Kyle Walker


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Plays for: Manchester City, England
Ranked: 22nd in Premier League
Kyle Andrew Walker is an English professional footballer who plays as a right back for Premier League club Manchester City and the English national team. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Great result last night, ready for the Derby this weekend now! @nikefootball always keeping me in fresh wheels #alwaysforward #nikefootball

Please be quiet son...

Can anyone thank Simon and Garfunkel for this song because I’m having too much fun with it.

We showed our strength and confidence yesterday with another big win. Congratulations to @10aguerosergiokun in scoring your 150th @premierleague goal! An incredible feat.

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4 weeks ago

Kyle Walker

Not even Sylvester Stallone could sort Craig Mitch's boxing out! #Creed2

Does Kyle Walker have a future as a boxing coach? 🥊 #Creed2
Craig Mitch could defo use some more training sessions 😆
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Milán Kalló kájli

bism allah alruhmin alrahim narju min almujtamae alduwalii alaihtimam bialqadiat alfilastinia wal'asraa alfilastiniiyn aldhyn fa sujun alaihtilal al'iisrayiylii walaihtimam bihuquq alshaeb alfilastinii wanutalib bialhuriyat lilasraa aladhin fa sujun alaihtilal almughtasib wa'ana samat almujtamae alduwalia ealaa jarayim alaihtilal alsahyunaa jarimatan bihaqi alshaeb alfilastinii wabihaqi al'iinsaniat waealaa aljamie 'ana yaelam 'ana muqawamat almuhtali almughtasib lays 'iirhab bal hu difae ean alhuquq walhuriyat wal'aradi walmuqadasat alta tantahik ealaa aydaa alyhwd

unstoppable Kyle , you are just amazing Kay 💙💪

Why not pass the ball to Riyad Mahrez Mehrez? Are you jealous of him? Racism is not good

فدوة رحتلك ولكر 😌

James Bernard Jason Molloy. Critique

Loved you at spurs and i still do (obviously a little less though). Not only the way you played the game but also your personality, especially your humor. Always have to laugh when i watch your videos! COYS

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3 months ago

Kyle Walker

Professional job today! #sharkteam 🦈 ... See moreSee less

Professional job today!  #sharkteam 🦈Image attachment


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Plz win champions league for us # love from nepal



Good job


Good job

Nicolas Otamendi straordinario campione

Riyad mahreeez 😍

GOOD WORK KYLE # Role model


Please make us proud and win midweek and against Liverpool

يا مظبطنا فى الفانتازى 😂



Grandissimo Kyle !

you are just unstoppable Kyle 👍💪

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3 months ago

Kyle Walker

Sorry Bernardo Silva but you do dress like a 45 yr old

Bernardo Silva is going to love Kyle Walker's comparisons on this one... 😆👌🏼#FashionKilla
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Leo Olsen Anas Farah Said Barakat

Los futbolistas sabemos mucho de moda 💁🏾‍♂️ Stephany Mdza

Ralf Pelzer Stijn Keulen

Dean Whitney

He is simple guy i like he's outfit i prefer formal's also i am 32 year old


Win champions league for fans

Luis Flores-Rivera

you are the best Kyle 👍

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3 months ago

Kyle Walker

Congratulations to Luka Modrić. An unbelievable player and a very deserved, humble winner #FIFAFootballAwards ... See moreSee less

Congratulations to Luka Modrić. An unbelievable player and a very deserved, humble winner #FIFAFootballAwards


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Kyle walker please win champions league for city fans.

Are you enjoying playing for a club that can’t fill up on champions league nights ?


Loved the United dig in the speech by Noel Gallagher

Don't understand why Dani Selves was selected ahead of u, the selected team of the year is crap

ايه ياد يا ولكر كدة الوداد الفس يغفلك فى التشكيله


uyanya wena walker😋

kyle walker am in love with u


워커야 친추 보내

David Silva > modric

Flashback 😂

#coys misses you Kyle. Congrats Luka. Good pic choice too.

Jakov Biljesko koji kralj 💪💪

Thank you Kyle🙌

워커야 친추좀 보내봐라

Great player indeed!

Hy Kyle

well said Kyle 👍


گوبخۆ واڵکەر حیز 🐸

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3 months ago

Kyle Walker

When you try and give the lads an opportunity to meg you back Manchester City ... See moreSee less

When you try and give the lads an opportunity to meg you back Manchester City


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kyle i wish you good luck as a good right back you are


Alex Jury


Kyle walker senior defender the best right full back I've ever seen


Love u guy


none dare to meg you Kyle 😁

Clear level

Kyle Walker un campione straordinario

Kyle walker 😍 man city

Don't get injured

have Kyle u r my role model..,.., big up mancity

ياخى كسمك

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