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Plays for: Manchester City, Belgium
Ranked: 4th in Premier League
Vincent Jean Mpoy Kompany is a Belgian professional footballer who plays as a centre back and captains both English club Manchester City and the Belgium national team. In the 2011–12 season he was awarded the captaincy of Manchester City, leading his club to win the Premier League that season, their first league title in 44 years. He is also chairman of Belgium D3B Division club BX Brussels.

Kompany began his professional career at Anderlecht, spending three years at the Belgian club before moving to Bundesliga club Hamburg in 2006. In the summer of 2008, at the age of 22, he completed a transfer to his current club, Premier League side Manchester City. He has since established himself as an integral part of the Manchester City squad and is one of the bargain buys of the revolutionised City era, blossoming into one of the Premier League's best centre-backs. Kompany was included in the Premier League Team of the Year for two years in a row in 2011 and 2012 as well as being included in the 2014 team, and won the Premier League Player of the Season in 2012. Regarded as one of the best defenders in the world, he was listed 23rd in 'The 100 Best Footballers in the World' by The Guardian. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Hell of a win!! #Derby #ManCity

Simply outstanding. #ManCity #SharkTeam

City today 🔥🔥🔥 #ManCity #SharkTeam

Another great win and clean sheet. Lads on fire. Congrats to the little champion @brahim for his two goals. #ManCity #SharkTeam

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1 week ago

Vincent Kompany

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Beta saal mai ek match kheltay ho lekin kasmay chass bohat day jatay ho Ghauri ho Ghauri tum

Mr Guardiola i don't feel so good 😂😂😂

Take the red away vinny, Manchester is BLUE,

Thanos got him too 😢

Thanos needs to stop

Thanos Is Still Doing his thing

De vraag is echter: is het 'zijn' of 'haar' profielfoto

Best captain ever and anywhere. A fantastic picture of you...But why is the background red? 💙... ;)

Take salah out of pocket vinny. 🤦‍♀

V.Kompany Come To Juventus

Legend company am so proud u. Wish u more fitness and more cups and never leave the feild till u win the champion legue

Mr guardiola I don't feel so good.. 😂

we love you Captain Vinny 💪💪💪

What a horrible design .....✋

aye pep...I don't feel so good

Thanos was there lol

Best captain in the world

U should gone with the head

I can cope with Thanos getting the Avengers but not you! That's just too much to take 😲

I dont feel so good Mr Kompany

Jaysus. I'd say a strong anti biotic would clear that right up.

Our captain Our legend Blue moon

Thanos has snapped Vinny too???

I like that you are not like the other Soldiers, change your club every year. That is really cool today and the young Belgium Team has chances to be very good next EM. We enjoy to see you life in Hamburg.

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2 weeks ago

Vincent Kompany

Last night will be remembered. Love to our fans who pushed us throughout. Together we can go above and beyond. #ManCity ... See moreSee less

Last night will be remembered. Love to our fans who pushed us throughout. Together we can go above and beyond. #ManCityImage attachmentImage attachment


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City fans take notice - the atmosphere was awesome and definitely helped the team. We need that every game and particularly UCL - make the Etihad somewhere teams fear to visit #ctid

Our true blue .. Our Captain and Leader 💙⚽️💙 X X X

What you said to Salah?

Can you tell Bernardo to stop running now please pal 🤐😂😂😂💙💙💙

Well Captain. Atmosphere was bouncing. We need it more often. But must be honest, every game is different, so sometimes thats what it depends on. But we must take this into Champions League Nights. It was electric. Come City Fans lets lift the roof off & push the team forward. CTID

Super Vince ...zo fier op u ....groeten uit België...For ever our Captain ....

The Atmosphere last night was by far the best I have experienced since the days of Joe Mercer and Malcolm Allison. It was as if we had 12 men on the pitch so let's have it every home game fellow blues..... #MCFC

love they way you tackle salah,,,

A glorious night. Unbelievable atmosphere from high up in the South Stand. Well done to the team. I’ll be back at the stadium in the stadium for Rotherham,Burton and Wolves 👍🏽

We can do atmosphere..and with class. No need to damage buses or throw missiles.

Love you vinny. You are our captain, leader and legend. City fans the best in the land and all the world 🌎🌏

Our captain, our leader, our soul 💙💙

Best atmosphere we’ve ever had at that ground! Just what was needed! You was unreal big lad! ✌🏻

Loved it ! Passion and pride shown by all wearing our shirt. You led as always by example. Great game and fantastic result. Proud to be blue x

What a player,what a man..a legend

Vinnie, do you realise how much City fans love you?!! 😍💙⚽️

still Liverpool will win the title .

Mr man city ..that's all skip 👍

Your leadership was higly needed in such a must win encounter.

Thanks for a great team performance Vinnie... great leadership from you again.. Here's to you 💙👕⚽️⭐️

Vinny can u plz let out Salah..that guy has a family

There's a difference between genuine injury, and a player falling over after being tickled #no salad

Angry Egyptians coming in 1,2,3 .....

Very important win. We want to see you signing a contract before end of this season. #ManCity

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3 weeks ago

Vincent Kompany

We finished an amazing 2018 strongly. So much history written for our club, so much to be proud of. Let’s look forward to 2019 and all the opportunities that lie ahead. 👊🏾#ManCity ... See moreSee less


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#Kompany ___ Stop 🚫 do not touch mohamed salah 11, you are not his coach for him give advice in the field, when he was liverpool he win all alone these teams 👉tottinham, man united, chelsea and the big clubs, best players lfp 2018, you have no right to touch him, leave him alone and bawl with time, not for racism,

If u think to touch salah you will get what u deserve 😎💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

We will Fight to the End! ⚽️💙🏆 #ManCity #Champions #CaptainKompany

Credit to you for your performance. I was extremely sure that you are gonna start. For the past few games I was like we can't defend anything. Thanks for everything you gave to this club. I hope you stay fit and perform like an animal whenever you play. #ComeOnCity

Without Kompany it is not the same ....we need the Captain always ...thanks Vince....

Brilliant result today skip

Please make sure to get back in your rightful place soon. I am married to a scouser and he could die if he does not shut up. Happy new year xxxxxxxxxx

Good to have you back skipper 👕

Good to see you today....and great words on MOTD.....just make sure we do the job on Thursday !!

Good result today great to see you back in the team Vinny. Wishing you all at city and your families a very happy new year. Lets kick on together in 2019 starting with Liverpool x

Good words from a fantastic Captain, even though persistent injuries and old age has gradually slowed you down, we still love you.

Dave Emmott 😂 finished 2018 strongly with a draw, 2 defeats then finally scraped a win 😂😂 what you thinking Nigel Taylor??

Just happy we finished of 2018 with a win let’s carry it on now for rest of the season, really don’t want them mickey mousers winning the league

C'mon Liverpool!!!! Show these Manc arsewipes how to win the league with class!!

Welcome back captain👏👏👏 team needs u💙💙💙

Great to have you back. So proud that you are Captain of our great club.

You are the best, respect , have a Nice 2019

Nice win but still low energy in the team and strange not scoring in second half. A bit more aggression would be nice, not to say necessary coming Thursday 💪🏻 #comeoncity

Just happy we finished of 2018 with a win let’s carry it on now for rest of the season, really don’t want them mickey mousers winning the league

All the best for 2019. Hope to see you play on the 14th of January. #Mancity #JiroAndHisHero

well done captain Vinny 💪💪💪

I hope we win on Thursday, cos most of my work colleagues are scousers. Come on City!!

Nice 1 Vin keep it going x

Come back Vincent. Knock out all in our squad in 2019... All or nothing ! Come on Vin, come on City <3

Please make my new year a happy one. Please do the business in grand style on Thursday. Good luck xx 😘

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4 weeks ago

Vincent Kompany

👑 PUMA Football #NewLevels ... See moreSee less

👑 PUMA Football #NewLevels


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معلم انت وقعت فخر العرب عالأرض .. غلطت غلطة عمرك 🤗😅

ولااا يا كومباااني يااالااا ... خلي بالللك عشااااتتتتشي .... يرحمكم الله يا صلاح

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely family 🎅

merry christmas captain Vinny

Happy Christmas to our captain and all team players....🌎🌎🌎

Merry Christmas Vincent

Nice one Captain Fantastic

Merry Christmas to you and your family.🎄🎄🎄

Love this picture of you Vinny and miss watching you play come back soon x

All hail the king

كميه الانجري دي كلها بين الشوطين ! ده انت بعد الماتش هيتعمل منك بتاتس محمرة

Joyeux noel, vrolijk Kerstfeest ! From an ex Mancunian living in Bruxelles xx

Merry Christmas to you and all the City Team xxx

Wish he was playing more as our defence has been awful of late

I miss watching you do your stuff on the field.Be resilience and have a happy New year.

Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family...Peace and happiness always 👍⭐️💙🎉👕

بتضرب صلاح ليه ياض ياللي تنشك في رجلك

Look good my cousin....wish u all the best.proud of you

WATCHING LIVERPOOL-ARSENAL FOR HOW TO STOP liverpool. 1.Frustrate Mane push him, elbow him. 2.Man-manage Fabinho by running at him. He's slow. 3.*Strong crosses inside their box bothers them very much.Let them leave the match with headaches 4.Shaqiri buckles under pressure. 5.Want the ball more than them, cause they physically fight. 6.They pass the ball into space, mark your man strongly. 7.When in possession, drive forward! Most teams start back-passing, you feed their pressing. 8.While drivin forward, defenders must keep an eye on Salah and Mane cause if you lose it they immediately loop a pass to them over the defence shoulder. 9.Exhaustion-meter: liverpool get VERY TIRED at 60minutes & bad passes start. Preserve your energy to that point by working them. 10. Notice how relaxed they're on the ball.DIStabilize that by hard game. 11.When in their box during counter pass the ball to anyone in-bound.Dont pause for selfies! 12.Robertson is a passenger after 55'. 13.That 5-1 was 3-1 in reality.Penalties

Vaffanculo Company. Very arrogant and should be kicked offffffffff.

Happy Xmas bunnies and familiy

I take it they’ll be sponsoring us next year then hey

Mo Salah, le contenu le meilleur et le plus sale qui soit, équivalent à la moralité, vous n’avez rien de comparable à la moralité et le football est l’éthique du sport et vous êtes immoral, méprisable.

Best captain he can be a best friend also real great guy

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4 weeks ago

Vincent Kompany


Absolutely delighted to have Noel Gallagher performing a set at our Gala Fundraising dinner on February 4th.

Book your table here:
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Edward Caplan Ben Myerson

George Oliver

Siobhan O'Connor

Vrolijk kerstmis ! Joyeux noel ! Vous etes un super abassadeur pour les jeunes


Vinny - legend. What you’re doing for the homeless in Manchester is absolutely brilliant but please try and distance your aims from those of Andy Burnham. One of you has Manchester as a priority and the other has personal notoriety and gain as theirs.

Harry Eccles

He maybe a City fan but he is also a bloody Tory who doesn't want to pay his taxes...because it's all his!


Brilliant city player and supporter .......

captain Vinny

Pitty so dare would have loved to attend it

Dear Vincent Kompany..I am Isaac and co-founder of Lubengoa Women Development Association I would like to request for your support for some of our project activities we are doing in communities of Buddha region,Eastern Uganda. Please feel to contact me through email:

Flipping heck!!! this aint for 'ordinary' fans.....unless you're rich that is!

Blaine Stewart Kyleeeeeeee, wonder if a certain small company has the resource for a belated xmas shindig.....

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