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Manchester United Football Club is a professional football club based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. Nicknamed "the Red Devils", the club was founded as Newton Heath LYR Football Club in 1878, changed its name to Manchester United in 1902 and moved to its current stadium, Old Trafford, in 1910.

Manchester United have won a record 20 League titles, 12 FA Cups, 5 League Cups and a record 21 FA Community Shields. The club has also won three UEFA Champions Leagues, one UEFA Europa League, one UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, one UEFA Super Cup, one Intercontinental Cup and one FIFA Club World Cup. In 1998–99, the club became the first in the history of English football to achieve the treble of the Premier League, the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League. In 2016–17, by winning the UEFA Europa League, they became one of five clubs to have won all three main UEFA club competitions. In addition, they became the only professional English club to have won every ongoing honour available to the first team that is organised by a national or international governing body.

The 1958 Munich air disaster claimed the lives of eight players. In 1968, under the management of Matt Busby, Manchester United became the first English football club to win the European Cup. Alex Ferguson won 38 trophies as manager, including 13 Premier League titles, 5 FA Cups and 2 UEFA Champions Leagues, between 1986 and 2013, when he announced his retirement. José Mourinho is the club's current manager, having been appointed on 27 May 2016.

Manchester United was the highest-earning football club in the world for 2016–17, with an annual revenue of €576.3 million, and the world's most valuable football club in 2017, valued at £2.86 billion. As of June 2015, it is the world's most valuable football brand, estimated to be worth $1.2 billion. After being floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1991, the club was purchased by Malcolm Glazer in May 2005 in a deal valuing the club at almost £800 million, after which the company was taken private again, before going public once more in August 2012, when they made an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. Manchester United is one of the most widely supported football clubs in the world, and has its strongest rivalries with Liverpool, Manchester City and Leeds United.

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The Manchester United Squad

1. Paul Pogba Manchester United 43.4m fans 947.4
2. David De Gea Manchester United 28.8m fans 943.0
3. Alexis Sánchez Manchester United 17.2m fans 931.3
4. Marouane Fellaini Manchester United 9.2m fans 913.0
5. Marcus Rashford Manchester United 7.9m fans 892.2
6. Jesse Lingard Manchester United 7.2m fans 882.0
7. Ashley Young Manchester United 6.9m fans 877.6
8. Phil Jones Manchester United 5.5m fans 865.9
9. Juan Mata Manchester United 22.3m fans 863.6
10. Romelu Lukaku Manchester United 4.3m fans 863.3
11. Marcos Rojo Manchester United 3.4m fans 845.0
12. Anthony Martial Manchester United 7.8m fans 832.9
13. Ander Herrera Manchester United 7.0m fans 821.9
14. Michael Carrick Manchester United 6.7m fans 819.0
15. Matteo Darmian Manchester United 2.7m fans 814.0
16. Chris Smalling Manchester United 5.9m fans 813.2
17. Eric Bailly Manchester United 3.7m fans 808.8
18. Luis Antonio Valencia Manchester United 3.6m fans 806.6
19. Luke Shaw Manchester United 4.9m fans 800.7
20. Victor Lindelöf Manchester United 1.3m fans 744.8
21. Nemanja Matić Manchester United 1.3m fans 724.0
22. Diogo Dalot Manchester United 534.2k fans 597.5
23. Sergio Romero Manchester United 288.8k fans 522.2
24. Kieran O'Hara Manchester United 97.4k fans 416.8
25. Scott McTominay Manchester United 141.8k fans 387.1
26. Fred Manchester United No fans 199.8
27. Lee Grant Manchester United 60 fans 94.4
28. Cameron Borthwick-Jackson Manchester United 1.9k fans 45.2

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2 hours ago

Manchester United

We'd like to send our best wishes to all of our Jewish fans as Passover begins this evening. 🔯 ... See moreSee less

Wed like to send our best wishes to all of our Jewish fans as Passover begins this evening. 🔯


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Thank man united. Peace and love for everyone ❤️❤️

Love Israel 🇮🇱 חג כשר ושמח

Thanks much love from kenya

thanks much love from Ethiopia

Free Palestine 🇵🇸 , Love from 🇲🇾

Thank you very much from Israel Glory Glory Man United!

Free Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸

Free Palestine 🇵🇸

free palestine 🇯🇴 love for palestine from indonesia 🇲🇨

Thanks Much Love From Lagos..😜😜

Thanks! Much love from Israel

free Palestine

Free Palestine

Free palestine 🇵🇸 from 🇮🇩

Free palestine

Free Palestine 🇵🇸

Free Palestine 🇵🇸 from 🇲🇾

Free Palestine 🇵🇸

Free for Palestine 🇵🇸 I'm from Indonesia 🇲🇨

Free palestine im from malaysia

Free palestine

Palestine will be free soon... I love Manchester but please don't mix politics with sport. Palestine is in our heart...♥♡

Happy Passover to all the jews of the world . GOD bless you all .💖💖💖

Free Palestine Meanwhile Everton 2 United 1

God bless Israel. And Peace be upon Jerusalem.. The Holy city of God

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3 hours ago

Manchester United

"The players are in a good state mentally but we know it will be a hard game at Goodison."

All of our focus is on Sunday 👊
... See moreSee less

#MUTV: Ole: the players are strong mentally


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Forget the Huddersfield & Cardiff games as they should not be a problem, as said before we certainly need 9 points from Everton, Man City & Chelsea. Wish I had a magic wand as it’s a tall order for these 3 games. We must chase to get a Champions league place. The Micky Mouse Europa League next season is of no use to entice big game players to the club. Even 15 points cannot guarantee the place as we are in the hands of Arsenal and Tottenham. For those that go to church on a Sunday please say a little prayer and hope and who knows for staters Tottenham will let Man City win tomorrow. The thoughts of Liverpool getting a double will not go down well.

Ole I hope he isn't being a yes man for ed Woodward? Surely ole you can see you will win nothing with young, lingard Jones and at the moment rashford!

Alexis is better than Lingard and Martial Give him more playing time.. Nemanja Matic n Herrera shud also start.. we should win our next 2 games, get back to top4, lose the city game and ensure that liverpool finishes 2nd

Please thank Ashley Young for me, he's the greatest captain we've ever had at this club.

Sanchez should be the first out the door. Sanchez huge wages and rubbish form are disrupting the team. Roy Keane was right about Lingard, Lingard should focus on his football rather than his clothing line. We shouldn’t sign players like Bale because it suits us commercially. Ajax fantastic technical youthful team shows you what can be achieved by focusing on the football aspect rather than the commercial aspect.

We clear out every season and eventually signed uncommitted players who are there for the money..... Time to go back to our tradition ...... Singing new players is not helping our cause either... We need committed, grateful, die hard players who are honored to wear the United shirt not punch of scammers who always holds the team to ransom ..... Learn from Paul Scholes He doesn't av an agent but sign a new Deal when his contract runs out

Why are man u fans still moaning , our season was over back in November, OGS has done a great job to get us where we are and I'm sure he will improve the team in the summer

The players are in good state mentally including Ashely young and co

badly need a RW LW a good defender and CMF. Not to mention a good striker. Because we have martial he will run when he wants or rasford who just know how to run as if football is like horse racing without using his brain. Not to mention we lost the Super cup because of him but also if he would score against Barcelone the outcome could have been different. If you are a striker you can miss those chances 😡

When he first came with six wins in a row everybody was saying ole is the next fergie and now they are blaming woodward he should have recruit pochettino at the end of the season. Make up ur minds plastic fans

We expect an overhaul of the whole team this summer! The season has been embarrassing.

Fukcing sell Young, Lingard, Rashford please!! Before their price go down.

Aask someone to put an eye on degia or benched him

But their legs are not in good state to score goals. That's terrible

we must win this game boys.GGMU

Gone are the days when Man utd signed players before the end of the season to correct any error despite winning the league, now nobody wants to sign for Man utd even their own players. #Man_utd_issa_small_club_now 😭😭😭

Man United need a Manager not a motivational speaker. Man United have lost 5 out of the last 7 games, we are tired of your words. Let the performance and results do the talking and not your mouth

What if Tottenham win the Champions League and finish fifth❓ What happens if Arsenal win Europa and United finish fourth❓ The rules are changing ⬇️

He needs to revert back to a 433 like when he first arrived..

There's no understanding between our players. De gea is playing with tension

We lost hope on you has been a year of disappointments as United fan.....sell Pogba and other under performing players....lets start it afresh next season. Always Red Devil.

Play lindelof,rojo, smalling and Shaw at the defence Forward martial, Sanchez and rashford

Young, Smalling, Jones, Lingard, Rashford fit to start...

Only fools think Ole is a great coach

You should provide reasons why you didn't start Lukaku in the second leg. You knew Lingard has been rusty and slow after his injury. Why start him? We were a man short right from the start

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6 hours ago

Manchester United

The boss will preview Sunday's trip to Everton from 10:00 BST.

The Man Utd Official App will bring you updates, video and reaction from then:
... See moreSee less

The boss will preview Sundays trip to Everton from 10:00 BST.

The Man Utd Official App will bring you updates, video and reaction from then:


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All I want are committed players at Man United. There are too many talented but none- committed players in the team. Get rid of all these players that think the grass is greener elsewhere. Get rid of all the players looking for huge money but have remained perpetual potential good players. Let the board support Ole in the transfer market and most importantly, afford him the time to build a fantastic team.

Hoping Lingard won't be running like a squirrel all over the pitch with zero usefulness while our "Great Captain" Young keeps missing crosses&passes

Imagine if this man still a man utd manager up to now.. what do you think will happen?. honestly i missed Luis Van Gaal. but i wish best of luck to Ole. #GGMU

I hope Ole's best players (Young, Lingard and Martial) will be available

We have lost all our previous 5 away games. I honestly wouldv waited until season ends to offer ole a contract. Now we not even sure we'll finish in top 4 and we play poorly. Rashford is being overatted. Pogbas form is declining because Herrera and Matic aren't there cos our Manager thinks McTominy and Fred are better than both players.

I will support ole untill he sell the average English players, Young, Lingard, Jones, Rashford and Smalling. I hope velencia, mata and Matic also go. If you really mean rebuild then these players need to be overhaul.

we need great signings next season with the likes of Ashley young in our squad next season we will be battling relegation with mid table teams please of load and sign great players.

The team is not playing well. Our attacking play is not good. I really hope Ole sees this and rethinks his policy..cant wait until the summer Lingard,pogba,young,smalling,Jones(even though he plays with heart), Matic too slow, Rojo, Darmian,Sanchez, even De Gea is heart is not in it. Money has ruined some of these players - plus tactics. Better fresh start for some

Sell Ashley Young, Chris Smalling & Phil Jones. Honestly, how can these 3 be Manchester United players? They are division player ar best!

We will never win anything with the likes of Lingard ,Jones, Young, Valencia etc....alot of talent & creativity is needed

If only we listened to Van Gaal that he was building Manchester United.we have been too emotional expecting instant results and wasting money on expensive players instead of spending time scouting for young and talented players who will bring results in 3 years time.Let's support this coach otherwise we'll be sacking every coach until this great club crumbles to its knees.

I know Ole's best player Ashley Young will pass the ball to an Everton player

Liverpool defenders Robertson: 9assists 1goal A. Arnold: 11assists 3goals V. Van dijk: 5goals 4assists Man utd defenders Young: 2goals 3assists(all to the opposition) Smalling: 2goals(1owngoal) Jones: 2owngoals 1assist😔😔

Ashley Young The Winner BALLON D'OR wkwkwk

I hope he is now convinced that Young, Lingard, Fred, the self proclaimed Pogba and the lazy Martial need not be among the starters. Herrera and Matic need to be fit.

glad i'm not the only one who thought we should've waited until the end of the season before deciding on a new manager

Potential banana skin of a match here. Don't know why but they always seem to pay out of their skin against us just like west ham. Anyway, we're out if the UCL and top 4 looks really unlikely too. Not much to show for season eh

There is nothing we want to hear from again. If u like win, if you like don't win. You have the contract already. When u were hungry to get the job, we knew how active and eager u were. OLE IS NOT AT THE WHEEL ANYMORE.

Go enjoy your rubbish football alone,me am out till next season...if you sell all those English boys then maybe I might start watching United again..nonsense players

Rashford out. He is overrated

Smalling are you still saying you'll handle Messi😂😂

Useless coach how can you play champions league Vs Barcelona with Lingard, martial and Rashford as your attackers and you bench a world class man lukaku and you know what happened at PSG home because without lukaku united would not have won the game

hope you won't take us to relegation like you did to cardiff city

This man needs to be sacked. We are doomed. Pogba is back in his nutshell, players are lost.. Gary Neville and sky sports pressured united using media and this had to happened. Club could have waited till the end of the season. Honestly I really hope that this is not another mistake by Ed Woodward and the board. Ole is a nice guy but tactically very poor. Get a football technical director..

If Everton win., he should get fired immediately.

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