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Plays for: Manchester United, England
Ranked: 21st in Premier League
Ashley Simon Young is an English professional footballer who plays as a winger, a wing back or a full back for Premier League club Manchester United and the English national team.

Born and raised in Hertfordshire, Young started his career at Watford, making his first senior appearances in 2003 under the management of Ray Lewington. He became a first-team regular in 2004–05, and was one of Watford's key players in their promotion winning 2005–06 season. Young continued to play well for Watford in the Premier League, and in January 2007 he transferred to Aston Villa for an £8 million fee, rising to £9.65 million with add-ons. He established himself in the first team at Villa Park and won the PFA Young Player of the Year award in 2009. On 23 June 2011, Young signed for Manchester United for an undisclosed fee. He has gone on to win every trophy available in English football, winning the FA Community Shield in 2011, the Premier League in 2013, the FA Cup in 2016 and the EFL Cup in 2017. In May 2017, he won European silverware as part of the United squad that lifted the UEFA Europa League.

Young represented England at under-21 level and has since earned 31 senior caps, scoring 7 goals. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Last training before Turin #UCL 🤘🏾👹

We will never forget.

I’ll take a last minute winner all day🤘🏾👹 travelling support again unreal....👏🏾👏🏾

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7 days ago

Ashley Young

It’s good to be back 🤘🏾 ... See moreSee less

It’s good to be back 🤘🏾


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Hi guys... I know young is still good and helpful to our team... Maguire and Aaron will not play all the matches even those ones played on Thursdays so please respect him he will help us a lot.

And it's very very good u didn't played


i don't want to see u bench but i want to see you over Bench 😡

Its was a wonderful performance from you guys today, we are moving up. And pls respect this guy cos he's a red legend, he has serve this club faithfully and with so much dedication.

Happy to see on the bench!

Capitaino, I wish Ole reads the game very well. We are all happy with the result no one sees the fault. Young deserved to start for United and even England

Nice performance today, Youngy..You really warmed that bench with ease!

Thank you for warming the bench

Thanks for having a reason to stay out of pitch. We love you where you were today Much love when young is on the bench

Let's give respect Ashley Young, he has done good job for Manchester united. Meanwhile Man Utd carried the day, I was so impressed about its performance

And it's even better you stayed on the bench to see how business is done. Thanks alot AWB

Your replacement is soooooo good warm well that bench

Thanks to you didn’t play !

Nananananaaaa Ashley Ashley Young! Legend pal. Stretford was buzzing great atmosphere. Can’t wait for Wolves away now!!!

Thanks 🙏🏿 for sitting out today

Warm the bench for the rest if the season

You took a nice picture from the bench!!

Ashley Young deserves more respect from united fans than what he's getting here. He's been a great servant of the club from day one 🙏

Its good boss and thank God for #WAB if not we don't know what will happen

I can’t believe some of these responses from so called fans. The Man United ethos for those of you who need educating on the history is ONE AND ALL. If you want to see our team prosper then support ALL of our players regardless. The negative opinions does not help our team. Ashley is part of our squad and should be treated with respect. Plastic fair weather fans, most of which has never been to Old Trafford. I’m ashamed you declare yourselves true Man United fans because you definitely ain’t 😡

Ashley Young deserves more respect, He may not be at his best now but remember he was giving his all since day one even playing as a defender wich isn't his best position - True legend

You'll warm bench sir...... Hope you're learning from Aaron?

Guys let's be nice ,,, Ashley has played for us for long. He deserves respect.

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2 weeks ago

Ashley Young

Been a good month of training and games. We’re ready for next Sunday’s opener back at Old Trafford 🤘🏾 ... See moreSee less

Been a good month of training and games. We’re ready for next Sunday’s opener back at Old Trafford 🤘🏾


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Thanks for the memories, ENOUGH is ENOUGH....... LEAVE

Yes captain. Thank you for the results during the off season. I hope that will continue from next week

Let's respect Young and his contribution at the club...

Thanks Ashley for the passion you have been showing to the team. Never mind the haters. There's is always good and bad times in life.

I'll request the team to give you the most prestigious award or even the highest civilian award by the country, please just leave the team😄

Dear Ashley Young, greetings from Moldova! There is a group of people who ask you to get involved in finishing a sportiv project in our country. I don't think that you are in back of this page, but, if it is you, please write to me for details. Wish you all the best!!!

You were too good but now just leave before you ruin every good memories we had for you.pliz go to sunderland

They are at same level where they were last year I’m not feeling happy

Ashley Young you're the hardest working man on the pitch. Come game day I wear #18.

Good luck with the new season Ashley. The abuse from Muppets on here is uncalled for and an embarrassment to proper Utd fans.

Young has given this club much, let's learn to support these lads... His bn 1 of our best players in a long time and his a fighter... Let's not treat them any bad but appreciate them with support.

Please just tell Solkjaer that you can't be the team's captain for the sake of the whole club. Practice the virtue of being selfless for once.

Ashley Young has served United diligently. He's also given us good memories in the past. Unfortunately, age has caught up with him.... But we can't slate him this way ffs!

At OT when you get the armband it's a way of been told you are not worthy to play there. Remember Valencia. Just like our noisy neighbours

Pls let's respect him. He is a natural winger, but sacrificed himself to cover the space. Despite everything, I still love one thing about him😍😍

I've heard rumors you are going to be the captain when in the pitch, so who is going to be the captain for the 38 league matches... 🤔

"Real Manchester United Fans" will always and forever support you forget those morons calling themselves #MUFC but are constantly trolling you. Your commitments to the courses of #MUFC will forever remain in the hearts ❤💞 of some of us who knows you plays for the badge not for the cash 💵. I salute you Sir.

Play Ashley Young in central midfield Alongside either Matic or McTominay with Pogba upfront He can add defensive ability along with a good long passing range

Y’all need to take a chill guys. He’s coming back stronger this season he took a lot of sticks already. Just need to be consistent

What you guys must considered first is Young is not a Defender but he sacrificed himself to cover there when he was called on, you don't know how difficult it is to be deployed out of position you won't understand it if you have never step in the field of play

When are you saying goodbye to the club?

So very proud of you Ash congratulations on getting the club captain role you so deserve it ❤️ People seriously need to back off and stop being so nasty to Ash as I've said in previous posts on his page you need to remember he is a human being with feelings and it's not fair to keep being so nasty he is a lovely guy and a great player for the club he is so passionate and gives his all in every single match he is a very important player for the club and can play in many different positions he makes some dangerous crosses too he doesn't deserve this crap he gets off so many plastic fans so I suggest you think before you speak as you are all looking really stupid! We Love You Our Captain Youngy 👹 🔴 🤘🏾

Stop hating. Young has been one of the loyal servants of this club and he’s sacrificed a lot to play as a defender because we all know he’s not a natural defender but he does his best to do whatever the coach ask him to do.

Waiting for your blind passes... After you making a run from the center 🤔

please Ashley i want you to put away every critics and focus on your duty and never let them bring you down. see you tomorow in action against chelsea goodluck

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4 weeks ago

Ashley Young

Thanks for the warm welcome Singapore 🤘🏾🇸🇬 ... See moreSee less

Thanks for the warm welcome Singapore 🤘🏾🇸🇬


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You were great!! Greatly appreciate your service to the club! ❤️ From Singapore

Thank you for working tirelessly for the badge! Keep your chin up and trudge on! My family wishes you well! Love from Singapore! 🇸🇬 🤘🏻

You played well last night! Thanks for coming to Singapore! We love you!

Thank you for your dedication! Hope to see you back in Singapore playing again! Captain young!

You played so well yesterday! Thank you for playing so awesome here in Singapore. We love you. Please ignore the booing... there were thousands of us cheering for you!!! GGMU!

Thank for all the Hard Work , Welcome to Singapore ! , have a great time here

you deserve better. thanks for putting your heart out! we will welcome you back to Singapore anytime!

Hey man, keep your Chin-up. History will be your judge. Thanks for your loyalty & service. GGMU!

Thanks for the great performance! Those booing doesn't represent all of us! I'm so so sorry you had to go thru that. Enjoy your stay in Singapore, Captain🇸🇬

Thanks captain! Welcome and lots of love from Singapore. Pls ignore the noise and we look forward to a great season ahead!

Welcome to our Garden City of Singapore, Ashley Young.

Absolute professional! Did well today and great assist!

Thank you Captain Ashley for coming to Our little red dot 🔴 that makes our stadium becomes Old Trafford! We’re delighted and keep up the good work ya? Love to see you back here!

Good Job in assisting & thank you very much, hope you like Singapore, Young.

Very sorry for the boos, Ashley. You have worked hard n played well tonite so keep up the gd work and keep on improving. Ignore those negativity n criticism. Thank you and we wish u well. Love from Singapore.

Thanks for the great performance at the National Stadium! Appreciate that! Hope you enjoy your stay here! 👍🏼

Thank you Captain for the excellent effort! Been supporting United since the days of Ferguson and will be continuing to support you and the team! Keep the fighting spirit and we shall celebrate the next championship win! True Red Devil from Singapore

People need to remember these players are human beings and have feelings just like you so please think before you speak there's no need for nastiness and Ash doesn't deserve it he is a lovely guy and gives so much to the club he is one of the very few that is passionate and hard working so give him a break!!!!!

You played well in Singapore and we appreciate your effort for the fans. Very sorry for the boos from some of the 'fans' during the match. We do hope you have a pleasant stay in Singapore!❤️

Thanks for being such a good and loyal servant to the club Ashley. We are all behind you in Singapore!

Thank you for ur dedication and hard work. Your crosses were great! You really played well in Singapore. Jus ignore the booing. Hope u enjoyed ur stay in Singapore. 👌🏽

Well done Ashley Young, you did a great job! Sorry about the jeered. Thank you Captain Young!

Great delivery to set up the goal. Keep it up!!! ♥️ frm 🇸🇬

Thank you for gracing Singapore tonight! Do not mind the inconsiderate 'fans' that booed you. Most of us appreciate your commitment to the badge! Thank you!

Truly disappointed at the majority who jeered at him during the match earlier. So much for being "true fans" but without class. Disgusting. Very sorry on behalf of the fans in Singapore earlier, Captain! Glory Glory Man Utd! ❤

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1 month ago

Ashley Young

Good pre-season workout tonight 👹🤘🏾 ... See moreSee less

Good pre-season workout tonight 👹🤘🏾


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Young always delivers. We love you Ashley Young and we support you. Continue making us proud. We hope you play till 2025

Thanks young I always appreciate your efforts. Be strong.

"GOOD" what? Remember that your pass? I even thought the arrival of AWB will bring you sense but hell NO! I was wrong

Beautiful match, Ashley. Glad you are involved.

Sit on the bench happily and enjoy your salary. And we will be happy for you.

Please stop hating so mutch. We are supposed to support our players and our team! 😡

we love you young, We hove you injured

Thank you Young for everything since you came from Aston Villa but I believe it's time to leave us alone.Do me a favour by handling your transfer request and tell Jones and Smalling to do so,it's time for us to leave position 6 next season and on wards.

i hate your style of play more than you love it.

I saw you trying to hold on to a ball today. Please leave us alone.

play well or else you will leave. ...This season' our eyes are Red.

What I can remember is young playing back pass and blind pass as long as I can remember

You destroyed my passion for man United

Young we know how u tried for our united but its time to leave 😁😁....just kidding

Younggyyy 🎶 He is our captainnn 🎶 Captain fantasticcccc 🎶 Keep tearing on the opponent apart 🎶 We love you younggg

You and lord Smalling 👏😍should play on a wider part. Possibly outside the stadium 🙏😑

You played good but too much backpasses ..

Young has been a loyal servant to the club, the amount of disrespect he gets is just embarrassing for United

It's time to sit on bench and let kids enjoy there time on that flank.

So glad you have been replaced now. You have had a few good seasons but you were terrible last season and should never have got the captaincy you and a few others should have left the club by now.

Please leave... 😭😭😭.. With you and Jones in the team makes as look kinda weak... You have done more than enough for united I think it just right to leave now

All of you plastic fans can leave the club if you don't like who the management signs, release or keep. You can always come back when they have left!!

Hello Young 👋 When will you leave OTF? Remember to bring Jones and Smalling with you 🙏😞

Tha fans are so happy to see you everyday🤨🤨

Save lives from heart attacks with your awful football, please retire. Otherwise every time a Manchester united fan dies of heart attack because of your mess, you're the killer.

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1 month ago

Ashley Young

Oiiii you! Which way to 34? 👀🤣🤘🏾 ... See moreSee less

Oiiii you! Which way to 34? 👀🤣🤘🏾


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Perfect day to announce your retirement

Happy Birthday mate..... God bless and enjoy with family and friends. I enjoy the same natural position as u which is on the wing

Happy Birthday Youngy. Please retire now, you deserve it. 😑

Happy birthday and hope you retire 19/20 season

We share the same birth dates, today’s my birthday too bro 💯 happy birthday to you brother

If I had enough money, I would take a plane to Manchester and wait for you in a dark alley with a baseball bat and break both of your legs. 🙂 Happy birthday btw. ❤

Happy Birthday! Time for your retirement

Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a fantastic day! 🥳💖🎉🎂🎁🎈

Hope you enjoy your special day Ash 🎂🎉🎈 We love you and hope you liked the birthday gift and card we give to Victor for you at the end of last season 😊❤️

No one recognizes the best moments Ashley had and the nice free kicks he taken, its just a matter of time, hes worn out yes, but lets give him the respect he deserves, happy birthday Ashley

Happy birthday Ashley! Ignore those negative messages. There's people that support you. Have an excelent day! :D

Happy birthday Ashley love you all the way from South Africa Cape town , Manchester United has a great player and we are blessed and pleased to have you as part of our family😎❤️✌️ #Manunited

Happy birthday lad.. Come back stronger 💪💪

Happy birthday & please leave the club❤❤

Happy Birthday Ashley. One of the few players who play for the badge yet gets all the criticism.

Happy birthday Ashley, show the young lads the Man u way and be a great leader off or on the pitch!

Happy birthday to you. You should even change your name because you are nolonger young

Happy Birthday Ashley. Best of luck for the coming season!

😂😂😂😂😂 u guys are so mean.... Happy birthday Ash

Out of Old Trafford. Our of United. Happy birthday, oldie

Way to 34 and still can’t make a proper cross,happy retirement,can’t wait

Happy birthday Young Man. But please retire.

Happy birthday Ashley Old Because u ar no more young.

Hey! As a top fan, I'd like you to seriously consider my next words: Change your club

Hope you retire now or move out from Manchester United and follow mr Wayne Rooney, anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU .

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