If mahrez doesn’t score guardiola should be sacked apparently. Clearly not city fans.

what you won last year (sterling , sane ,fernandinho...) nothing only the championship , this year you're going to win the champions league thanks to mahrez for choosing man city

If you think Fernandinho did something wrong then U clearly Haven't played football.....if your teammate is not marking or performing the way you know him U have to wake him up and the city was under pressure you have to remember for mahrez he must be confident maybe it's because it was his first derby yes he assisted but he could have done more

يا جماعة خايف الا محرز يبان في التدريبات مع فرناندينيو و حنا سما ربحنا غير العيب🤔

If the players continue to be treated in such a way that they were treated today, they will be psychologically destroyed by this racism

Fernandinho is a player who does not fit football. He must be ethical and role model for future generations. Today's behavior with Mehrez is not appropriate for a club like City and must be disciplined by the coach.

To the United fans here talking about Manchester is red, I wanna know, how’s it down there 👇 ? Cause it’s beautiful 😍 at the top of the league 💙💙💙

Fernandinho Did Good And he has the right to tell Every player what's wrong & exactly what they have to do and riyad mahrez is great player and it doesn't mean no one can't tell him his bad deed

كامل نديرو حملة ضد فرناندينهو (Fernandinho) نربوه شوية حقرنا الطفل

The difference between you and Stirling is that you watched the game from the TV and he watched it from the stadium did not do anything except running and losing face to face with the goalkeeper

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