Ander Herrera


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Plays for: Manchester United
Ranked: 49th in Premier League
Ander Herrera Agüera is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for English club Manchester United and the Spain national team.

He began his career at Real Zaragoza, before moving to Athletic Bilbao in 2011 and then to Manchester United for €36 million in 2014. He was named the club's player of the year in the 2016–17 season.

He has won tournaments with Spain at under-20 and under-21 level and represented the nation at the 2012 Olympics. He made his senior international debut in November 2016. Description provided by Wikipedia


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👉🏼👉🏼 soy de Aita y lo sabes !! 😄❤️

Thanks Mickey for being such an incredible host. It has been only four days but fell in love with Japanese culture #Hibachi

Tsukiji fish market 🍣🇯🇵

Royal palace and more 😁🇯🇵 #lambdatokio #topcity

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21 hours ago

Ander Herrera

‪It feels good to touch the ⚽️ again 😀 ‬ ... See moreSee less

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much support from 🇰🇪

I always stand with you.😊😊😊

We love you Pls come back.

I love you so much

I stilll love u😍

The humble lion happy to see you on the pitch again

If you, I'm happy too,Ander❤️ You're in the best club in French. We all miss you from one of the best club in the world🔴

I'm so happy for you...#Captain21Herrera ❤😢😢

Good Luck for Ander ☘️ Miss you !

I love you so much

I va han bawn takk 👍👍👍👍

Good Job

You're still in our hearts herrera

Love you.

Love you

And you didn't do that at United. I really liked you. Hope you come back to OT soon.

Most of times I usually watch some of your video clips,you was a warrior with more energy at our midfield#but am wishing you all the best...once a Red you always be red#United forever

Amboi seronoknya dkt sana.

Bầu trời Paris trong xanh quá idol ạ

Good to be back. Let show them how it's done...👑👑👑

Missing that passion midfield . Your Hardwork , Determination & Desire to play for United is being the link between the midfield & defence .

We love you ander , pls at some point in ur career come back to united , You are ADO-RED

Remember. Love you Ander 21

We at United still have that respect for you ✊🏽

I miss you, you were the best midfielder United has had

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6 days ago

Ander Herrera

We keep progressing ⚽️🔴🔵 ... See moreSee less

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We miss you so much 😭😭

We miss you so much bro 🥺

We miss you so much brother

We miss you so much 😭😭

We miss you so much bro 😢

We miss you so much bro 🥺

We miss and love you.

We miss you 🤦‍♂️

miss you so much H21 our United Legend

Always hoping that you have the best of your career. And I hope you come to Old Trafford as away team player and receive a standing ovation, cause you deserve so. Miss you. Alld best for future.#oncearedalwaysared

i'm want to see you as a leader. the captain of man utd. but now you're gone. but not forever. thanks for the memory ander. all the best. #GGMU

Still missing you at Utd, Best wishes

Keep it up👆, one love from Nigeria 🇳🇬

Animo Ander. Te veo una progresión fantástica y estarás en perfecto estado cagando melodías. Felicidades atrasadas y un abrazo.

We still miss you in United ❤️❤️

success for you but not for your new club

Once Red always Red we miss you our captain without....

keep it and Come back soon .

Miss you dude, I have to buy your Manchester united kit no matter what to keep it for my grand children

مش كان زمانك بت keep progressing معانا

Keep it up bro..don't give up.

For sure We united are missing you

Your progress would have been better if u stayed at Manchester.

We are wetting for your return at Man Utd

Come back to united

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2 weeks ago

Ander Herrera

Already working 🔴🔵 PSG - Paris Saint-Germain ... See moreSee less

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Happy Birthday Ander!.. Good luck in your new team.. I'm miss you in the red shirt.. I'm United Fans from Indonesia..

Now when I see the young lads' passion at United I wish if you were there to lead and guide them❤️❤️❤️

Happy birthday Ander! Have a good season at your new club. Well wishes from United.

Chúc mừng sinh nhật idol

Happy birthday Ander! Good luck with new team! From Viet Nam

Happy birthday Ander!! May you will achieve greater heights in your career. Will always remember you as a United player!!

Happy birthday Ander! Be the European champion this year because you deserve it 🎉🎉🎉

You are the best ever there is, We miss you so much at Manchester, Your picture while at Manchester is still my screen saver,I miss you

You're gone Champ! You're gone. I will miss your mastery in our midfield. All the best Anders

Still in our heart, all you best luck❤

Miss you buddy all the best as the season starts

I don’t follow any other ex united players but Ander is a model professional and is a quality human being. I wish u good luck on this new chapter

We miss your midfield duties at Manchester United , Paul Pogba is annoying 😂 🔴🔴🔴


I still fell your spirit at the old Trafford. We love you Ander

We miss you so much in our team manchester united brother

Come on Herrera! True worrior... Once a devil always a devil!

Me alegro de que todo vaya bien, Ander. Al verte lesionado me asuste bastante. Animo, campeón!!!

From united with love <3

Get well soonest Ander Herrera , all the best in your Lig 1 career. Still Manchester United 🔴🔴

We miss you at United

Working in the farm, wow 😲

Come back to United!

¡Feliz cumpleaños a Ander! Ese día es el primero vez que lo veo en Old Trafford. No conocí quién es, dónde vive, etc. Pero me gusta su espíritu, su sonrisa y vista. Desde aquel día, su nombre ANDER HERRERA siempre existe en mi mente, en mi corazón. Hoy es su cumpleaños, quiero ver juega al fútbol en todos estadios en este mundo.

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2 weeks ago

Ander Herrera

‪Tout comme la vie, le football nous fait subir quelques petites épreuves pour les surmonter. Je travaille d’arrache-pied pour revenir le plus tôt possible et dans les meilleures conditions. Bonne journée à tous ⚽️‬ ... See moreSee less

‪Tout comme la vie, le football nous fait subir quelques petites épreuves pour les surmonter. Je travaille d’arrache-pied pour revenir le plus tôt possible et dans les meilleures conditions. Bonne journée à tous ⚽️‬


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Quick.recovery my favorite we are missing you already at Manchester hope you come back stronger

Best of luck with your recovery. 🙏🏻

Vui vẻ lên chàng trai..anh sẽ mạnh mẽ hơn và tuyệt vời hơn ❤️

Good luck in your next chapter! Definitely a true red! ❤️

Wishing you a quick recovery! Love you at United. Wishing you the best at Paris

Happy birth day. H21

I Miss you so much Ander, you were so passionate about United, wish you quick recovery, I know you are strong.

Already miss your determination you are a loss to the club but i really wish you well for the future , good luck

Herrera, you just don't know how much I love you. I have once fasted and prayed to God cos of you when you still at Manchester ....I love u deep bro. You have a pure heart and you are God fearing. Love u loads bro. Can't wait to meeting you for real. Wish u quickest recovery. From Nigeria

Hope one day you will be back at oldtrafford as a fan or as aplayer we miss you ander herrera ......i loved your passion for the united badge

Hoping and praying for your speedy recovery, Ander! Still missing you at United.

... I hope you recover from injury soon, my friend, and return to the stadiums in the best condition ... Your friend Hassan from Egypt 🇪🇬

Quick recovery we Miss you our lagend one day I will se you old taraford

Best of luck with you recovery one of the best player in the would harrera

Hey Ander, you have been one of the very few players post-Fergie to have "gotten" what our club is about. I loved you to death (still do). Although now you aren't one of us anymore (but you always will be deep within), you will always find love for yourself within ManUtd fans throughout the world. This is a special bond we United fans share with a very few players in the modern game. Enjoy this privilege. Get well soon. Prosper.

Quick recovery lad we already miss you at Man United

This man was faking his injuries during his time at Old Trafford, I thank God you're not part of us again!

Sunny Paris will warm your heart, see you smile my sadness will go away

You left United so rest in peace

الف سلامه حياتي هيريرا

How I wish you continues injuries until you get ruined from the world of football and this is because you betrayed your Manchester funs. I hate you

Even though you are no longer in Red Devils squad but your hardworking time are really appreciate. God bless you AH.

We missing you Herrera... How on earth did Woodward allow you to leave... May he know no peace in that Old Trafford office for letting you go

Lần sau mà để bị thương nữa là em đánh đấy 😕

Hein...! déjà? eh bien c'est la vie. Bon rétablisment mon frère. tu nous manque. #united #red #devil

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3 weeks ago

Ander Herrera

Back in Paris... I don’t have enough words to thank all the affection and support I feel every time I visit China 🇨🇳 😊😁 #THANKSCHINA ... See moreSee less

Back in Paris... I don’t have enough words to thank all the affection and support I feel every time I visit China 🇨🇳 😊😁 #THANKSCHINA


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Miss you #21 I AM Redarmy Lucky man ❤️

Ae lo tway Tin tot Man U fan tway sad kone b pop :’)

We love ❤️ you, once red always red.

We miss you so much Ander 😔

We miss you so much Ander 😔

If you happy, I also happy 😊

You always red in our heart

Always playing for the badge. Dedicated to performance. All the best

Good luck, bro. Everyone support for you. From a fan of Manchester

Chúc a thật thành công trong màu áo mới

Our birthday is near

You’re a good man and should receive a great reception wherever you go, we will certainly miss you at old Trafford this season, you always have your time to your fans x

We will always love you man. ♥️

We love you more here in Uganda

If you’re absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success.

Nice assist you gave lingard from paris yesterday...

Love to see all the United tops there

And coming to Vietnam.. I always support for you, Ander.

You deserve an award for your countenance, zeal and passion for the beautiful game ❤. #FIFA #AnderHerrera

Anh đến Việt Nam còn tuyệt vời hơn nhiều

Siempre con la sonrisa en el rostro. Eres grande Ander, disfruta y triunfa que es lo tuyo. Un abrazo!!!!

Ander always in my heart, and ander always red , thank for everything in manchester united #GGMU

Manchester United miss u greatly. till we meet again dear friend

I cant go on seeing much of this Mr. Ander. Am sorry i have to unfollow. It hurts seeing you in another Jersey. Pole sana Ander.

Thank you Herrera for what you did as a red devil, good luck

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