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Plays for: Manchester United, England
Ranked: 21st in Premier League
Ashley Simon Young is an English professional footballer who plays as a winger, a wing back or a full back for Premier League club Manchester United and the English national team.

Born and raised in Hertfordshire, Young started his career at Watford, making his first senior appearances in 2003 under the management of Ray Lewington. He became a first-team regular in 2004–05, and was one of Watford's key players in their promotion winning 2005–06 season. Young continued to play well for Watford in the Premier League, and in January 2007 he transferred to Aston Villa for an £8 million fee, rising to £9.65 million with add-ons. He established himself in the first team at Villa Park and won the PFA Young Player of the Year award in 2009. On 23 June 2011, Young signed for Manchester United for an undisclosed fee. He has gone on to win every trophy available in English football, winning the FA Community Shield in 2011, the Premier League in 2013, the FA Cup in 2016 and the EFL Cup in 2017. In May 2017, he won European silverware as part of the United squad that lifted the UEFA Europa League.

Young represented England at under-21 level and has since earned 31 senior caps, scoring 7 goals. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Last training before Turin #UCL 🤘🏾👹

We will never forget.

I’ll take a last minute winner all day🤘🏾👹 travelling support again unreal....👏🏾👏🏾

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2 months ago

Ashley Young

Tough result to take but we will fight until the very end! 2 more left 👹 ... See moreSee less

Tough result to take but we will fight until the very end! 2 more left 👹


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Thanks Young for the service to the great Manchester United. I still believe we can get 4th position if focus is 100%. Teamwork is vital for the two remaining games, we can score 5 goals a game in case of goal difference.

Ooouch! Young deserves best player of the united... I love him watching when he's playing

Thank you for everything but you suppose to leave

Thanks for the memories Ashley I wish you good luck in your future endeavors.

Ashley young...ignore all the haters...they are just glory hunting fans.....I see you give your all for Manchester United.....unlike some players who play when they feel like....good luck...god bless👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

On fire or not you are true devil, remember it!!!

😂😂😂😂 welcome to the EUROPA cup next season. All the best Sir

Ashley, you never stop fighting. Your commitment to our club is unquestionable. Thank you. To all the horrible comments on this post, you are no United fans. Take your nasty comments somewhere else!

At one point we even thought we could win the champions league. You've let us down young, just leave

Thanks for everything you have done for us. Your contributions will be always remembered. Please give opportunities for our new players.

Nobody is no mistake, the important thing is how you face it and draw experience for yourself. People asked him to leave the club when he played badly, they denied what he had devoted to the club so far, I think they are not worthy to bother him. I always believed and supported him, supported MU to the end. Trying on the Young man❤

The biggest problem is that you're the captain of Manchester United and you don't deserve to play any kind of football , Kindly leave this club

Please go to play snooker

The way disappoint me every game, I think it's high time u left the team with honour,

This man played well today and LuKaKu either

I hope its ONLY 2 more left here for you. Be a gentleman like G Neville did and informed he cannot play anymore for this great club and retire. Be genuine. You have been a great servant and won titles here, but now is the time to say bye. #Rebuild

17 second you held to the ball and then gave it to Messi Captain Marvel

We love our team but no more hope,let's plan for next season

Ashley young sometimes you are good sometimes you are bad but and when I say i love you, ilove you with all your bad & good sides - with all your mistakes and good features with Out any compromise - with Out any condition 😘😍

I hope united will buy great player to RB position A.young, i think u should retired end of this season

We can't do with out Ashley Young he's quite the engine in the team I think I've heard enough of the stick he gets lets focus on looking for new placements and replacements for De Gea and Pogba they don't want to be there

Please don't start next two games, get Rojo or Darmian in your place..and we will be good! 😒

Work hard.those things of reverncing uo self back to the Degeas box wen Hazard attacks style up

Man Utd is doing me more harm than good. I think I need sound medical check up watching how disgusting de Gae is letting us down with high profile errors.

You guys aren't fighting like Manchester United, you guys aren't fighting till the very end, it's like you have already reached end u are just being a disappointment you guys ,

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3 months ago

Ashley Young

‪A privilege to of called you my team mate but more so a very good friend! Congrats on your career and good luck with your next adventure bro 🤘🏾🙏🏾‬ ... See moreSee less

‪A privilege to of called you my team mate but more so a very good friend! Congrats on your career and good luck with your next adventure bro 🤘🏾🙏🏾‬


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Please leave united u costed us a good fortune at Wolves

You are now a big flop and you gat no quality to play for Manchester United return to where you came from!

Ashly Thanks for the memories its time to leave our club

Ashley Young as a right back, can u really do cross ball? #AntonioValenciaIsBack

Please retire from Manchester United! Thanks

congratulations upon your red card man. Mike Dean's 100th red card is yours. Proud of you my man

please retire from football or leave manchester united. u dont deserve at this great team. btw,as a right back,can u really do cross ball?

I hope your proud of yourself

Dear Ashley young, We at Doncaster rovers really needs u, Best RB in the world Just leave my darling Manchester United Thank you

Dear Ashley, May be you remember me, the manager of John Carew. We talked a lot when you were in Villa. So I feel I know you better than those who only see you from a stand. I see some unproper comments here on this your site which I react to. Try to forgive them writing these things because they have no idea of football, how it should be played and what a wonderful person you are. I want you to know that you and your success are followed also here in Norway. You are an amazing footballplayer, but most of all a wonderful person, an excellent role model. You impressed me and I am grateful for knowing you. So I hope you just close your eyes for these stupid comments and go on being who you are. I wish you all the best and a happy Easter! 👍 🐣

You don't deserve to captain our team. That was garbage

Con mẹ mày biến khỏi clb ngay lập tức. Mày là nỗi nụuc của MU. Vậy mà còn đeo băng đội trưởng, tao đã ko ưa lối đá của mày từ lâu rồi. Mày chạy như cái xe ô tô chúe đá đấm gì. Cút gấp khỏi clb MU

Please leave United...very soon...we want to be the best team...!!! You don't have enough confidence to play forward..!!! Very shame on you...!!

Best United captain Ever... Ashley young my captain..

Now its time for you to retire

Your time already finish. Please retired . Man utd need good and strength player

Young please leave this club we've had enough of you.I don't understand how a footballer would clear a ball the way did.

Please leave Manchester United. Thanks for the things that u did for us in past but now leave us. please....

kindly do the same,am tired of your crap at manutd

Tor gushti chudi khangkirpola. Allah'r waste club chaira choila ja bhai please :)

Pls leave my dear club!! Pls retire.... Nothing good is coming out from you now.

Hi Ashley I am ur top fan now can I have a ticket for Barca home or away will do cheers Ashley enjoy ur weekend off you deserve a rest

Young this is ur time to leave man utd

go back to your team you caused us the top four or you can as well retire

Dude please retire from pro football were atrocious tonight

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3 months ago

Ashley Young

These in the world! Rumour has it they’re still there singing... 👹🤘🏾 ... See moreSee less

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You wish the best are the kop

Please leave or retire asap

Ashley young inspirational 💖

what a night tank you ashley

They are not singing for you.

Hahahahaha!! Seriously Best fans in the world??? Im trying to stop laughing but I cant...

No their not, now shitting themselves coz you got Barca.

move from Manchester United

is that at the Emirates ???????

Rumour has it di maria is in your back pocket

Greatest supporters on the planet. Fact

Wonder if they'll be that loud when they go back to 6th after the weekend

We all sing and we'll never stop! 💪🏽😜

Ashley Young please leave the club. Your mistake just let Messi score!

OUR CAPTAIN!! Thank you for your hardwork

Manchester United is my team

Still singing for winning the champions league last week 😂😂😂

You better believe we are still singing

Were are nt tyd antell final wizle cz wr unite mooooor fire

Don't get a lot to sing about these days second best in their own City now.

These away fans... are second to none.

Tôi là 1 phần nhỏ trong tình yêu của Fan quỷ đỏ dành tặng cho bạn Tôi yêu bạn Ashley Young ❤️

Best fans in the world 😂😂😂😂

Thanks Pal, we are the best!

Rumour has it’ Neymar is still Crying 😢

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3 months ago

Ashley Young

So so proud to captain this great club tonight. What a night, we always believed! 🤘🏾👹 ... See moreSee less

So so proud to captain this great club tonight. What a night, we always believed! 🤘🏾👹


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WOW Ashley you played like a 20 year old never better. TOP TOP man 😁😁😁.

Proud?? You're a shame!! The worst captain in history

My able captain, you guys really did us proud, I love you guys,

Tactical play with good result.

Fantastic game! The boys are back!!!!

Hello @Ashely Young>>> pls retire your career! Your passing, crossing & tackling are amazing for fans! Your overall level should be "0" in the next coming FIFA 2019 game. Very disappointed player for teammates & fans!

Yes, indeed is a beautiful victory night! We fans are so proud of Man United! We love you all!

Nigga just leave the team, go to derby or Beaconsfield

Young u dnt desav to be our captian U cant even attack person u 2lazy... Pls giv d captian 2David our saviour

Your man of the game for me you saved many goals

We believed #Glory Man united

Mission impossible turn into possible congratulations

Are you even a player.. just retire bro... you are only name by young

Brilliant finish from Romelu Lukaku I love that finish ....everybdy did very well Rashford and Dalot and shaw did a nice job my thanks to d entire team I love u all.. UNITED we STAND

CONGRATS great game,win and team good game #GGMU

Glory glory manutd⚘ .. from iraq with love

You are indeed a humble servant. You guys made me proud last night. With love from Nigeria

Our team stood tall tonight, all plastic fans need to get lost!

Ashley Young you are such a grafter, perfect captain material!


I love you Youngy you absolute warrior

Mission accomplished bro and dear captain lkn sxpow kubadaan aad tuureysid iga dhaaf bilaahi caleyk qofka kuu dhow sii 🙏 #OneLoveAlwslaysUnited🙏❤❤

Form is temporary, Class is permanent...we are United

True that capi...congratulations

We didn’t only beat them We beat the whole world that was behind them in front of their stadium Oleball will live long GGMU

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4 months ago

Ashley Young

Those away day feelings keep on coming... another great night in London topped off with a rare chance to celebrate scoring in front of our away fans. A big well done to Jimmy Garner too, that's what this club is all about 🤘🏾 ... See moreSee less

Those away day feelings keep on coming... another great night in London topped off with a rare chance to celebrate scoring in front of our away fans. A big well done to Jimmy Garner too, thats what this club is all about 🤘🏾


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Forever young fantastic Captain 💪

I like mr young welldone but saturday pls win d game god we help u

U almost killed that defender man!

Your kit is dirty like you played a rugby game... Well in fight on!!!

You do not deserve to play even for cardiff

Crystal Palace number 2 almost break his neck when you blasted that ball in.

Nigga please , leave man utd

Wonderful 3 points from away games!

Congratulations! Am proud of you

Say hello Young. I'm from Indonesia, I like it you playing. You RB the best United

If in the UK you heard a noise in the east that was me in FLA screaming for my #18 when he BURIED it into the net! Hardest working man on the pitch!

Great display from the captain

Keep on the fire burning broo. ....we are enjoying watching united this days .....upnext s\ton

Keep it up, Ashley. You're not doing bad, at all.

I love your fighting spirit

I see 'passion' on your face! Well done!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

This guy speaks like a real captain

I was so impressed with ur play yesterday Ashley...nice one

That short was awesome boss thx at least arsenal guys are not over yapping

Well done guys ; You did guys make me a proud United Fan

More contract to you my guy

Good goal Ashley #mufc 👏🏻🔴⚪️⚫️

What a shot it was!🔴⚪️⚫️

That was a hell of a shot Young. #Power 💥💥💥

but these guys have a dirty pitch

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