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Plays for: Manchester United, Spain
Ranked: 3rd in Premier League
David de Gea Quintana is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Manchester United and the Spain national team. He is regarded by many as the best goalkeeper in the world.

Born in Madrid, De Gea began his career aged 13 with Atlético Madrid and rose through the academy system at the club before making his senior debut in 2009. After being made Atlético's first-choice goalkeeper, he helped the team win both the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup in 2010. His performances attracted the attention of Manchester United, whom he joined in June 2011 for £18.9 million, a British record for a goalkeeper at the time.

Since joining Manchester United, De Gea has made over 300 appearances and won a Premier League title, an FA Cup, a League Cup, three Community Shields and the UEFA Europa League. For three consecutive seasons from 2013–14 to 2015–16, he was elected as United's Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year, the first player in the award's history to win on three successive occasions.

De Gea was the captain for the Spain under-21 national team that won the European Championship in 2011 and 2013, and also competed in the 2012 Olympics. He made his debut for the senior team in 2014 and was selected for that year's World Cup. He was tipped by many to become the successor to Iker Casillas as Spain's long-term goalkeeper. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Not a bad present from my amigo @juanmatagarcia 🔴Great win, great day. Thank you for your birthday messages! Gracias por vuestras felicitaciones! 🙌🏼

Keep going 💪🏼🔴 #mufc

🔴👊🏼 #mufc

🔜 🔴🏟 #UCL

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16 hours ago

David De Gea

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Happy to watch you Yesterday guys..

Nice shot. Wonderful to watch you play, Dave. Fight hard and bring the glory days back to Man United! We trust in you, we love you!

And the also the very handsome Juan .... look forward to new season

Nice shot. I know the Victory of our team will soon be restored and we'll have our great name back. I believe in You lads and I know You'll give us your best next season. We love You guys with every fiber of our being. #GGMU 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😍😍 #ILoveManchesterUnitedForever

Marina Bay Sands, never a rush to pay the bar bill there! Massive view though! Enjoy boys... Good luck for the season....

Keep the momentum and team sprite we love you. Paul we can't see with another shirt so stay with us.

Hot! Hard! Strong! Cute and sexy! Beauty and sweet! Love and more....

When I see u happy I remember the days of glory for man utd

I love you so much for stay with man Utd club.. I wish you beautiful career... Greetings from Nigeria!

David please will you meet my Grandsons.

Thanks for trusting your career with man.utd, I'm hopeful you won't regret the years ahead! #Davesaves

New contract for our best goalkeeper

Looking forward to the new season xx

Nice one senior men. Please just keep it up we all love you guys.

I like ur glory days with united our best the best in all over the world

I love how Rojo always looks miserable 😅

Looking forward to next season loves you big my men from abroad

Welcome to Singapore 🇸🇬! Great to see u in action. Do come back to this island again.

Ashley Young is the one behind the camera....

Juventes vs Spurs tonight and the stadium isn't full,but last night oh my God!its really crazy,super full..

When I see the pic, suddenly miss Midfield engine, Ander

A United Legend David De Gea ⚽️👊🏻😎 best of luck on the preseason tour & upcoming new season 😊

Pogba 😭😭🤯🤯 You can even tell he's the life of the Party!!! Glad to see him hanging around these guys!

Yeah, it's all about the money. So obvious. Don't get me wrong I'm happy you're going to sign a new deal. More money comes more responsibility don't forget

Thanks for staying with us #DaveStays

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2 days ago

David De Gea

Good to be back! Thanks Singapore 👏👏 #MUFC ... See moreSee less

Good to be back! Thanks Singapore 👏👏 #MUFC


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Thank you for the great performance!

Great to be able to watch you play last night. Thanks

Am very happy to see this wonderful lineup

This picture looks great however, I am not going to get all hyped until I can see consistency.

Wonderful Save,the best of Goalkeeper in the world.🔴❤❤

Love to see United Play..... every body working Hard..... Hope this year we can have good result....

Nice to see you here, Dave. Thanks for coming!

Stay with Man United, Dave! We love our club!

Congratulations Gr8 performance #GGMU

Great job and keep it up my goalkeeper ❤

U were great! We love you in Singapore 🇸🇬♥️

You are the BEST TEAM at ALL, everyone of you💖🏅🏅☀️🏅💖

Happy to see you here in Singapore! ❤️❤️DDG

Welcome back bro I can't wait to see you renewing your contract

It was a dream come true for me to see you guys in Singapore. Next wish is to travel to Old Trafford to watch a game. Have been to Old Trafford when it was newly completed but it was during off season 😔. Hopefully next year in March when I celebrate my 60th birthday. Would be so great to receive free air tickets and match day tickets 😂

Thank you for coming here in Singapore😘

Purple shirt is amazing I need to get one. Sign that contract David and I'd say your the biggest legend goalkeeper our club has ever had.

Am hoping to see the different red devils this coming season all together,the dominant one.

Best player I hope you I'll the best de gia

Lv u all 😍,hey. David warmly welcome from myanmar for you😘

Always awesome and always our superman!!! #bestgkintheworld Traveled all the way to Old Trafford to show support! (This was taken for the match against Chelsea this year) 🔴🔴💪 And welcome to Singapore DDG!

I think you will get your best performance in EPL...cos our young talented players will play the best they can too....

Please man, sign that contact. You are the best goalkeeper 👏

From Singapore 🇸🇬, with love ❤️.

Welcome back There's a way I feel wen I see u in lineup with Manchester United Yo a legend already I even named my son de Gea Keep inspiring us

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3 days ago

David De Gea

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You're the best Dave. Love you very much ❤️❤️

Hope you're fully back. Bring back those moments when you are the best. Love you DDG!

GREAT david the GREAT.we are after you-and we follow thanks.

Amazing best goalkeeper,, please stay!

Your potential is amazing.. much love from Nigeria 🤘🤘

U are the best of all times bro I love you.. From Zambia🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲

Greetings from Indonesia, David 🙌

Oh David. We are delighted to announce that you have signed a new contract with Manchester United ♥

They are here in Singapore yesterday and its a good game,we are lucky to watch you guys and we enjoy it,yeah its hot in here so they do water break.

The magnet! We love you DDG ❤ Just sign that contract

New season new hope new goals new achievements,i wish you well man

Once again making the shots easy to save, his positioning is perfect

Was really hoping to see you in Perth!

Good luck next season..you are the best

I know you're the best goal keeper in the world but please I'm begging you on the behalf of all the fans of you and Manchester United club we need you to put the pen on the paper and we as fans will be very happy because you have got unfinished business at Manchester United Club we still need you David #Gratitude is a must 👏have a good day #GGMU ⚽

Welcome to Singapore 🇸🇬! Wish you sign a long term contract with United and leave a name in the history of the greatest club in the world! #LegendDave

Hope you will stay with us for many more years

Go sign that contract so you can concentrate You know you're the best Some of your performances last season nearly dispute that fact

Love uuu From Taiwan w heart

David Amazing best goal keeper plz plz Stay your home❤❤

Just help us and sign in a new contract

the best and mighty Goalkeeper on earth.

The best gk the one and only david save

Time to move on of United don’t sign quality central defenders You deserve titles my friend You deserve better than Smalling and Jones You are the best GK in the world with the worst defenders around you You deserve better than the likes of Young , Bailey, Rojo etc You need to win titles. Just move on my Brother I love United with all my heart but it pains to see the best GK end up trophyless year after year after year and playing disgusting football

Back from fever = back to great signature DeGea save #saves 😎🤘

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4 weeks ago

David De Gea

🔝 Don Ismael Serrano. ... See moreSee less

🔝 Don Ismael Serrano.


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Friends and role models are important in our live. Spend time with them to keep you balanced.

My goalkeeper of my dear ManU end my favorite singer, great

I loveeeeeee youuuuu very very very very very much much much :)))))))

Sing the new contract

Nice outfits .....you could have let us see your new cut

I have always wanted to be like you one day I am Nigerian

Have great holiday! And come back as red devil again)

Please don't leave us, David. You are part of the Manchester United family! You are loved by all your fans!

Hello dear David,your the best keeper of all the world,keep remaing in MANCHESTER UNITED

Please stay with Man United, we fans love you. You're a great goalkeeper!

My role model you are the only goalkeeper who make Manchester united feel lively you make us stroger when we are weak you gave us courage happiness strength that is why I call you THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME

My great goalkeeper god bless you I wish you move to Real Madrid

Dave the save, one of the best GK in the world, sign new contract already and help the rebuild we stuck by you when you had a nightmare 1st season now it's your turn to show some loyalty, if not dont let the door hit you on the way out no1 is bigger then UNITED, Sergio can take your spot for a season and then we can replace you next season as we have other areas that need improvement, and Sergio is prob the best #2 keeper out there so no big downgrade

Sign new contract. We still love you

Please stay the club we all love you david

God gave us his only son that is Jesus Christ please give us ur heart and sign the contract at united

De Gea eres el mejor portero del mundo que dios te bendiga siempre, un saludo desde mexico regálame tu playera crack😉

You want more $ Leave United We want only fighting spirit.

De gea if you leave us who will save the ball for us. Who will make 14 saves in a match. Who will fly like the superman. Who will make opponents cry. Please stay

Time to move on of United don’t sign quality central defenders You deserve titles my friend You deserve better than Smalling and Jones You are the best GK in the world with the worst defenders around you You deserve better than the likes of Young , Bailey, Rojo etc You need to win titles. Just move on my Brother I love United with all my heart but it pains to see the best GK end up trophyless year after year after year and playing disgusting football

Sign or go. Surely it’s can’t be about the money. Time to make your mind up buddy.

You look like the drummer of nightwish Jukka.

Sign new contract, stay with us please. You are always the best goalkeeper in the world 🙌👹

We know you as Degwa here... meaning bull...GGMU

You've got to stay with us for a few more years man...#gracias

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1 month ago

David De Gea

Enjoy life ✌️😎 ... See moreSee less

Enjoy life ✌️😎


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Hope you loved Mauritius Big Dave. 🇲🇺 and thank you 😊😊

Enjoy David. Brilliant goal keeper. Appreciate you very much and thank you . X

Thank you for letting me know that you. I love you. ❤

We love you Dave ... I hope we come strong next season ...

We love you Dave!! Please sign a new contract

Enjoy and return to continue with your consistent errors

The best goalkeeper of all time, Have a wonderful day !

Wonderful enjoy your weekend out Goalkeeper

The view looks very nice,have a great time.

Wow!! Very nice view and the standing is very sexy😍😍 enjoy the beach,,pls.stay at UNITED..love you💓💕💙

Signed the improved contract!! Your loved at United!! You deserve the world and more.... thank you for carrying the club during our turmoil

Love from Kenya 🇰🇪❤️ Still the best stopper on Earth 💜💜

We love you David please sign New contract

Enjoy ua holiday and come back stronger👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

Seychelles my blessing country

Happy father's day David De Gea, the man after God heart, how I wish God touch your hearts to change my story from Grass to Grace. I want to be like you!!

I love you,i hope you will legend of Man.Utd ❤❤❤

It was a pleasure to have a snap.with you yesterdy ..it will be one picture to cheerish😍😇

Wow, deep, I’ll get right on that, cheers Dave, I guess

I would enjoy life if I was getting paid 250k+ a week.. i wouldnt even grumble at 2k a week and you're wanting 350k a week to stay... 3 times you wanted out of United so just go. You ain't bigger then the club David. 👍🏻

I love you so much 💙 I hope u don’t leave Manchester United😔

Enjoyed to the fullest knowing that you costed Man United a top four finish,come back stronger

Count the blessings you already have, you will enjoy life even more. Money can’t buy you happiness.

As you enjoy remember the family loves you 🙏🙏🙏 put pen to paper please 😎

Enjoy and play for UNITED??? 😎 tanks for all david

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