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Plays for: Manchester City, England
Ranked: 17th in Premier League
Raheem Shaquille Sterling is a professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Premier League club Manchester City and the English national team. He received the Golden Boy award for 2014 from a pan-European panel of sports journalists, recognising him as the best under-21 player playing in Europe. A 2015 professional study by Soccerex ranked him as the most valuable young player in Europe, with a value of €49 million.

Born in Jamaica, Sterling moved to London at the age of five and began his career at Queens Park Rangers before signing for Liverpool in 2010. In July 2015, following a lengthy dispute over a new contract, he was signed by Manchester City in a transfer potentially worth £49 million, the highest transfer fee ever paid for an English player.

He represented England at under-16, under-17 and under-21 level before being capped at full level by the national team in November 2012, and performed at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Nothing better then that winning feeling!!!!! #MCFC🔥🔥💪🏽

It’s a special day today. Very special!! Thank you to all the fans that unconditionally show me love and support (you guys are the best❤️) but obviously a massive thank you goes out to the board the manager, an even bigger thank you to all my family n friends who show nothing but love n affection no matter good or bad!!!! #2023GANG


Star Bwoy💫 💫

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3 days ago

Raheem Sterling

Reading a letter from a boy who was being racially abused at school, writing back just wasn't enough. #ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords ... See moreSee less

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What a fantastic guy ❤️testament to his upbringing, obviously from a good family and been brought up well , ❤️

Your a legend Raheem u will always a have a strong heart ❤️

you are just amazing Raz! we love you 💙

Raheem... As a liverpool supporter I must say... I was annoyed with you at firsr for leaving but I'm over that now... I see you want to talk to the FA and PL about your issues... Bro... Some advice if you read it or not... Don't let their words hurt you or bother... The moment you mention that it affects you.. They win... They achieve their desired result... Don't ever give them that pleasure.... I understand it's not easy being abused like that.. But when you are a young star let alone black.. No one wants to see you grow or evolve... They will do anything to put you down. .. I talk from experience as I receive racism on a daily bases... Just smile and way boy... Smile and wave.... Keep doing what you are doing on the pitch and that will speak for you...racism has been going on years... And the FA and PL haven't really done anything about... There's no solution to weed out the culprits... I feel your efforts will fall on deaf ears...

Proud of you Raz ❤️

Today, I would like to speak about emotional scars. I remembered suffering with this and I tried my best to omit and made things seem better than they really were. Somehow, I have learnt to unconsciously hide my sadness, hurt or pain whether they were physical or emotional. I just wouldn’t let people knew what I was going through. How can you be healed from this type of scar? [ 231 more words ] thestrengthofabrokenwoman.wordpress.com/2019/05/22/wednesdays-therapy-emotional-scars/

raheem i want you to score in the final of nation league and pull off your jersey only to let them read the message" i am black and i am proud of it. so fuck off'" no matter whatever the consequence is. i am utd fan and a big fan of yours. love from nepal

I just don’t understand people who racially abuse. There’s no place for it ever.

You're cool man 🤘

Nie gelikt oder kommentiert aber die haben gegönnt 😂

Je suis fans raheem sterling


Riyad mahrez


I was there the day u did that, no one was allowed to c u? And only seen one year of the school if u was a inspiration to the people of ur community u should speak to the people of that community

Speak up indeed Raheem, I’ve seen it written many times that “Raheem is a great role model for young black kids”, I’m sure that’s true, but for me your influence is so much wider than that, My son, who’s 10 really looks up to you, he’s read your comments, and listened to your interviews, your voice is being heard far and wide, Keep speaking up when you feel the need, it’s helping more than I think even you could ever imagine, Congratulation on a brilliant season, on your personal achievements and those as a team, and thank you for entertaining my boy so much.

#ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords (Y)

You're a good man Raz 💙 The bully's are weak!!👍🏾 x x

Good job sterling!!!!! That will stay w that kid for his whole life and it only probly took you a couple of hours to see him.

Voice of the voiceless.bravo

Liking the cut of raheems jib more and more that coming from a Scotsman


Raheem is simply a HERO 💙

Ambassador .... great example to others

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2 weeks ago

Raheem Sterling

Ah sh.... 🤣🤣 ... See moreSee less

Ah sh.... 🤣🤣


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Nice, congratulations guys, love city

From a Liverpool supporter. Well done great season for you and City congratulations.

Congratulations to you all, so happy and so proud of you all. Love you guys. I'm opening the champagne now.

Congratulations Reheem

Great achievement since only formed 10 years ago.

Well deserved, congratulations

I love you Raheem... keep rolling the best is yet to come

Congratulations SUPER CITY for winning Epl

Congratulations sterling for wining ucl trophy hhhhh

He’s top of the League, he’s top of the League, Raheem Sterling is top of the League. Well done Liverpool for coming second best, special shout out to James (I Left City to win trophies) Milner. Have a nice day.

El meme de Sterling más grande que tigres

Congratulations Rahz, Congrats all Cityzens what a season it was #Champions

Enjoy your Champions League...oh wait, here we go again

Enjoy watching champions league from your armchair. Guess you couldn't buy that

Congratulation Liverpool for winning the league for 20mins 😂😂

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1 month ago

Raheem Sterling

A heartbreaking result after all the hard work we've put in to get the qualification.. Really hard to accept but we can still be proud of what we showed, how you guys supported us and how our hearts beat as one for this club. #StandTall Manchester City ... See moreSee less

A heartbreaking result after all the hard work weve put in to get the qualification.. Really hard to accept but we can still be proud of what we showed, how you guys supported us and how our hearts beat as one for this club. #StandTall Manchester City


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We are proud of you and the whole team.Well done Cityzens💙💙💙

StandTall, we are proud of you. The lucky didn’t go with us, but we showed what we are to the world

You have done all that you can with good luck in the coming days. I love you, Raheem 💔❤❤

Super super proud of you Boys. You were phenomenal. I love Manchester City even more💙💙💙

Thank you young man you are such a respectful person and a fantastic footballer thanks for all your hard work you are doing for the club 💪💪💪👌

Im a very proud man city fan 💙💙....well done guys

Wonderful boy ..... you are the best

we are proud of you ( Cityzens)

Well done guys ... Brilliant Game you put in an inspirational performance..,👏👏👏.. #CITY🏆 Still the Best TEAM🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵

Is Pep still celebrating your goal🤔

😂😂😂 You played amazing but glad City lost.

Thank you to ALL of the Man. City players for making it a fantastic game of football , a credit to English premiership football. from a very happy Spurs supporter

Sterling you match was amazing, congrats and stay at City

Raheem w very proud of the effort u put in the game guys.. Everyone saw what happened w shd ve qualified bt other factors influenced the game... Plz tel the guys to hold their heads up... Yesterday performance ws our best performance ever.. You in particular ws outstanding.. U r getting every game n I'm proud of you...im bit worried about our defensive organization... We need to improve .....

Love you Raheem you're the best....keep strong

We proved to the world that though we were eliminated we still remain the BEST football Team in the world. U guys did a wonderful JOB

Thanks for ur great performance <3 #Madridista

as a liverpool fans who support u when u wear our shirt, i want to said that your performance last night was brilliant, just lack of luck....happy to see how u become a good player.hope u can do well, except rest of the match in primier league 😂

Liverpool to win The CL

You did your best but am happy your team lost. The best referee so far Mr VAR

Raheem, we love you, you have evolved so much as a player and i hope you will stay here for many many many years💙

Liverpool can win Champions league and PL. Thank you Raheem for message we thank Var for good job.

You did your best raheem, although I'm A Big fun of Manchester United but I do support you because you are brilliant you've improve ever since pep shown up. Wish you success and to become epl player of year.

Unlucky bro, really feel for you

No reason for that Raz. We played amazing. The goal wasn’t offside. We got robbed. We still won the game. Lets smash them on Saturday again and get the Premier League.🍀🍀 Come on City until the end 💙🦈🤲🏻🍀

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2 months ago

Raheem Sterling

Best way to silence the haters (and yeah I mean racists) 🙉😘 #2019 #getsomeeducation ... See moreSee less

Best way to silence the haters (and yeah I mean racists) 🙉😘 #2019 #getsomeeducation


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Well played Raheem! Well played 😊♥️

I know I'm back, I'm happy with it "I'm proud. Black is beautiful!

Even white girls nowadays like black dudes.lol

When Sterling is about to score on Fifa 19 Alan Smith: Sterrrrrrrliiiiiiing. This guy is a joy to watch

we love you Raz! let the haters hate!

He would have score hat trick if nt for var, am proud of my colour

Class Raheem! Taking the piss on and off the field 👍🏾

You are awesome Raheem...deaf ears to the haters!

Sterling best player in premier league 🔥🔥🔥

Proud to be black.Black is beauty i support you Sterling....💯💯💯

I wanna see you scoring in UCL final. Lots of love Raheem. ❤❤

I hate racism and you don't deserve it cos you're one of the nicest players around and I love what you do both on and off the field. I hope we beat Fulham on Saturday and you score again. Come on City💙💙

I'm proud of you Sterling

My credits to you sterling...am manchester united fan but am your favourite fan,hope one time you will play for man-united

You deserve It Raheem, and ive always been a Liverpool fan

I can’t believe how Pep made Rahem one of the best players in the world honestly Pep Guradiola deserves lots of credits about that!

Nice player keep It up

Get in there Rah..City legend in the making....from a Jock City man. Bluemoon 💙👕

Well done Raheem they hate you because you’re a fantastic player Keep destroying them with goals

As a Liverpool supporter I am so proud of this man. He has swayed me.I thought he was a poser but no he is a scorer a provider an all round footballer .Well done. You're brilliant.

Well done they are haters have no life

You hit them with some karma 👊

Best Player in the EPL now.

Keep silencing those fools with your stellar play Raz!! Every year I buy a new City shirt and I got yours this year. So proud to wear your name, and see you in such great form. Much love from a City fan in Ohio

Well played Raheem👍5-1 best way to show the morons there is no place for that shit in the modern game or society 😀

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3 months ago

Raheem Sterling

Monday Feeling 🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾 @sterling7 ... See moreSee less

Monday Feeling 🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾


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Raheeeeeem Sterlinnnng👏

I love sterling

Thanks for sharing

احححح شواربك الله يبارك بات فيك راس ليوم 😂🐍 Haïthêm Bçń Mohamed Amine

sterling i love you,,you are handsome ,,,you have a lovely lips,,,please reply me

Dancing like a snake. Nice.

OMG. That would be brilliant. You've got to do it Raheem 👍

One day you will be very ,very great player .congratulation Rayim

Keep shining Raheem

That’s the best way to beat off haters 🤗🤗♥️♥️

Saying beg pardon reduce nemesis.

Cuz you too funny😂😂😂

Fuck u why u didnt score

U carying a career boy,gwaan dweet!

well done Raz! you are just amazing 💙💪

Congratulation on scoring your 2nd hat-trick!!!! Hope there will be more to come!!!!

Level nuh level nuh 👑👑👑up top me g🔝

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Raheem my boy, may God keep on blessing you. I love your family its so beautiful√√√~€€€

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Raheem Sterling says racism stance is about protecting future generations

Raheem Sterling’s defiant stance against the scourge of racism has been emboldened by his desire to protect future generations from abuse

Virgil van Dijk votes for Raheem Sterling to be PFA player of the year

The Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk has voted for Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling to land the Professional Footballers’ Association’s player of the year award

Raheem Sterling urges players to call out racism but not walk off pitch

Raheem Sterling has called on more players to speak out against racial abuse but said he would not be tempted to walk off in protest because that would allow the perpetrators to win

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