Leroy Sané


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Plays for: Manchester City
Ranked: 46th in Premier League
Leroy Aziz Sané is a German professional footballer who plays as a winger for Manchester City and the Germany national team. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Viel Glück gegen Mexiko, Jungs! 🙏🏾 Ich drücke euch die Daumen. 🇩🇪 #goodluck #Worldcup #inSané #LS19 @dfb_team

Danke euch allen für die aufmunternden Nachrichten gestern und heute. Klar bin ich enttäuscht darüber, dass ich nicht bei der WM dabei bin. Ich muss diese Entscheidung aber akzeptieren und werde alles dafür tun, noch stärker zurückzukommen 🔥⚽🔥 Dem @DFB_Team wünsche ich natürlich trotzdem viel Erfolg in Russland. Holt euch den Titel! 🇩🇪🏆🇩🇪 // Thank you so much everyone for your encouraging messages yesterday and today. I'm obviously disappointed I won't participate in the World Cup but I have to accept this decision and I'll give it my all to bounce back stronger 🔥⚽🔥 Nothing but the best of success to the @dfb_team in Russia. Go get that title! 🇩🇪🏆🇩🇪 #LS19 #inSané

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22 hours ago

Leroy Sané

Convincing home win. Congrats bro Gabriel Jesus 🔥⚽️🔥 #LS19 #inSané Manchester City ... See moreSee less

Convincing home win. Congrats bro Gabriel Jesus 🔥⚽️🔥 #LS19 #inSané Manchester City


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I only watch city to see Leroy. Iam United fan. Sane my second favourite player after CR7. Well done for today Leroy. Watching you in the green is like a blessing in disguise 👌

For a min I thought Gabriel had hair but it was sane’s glove 😂

Bernado loves celebrating🤣🤣🤣hes always the first there

Your assists was INSANÉ

Greatest winger in England

With that assist even Lukaku can score.KDB is back be ready for the competition

Sane u still the best, Trust me better than Raheem Sterling, better than Riyad Mahrez, you outshine them by many things... Next week I'm exepecting two goals from you!!! #SouthAfrica

Congrats, your assist was incredible. Good job sane

Leroy "inform" insane' 💙🔥🔥🔥🔥

I also see man City to watch LEROY AZIZ SANE and I'm a fan of Liverpool

Well done with ur assist

A lot of love for you Sane here in Nigeria

couple of assists yet again

You are really insane . love you my boy ❤

Leroy wit 2 assists again.

well done flashlight......always on fire

Wow sane so insane #diemanshafft

Two great assists. Made the scorers look good today!

You're flowing Sane....I like the way you put pressure to your opponents keep it up

I am always happy when you guys did search gr8 job

Leroy sane is really cool, every of his team mate is preferred as brothers by him, good spirit though.

Great play, great assist, InSane💙💙💙 Come on City💙💙💙

well done Leroy , amazing 2 assists 👍💙💪

U are so good #MR.SPEEDY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌

Good performance, keep it up Leroy

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2 days ago

Leroy Sané

It was an honour bringing those brave kids a smile. Stay strong 🔥⚽🔥 #LS19 #inSané Manchester City ... See moreSee less

It was an honour bringing those brave kids a smile. Stay strong 🔥⚽🔥 #LS19 #inSané Manchester City


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Leroy Leroy Leroy Biggest love from 🇳🇬 All the best bro❤️❤️

Tanx for your brace Mr Insane #ComeOnCity

We love so much from kenya

Gut gemacht leroy😍

we love you Leroy !

Mn city vs barca 💥man city will lose

Re New Your Contract Please

come to united pls

فعلآ ياساني مشجعين فريقك كبيرهم مواليد 2001 نور ضياء فريق الاطفال 😂😂😂😂😂

#LS19 best player

Great picture cheering up little poorly boy from Man City players...well done ....

but please do not just leave the honor, but also help yourself because these children deserve it

We done city it not all about football seeing though little ones must make you so happy

Leroy Sane the best young player

Come on Sane💙💙💙 Come on City💙💙💙

That's really good Leroy- Please score a goal for me against Everton

Fanstatic city! Expect nothing less.

Stay stron 😍😍

Come back to Schalke!!!

Best young star

You genius mr sane, absolute genius

CongratulationsSuper Sane for winning UEFA champions league goal of the week👌🙌

Sane is the best player in the world anybody is faster with the ball .sane King of fútbol Gracias Leroy

King Leroy #Insane #ManCity

Keep it up son !

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4 days ago

Leroy Sané

Group winners 🔥⚽️🔥 #LS19 #inSané ... See moreSee less

Group winners 🔥⚽️🔥 #LS19 #inSané


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mein gott wie vermiss ich den Jung auf Schalke 😔 sind stolz auf dich, vielleicht sieht man sich ja bald wieder ;) viel Glück und bleib wie du bist 💙

Great game last night, Leroy 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

That was the best Free Kick so far this season 🔥

My best player Go ahead 😍

Sané was on 🔥🔥🔥🔥 ... we really appreciate it... thanks for being there for us

Sane go head bro you were amazing last night

InSane💙💙💙 Come on City 💙💙💙

Well done Sane,keep the fire burning.

Look at peps post game interview - it pains him to make superlative statements about Leroy and Raheem - the praises for him new signing were incredible - but for LS and RS they can do better. Everyone can do better not just those 2

JUST KNOW YOU ARE THE BEST!😇. You my favorite city player Sane✌✌✌

you scored an amazing double in Champions League , especially you first goal from free kick , outstanding performance . Leroy Leroy Leroy ! 💪💪

I like how we have bounced back strongly, Even Everton lets show them a game

Best free kick of the season!!

Very happy to watch in the game. Stay focus and success will come 🏆

Sané was on 🔥🔥🔥🔥 ... we really appreciate it... thanks for being there for us

2 Goals gainst hoppenheim! Good boy 😎😎😉😉😉

your are younger fantastic player,& best winger in all world

Pray to face Shalcke next round 😉😉

you were just perfect 👌 yesterday bro 😍👏

that was why i admire him ,,%;.ma king sane,@;

What a night leroy , keep going 🔥💜

Do the same against Everton Leroy! You are the best💙⚽️💙⚽️

You were awesome!!! Could've bagged a hat trick though

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1 week ago

Leroy Sané

Ready 💯👊🏾 #LS19 #inSané Manchester City ... See moreSee less

Ready 💯👊🏾 #LS19 #inSané Manchester City


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We Salute You Sane,,, Tomorrow Do Your Best Ever,,#insane_ls_19

How many cigarettes Sari will use tomorrow may the team share him his 😂😂😂

You've been on fire lately,keep the inferno burning

ManCity is the antidote to Chelsea... I mean Man city is higher than Chelsea

If Chelsea beat us tomorrow don't try to post anything because I may hate this we need the three important points off from Chelsea and pull it down at Etihad Raheem Sterlling 7 must Score

You are a fantastic player. I like you so much.

Sane you perfct player go you front

Always just play with the golden MAHREZ

Start tomorrow,we win. If you don't start l won't be confident

saha khouya Leroy Sané rahoume igoulou beli rak rayah 3la djal mahrez. Matkounakche mwaswas kane ghir igassar m3ak. aya mat3amarche rassak doka, ala3bou khawa khawa bark.

#inSane all the way... someone must sweat

Leroy i love and and you're the only reason i watch man city's match But if you score my club youre in soup

2 goals and an assist from you good luck

Have a great game Leroy x

My favourite footballer🔥🔥💘⚽. Make those niggas sweat tommorow🔥

Let's do this once and for all #LS19..

Saw you on Oldham road r kid how you getting on loving that white Bentley

Leroy i love yah you are the reason I watch man city game.I wish u dah best ever😍😍😍

Good Luck🔥 #inSanè

I need a goal from you dude,

You know how to post photos and do not know how to end attacks and put the ball in the net 😡😡😡😡

Please score a hattrick😍

make us proud boy......C'mon City.

Go Sane and make us proud.

Chelsea’s nightmare... boy u so dangerous than the hall Chelsea team 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

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2 weeks ago

Leroy Sané

Back to Manchester with three points in our pocket 🔥⚽️🔥 #LS19 #inSané Manchester City ... See moreSee less

Back to Manchester with three points in our pocket 🔥⚽️🔥 #LS19 #inSané Manchester City


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You're the best

Leroy Sane is better than Riyad Mahrez, for sure :v

Sane is better than Mahrez....Sterling and you would have entertained us more today...Still cant forget what happened at anfield and cost us point...U are a genius boy Leroy

You are the best Leroy Sane

My favourite player in the premier league🔥🔥🔥 well done today

Thank you for 1 goal my fpl captain👏👏 #ctid💙

Sane if playing with Mahrez is always good. Sterling is also good, if Gabriel Jesus plays badly again hopefully Sane-Sterling-Mahrez plays with the trio up front, it will be great 😍

At Stamford bridge we will teach you how to play good football than that😉

Merry Christmas everywone.

valuable 3 points thanks to your chest Leroy 😁😁

Any Mancunians on here?

nice #Lerysane three good points .proud of you @kenya

Your goal was fantastic --#LS19

Thanks to you xx

Thanks for the FPL points 🙂

Thanks for that goal.

Wonderful man We need ucl .

Brilliant Leroy Sane

Well played sane same against Chelsea please let's kill off games with the chances we get

Well done boy Nice game In love with that sensational dribbling you bring to Manchester City's modern game

Competition is improving u Sane keep the fire burning

Well played young man 💙⚽💙👏👏

What a great game you had tonight Leroy congratulations on your victory👏👏👏👏👏

You are the best. Delph has to work hard.

U the best trust ne Leroy, you got it all - highly talented, you might be the closest thing to Kylian Mbappè

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Leroy Sané’s fine double fires Manchester City past Hoffenheim

Leroy Sané whipped in a superb free-kick just before half-time, then scored a second after a rapid break to give Manchester City a 2-1 comeback win against Hoffenheim

Leroy Sané steers Manchester City to win over Watford despite late scare

Leroy Sané and Riyhad Mahrez gave Manchester City a 2-0 lead before Watford’s Abdoulaye Doucouré scored with five minutes to go

Leroy Sané double lights up Manchester City’s rout of West Ham

Manchester City cruised to a 4-0 win at West Ham, thanks to Leroy Sané and further goals from Raheem Sterling and David Silva

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