Eric Bailly


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Plays for: Manchester United, Côte d'Ivoire
Ranked: 55th in Premier League
Eric Bertrand Bailly is an Ivorian professional footballer who plays for English club Manchester United and the Ivory Coast national team. Mainly a central defender, he can also play as a right-back.

Bailly began his professional career at Spain's Espanyol, before transferring to Villarreal. He spent two seasons at the club, before signing for Manchester United in June 2016.

He made his international debut for the Ivory Coast in 2015 and helped them win that year's Africa Cup of Nations. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Joyeux anniversaire atoh @erico.sery 🎂🎂🎂on est ensemble donc le reste je vais parler ça chap chap dans ton youkouli 😂😂😂merci pour tout 🙏🏾🔥 Dieu te bénisse !

C est parti en direct sur @rtigroupe dans #dimanchedefoot avec mon bro @erico.sery

Maman, je t'aime ! ❤️ Bonne fête à toi et à toutes les mamans du monde. 🙌🏾 // I love you, mom! ❤️ I hope you and all the mothers of the world have a wonderful day. 🙌🏾

We would have liked to have finished the season by winning the FA Cup. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Nevertheless, we’ve wrapped up a season in which there were ups and downs. Now it's time to stop, to learn from this season, to rest, and to enjoy our families and friends so we can come back next season even stronger. We’re eager to set new goals and to see lots of smiles in the stands at Old Trafford next year. Thanks for the support you have given the entire team throughout the season. And especially, thank you very much for the love you have always shown me. Let’s go United! 🔴 And good luck to my teammates who are playing in the World Cup! 💪🏾

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2 weeks ago

Eric Bailly

Good luck, team, to begin Premier League play. I would like to be with you but I am working hard to recover as soon as possible so I can help you guys out on the pitch. 💪🏾 Let’s go United! 🔴 ... See moreSee less

Good luck, team, to begin Premier League play. I would like to be with you but I am working hard to recover as soon as possible so I can help you guys out on the pitch. 💪🏾 Let’s go United! 🔴


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Well done

Love u Eric. Will be praying for your speedy and complete recovery so you can return to the team soon!

You’ll be back stronger bro. Keep it up and Good luck to the lads...

Can’t wait to see you back Eric, I have your name and number on my back. X

Speedy recovery Billy and wish the team to collect all three points

So sad not seeing you starting the game with them... I wish you quick recovery lad....

Soon, brother, this is the season to lift a trophy, the wind is on our side, we need just to believe.....

am sad because you are not with them on the pitch but i wish you quick recovery eric african they your back

Quick recovery but do your best to stay well once you return. Injuries are going to cost you a place in the starting eleven. Your worth is no longer the same but we still believe in you. Come back stronger!

We need to pray for you concerning this your injury you will play one match you will carry injury for two months

Take care of yourself first Eric. Your teammates want you with them so take courage and recover well. Ivory is forever remember that bro🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘

This guy on my opinion is a good player though the problem is that he plays physical game which leads to injuries....use your brain bailley.

Injury prone...ave never seen an african player who always gets injury in evry match he plays like you....

Tu as intérêt à travailler dur surtout que la concurrence t'attend

Will be missed today, just hurry and come back stronger.

Can't wait for you to be back your my favourite defender

I was so happy to see you Buzzing in preseason man.. Cmon.. Get back stronger. Beast 💪

You are a good Player but too much injuries and reduce your hard tackles.... But u r one of the best

Eric can u watch Sergio Ramos champions league matches from 2006-2008, I think u need more composure in the way u tackle... it can help u stay injury free and become the Potentials in you. Top Top Talent!

Get well soon and come back strong, Eric! United need you in their defence.

The picture should be the photo from that match.

Injury prone as usual escaping from duties to get easy earn

Kaka Wew Pona Tu Pale Nyuma Patamu Sana Maguire Anakinukisha Kinomaa Na Twaongoza 1-0

Beast you are my player ,I want you to play in the team but brother you got to be fit for good so that when you are back you can't be ruled out again

If you still recover,,you will still have injury,,I wonder who did this to you,,,,,the last injury made you to miss afcon,,you came back we all think you are good to go for the new season,,immediately it was time to start the new season,,,you got another one,,,,I pray that spirit of injury should leave you so that you enjoy your football career

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1 month ago

Eric Bailly

First training session in Shanghai. ... See moreSee less

First training session in Shanghai.


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Much love We need you in our first eleven

Good our dear. We hop that injuries don't affect ur performances this season. Good luck

Good bles you my champion

fast recovery and back stronger.

Courage mon frère Dieu es le plus fort tous va bien se passe cette saison avec une santé de fer sans blessure inchalla

I just joined bUnited. You might also be interested. bUnited has the power to make our world more sustainable. Not just greenwashing, real substantial changes. And the great thing is that bUnited pays everyone to unite. Very innovative. See for yourself. I love it!

Happy to see you in that mood n shape. Prove to them that you're talented.

You both look fit and hungry, wishing you do well this season 💖

I pray for you my Big Eric.This season will your season

You're a warrior, stand up and fighting ...fight with injuries! Always a "RED" , always so... Bailly

I have the highest hopes in u ....this season

Yes Eric, I see Peter parker is ready to assist.

Work hard until your signature became autograph, my dear

Pls stay fit so we can have a lil bit rest of mind in that CB So that your brothers from UK called Smalling and Jones can return to reserves

I have big expectations for this season with you two in the defense!

J suis très fière de mon idole

Good Luck #GGMU

You better step up this season and please stay fit for once

Injury will not befall you this year, u are far better than Jones, smalling and maguire put together..... Stay fit Brother. One love

You are the greatest wall for our team..💥💥🔥

Bro pls do everything to stay feet this season

Mon pro , mon vieux père , mon meilleur dépenseur du monde sience tu vas m'envoyer en amerique et juré promis je vais travailler a jamais pour te rembourser

Bâts toi pour être titulaire cette saison ce coach la apparemment est bcp players anglais. Je vois que lukaku et toi meritiez d être titulaire mais je comprend pas ce coach la qui veut libéré l attaquant belge

Salut Ericko j'ai vu tes matchs de préparation. C est bien On sent la confiance en toi et dans ton jeu. Papah c'est bien boss tjrs moi même quand je te vois jouer comme ça mon coeur est mort parce que je me dis si cet mec était mon concurrent dans l'équipe c'est que j'ai pas ma place. Si je pense ca c'est que ça veut dire que le petit est prêt. C est bien que Dieu soit avec toi.

The African beasts! 🏋️🏋️

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1 month ago

Eric Bailly

🐅 ... See moreSee less



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Nice one All the best

#Eric3...we need you stronger and much more focused ...u can make one of the best defenders in Europe...All the Best....My Greetings to all...

best of luck this season

Tu es un bon défenseur tu dois seulement t'améliorer sur quelques plans. Que Dieu t'epargne des blessures aussi cette saison, cet aspect te fatigue aussi. Courage à toi et surtout très bonne saison à toi.

Super Bailly! My favorite defender in Manchester United. I love you bro.

We are our rock is back

With just a bit more patience and thinking, Bailly could be the best CB in the PL.

This season we need full package my guy, l believe in you, you can make a difference bro

Good Defender

Thnk God for ur health and back to filed again

Eric Bailly, my best friend. The best centre back in the world💪🏿

Always the best choice of defender

The Wakanda. Have never doubted your talent even for a single thought. Keep going strong

mon defensuer nous a tous mangue a la can et nous remercions toujours le tout puissant pour son super retour on espere tous quil reviendra encore et encore plus fort pour toute la saison et que les blessures ne reviennent plus jamais ..force et courage champion

The great man Is Back

comeback strong, bro. good luck

Still the best CB in our squad...Keep going Beast 💯

Our Road Block

Strong man Bailey ,hope you won't be injured these season

let's lay our hope in u bro

We will need you fitter this season...looks like it will be a season of fire

You are MU best defender!!!

Mon champion avant tu n'arrive là-bas je supportais cette équipe on me reprochait qu'il n'y a pas d'Africain là-bas mais toi je sais que tu feras l'effort d'être titulaire et toujours constant dans le jeu aussi

They plan on selling u and leaving the chuckle brothers behind Shock them by staying injury free this season

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1 month ago

Eric Bailly

Another win. Spectacular support, Singapore! 💪🏾 ... See moreSee less

Another win. Spectacular support, Singapore! 💪🏾


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Fabulous game, congrats 💖

Congratulations Gr8 performances #GGMU

Eric I wish you were a Nigerian, thank God for bringing you into my loving club Manchester United. You are my favorite.

I always pray for you Eric. I believe and trust in God that you will be free from injury this season and other seasons ahead . #unitedblood

Congratulations guys.

Congrats land let keep that fitting spirit on, can't wait to start we love you more here in Kenya and all over the world #mufc

Congratulations guys.

Awesome, congratulations keep the fire burning 💪

Good job guy 😎

Good luck Eric this season☺☺

Baravo et félicitations à toi frérot 🙏🏽👍🏾

I'm Happy to see back... Tiger

Bravoooo mon champion. La côte d'ivoire t'aime

eric today good performance , I hope you don't injury in this season.

Good to see you in the game, Bailey! Stay and fight for Man United!

God protect you from injuries this ssn Bailly

Pogba for captain !

Get fit always and avoid unnecessary tackles that may lead to injuries... We need you to Patner Lindelof at CB for our team... Good luck Bailly

Congratulations manchester united 3 game win

Greenwood great centerfoward wiil be,ole give him games and u see.

Thanks for contributing Eric, u r such a good defender.

Bravo fai tout ton possible pour gagner ta place de titulaire 💪🙏

Best defender ever.

Eric always be careful I don't like this ur regular injuries We need at ur best plz

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1 month ago

Eric Bailly

Thank you for the kind welcome, Singapore. 🇸🇬❤ ... See moreSee less

Thank you for the kind welcome, Singapore. 🇸🇬❤


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Welcome to our Garden City Singapore, Bailey. We love you and Man United!

Wishing you a happy season

We all love you.

Thank you for your services too

Love you beast!! You are my inspiration!!

Love you Bailly! Wish you a good season

Good work brother, proud of you. Straight from uganda

I hope to see the real u this season, stay fit and all the best wishes

Good work my star

U r talented bro, , , , totally enjoy ur game

My favorite defender in Manchester United. Please stay and resign in Manchester United. lots of love bro.

Our rock ....we just need you to stay fit and be consistent.... Form a great partnership with Lindelof

Proud Ivorian...

Thanks bro for the hard work..I wish you the best in man Utd defence

Your welcome senior man my role model, much love from Nigeria.

Welcome to 🇸🇬

my favorite player

Much love from Kampala Uganda

que le tout puissant JÉSUS te protège tout au long de ta saison 🙏 demeure béni au nom de JÉSUS

My next door neighbor thanks

Good Luck #GGMU

Gloire à Dieu pour l vie d'ericko mn frère 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏tu a cru en ce que tu fais et tu y est arrivé

Tu le mérites frère , j’espère que cette saison sera meilleure que celle de l’année passer avec moins de blessures surtout

Make it real "Beast". My percentage in trusting your talent n believing in you is still 100%

Mon idole je suis fan force à toi il non ka parler seulement nous on avance

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