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Plays for: Manchester City, Portugal
Ranked: 65th in Premier League
Bernardo Mota Veiga de Carvalho e Silva is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for English club Manchester City and the Portugal national team as a midfielder. Description provided by Wikipedia


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@david21lva 🙌🏼

WHAT A GAME!! Amazing support from the fans!! 🔵🔵 @mancity @kylewalker2 @david21lva

Another great performance from everyone! Congrats to @dejesusoficial ⚽️⚽️⚽️ And who’s already thinking on sunday? 😄@mancity 🔵🔵

Be happy! Enjoy life! 😄

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17 hours ago

Bernardo Silva

Frustrating result but it felt so good to play back at the Etihad! We’ll come back stronger 🔵🔵 ... See moreSee less

Frustrating result but it felt so good to play back at the Etihad! We’ll come back stronger 🔵🔵


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I’m still hurt but your words are healing my soul.

Glad to see you so positive and motivated👏👍

good performance Berna! come on City!

Well done Bernado Very frustrating, we both know the true result but the best thing is to come back stronger and harder quicker and decisive in front of goal Too many goal attempts and misses Having said that great team work, i just want you guys to work more on the teams that gave us problems last season as well as work hard with out the ball knowing when you get it, you know exactly who to pass it to OR when to shoot

well said little magican ♥️♥️

Wow....what an attitude!!!you gave your best Bern....

Bernando, you're truly one of our young legends.. 36 games to go.. It is still too many to start feelind bad. The future is in our hands.. To change it to a better shape., you need to get back stronger... I love your consistency. Best wishes from Nigeria

You all do your best role model. But there is omen in football.By the way have a good luck on your next match.

When and where hhhhh iam verry happy for that result as liverpool fan.

In every sporting spirit, Bernardo, I was out of the box today and it would have been better for Riad Mehrez to enter this game

Bro.... ur performance wasn't as good as usual

gostei daquelas fintas entre 3,lindo,volta ao Benfica.

It's okay, we will be at the top again when it's all over. Please tell Kun to leave the fire for the opposition on the field and not at Pep. The enemies we face, include the 19 other teams, the FA and VAR, so let's continue to be the most beautiful and skillful team playing the beautiful game, TOGETHER, TOGETHER!

It's okay, shake it off! We still believe in our City

Congratulations For the good game but Tottenham ware so lucky

We return stronger , possitive thinks

Played well today champ but baffled as to why Pep took Mahrez out today. Clearly you're his favourite. No matter how good Mahrez plays he has absolutely no chance of playing

This var is doing too bad for we the citizens,,, WHY?

Don't lose hope guys,we are the blue moon

It's ok munchkin I now u guys will do better next time. But what is happening to us is with this rigged var is hurtful to say the least

Hey it was great to see you back , unfortunately var is ruining the experience again . Mcfc ok 😎

No worries.. still a long way to go.. performance was incredible

i believe in you boys... come on City..

Great player .you make Mahrez in the bench

Unfortunately we were not able to get what we deserved...lets try some other time...come on city

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2 days ago

Bernardo Silva

Ready for tomorrow!
Come on Manchester City 🔵🔵
... See moreSee less

Ready for tomorrow!
Come on Manchester City 🔵🔵


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wanna see you start line up


Good luck

best of luck little magican♥️♥️

Good luck bro

Waiting for a beautiful game

Good Luck

Hope you will be in start-up line

We are waiting for your victory tomorrow

Dá-lhes em grande Bernardo SLB4ever

Comn City 🤩

Waiting to see the real u

Come on City💙🔵

We are here to support u guys common

come on Berna! lets pick up another win against Spurs !

Da lhe Bernardo ❤️🇵🇹 força city

Come on City 💙💙

Come on City💙🔵

Talent go and make it rain

See you tomorrow Bernardo and hopefully we will see Cancelo in action

Cmon my boy and assist tomorrow twice

Ben Silva t'es meilleur, améliore toi encore plus car nous avons beaucoup besoin de tes capacités.

تهلا فمحرز صاحبي 🇩🇿🇩🇿😅😅

espero que você comece a começar amanhã boa sorte

Can’t wait u scored tomorrow

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1 week ago

Bernardo Silva

2️⃣5️⃣ Thanks everyone for all the messages! And what a way to start the Premier League! ... See moreSee less

2️⃣5️⃣ Thanks everyone for all the messages! And what a way to start the Premier League!


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Happy birthday my favourite player

Happy Birthday Bernardo make sure tommorow you score against Tottenham do it for the love of your fans please bro

Happy Birthday. Looking forward to your great performance this season.

You should have played today 🎉🎈🎁any way happy birthday bernardo

Happy birthday Bernardo. May all your wishes come to pass. And most importantly,I wish you a successful season with my lovely and most adorable team CITY. Big love to you .....

All the Very best wishes for your Birthday and for the season ahead! #20 #CTID

Happy birthday to idol, love you too much idol 💙💙💙💙💙💙

Parabéns Bernas 🎉🎉🎉

thank you are you trying the best game

Happy birthday and a great win. Will be cheering you all on at the Etihad next Saturday

Máquina muitos parabéns grande abraço

Parabéns pequeno génio...

O meu filho de 8 Anos é um Enorme fã teu , deseja te um dia feliz e mts parabéns!!!

Happy birthday Mr magic bernando we missed yesterday your fantastic ball

Wish you all best of luck. And continuing you form last season. .

Feliz Aniversário Vc É Muito Jogador Para Não Merecer Ganhar Ao Menos uma Bola De Ouro

well done guys! come on City!

Muitos parabéns Bernardo Silva. O que eu gostava de te ver de volta ao nosso Glorioso. Pode ser ainda antes do mercado fechar?

Happy Birthday to You Bernardo - did miss seeing you on the pitch but you will be up at the next match Im sure - Come On and Bring it On :)

Happy best day Bernardo.. Make sure bring back UCL to Etihad.. 😁

Happy Birthday silva! Portugal wants more from you ❤

See their eyes glow in the dark like vampires.... Happy birthday bro...

Feliz aniversário campeão melhor só se fizessem a justiça de te colocar na lista dos prémios best muito injusto o que os interesses fizeram😡😡Bernardo Silva

Gutted never played but happy birthday

Hope you had a great day Bernardo CITY FC always 🤗🤗🐋

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2 weeks ago

Bernardo Silva

‪I will miss this guy 🇧🇷🇵🇹‬
Danilo Luiz #debicaspromundo #solazer‬
... See moreSee less

‪I will miss this guy 🇧🇷🇵🇹‬
‪Danilo Luiz #debicaspromundo #solazer‬


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I'll miss him too

We will miss Our Deniluiz♥️♥️♥️

Where is Danilo going yet he had greatly improved? My Pep we will miss our player

One of the best players in man city with a good attitude,always gave his heart to the team,i will miss you danilo

My Best Player and The Best in City . Bernardo

Best of luck to Danilo Always gave his best and always seemed to come into training with a smile on his face judging by the training videos

We should of kept contribution to are team is priceless.

So lucky to have Bernard in City. A talented player with all the positive attitude, definitely the best player in the past season!

Goodbye Danilo.Thanks for everything

We all miss him he is wonderful man with nature #cmoncity #sonadi

I love danilo. He a real defender... Full-time... Will miss him

Always part of the family! #CTID

He was the best # good buy my guy will forever miss you in city coloures

He will be greatly missed by the majority of cityzens

He was a nice player,never complaint of not playing enough matches. Calm and patient player, we all shall miss him

We’ll miss him too always gave his all for team forever a blue💙

Deves ser o único jogador da bola que utiliza as redes sociais para exprimir sentimentos e não para vender chuteiras. Os teus Pais estão de parabéns! Educaram-te bem, com valores. Claro está que tu também tens o teu mérito...Com um pézinho esquerdo (o Chalana é que tinha razão, Messsizinho do Seixal) abençoado e um coração de ouro! Vai putoooooooo! P.s não te esqueças de nós, Benfiquistas, sempre a torcer por ti.

We were very lucky to have danilo in our team i remember a cracker 🍘 against burnley

Guys they (Cancelo) played together when younger at Benfica! I can only imagine amazing things coming to MC and Portugal!! :)

Sim, mas você está recebendo um colega português de volta 😊

مع السلامه ي افضل م لمسه كوره القدم 💔

Danilo we 'll miss him too 🇧🇷❤🥰

A true servant for the Blues..... He and Delph were great team players and contributed positively even from the bench

He leave For Small Club He join For Big lady

but We have a old friend Cancelo! Bro? <3

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2 weeks ago

Bernardo Silva

😍🔵 ... See moreSee less



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Parabéns pelo novo troféu Bernardo.

Congratulations Love from 🇳🇵💞


Love the retro kits


Congratulations Bernardo

Congratulations 🎊🎉

A grande Bernardo Parabéns pela conquista. Um abraçoBenfiquista

We also love you our hero😘


Congratulation my super hero



Very sad because you are not a candidate for a prize the best💔


Best of the best 💙 Congratulations

Congrats Bernardo

you were amazing as always Bernardi !

I love ure passion


Congratulations Bern

Chúc Mừng B.Silva và Manchester City

Thanks Bernardo for signing my kids jersey in Japan last week, you are a true gentleman - you and the team played a great game today!

Nice image Bernando ✋👋✋

That's the way Champions celebrate.Congratulation guys. Many more to come. Please talk to Leroy sane

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