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Plays for: Manchester City
Ranked: 67th in Premier League
Leroy Aziz Sané is a German professional footballer who plays as a winger for Manchester City and the Germany national team. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Viel Glück gegen Mexiko, Jungs! 🙏🏾 Ich drücke euch die Daumen. 🇩🇪 #goodluck #Worldcup #inSané #LS19 @dfb_team

Danke euch allen für die aufmunternden Nachrichten gestern und heute. Klar bin ich enttäuscht darüber, dass ich nicht bei der WM dabei bin. Ich muss diese Entscheidung aber akzeptieren und werde alles dafür tun, noch stärker zurückzukommen 🔥⚽🔥 Dem @DFB_Team wünsche ich natürlich trotzdem viel Erfolg in Russland. Holt euch den Titel! 🇩🇪🏆🇩🇪 // Thank you so much everyone for your encouraging messages yesterday and today. I'm obviously disappointed I won't participate in the World Cup but I have to accept this decision and I'll give it my all to bounce back stronger 🔥⚽🔥 Nothing but the best of success to the @dfb_team in Russia. Go get that title! 🇩🇪🏆🇩🇪 #LS19 #inSané

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17 hours ago

Leroy Sané

Thanks for this to Manchester City and my teammates 🙏🏾 #LS19 ... See moreSee less

Thanks for this to Manchester City and my teammates 🙏🏾 #LS19


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we miss you Leroy💙💙💙💙

That's team work!!

Tu es un vrai roi

The fans & the whole team love you. Get well soon and then decide your future for yourself. Just know we are all with you! 🦈 💙

Quick recovery Lorey, the team missed your service this evening.

Leroy, I miss you,.. Please get well soon, we are all waiting. We miss your deliveries

We love you Leroy, love you so much, have a speedy recovery 💙💙💙

We miss your magical moves bro

Ls19 still one us!

Rétablisse toi très vite Leroy on a besoin de toi

Gute Besserung!! Bis bald in München!! ✌🏼

Thanks to fans also

the rest of this sentence is "but i will sign for bayren"

Get well soon and I hope you stay if not I hope you succeed in your new adventure

We miss you man😪💔 we lost yesterday.. If you were there we would've killed the game early. what's sad, we were so desperate we even played Mahrez💔

I can see why you want to leave us Sane. Pep has his favourites and you Mahrez and Jesus aren't one of them

Get well and come back to action . City is my team but you my favourite star.

get back soon Leroy! we need you! come on City!

If you leave I’m gonna get my mate to follow you and kidnap you, I love your little beady head so stay or big Bon will lock you up and eat your knee

Here in Manchester City we love you... So you're still considering goes to Bayern???

Come to Bayern Mia San mia ❤❤

Thanks for you SANÉ 😐

Get well soon, Sané. We need you back and firing to the Treble this season. Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup.

The players love you, as do our fans. We all wish you well in your recovery and that's why the players did what they did for you. Hope that helps you to decide to stay with us and not join Bayern Munich.

Stay in City?😔 I wish you had arrived in Munich

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2 weeks ago

Leroy Sané

Back-to-back Community Shield winners 🔥🏆🔥 #inSané #LS19 ... See moreSee less

Back-to-back Community Shield winners 🔥🏆🔥 #inSané #LS19


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Congrats bhai! Kabhi man hua toh Barça aa jana 💕

amazing Leroy! hopefully your injury is not serious ! the best is yet to come! come on Leroy ! come on City !

Super Sane Congrats!!! and Please stay with City for the next ten years.

I was waiting for this post bro to confirm your commitment with the club.

We are Waiting that post which you will write in it: "mia san mia" ❤

Baby boy....we love you like heaven.

Hey 19 - this is not how the story was intended to end. Keep your supporters abreast of your of your medical progress.- i was looking forward to you being the face of the Bundesliga. Something tells me that the saga is not yet over though - wishing you all the best and a swift recovery. Some advice - limit the paid killers and don't follow the Mendy recovery plan. We look forward to hearing from you. BERMUDA

Gute Besserung Leroy... bitte lass dich bald in Rot sehen 🔴⚪️

Nächste Woche Vorstellung von dir 🥰

A great day Leroy. You would miss Wembley trips like these with a great bunch of lads if you were back in the Bundesliga. Hope you are back on the pitch soon 👍🏽

We're waiting for you in Bayern to raise many Cups together 😎🤟

Say goodbye Leroy to City

Erhole dich gut! Und bleib bitte bei City. 💙💙💙

Welcome to Bayern

Hope that injury is not tough because we would like to have you for westham game on Saturday safe travels

Manchester city made you who you are, don't bite the hand that feeds you, Sancho scored against bayern yesterday an Academy player whom Manchester city sold so you could own your position, For now Bayern would be a step down cause with the squad they have the only thing you would be guaranteed to win is the Bundesliga but in Manchester you have so many possibilities including the champions League!

From one German to another - what do you think is being said? See you in the Allianz Arena in the Champions League? Leroy go when you are wanted and loved.

More trophies to come Leroy, Hopefully you can feature against West Ham

Wee knooooowwww lero😍😍 come to bayern 😍😍

منتا خرجت زي الابوه من الماتش. بتحتفل علي ايه بقا انتا مش رايح البايرن

Gute Besserung!! Wir sehen uns nächste Woche in cottbus zum DFB Pokal

How is you injury..its ok

Willkommen in München ❤

Freu mich auf deine Vorstellung am Mittwoch ;) willkommen in München Leroy.

Welcome to Bayern

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2 weeks ago

Leroy Sané

😀⚽️ #LS19 #inSané ... See moreSee less

😀⚽️ #LS19 #inSané


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You are looking so great, welcome

It's time for change🔁

Come To Munich - Be a Legend 💪

Welcome fur Bayern Munich🙏

Come to Bayern

Stay at city & improuve yourself leroy 💙

Come to bayern💗💗

ستبقى رغم أنف جماهير بايرن الحاقدة 😉😉😉😁

Ahmed Kmal Atamleh فكك من البوما الي انتا لابسها دي وتعالى البس اديداس

Come to kahns and effenbergs club, mr. sane! Mia san mia!

PLEASE STAY AT CITY! hugs and kisses ;*

Stay with us forever in Manchester, nobody will love you as we do. Our light of future! 💙💙💙 Sign new contract please!! You are really young and have shiny road instead of you here.

Stay at City and Improve yourself by competing with great players and under the best coach in the world.

welcome to bayer sane we will respect and love you so much

Sane please don't move stay at city you have to remember that you have a future in city. You a my player in city. I really appreciated you to stay

Leroy Sane, you're a long awaited legend in Bavaria. Our shirt 11 💪

You probably won’t see this but you’re the reason I support Manchester City please stay.

Apparently Sané hired someone to post a pic of him smiling every day in the page until this shit ends

Perhaps City should sue Bayern for all the tapping up they’ve been doing over the last few weeks. Sane is a City player under contract. LEAVE HIM ALONE

يخبيث انت منزل صوره للتمويه على الuefa عشان منقعش في عقوبة القانون المالي النظيف😉❤

Die Farben stehen Dir ausgezeichnet - " Ich würde nie zum FC Bayern München gehen"

Welcome to Bayern Munich Leroy!!! ♥️🤩 The deal is over...

Come to Munich and you will play more

Bleib in City wenn man die möglichkeit hat in dee besten Liga der Welt zu spielen dann sollte man das ausnutzen um noch reichlich Erfahrung zu sammeln , und ein Spieler deiner Qualität gehört nicht in die BL , ich wünsche dir alles Glück der Welt für deine Karriere und für deine Zukunft , Glück auf 💙

Munich is waiting for u!

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3 weeks ago

Leroy Sané

Good session today 🔥⚽️🔥 #LS19 #inSané ... See moreSee less

Good session today 🔥⚽️🔥 #LS19 #inSané


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جمهور بايرن حلوا عن ساني هذا لاعب سيتي فقط 😉😉💙💙

Please Leroy sane don't go anywhere. Am number one fan of you and I love you. I adopted the name Sam Sane at Facebook coz of you and am a fan of Manchester city. Please don't go anywhere coz I will be depressed. I beleive you will be a manchester city legend .Thank you Leroy sane

Big mistake to go to Munich. Stay at City, become a legend and win it all with us. Playing for the best Manager in the world is the most fantastic opportunity, you should stay, develop and the world will be yours. You have so much potential to become even Greater under Pep. Please stay

Come home to Deutschland , were you will be given game time and loved , for me its a no brainer .

You are best suited in shirt colors. Manchester City

Munich is waiting for you dear Sane!

Never join the best club in the world, FC Bayern. Stay in average club of Manchester.

Waiting for you bavaria🇩🇪🇩🇪

Are you staying or going. Supporters need to hear from you not the media but you have remained very quiet about it. Give us hope or close the door on your way out.

Leroy sane you struggled last season because you like playing counter attack football and since kelving de bruyne got injured ...Gundogan plays slow and short passes thus why you struggled a lot.....and since De Bruyne is back we are going to see the best of you once again this season ....we love you bro✌

All of you saying come to Munich. Your father Munich 😡!!

You go my brother . To Bayern Munich supporters please stop the nonsense and let the guy go to work without being harassed everyday . 😄

Talk about your future please and tell Bayern to stop those nonsence speach and show respect to us. We'll never sell a player to them disrespectful team!!

بتجي بايرن ميونيخ ولاباسوق امك تعبتنا شوفك

Come to Munich 💜

Come to Munich 💜

Go to Bayern x)

Come to Munich 💜

Warum schreiben alle auf englisch (an die in der Überzahl agierenden deutschen Fans gerichtet). Leroy ist DEUTSCHER und wir können stolz darauf sein, so einen Top Spieler zu haben im Nationalteam. Ein Wechsel in einen Club der das zu schätzen weiß wäre wünschenswert. Probier’s doch einfach mal in München, wenn es uncool wird dann gibt es garantiert 4-5 Top Clubs die dich sofort engagieren. Aber in München sind schon einige Top Stars hängen geblieben, weil es ein guter familiärer Club ist, der seine Leistungsträger zu schätzen weiß.

Bayern is waiting for you arms wide open!

Come to Munich ❤️

Come to munich ❤

Come to Munich 💜

Don t go every Sane There is no competition in Germany You won't be classic player Please remain in Manchester

Come to Bayern we are waiting you ♥️

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3 weeks ago

Leroy Sané

Thank you 🇯🇵👋🏾 Next up 👉🏾 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
#LS19 #inSané
... See moreSee less

Thank you 🇯🇵👋🏾 Next up 👉🏾 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
#LS19 #inSané


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Thank you man city 👏🏻

Please stay at City Leroy, we all love you 😍💙😍💙😍💙

Excited for the new season, hopefully this season you will feature more on the right wing... Bernardo will play more centrally

Well done...and good luck in facing Liverpool 🖒💙💙💙

Hey Leroy! Big fan of your skills! I wrote support for you last summer when we both got shocked about not being nominated for the World Cup! I told you then and I will tell you again! I think you have the skills and the ability to become one of the great in the sport! You have a difficult decision to make this summer! I will support you if you stay at City or take on a new challenge at Munich! Ich wäre froh wenn du zurück in die Bundesliga kommen würdest! Bitte verhindere das Dortmund oder die Dosen aus Leipzig Meister werden! Aber wenn du glaubst mit City glücklich zu sein, dann verstehe ich das auch!

sane please stay in city we love you so much

Komm zu uns nach München hier kannst du eine Zeit prägen und das in einer sehr sehr guten Mannschaft. Alle Bayern Fans warten auf dich. Wir würden uns alle freuen wenn du zu uns kommst.

💙💙💙 I love this, he is so fast and slick in attack , the Puma had to watch and fall in love, now the Puma wants to be seen with him, you know likes the taste of a Van duiker stew, and trusts one man only to catch that antelope

That means you are staying in England. Thank you Leroy

A good showing in pre season Leroy now back to crunch time the real work starts.. keep up the good performance

The way he has snubbed all approaches, all compliments and treaties by Man City I hope that if he decides to go, City turn round and make him stay and not give him a game. City will lose money this way, but Leroy will have learned a lesson!

Go and park luggage, Munich is waiting for you.

Welcome back 😎😅

U don't leave where you won so much and individual awards...There is no competition in Germany...play against Chelsea,man u,arsenal,toto,Liverpool,Everton week in week out thats what brings out the best in you.

Stop listening to that girlfriend of yours, follow mom's advice - she knows best....theres no space for u at City as a main starter and that girlfriend might just dip on u for more popularity/ successful in England

Help me understand - City won't pay a few million more per year for Sane who they want, so says Pep, rather they would pay $60m plus for an untested player which is transfer fee and release fee. One does not have to be math wiz to be confused by this. Real deal is that Pep does not like or want Sane to stay; he says one thing hoping that we cannot see through him - UGH

My favorite Player in the world they can all be best but 2 me Leroy Sane is number 1

Become a Legend in Munich!

Please sign the contract,we need you in future

Bruder! Bitte bleib bei City! Hör auf dein Schalker Herz! Bitte tue den Schalkern den Gefallen und bleib da wo du jetzt bist!!

Sign the contract my guy. Why keeping us on suspense for so long. Please sign the contract.Fc Bayern Munich is a club with no hope and strive to win any international trophy. They are contented with the bundesliga trophy and that's why they have been the holders for years now. If you need respectable trophies please sign the contract and pep Guadiola will certainly deliver this season. Trust me

Bayern should be your retirement job, stay at City and win the champions League this season.

Come to Bayern, City isn't even a big club, and nobody can say otherwise.

Sane will spend more time on the bench this year than he did last _ not that he should _ Pep does not like him.

Man you are not child. The season is going to start soon and no one who is not hundred percent focused will find a place. If you have already made your mind please speak and end the speculations surround your future by either going or signing new deal.

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Manchester City expect Leroy Sané to be out for six months with knee injury

Manchester City’s manager, Pep Guardiola, expects the anterior cruciate ligament damage suffered by Leroy Sané in the Community Shield to keep the forward out until ‘February or March’

Leroy Sané’s future at Manchester City not in our hands, says Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola said Leroy Sané’s future is not in Manchester City’s hands and could be going to Bayern Munich

Manchester City turn down £70.7m bid for Leroy Sané from Bayern Munich

Manchester City have turned down an offer of £70.7m for their winger Leroy Sané from Bayern Munich

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