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Plays for: Manchester City, Portugal
Ranked: 44th in Premier League
Bernardo Mota Veiga de Carvalho e Silva is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for English club Manchester City and the Portugal national team as a midfielder. Description provided by Wikipedia


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@david21lva 🙌🏼

WHAT A GAME!! Amazing support from the fans!! 🔵🔵 @mancity @kylewalker2 @david21lva

Another great performance from everyone! Congrats to @dejesusoficial ⚽️⚽️⚽️ And who’s already thinking on sunday? 😄@mancity 🔵🔵

Be happy! Enjoy life! 😄

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5 days ago

Bernardo Silva

It was a great pleasure working with you for 3 seasons!
Merci Président 🇲🇨
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It was a great pleasure working with you for 3 seasons!
Merci Président 🇲🇨


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Bernaldo is better than salah

Pierre Mallick les gens pensent qu’il a été transféré 😭

bernaldo please don't ever leave mancity we need you brother

The best player midfield in the world now😍😍😍

Bernardo is better than E.Hazard

Bernardo 2020... Si seulement 😢 Daghe Munegu 🇲🇨

in man city bernado Silva is ouR Lionel Messi....

He left mancity????

YOUR THE BEST PLAYER FOR MANCHESTER CITY THIS SEASON... Keep it up Bernardo 💙💙💙 win us those 4 trophies we're playing for this season

Bernaldo is better than penaldo

Daghe Munegu 🇲🇨 Bernardo always in our heart

Midfielder general

Bernado continue comme ça et tu sera le joueur de la saison

Now you are a city guy! I love that!!!!

we love you Berna

Why you leave from man city Bernardo . Actually I don't like your game first time but after every matches you make me a big fan of you. All the very best . My prayers with you... #citizen😘

Bernardo I wish you stay with Man City for the rest of your career you are becoming a legend 💙💙💙🥇🤟🏻

Bernardo silva ❤️ Benfica ❤️

That innocent Bernado

Daghe munegu ❤❤ tu étais le seul à qui ont a donné le droit de partir les autres n'avaient pas le droit mais ont forcer leur départ comme un certains Mbappé et lemar


Turned into a real player, can see him doing as well as David.

É um prazer ver essas pantufas tocar na bola

Congrats, prince... 👏👏👏💋

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7 days ago

Bernardo Silva

Seleções de Portugal

Seleções de Portugal
O desafio não as assusta. A paixão por Portugal alimenta esta vontade. O sonho de 14 jogadoras, e de todos nós, está mais perto do que nunca. #TodosPortugal

🏆 Women's Futsal EURO
📅 15 a 17 de Fevereiro
📍 Multiusos de Gondomar
🎟 Bilhetes (1€)

The challenge doesn’t scare them. The passion for Portugal feeds this desire. The dream of 14 brave players, and all of us united, is closer than ever. #TeamPortugal
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Seleções de Portugal


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Luv u....luv u...luv u

Bora lá


we love u berna

I love you bernardo

Já estamos na final

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1 week ago

Bernardo Silva

🔵🔵 ... See moreSee less



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I hope u stay healthy our Motor of the team

The next el mago in the making. U stole every cityzen's heart


My favourite player

The best one

Super Bernardo💙💙💙 Come on City💙💙💙

Fans favourite.Keep it up man

You're looking thoughtful there Bernardo... thinking of how you are never going to leave City! You are a big part of our here and now, and surely , a huge part of our future!

talent creative new silver

I LOVE YOu Bernardo.

The little magic go strong

U a the best city player

Blue always blue

Big fan of u... Ur best player.. After lio messi

Come on bubblegum.. recharge your battery 💙

The best one man city bernando silva

Best player in pl right now

keep up good effort Berna! 💙💪

Bernando silva u are blood of blue

A pleasure to have such a hardworking skilful player in our team 💙

I'm happy the way you play against tactful defenders. You are always focused, determined, fearless and full of energy in the pitch.Keep it up.

darling player super pls work extra hard to remain in the squad we need yöu there

please don't, decide to go real madirid

am happy that u swap sane position.... Until the end cmon city

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2 weeks ago

Bernardo Silva

What a game!! 😱 we keep going 🔵🔵 Manchester City Raheem Sterling ... See moreSee less

What a game!! 😱 we keep going 🔵🔵 Manchester City Raheem Sterling


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Sammy and I are amazed at the talent and intelligence of Bernardo. Since the start of the season, I would say Bernardo is one of the most improved players in MC. The distance he covers in each match is amazing.

Seguramente que acabaste o dia lesionado! Festejar 16 golos rebenta as costas a qualquer um! As melhoras! 😉

que grande dia hein Bernardo! O JMarques bem te queria mandar um abraço mas ta muito ocupado no WC hoje

This was my favourite moment too when you jumped at the same timee

Hoje deste 16-0 deves ser o unico jogador no Mundo a ter um resultado destes no coraçao

And our BENFICA, 10!! Congrats

That was a mazing genius bernardo... Wow go go go go city.. Forever

You're fantastic brother world class 🤗

Bernado Silva you are gettin better by the game and already a City LEGEND.

Barnardo u are Birilliant

Good job blue boys, I have to wake up at Chalsea o'Clock tommorow morning 6 ⏰ 😂😂😂

O city ganhou Bem mas o benfica foi uma classe 10 a zero

passed the ball to mahrez , you are really selfish, especially Sterling

Contender for player of the season

Well done bernardo Time to register back to back wins

well done Berna! you were amazing today!

Fabulous shot of two amazing players!

Weldon little man! Great player you are

We'll win everything on offer this season. I know we will. Great win guys 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Dia perfeito! Na Liga Inglesa o Manchester City é a minha equipa preferida. Hoje goleou o Chelsea por 6 – 0.

You Really Really Fantastic ~~~~

Fantastic performance, I was in the top tier of the South stand and it was breathtaking to watch!

I like your electric bace barnando💙 Congratulations

Aposto k estas a ver o resumo do jogo do nosso benfica😂😂😂

Que jogaço. Foste top. Rumo ao título.Abraço de Portugal

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2 weeks ago

Bernardo Silva

Massive win tonight! Sunday we go again! Come on Manchester City 🔵🔵 ... See moreSee less

Massive win tonight! Sunday we go again! Come on Manchester City 🔵🔵


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Bernardo you were brilliant...again.

Always brilliant Bernardo ☆

Great game like ever come on Gernardo

Diz o meu amigo “Bola de ouro ? Os meus objetivos são coletivos “. É para rir ! Como sabes que Bola de ouro é uma miragem, escondes-te no colectivo 😂 Amigo nem nomeado para os três finalistas quanto mais Bola de ouro 😂 Já nem falo noutras equipas , mas olhando só para o City deves estar abaixo do décimo lugar 😄😃😂😭

Back to wea we are used to....

Congrats Tuga Player.

Bernardo Silva eu gosto muito de ti ver no 11 do city. você é um jogador muito forte

You are a super player. Great times ahead in a sky blue shirt. CTID

You're supper boy.I love you next yo KDB.

Nobody can stop us until we defend this back

Best Player of Manchester City 🙌

Why mahrez is not in the principal formation of man city in PL?

Was it Kyle who stood on your foot during the second goal celebrations?!🤪 Jealous of your style!! 💙

Bernardo Silva the next David Silva...well done on the win last night lads

C'mon city great work bernardo

Bernardo got some air , tireless player

City will flop come Sunday

Why lost against crystal palace leicester if after you win liverpool ... Arsenal and everton ??? LOGICS ?

Best playmaker so far i salute you bernando silva

Superb performance '; Great win #Kudos

Great game, like ever,Come on Bernardo; Come on City!to Believe and to make!💪🏆🥇

Classe! Diz aí ao mister se quer ganhar tens de jogar! Hehe

Keep it up, Bernardo💙💙💙 Come on City💙💙💙

you are our restless engine Berna! amazing performance! well done 💪💙

bernado my lovelly playmaker

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