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Plays for: Manchester United, England
Ranked: 29th in Premier League
Ashley Simon Young is an English professional footballer who plays as a winger, a wing back or a full back for Premier League club Manchester United and the English national team.

Born and raised in Hertfordshire, Young started his career at Watford, making his first senior appearances in 2003 under the management of Ray Lewington. He became a first-team regular in 2004–05, and was one of Watford's key players in their promotion winning 2005–06 season. Young continued to play well for Watford in the Premier League, and in January 2007 he transferred to Aston Villa for an £8 million fee, rising to £9.65 million with add-ons. He established himself in the first team at Villa Park and won the PFA Young Player of the Year award in 2009. On 23 June 2011, Young signed for Manchester United for an undisclosed fee. He has gone on to win every trophy available in English football, winning the FA Community Shield in 2011, the Premier League in 2013, the FA Cup in 2016 and the EFL Cup in 2017. In May 2017, he won European silverware as part of the United squad that lifted the UEFA Europa League.

Young represented England at under-21 level and has since earned 31 senior caps, scoring 7 goals. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Last training before Turin #UCL 🤘🏾👹

We will never forget.

I’ll take a last minute winner all day🤘🏾👹 travelling support again unreal....👏🏾👏🏾

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4 days ago

Ashley Young

That away end on a Monday night in London was an unbelievable effort by the fans. Non-stop singing from warm-up until the final whistle. Oh and the result weren’t bad either 🤣🤘🏾👹 ... See moreSee less


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Am very happy to be a man united fan Captain

Sooo proud of you and the team!! Congrats from a Dutch fan in Michigan!! ⚽️❤️

The fans sang loud and proud, awesome atmosphere tonight, well done lads 👏👍❤

Dis xame ashely, dat always get young

Well done guys. Glory Glory United. Ashley,the super hero. Good one boss... I See the way you always police Hazard...good job.

#Ashley young.....much proud of you and the team .Keep it up...GGMU 💕😍...

Well done! Lovely job shutting down Hazard in the second half.

This is the Man U I knew before Ferguson left#GGMU

Thanks captain u did exactly what a good captain has to put on field. Let's keep the momentum #GGMU 👹👹👹💪💪💪

You really tried...... We need you better vs liverpool #ggmu

Top Class we need the same Fans away at psg and maybe ......just.....maybe we could get a result there?????

Legend 💯 🤘🔥 love you our Captain Youngy 💕

Well Done Capitano 💪💪💪💪💪👏👏👏👏👏

But you small man, please stop playing out of position.

Very good Ashley young you have done well GOD bless our team. Up for the Cup. Stay with high mortality for the next game.

Well done Ashley for helping Manchester United get through to next round of the fa cup .

Well done Ashley yo you all !!! 😍

Half term and had to be done Another great away day 😀 Well done lads xx

Please wake me up when Chelsea scores

So so proud. Uve put the belief back.

Well done Captain. You deserved this one!

You guys are playing like Man U in the good old days..... We love it.

Thanks captain, we always love u bcoz of your hard working, u inspire us, man utd fan from Zambia!

Well done fans well done team,now let's go for Liverpool.

good game we need posstve result for the left games especialy psg,woves end all EPL games,

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1 week ago

Ashley Young

Eric Harrison had a huge influence in shaping the club and its dedication to developing young players over the last 30 years . His place as a club legend is definitely assured . RIP 🙏🏾👹 ... See moreSee less

Eric Harrison had a huge influence in shaping the club and its dedication to developing young players over the last 30 years . His place as a club legend is definitely assured . RIP 🙏🏾👹


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ole out

Bad performance ftom you Ashley vs PSG i think Valencia is better than you

Mata is my favourite player, but he should go or Ole must put him at CAM instead right winger. He has no pace but he is intelligent. He looks like have no idea at RW position Sanchez a must player to go

2nd to Comment. RIP



ashley young your play is pathetic nowadays

Any true UTD fan understands the importance of this great man. Shame people find the need to comment about anything other than in reply to what the post is about!!!!!

rest in piece HARRISON. You'd think Young would be moved by your mean comments. He is used to that. So just back off and remain a fan 'cause those comments won't change anything about who he is.

Rip Eric u will be missed


we messed up in our game with the PSG,pull up your socks you guys,but the fact still remains, we are still the red devils


hey young why dont you tell ole gunar we want valencia in the game please


Rip legend

True legend RIP Eric ⚽⚽⚽🏆🏆🏆😥😥

Shine on your way rip legend


Rip with your talent

Rest in Peace Sir Eric Harrison

Sad day for all true United fans RIP

Rip we keep going no matter what


This World is not easy, young, be strong. God keep his soul in peace.

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2 weeks ago

Ashley Young

Exciting times ahead for this club and I feel proud to continue to be a part of it 👹🤘🏾 ... See moreSee less

Exciting times ahead for this club and I feel proud to continue to be a part of it 👹🤘🏾


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Please leave this club and join liverpool

Can't believe Mourinho nearly sold you to a Chinese club.. Great full back and keep striving for success!

I'm so happy about this,My fantastic boy <3

Please Young make sure Mbappe has no chance on the next game. Say hi to De Gea, Pogba, Herrera, Rashfod , Martial

Congratulations on the new contract, Ashley. Against PSG please keep a clean sheet & possibly, destroy Angel Di Maria!

Happy for you bro 🙏, it's always good to appreciate people's efforts

Don't let us down tomorrow what we NEED good result against P.S.G, u must play as team, play with one heart so dat u come up as a winner tomorrow. i wish all of you a good game.

Oh u will be keeping our young brilliant lad on the bench for another year!..I can't just imagine that...Leave plz, we want to bring the best out of our Dalot!

"Mbappe , i'm coming for you" - Cristiano Lionel Gareth Javier Ashley Young said

Young can you break jones leg during training thks

Professional at the core never complains faithful servant well deserved

i like this great coach,tomrrw must win,team work

Well deserved with all the hard work and dedication put in. Always give 100%.

But why have you signed for only one year?

Great job...wish you all the best

Let's what manu can do against Psg

All fans across the world feel proud to be associated with Manchester

I lyk the way u make overlaps

You are my best Young. Your hard working is paying you

GoGoGoooo........guys.....lets continue the winning tread. #united_we_stand_ashley

please young left to man utd

Ashley Young, you are the best..... Love your style dearly

Give 100% fight for our club

Congratulations man

You are always a red devil

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2 weeks ago

Ashley Young

‪When you watch the team play like that and listen to the away fans sing non-stop... 🔥🔥‬ ... See moreSee less

‪When you watch the team play like that and listen to the away fans sing non-stop... 🔥🔥‬


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You make us proud of Manchester United

Wow. This is Manchester United

These away fans were insanely good... 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Getting back to the good old days!!

That is true naver stop let goo

That's the Manchester we know, let PSG also fall.

It was awesome bro,u just made my day!

That feeling

Young are u ready for PSG!?

Young to pogba:and dalot says he WIll put me on the bench permanent

Our fans r d best..through thick n thin..always #united!!! #mufc #reddevils

King young I want saw the curve ball on psg

Please keep da fire burning Young lad #GGMU

Watching the live coverage and listening to the fans in the background singing and cheering their hearts out was absolutely brilliant! Hope we can do the same when United come to Perth.

Fantastic work guys. Keep moving on

Let's now pick up boots and train hard for PSG

What were you telling #pogba after the game


Big tests coming up boys. The fans ought to be louder now esp for the Liverpool game !

Your giveing us something to sing about makeing us proud of you playing till the end and playing as a team but we must keep playing till the end never think its over till the whistle

It will be absolutely a fantastic feeling

Always proud of the travelling fans,who represent us when we are far away. #GGMU

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2 weeks ago

Ashley Young

We will never forget you #flowersofmanchester ... See moreSee less

We will never forget you #flowersofmanchesterImage attachmentImage attachment


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Respect Always 💕 I've seen you are close to signing a one year deal which is good but a 2 year one would be even better! We love you Ash 💕 xx

Never Ever #Flowersofmanchester


Ashley Young, my favourite, advancing defender

I Always Remember The Great BUSBY BABES At This Time Of Year , Still Have Photos Of Them All, The Great Duncan Edwards And All Of Them.

never ever senior player

Indeed. Great 1958 Team

We will never die ggmu

United together

Very respectfull lad enjoy your stay

Flowers for Manchester

Manchester United forever...United we stand

Thanks for Adding more one year contract. I wish you happy stay at man united.

Will Never Die!

We'll never die

Thank you Ashley, I would love to work for old Trafford one day.

We will never

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