David De Gea


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Plays for: Manchester United, Spain
Ranked: 8th in Premier League
David de Gea Quintana is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Manchester United and the Spain national team. He is regarded by many as the best goalkeeper in the world.

Born in Madrid, De Gea began his career aged 13 with Atlético Madrid and rose through the academy system at the club before making his senior debut in 2009. After being made Atlético's first-choice goalkeeper, he helped the team win both the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup in 2010. His performances attracted the attention of Manchester United, whom he joined in June 2011 for £18.9 million, a British record for a goalkeeper at the time.

Since joining Manchester United, De Gea has made over 300 appearances and won a Premier League title, an FA Cup, a League Cup, three Community Shields and the UEFA Europa League. For three consecutive seasons from 2013–14 to 2015–16, he was elected as United's Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year, the first player in the award's history to win on three successive occasions.

De Gea was the captain for the Spain under-21 national team that won the European Championship in 2011 and 2013, and also competed in the 2012 Olympics. He made his debut for the senior team in 2014 and was selected for that year's World Cup. He was tipped by many to become the successor to Iker Casillas as Spain's long-term goalkeeper. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Not a bad present from my amigo @juanmatagarcia 🔴Great win, great day. Thank you for your birthday messages! Gracias por vuestras felicitaciones! 🙌🏼

Keep going 💪🏼🔴 #mufc

🔴👊🏼 #mufc

🔜 🔴🏟 #UCL

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Manchester United


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Relax son, you are in the Safest hands on the planet

Join madrid. We'll send courtois to man United.

we need this line up please Ole hit ❤ if you liked

Best in the world... If you don't sign a new contract I'll divorce my wife😕😭😭😭😭💪

Best you are...sign long term contract

Happy Women's Day to all Arsenal fans out there...

Real Madrid-fly Emirates Psg- fly Emirates Arsenal -fly Emirates Birds of the same feather fly together

Best goalkeeper after Allison Becker

Dave the only thing you need to hold is a pen in your hand and sign that contract extension mate!

best in the worldd

The barcadogs said that Ronaldo was only good at tap in, and the Madridiots disrespected his exit not regarding his brilliance. And now not even VAR and referees could continue the tap in. Don't ask me my club you should know #GGMU

De Gea would have saved the wall in Westeros!

Plz Sign Long term contract as quickly as possible United is the best for the best goalkeeper

U r normal player not too much best like navas or Marc-André ter Stegen Don’t forget I am man Utd Fan 🤣😂😃😄😁😀😆

You're better than Messi 🙌

Sign new contract, plz!!!

Do your thing with Arsenal.. I believe you #Dave ❤❤😍

sign the contract bro.

The silly smile De Gea gives when he hears next up is Arsenal 😂😂😂😂😂

Out of this World ❤️👌 Respect from Keylor Navas Fan🙏

Wall of United😍 Love from himalayan country Nepal😍

Plz sign long term contract..Manchester is ur home..one love.

Please Clean Sheet the next game.

pls dont go anywhere this club need you

The best goalkeeper in the world 💚

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2 weeks ago

David De Gea

This is Manchester United 🔴 ... See moreSee less

This is Manchester United 🔴


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This is David De Gea! THIS IS MY TATTOO! This is my world!

The very best in the business ✊🔴

Imagine it was a José team today “You ask me about tonight ... in Paris .... I ask you? How many injuries? I sink seventeen. I have to play the kids against. ... er er an EXCELLENT team. But you expect me to win? 0-2 first leg? 2? When I see 2? I see TWO shampoinz league titles”



✌ we are man untd✌ 😈 we never died😈

Thoughts are with Angel di Maria at this difficult time.

To everyone who came here just to read the comments and can't sleep cuz United won, please gather round. It's selfie time!! 😄😀😊😐😉😍😁😂 😘😚😨😙😜😒 😝😠😳😆 📱 😂/ <) /\

De Gea come save my relationship

Thank you Lyon for giving us this master key to open our new training ground parc de princes Trafford ole on the wheel let's ride together ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole

I threw my phone while celebrating the only disappointment in this night😭 I am using my sister phone now Beside that this night was magical I love you de gea #ggmu 😂

Thank You for great saves De Gea❤️❤️❤️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Degea the magician.

Do u want the Buckingham Palace so u can sign the contract? Coz We can organize on how the Queen can be moved.

We love you Please stay here and sign the contract.🖊 🙏🏻

Sign a new contract with us, Dave!

We didn’t only beat them We beat the whole world that was behind them in front of their stadium Oleball will live long GGMU

sign a new contract dave save 👏


You were sensational as always, No1 GK in the world for a reason ❤️💪

My father threatened me to break the TV When I celebrated that Penalty. GGMU ❤️🙏🙏

Would you like some drink Mr.Di maria ?

Let look for mourinho and sack him again😂

This is Man United power! You are the best goalkeeper of all time!

Now that Buffon is no longer here. It's time to prove why you are the best goal keeper in the world. #GGMU

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2 weeks ago

David De Gea

The stage is set and stakes are high! Who will be the victor? 👀⚽ #bringtheflavour #lays #ucl Leo Messi ... See moreSee less

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Dada green flavour ta better Tumi yellow ta nie tanatani koro na

Để mai em ra quán mua bim bim ủng hộ idol De Gea <3

When you know you are the best

This could be us DDG but hamare yaha Lays ke packet me chips nahi bass hawa hota hain..😭😭

Messi should be given a red card.. That's hand ball

two best players in world <3

Ur smile is the master of my dream😍

When the GOAT player meets the GOAT keeper ;)

So the Champions league draw was already set up??

Wow, Messi and De Gea, they both are the best players of all time!

American style cream and onion khao Dada. Ota better.

My Two Favourite clubs....GGMU and Forcebarca

The god of goal scoring vs the god of goal saving. Brilliant. Even lays knows who is the best. Mahith Hegde

Natalia natalia conocia el futuro. Leo Messi es arquero!!!!

Two GOAT's. One under the goalpost and the other against the goalpost

Messi can't use hand! Hand ball and red card.. :D

The two best in the business

You are the best goal keeper in the world. Pls renew your contract

Hopefully we find victory in your contract renewal very soon 🔴

Damnnnn <3 DDG and Messi Both!! :* I love you both! :* <3

Man United GOAT keeper

If Messi work so hard he might reach David De Gea level

Good So both of u can watch champions league finals at home

Messi should not use his hands🤣🤣🤣

Striker G.O.A.T Goalkeeper G.O.A.T B.T.W Mats is my fav Goalkeeper

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3 weeks ago

David De Gea

So proud to have played 350 games wearing these colours! 🔴 What a win and comeback today! 💪 Manchester United ... See moreSee less

So proud to have played 350 games wearing these colours! 🔴 What a win and comeback today! 💪 Manchester United


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I am your fan from Vietnam. You are the best GK. Love you 💕

But £350k a week ain't enough to hold you in Manchester United. Why David? Why?

Bro first er goal ta save korte parta tumi. Bepar na. Maaf koira dilam. Joldi contract renewal koro.

Alison is better GK than you.

Proud to have you!!! Sign a 10 year contract then pls 🙏😍😁

Sign the contract you deserve to be captain for United

The very best in the business 🔥✊🔴

Sign a new contract then!

The only player worth 500k a week, get it done Utd 🙈

Family planning of the decade!!!! When a lady touches his gloves she goes 10yrs barren!!!

No1 GK in the world ❤️💪

Dalot better than Sanchez

Already a legend for Utd at such a young age. Never thought anyone would surpass 'The Great Dane' but I believe you have. Stick with Utd for the Ole revolution

Sign the contract pls

Your positioning today was not that good... I think the contract situation distracted you mentally? Sign on and do what you do best

It wasn't ur best day today.. But still proud of u Dave

With that free kick We should auction you.

U have been outstanding in them 350 games for us hopefully plenty more years to come from u as our goalie #mufc 🤞🏻🔴⚪️⚫️

Please sign the contract, you should be captain.

Best goal keeper in the world

Your problem you dont have confidence whenever we concede agoal . Best in the business DAVID❤️❤️ GGMU🔴🔴

Despite the goals we conceded you stil remain my no. 1 keeper GGMU

Sad cos it's not clean sheet for today....2 goals...but we won..we got 3 points and take the 4th position...

Bad wall setting... Conceded a shot even with two hands to the ball... SMH😂😂

Dave send me a orange goalkeeper shirt please. Its impossible to buy one.

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4 weeks ago

David De Gea

Proud to hit 100 Premier League clean sheets today in the unbeatable stadium that is Old Trafford. What an atmosphere 💪🏻 #MUFC ... See moreSee less

Proud to hit 100 Premier League clean sheets today in the unbeatable stadium that is Old Trafford. What an atmosphere 💪🏻 #MUFC


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£400,000 A week for being a goal keeper!!! What a farce!!!

Congratulations you are the best.

David De Gea has kept his 100th PL clean sheet - the most of any keeper in PL since his debut in 2011 !! David Degea- 100 Joe Hart- 85 Petr Cech- 84 Hugo Lloris- 83 BestInTheWorld !! ❤️🔥 #DaveSaves 🔴💯

Congrats. Your a huge influence on my son and he looks up to you. His team won today the U10 Futsal Championship. He is in the green.

Congratulations you are the best goalkeeper in the world and we proud to have you 😍👌🔴🔴🔴

Congratulations ❤️ Not only Manchester United, But also you have fans from all over the world from different fanbases. We love you DDG. Love from a Barca fan 💙❤️

As a Mancunian and born n bred red it’s pleasure to hear you say these words about our beloved club, we love and appreciate you back

Well done so pleased for you congratulations xx

Congratulations De Gea save best Goalkeeper in the world ❤❤

Congratulations David save best keeper in the world 😘😍

Huge Congratulations to you De Gea, you're the best goalkeeper of all time, keep it up and please sign new contract, we want you to stay at Man United Forever, Man United <3

best in da World super DAve❤👏💪

Congratulations best keeper in the world 💖🔥

Thanks to the fax machine 📠

Now put pen to paper david 🔴⚪️⚫️

Congratulations , you are the world number 1 ,and we are proud to have you in our team .

Congratulations,, best goalkeeper 👏 👏

Congratulations 😀 we are so lucky you are at our club

Congratulations David Degea ur the best goalkeeper in the world

Congratulations,, best goalkeeper 👏 👏

Glory Glory David De Gea Quintana Congrats ❤

There's only one no1 your know who u are de gea ggmu

Congratulations David, u have been outstanding since your debut let’s have a few more clean sheets in the coming weeks #mufc 🔴⚪️⚫️👏🏻🧤

ook at the back ground hungry defender hero hero real LINDELOF new vidic ......thank you for giving degea 100th clean sheet

Leero De Gea olidde za bwerere.... That must have been the easiest clean sheet.

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