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Plays for: Manchester United, Spain
Ranked: 3rd in Premier League
David de Gea Quintana is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Manchester United and the Spain national team. He is regarded by many as the best goalkeeper in the world.

Born in Madrid, De Gea began his career aged 13 with Atlético Madrid and rose through the academy system at the club before making his senior debut in 2009. After being made Atlético's first-choice goalkeeper, he helped the team win both the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup in 2010. His performances attracted the attention of Manchester United, whom he joined in June 2011 for £18.9 million, a British record for a goalkeeper at the time.

Since joining Manchester United, De Gea has made over 300 appearances and won a Premier League title, an FA Cup, a League Cup, three Community Shields and the UEFA Europa League. For three consecutive seasons from 2013–14 to 2015–16, he was elected as United's Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year, the first player in the award's history to win on three successive occasions.

De Gea was the captain for the Spain under-21 national team that won the European Championship in 2011 and 2013, and also competed in the 2012 Olympics. He made his debut for the senior team in 2014 and was selected for that year's World Cup. He was tipped by many to become the successor to Iker Casillas as Spain's long-term goalkeeper. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Not a bad present from my amigo @juanmatagarcia 🔴Great win, great day. Thank you for your birthday messages! Gracias por vuestras felicitaciones! 🙌🏼

Keep going 💪🏼🔴 #mufc

🔴👊🏼 #mufc

🔜 🔴🏟 #UCL

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2 weeks ago

David De Gea

I’m going to miss you so much... One of the best players that I’ve shared a dressing room with. You’re 🔝. Thank you for everything, Antonio Valencia! ... See moreSee less

I’m going to miss you so much... One of the best players that I’ve shared a dressing room with. You’re 🔝. Thank you for everything, Antonio Valencia!


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You will be missed, Good luck. Thank you for all the years you gave to United! GGMU!!

A true Red indeed! Thank you, Captain Antonio Valencia. I have missed seeing you on the pitch for some while. You worked real hard and with heart for club and supporters alike for so many years. Thank you for the joys and special moments you in no small measure contributed to over so many years. I will miss you so much, and will always admire and appreciate the hard work you put in to reinvent yourself so you could give your best to our beloved club and supporters. You remain for always #United. A true Red at heart! Here's praying for the best for you in your future endeavors. Thanks so much, #AntonioValencia and God bless you. #LoveAlways from a grateful #ManUnited Supporter.

Thank you for all that you have done Valencia I wish you all the best in your next club. GGMU

Thank you,wish you all the best. God bless you Antonio valencia

Thx for all the great memories Valencia.. you’ve been a wonderful servant to the club.We’ll miss you.. best of luck ❤️😍

Best of luck in the future Antonio Valencia Thank you.... GG MU


Gosh thank you so much Antonio Valencia and best of luck in whatever you do you are a legend

Thank you Antonio Valencia we wish you the best

In the end say thank for everything good bye good luck for you Antonio Valencia

You started out as a winger, end your career here as a great full back. Thank you for 10 years of loyalty to this great club. You will be sorely missed Antonio Valencia ## true Red🙏🙏🙏

Antonio Valencia I wish u well in your new journey to your career Much love from Nigeria

Antonio Valencia and you're a man of honor. Thanks so much for a job well done. We love you

Always have passion for soccer play with heart on field we will surely miss you Antonio Valencia Good Luck my favorite player we love you

De gea please stay i absolutely idle you, you are one of if not the best goalkeepers to live i love you so much

10 years with the club. Thank you Antonio Valencia.

Thank you Antonio, bigger YOU, love from nija

A player who had a passion , ambition and good vision. I thank u so much for your full commitment serving Manchester United. May u still shine captain, ANTONIO VALENCIA. We ill miss u. God bless u

thnks u Antonio valencia😭😭😭For agreat memorable❤wish u all the best💪❤

Antonio Valencia l wish you all the best we love😍 you

Thank you Antonio Valencia,you were amazing in united Jersey,.. #Captain

Good luck Antonio Valencia on your future and thanks for everything u did for the club. (Living legend)

Thank you Antonio Valencia. True warrior❤

All the best Antonio Valencia we will miss you ,but good luck our hero united

Thank you Antonio Valencia your the best payer in united

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2 weeks ago

David De Gea

A pleasure to spend 5 years by your side. You’re a great guy, Ander Herrera. On and off the pitch. Once a red, always a red. 🔴

Ander Herrera
I could never express enough gratitude 🔴 #MUFC
... See moreSee less

Ander Herrera


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No, thank you for your 5 amazing years. One of my favorite players. Good luck Ander Herrera

thank you for your 5years amazing contribution, we all can feel your passion and love for red devil. All the best in the future career

Thank U very much Ander for your contribution... Good Luck and have a great career ahead

We love you 😍 Ander great 👍 player and great example!!! Good luck with your future #GGMU

Thanks for all Love you Ander Good luck ❤❤

Good luck Ander Thanks for all. Love you

All the best Herrra Thank You for Good memories. Sadly You have left us in the hands of Dolphins like Jones and Smaling 😞😞😞😞

A true leader on the pitch and in the dressing room. You will b missed. Thank you for everything. All the best for the future. 😢👍

Good luck man! You will be missed. Thanks a lot for what you did for us. I wish we had a chance to have you more!

Thank you Ander , good luck. David contract please.

Thank you for your 5 year amazing good bye & good luck ❤️

thank you very much. Good luck ❤❤❤❤😌

Thanks for the memories #AnderHerrera Once a Red.. Always a RED!!

Thanks you for contribution to MU. Good luck and all best to you, Ander 😘

Thank u Ander and good luck

Got nothing but love for you. All the best for your future

Thanks for everything and Goodluck we will miss you Ander Herrera

We love you bro You were the best defensive midfielder we had for last 5 years ,you are true and intelligent.

Thank you for everything Ander Herrera❤️

Manchester united will regret selling Ander.I love you Herrera wish Best of luck

Amazing how we let good players go and we keep the lazy one! Good luck Ander

Totally gutted...Captain material and shows his passion in a team that has no passion! Good luck for the future! 🔴

Thank you Ander Herrera . Captain quality display on and off the pitch. What a waste...You still have so much to offer. Can't believe United let such a good player leave. Best of luck to you. You will be missed.

Is really hard to say goodbye to Ander Herrera 😢😓👋

Good luck ander Herrera, all best to you,thanks you for contribution to red in 5 year past,we will miss U

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1 month ago

David De Gea

Together as a TEAM, always 🔴 #mufc ... See moreSee less

Together as a TEAM, always 🔴 #mufc


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I love that brilliant save David

The best Save, We all love you.

Happy to see you with the Captain band! You are the best, David! We all love you! GGMU!!

Thank you, captain Stay with the theater of dreams❤️❤️

Love you both, please come back to be the same person...DEVID DE GEA. With love...

Just do me a favor and sign a new contract, love you so much

Best GK We love Davi Save

Am a city fan but i am so happy for u guys well done👏

Zxp kaniyaa marna musalsal maad jishaa adigo isticmlyo mgca Faatix marne Goalkeeper walasha wase😑😎😎🤣

Best Goalkeeper in the world <3

Best Goalkeeper in the world <3

Amazing save today captain.

I never u would save that... the best GK for a reason

Mr save please save the Jersey of ggmu next match at comp noun

Wonderful saves from you, De dea. We fans love you. Stay in Man Utd.

The best goal keeper in the world without no question but when u pass the ball it would be nice if u give that short to our defenders the more u kick long balls the more we loss position so......

Great save by you at the end David..

Thanks for display #Davesave best goalkeeper in the world

Thanks again for awesome saves De Gea, as I said before you always amaze us with your phenomenal saves but why you don't sign new contract, you should stay at this club! GGMU <3

Best GK the goat of goalkeepers. You're true RED. #GGMU

Thanks capitan yon are the best

Best goal keeper de gea good luck front of barcelona

Stay Alert ! Jones will score own goal next match :")

I love united my favourite team in the world

Thanks captain you are the best.

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1 month ago

David De Gea

Focus on the essentials. #mufc 🔴 ... See moreSee less

Focus on the essentials. #mufc 🔴


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Hard luck papa..bt it's not over until it's over!

Oliver Kahn, De Gea, Manuel Neuer, Ter Stegen, Jan Oblak, Buffon, Cassilas are idols for me. And idols aren't compared to each other. They're respected! 😊

The best in the whole world,,,my Baby ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Stay with us we love you #DeGea #GGMU #OleOleOleOle ⚽ ❤️ 🥅

David your the best please sign a new contract ❤️💯⚽️

Contract renew koro naile lukaku re diye tomar putki marabo bole dilam. Mejaj kharap koirona bro

And sign a new contract #mufc

Best goal keeper in the world

You are the best always 😘😘😘

N1 in the world..😍😍

Always my no1 best in the world 🙌🙌

We are UNITED,we will bounce back, GGMU <3 , De Gea, you're always the best and world class goalkeeper, you're always making phenomenal saves in every game, we Man United fans love you and want you to stay at Man United!

Come on De Gea... you are the best and playing for the best club with the best fans in the world

All Man United fans love you. Please don't go anywhere . Sign the new contract please You are the #BEST in the world . We the fans will continue support you whether Good day or Bad day . #Davesave

The Goat of Goal Keepers

Focus on a new contract and sign it asap.Big return leg coming up. Nothing should distract you now

Like signing a new contract 😉😉

to all the goalkeepers on dis planet you the number one bro GGMUNITED love you David

We will bounce back stronger🗡🗡

Fighting bro you are the best .✌🔥

Like signing a new deal, come on Dave 🖊

David the professional

The best goalkeeper is André ter Stegen❤🔥

All MU's Fan loves you De Gea!

Best goalee in the world.our de gea 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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2 months ago

David De Gea

Lay's #BringTheFlavor #UCL ... See moreSee less



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Without God, it won't work. #truth

Come on Dave . We need you at your best in the match 🔥 . It's gonna be the most tough match post Fergie era .

Hey y'all shouting that @David De Gea can stop Barça... Awake from your dreams...

Wish you best luck Dave!! #GGMU🔴

Y'all worry about Messi you forget we got De Gea

Handball by Messi, no penalty. Uefalona confirmed

Hopefuly, you are not like W.Rooney. We’re RED 🔴

put a world cup logo on the bag n MESSI wont get near it.. Dan

Next time face him,dont let him smile.

Dude, stop him please

Bhai jibon diye saves korbi..tui e bhorsa..amdr defense ta Janis toh?bachiye de digu bhai

😂😂😂😂goodness thought what is this???Messi and De Gea?just ONLY potato chips😂lays

Good casting, Messi's the expert at diving ☹️

If you stick with the ball that way all time then the money Will come without asking & you will have full lorry of Lay's

How excatly messi dive in the same speed as de gea...im not buying from you any more!!!

I believe Manchester United will win...best of luck my fvt team...

I pray for the cleansheet against Barcelona... We go to the final and win the trophy

Bro degea do what ever you can in both games of manutd vrs barca i want to see manutd in the semi finals so fufil our dreams please as ateam work together be calm and focus the game this is football i hope you all the best viva Manchester united

Pls stay at our team don't go any where david 😔 love u 😘😘

Love you De Gea, should have been so good with CR7 instead of Messi.

Prove to the world David I stand with you and #GGMU

David save you hurt me you know you be come like pogba need money this is not your....😉 please play like first keep all your heart for United don't see money give all your....for the club Thanks save my comment then beat Barcelona ☝️🙏🏾

You're the best, David! Please stay with United!

Please David, stop this lad.

Should win that battle on the pitch on Wednesday as well ...Yes,we know you can..In David we trust!

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