Diogo Dalot


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Plays for: Manchester United
Ranked: 165th in Premier League

José Diogo Dalot Teixeira (Portuguese pronunciation: [diˈoɡu dɐˈlo]; born 18 March 1999) is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a full-back for Premier League club Manchester United.

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🇵🇹 ••• Boa sorte meu irmão! Continua forte sem sofrer golos, exceto em dois jogos 🔵⚪️✌🏻😉 Até já ❤️ 🇬🇧 ••• Good luck my brother! Stay strong without conceding goals! Except in two games 🔵⚪️✌🏻😉 See you soon ❤️

New club, same brand! 🔥 Nike Mercurial Superfly VI 💪🏻👊🏻 @nikefootball

O orgulho em vocês será eterno. Mais uma vez demonstramos que Portugal merece estar no topo! PARABÉNS equipa, parabéns PORTUGAL ❤🇵🇹 #U19EURO #EUROCHAMPIONS

The late late photo 🤔🤣 Pleasure to meet you too @j_corden

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3 weeks ago

Diogo Dalot

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Cưng quá. Năm sau đá tốt chị thương nhiều nha cục vàng

One love, greetings from Nigeria 🇳🇬

This season will be more desirable to you and us I wish you the best

You have a lot of potential Diogo! From what I've seen, I know your part of the future. :D

Grande Diogo! 😚😚 O nosso orgulho.

I can't wait to see your active actions this weekend.. greetings from Nigeria!

Sura ya kazi kazi bro

Can't wait for the season to start and see you running.

I want to know, what are you watching😁😁😁

Les hommes mon frère❤

ابن عمى من البرتغال ابو سره ♥🔴

Đẹp nha bồ bữa nào đi net ô

Not good dalot this photo

The new season is waiting for the advance

Hơi nhiều lông nhá em trai :)))

That look on his face, shows willingness to hit the ground running next season.

Già kinh rứa 3 🤣

I wish to have a selfie with you and watch your match at OLD TRAFFORD. #GGMU

love you from cambodia🇰🇭

Dalot If only you met fergie on his time.... You are very unfortunate.... Youd be the new portugeese world star

You may have to play in the wings lad. Get your finishing right.

this picture take in 2030 :v

Dallas 🔵⚪️

#Diogo Isoo Eeg Hada Ma Ila Socotaa Horta Eeg Hada Waan Kusoo Salaamayaa 🙋‍♂️

What's wrong with you, Dalut ... Focus on your job You're the best Manchester United in the world

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3 weeks ago

Diogo Dalot

More minutes under the belt. Another win on our backs! 💪🏽 Manchester United ... See moreSee less

More minutes under the belt. Another win on our backs! 💪🏽 Manchester United


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continue with the same spirit in the starting season

Parabéns meu menino lindo! Com saudades e à espera de uma visita... e do nosso jantar marcado há anos!!! Beijinhos.

I hope this continues when the season starts. Reds from Nigeria.

We receive a good performance from you Keep trying bro

Congratulations guys

We are happy with performance

Great perfomance . Keep the red flag up

Parabéns Dalot .

rubbish,the season Willa start, let how they will compete against man city and Liverpool. Poor transfer strategies, Woodward is out of his sense

Keep soaring high,, the sky is your limit 👏

you people want to spoil my thin but at last i make it, thank for Mata for the goal.

DALOT I lyk that ur mentality when the match end

honestly AM REALLY IMPRESSED..with the way man utd play today..there were 100% ..despite winning the game..they were 100%..I love it

I know you will improve with the new signings incoming

Roar en Soar all en every season. 💪💪💪💪

Well play future of united hope you guys will continue like that for the season

More wins when the league starts

United poor bout buying players

Red Red Red.... I'm always Red for this Club.... Man Utd...

My question is how confident are you on getting playing time this season

Deadly crosses diogo.. Wrk extra hard on the final third.. Ull score and assist a lot.. For sure!

Keep soaring high never stop never settle 💪💪✌

Develop that winning mentality and squad togetherness, United players always had each other's backs and were never afraid to get into a fight...

It goes beyond winning games in pre-season...such feet must repeat itself when season takes effect...Up United!

Well done boy..keep hard working and u will b the greatest Manchester United player one day

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4 weeks ago

Diogo Dalot

Reborn for the fastest only! 💥 Nike Football #AlwaysForward ... See moreSee less

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Love you

Good luck a boy

Good boy

So beautiful🔥🔴

Good job

Lovely keep it united 4life

Today i go and see the psg in macao when i saw herrea , feeling want to cry because not you and david degea 😢 but i hope one day i can meet you and degea👈

Nice Lad

Love a pair of blue boots 👌

You're talented Dalot



That great please hadover the old one to me.






Em Trai ưiiiii ❤️

You're the best


I hope you get more playing time

Azul lindo 💙💙💙

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4 weeks ago

Diogo Dalot

Good way to finish tour! China was amazing, Unbelievable support from everywhere during the tour 🙌🏼🇦🇺🇸🇬🇨🇳
Thank you Reds!
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Good way to finish tour! China was amazing, Unbelievable support from everywhere during the tour 🙌🏼🇦🇺🇸🇬🇨🇳 
Thank you Reds!


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Job well done we are grateful keep it up.

thank you for good performance in tour..

more improvement, we are supporting you

Wow! That move was awesome.

Amazing style DALOT

Don't cut inside too often, and when you use your pace for the overlap, make sure you GET BACK! My only criticism of this great young talent.

But you are below average player, you hardly make any contribution to our great club. I wsh you could leave but anyway I wish you all the best.

thanks soo much to you all for the wonderful good performances you people realy make us happy god bless u all we love u all

Hope you guys enjoyed the tour as we wait for the season?

1:0 was not bad. We makes it 5 out of 5. Good results in the pre seasons!

Just keep your head. The world will know you. Great talent you've got

Glory! Glory!! Glory!!! Man Utd, you guys need replicate that form when the season begins. Much love!

We are still Unbeaten. Thank you Diogo

Most you use this particular picture Oh my God look at son😢😢😆😆😆

Loved around the world - well done DD ❤️🖤

Eterno Dragão , espero que um dia regressas à casa

nice work my second bootball mentor in the world

Hello mentor Diego today you have built me alot I need your T-shirt

Gr8 performances #GGMU

Keep winning momentum.. Long way to go, focus top4, work hard bro

Good to know. I'll watch out for him on television.

Dá-lhe com tudo Abraço

I have a lot of hope in these young lads....Manutd has been reborn.

you did well today 👏🏻👏🏻

Ochu nwa okuko nwe ada

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1 month ago

Diogo Dalot

This kid Mason is on 🔥 Thanks for the support Singapore! 🇸🇬 See you guys in Shanghai ... See moreSee less

This kid Mason is on 🔥 Thanks for the support Singapore! 🇸🇬 See you guys in Shanghai


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Great performance congrats my boy

Fire power boys,playing with passion,,,congrats.

Great performance

Great boys I hope our great young boys are ready to perform well in the first team coming season the will be fire in the premier league

Wishing you good luck my lovely 😍😍😍 By the grace of almighty Allah one day you'll be a player to be prouded 😍😍😍

Good job brother

Great performance and determination

New chopper from Singapore welcome brother.

Congrats to you and Mason greenwood

Congratulations Well done lads. #GGMU

Great perfomance


All the best for the rest of the tour mate..

We are proud of you team..please make us more proud in 19/20 season...

Good luck hero


You Great Performance Today I Watched Closer

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Jones, Smalling and Young should find teams which fits them, they are avarage players and we do not need such players now if we are to acquire a top four finish next season.

Sign Eriksen(next summer free agent),the current price maybe 70-80m! Proven in Premier League! Top midfielder! Sign Alderweireld (clause 25m ),one of the best defender in Premier League! It's between 100-110m for the two of them!

Good Luck 🔴 Love From Vietnam

Electrified performance from you guys Keep it up, We the fans have had enough of being a laughing stock,shame the critics and deliver us from shame by conquering any team that closes our Parth

Diogo you are also so good man and #MG26 is also awesome

Great job done in my Country Singapore..🇸🇬🇸🇬 TQ Dalot and MUFC 💖

Hey Greenwood is almost the same age as Dalot. Then how is Dalot calling him a kid

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