Ander Herrera


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Plays for: Manchester United
Ranked: 55th in Premier League
Ander Herrera Agüera is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for English club Manchester United and the Spain national team.

He began his career at Real Zaragoza, before moving to Athletic Bilbao in 2011 and then to Manchester United for €36 million in 2014. He was named the club's player of the year in the 2016–17 season.

He has won tournaments with Spain at under-20 and under-21 level and represented the nation at the 2012 Olympics. He made his senior international debut in November 2016. Description provided by Wikipedia


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👉🏼👉🏼 soy de Aita y lo sabes !! 😄❤️

Thanks Mickey for being such an incredible host. It has been only four days but fell in love with Japanese culture #Hibachi

Tsukiji fish market 🍣🇯🇵

Royal palace and more 😁🇯🇵 #lambdatokio #topcity

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5 days ago

Ander Herrera

Champions League tomorrow 🔴👍🏼 ... See moreSee less

Champions League tomorrow 🔴👍🏼


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I would have liked this photo but seeing lukaku I won't

You are not everyone's favorite footballer, but you know how to come through when it matters most, and ur patriotic, hope you give us a taste of that Herrera magic tomorrow 💪

Man utd will win the champions league SOON

Herrea deserves the captains arm bad he has some passion for the club and would drive the troops he's 3 timrs the player of matic

Donkaku spoiling the pic

Good luck lads..❤

Group stages task complete, now we await the next task, the knock out stages of the CL. Who will be our opponents in the round of 16?

MUN will win The champions league SOON Viva ander Hareera🤘🤘🤘

I see the passion of wayne rooney in you i love you man your super classic manchester needs more players like you

#Please stay #We need you with love #DeGea & MATA too.

Give him the armband. El Capitan. Much love Ander #GGMU

Just give me a goal if you are given chance to play.. Just a goal from u is enough

Eager to see our team in action tomorrow.. We are renewing with winning matches..let's include it in our DNA

Come on lads bring it home! It's coming home, it's coming home it's coming!

โปรดอ่านคอมเม้นของผมด้วย!! Ander Herrera คุณคือนักเตะที่ผมชื่นชอบ ❤ ผมไม่ค่อยเก่งภาษา. แต่ผมขอให้คุณสู้ต่อไปเพราะคุณคือ นักสู้เลือดยูไนเต็ด.

Think I need this training kit in my life

I Hope we still come back smilling this way?

I there was space, i'm sure i would be in this photo Ander Herrera #21. 👍

World class boys but fake and too defensive coach

Rojo for me if he stopped the silly fouls good be class

Keep that dedication for the team man.. You are a real Red devil

So why lukaku on the picture?

My sparniad sauce😋😋😋

Herrera and mata rashford love the club

You guys keep that hunger that you cultived recently it's conteoius #GGMU

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1 week ago

Ander Herrera

When you are so excited with the goals and your team performance and Ashley Young ignores you 😏 🤣🤣🤣. Well done lads 🔴 ... See moreSee less

When you are so excited with the goals and your team performance and Ashley Young ignores you 😏 🤣🤣🤣. Well done lads 🔴


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If Pogba was having that Passion Man utd could be far,,,,If you think Herrera should be Captain plz like

You're one of a few players that knows what it means to put that jersey on and play for man Utd! I love your passion for the club, you genuinely care for our club. Always giving 100% . Delighted that you're getting more games lately!

You really have the heart for the game, Ander! You should be Captain.

My nin ♥️💯 kujecliyaa bcz of you Manchester United utageraa🔥😍

Harreera blood of the winning team

My best man utd player, just love ur passion n commitment

Ander Herrera we love you⚽

You've been ignored for too long this Season Ander, time to show what you can do

United fans be like " can we play Fulham every week" 😂

I hope all our players can play for the badge just like you always did..

The heart of the UNITED team ❤️ #ANDER 💪

Come back to Athletic to help us survive!

Well done Andrea you really put a nice performance today

Bitter sweet cos most of us wanted us to lose to Fulham so Mourinho will be sacked

Hahaha. Still fans favorite even if A.Young ignores you.

I know how passionate you are, good game today

Greatness over greatness my broooo 😂😂❤ Continue....... #ILOVEUNITED_EG 🇪🇬

You put up a great show lads

I love the passion you have for the club Ander!!!

My beast non like u in united.

You always play for the badge, you got the desire and ability. Go go go Ander but speak to the board and let them relieve Mourinho

A new proverb goes ...As innocent when Guilty as Ashley young.

Great work today Herrera, and against arsenal. You proved your place in the first team. My favourite warrior in the midfield ❤️👏👏👏💪

Don't feel ignored, young is just too serious like you

I have, I am, and I will always believe in you

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1 week ago

Ander Herrera

Not the result we wanted but we have to build from this fantastic attitude and spirit 🔴 #goodbattle #fight ... See moreSee less

Not the result we wanted but we have to build from this fantastic attitude and spirit 🔴 #goodbattle #fightImage attachmentImage attachment


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My Ander21❤❤ He bleeds red🔴He plays for the badge.... Passionate

Ander herrera a player who never gives up

The only passionate player that fight for the badge no matter what, ole ole Ander

U should be given captain band . U deserves it. Ur spirit and passion for team is fantastic

#SAD The stupid Mourinho doesn't see that spirit and attitude in you as an every game starter.

Only player capable of spreading the passion and leaving all in the pitch. Except from DeGea no one deserves the Armband of Captain more than Herrera 😂😂😂Simply outstanding heart

We (our man utd) need men just like you I like yr morale n work rate

The best midfielder on the field. Thanks so much for your spirit and for loving Manchester United. Love you much

This was copied and pasted from last two weeks game against man city

U played well congratulations

The true captain of this current manUnited team.....your passion and spirit is exactly what the entire team needs right now,it's a pity we are been coached by an excessively negative minded manager who I reckon has overstayed his welcome.....MOU-OUT!!!

Unfortunately you don't have first eleven in the team

I'm sure if u happen to be the captain, guys like smalling, Jones and Mourinho himself would face your bitterness.. I see Roy keane's type of play in you!

You are absolutly big game player!

Love your passion Ander.

You should find another excuse for being shite! Building that momentum since Ferguson left, innit?! ✊🤣😂

enway...Ander are my ever best man u got passion n love of the red kit..always giving your whole...tell Rojo we forgive him for the pple played the best football of the last 4weeks..continue building the pressure...nd lastly...PLEASE EXTEND YOUR STAY😎

You were out of the lot..your performance was outstanding.. If we had 3 more like you in the midfield we would have been in top 3 right now..

Love ur passion and desite for the badge Ander, always giving 100%

You don't play for money but the badge and the united family. This is why you are in my fantasy football league.

You played well ❤️❤️ my Ander 😍😍

you are my true captain ...

Glad you played, you show the United spirit.

The only great thing we did is Not beaten at Old Trafford until 2006

Someone that plays for the badge ❤❤🔥🔥

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2 weeks ago

Ander Herrera

Good reaction but not enough to win it, a new opportunity on Wednesday 🔴 ... See moreSee less

Good reaction but not enough to win it, a new opportunity on Wednesday 🔴


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My ninkey captain waa in laguseyo....lkin don’t worry adiga kudodha

Seeing your reaction after scoring, just serves to prove YOU'RE THE REAL CAPTAIN of the team.

Your team mates don’t deserve your passion. Laughing stock. By far the best player on the field (for United).

Ander I love your passion for United but with respect you and a couple of others who put in the effort today need to have a team only convo with the rest of the side which didn't. Watch the film my friend. POGBA should donate his wages from this week. As a Life long United fan I was offended by his sheer lack of effort

Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out 📣📣📣📣📣Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out Mourinho out..

You were the best player on the pitch. And very passionate about playing for Manchester United. Whenever you wear United shirt, I see hunger, desire and passion. Keep it up Ander!

Can you pass on your passion to your teammates?

Ander do you know that you are my secret crush ? I love you so much and what make is the most is that we are born on the same day August 14

Happy to see you on the pich and scoring a goal

Half the team needs selling average at best

Ander herrerer ur manager is very useless hi can not deserving as Man United manager Even me I can't arrange Man Utd players like morinho

Just get the hell out of this useless team with illitrate coach...he is tacticless

Best Goal Of The Season In EPL

Say the same thing every week now united players! Look onto the next game when the last performance or result was awful

Can't keep trotting out this rubbish after every game. The manager has obviously lost the dressing room.

My guy you people are turning man utd into a laughing stock

Win the next match against Arsenal?

Ander u always the best we r proud of u but our main problem is mourinho he didn't know hw he can manage the team we r tired of him

Still we're strageling top 4 We will 👏 good👏 come on👊 guys 💪💪 my bloody team Manchester Uniteeeeed😅

If with this kind of team display then I'm sorry

Love how u scored and didn’t even celebrate even tho u equalised . Red through and through . Wish u played more often

The worst utd ever.we'd rather be fielding Nicky Butt's team.Given a chance I'll release 3/4 of that team

was an amazing goal on the season ..

You fought for the badge well done💪

whats wrong with mu current situation draw lose draw lose whats going on .i think we need best forward and best manager .

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3 weeks ago

Ander Herrera

Training with adidas Football and the best goalkeeper in the world David De Gea? 😉⚽️ ... See moreSee less

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We Love You Both 💯 UNITED UNITED . Red Till I'm Dead .

Plz don't leave :'( love you so much

My LOOOOO❤E #Ander our Next captain

Herrera plz stay at home. Manchester united

U need to up ur game pal

You are the best,, tell Lukaku to wake up, can he really use that Number perfectly!


Only you and martial is giving me hope at united



You deserve to be the captain shame that Jose doesn't trust in you 💔

Ander love you


Bro send me those @ADIDAS shoes .....

Love you both...Mata too.!! Three Spain please stay, we need you with love.

No need to hit the camera like that Ander, calm down lad


Ander ,fred,Juan, pogba,what a mid

Passion man Herrera, super david de gea

Don't leaveeeeee

Open net hahahahahaha

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