Eric Bailly


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Plays for: Manchester United, Côte d'Ivoire
Ranked: 63rd in Premier League
Eric Bertrand Bailly is an Ivorian professional footballer who plays for English club Manchester United and the Ivory Coast national team. Mainly a central defender, he can also play as a right-back.

Bailly began his professional career at Spain's Espanyol, before transferring to Villarreal. He spent two seasons at the club, before signing for Manchester United in June 2016.

He made his international debut for the Ivory Coast in 2015 and helped them win that year's Africa Cup of Nations. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Joyeux anniversaire atoh @erico.sery 🎂🎂🎂on est ensemble donc le reste je vais parler ça chap chap dans ton youkouli 😂😂😂merci pour tout 🙏🏾🔥 Dieu te bénisse !

C est parti en direct sur @rtigroupe dans #dimanchedefoot avec mon bro @erico.sery

Maman, je t'aime ! ❤️ Bonne fête à toi et à toutes les mamans du monde. 🙌🏾 // I love you, mom! ❤️ I hope you and all the mothers of the world have a wonderful day. 🙌🏾

We would have liked to have finished the season by winning the FA Cup. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Nevertheless, we’ve wrapped up a season in which there were ups and downs. Now it's time to stop, to learn from this season, to rest, and to enjoy our families and friends so we can come back next season even stronger. We’re eager to set new goals and to see lots of smiles in the stands at Old Trafford next year. Thanks for the support you have given the entire team throughout the season. And especially, thank you very much for the love you have always shown me. Let’s go United! 🔴 And good luck to my teammates who are playing in the World Cup! 💪🏾

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1 week ago

Eric Bailly

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La plèkesse pardon mbappé la lui il court il pense kil es voleur fo le propro mm ojod8 il va comprendre

💪🏿No silly tackles today brother, keep them for Neymar in the return leg. 😜

Pardon faut pas laisser l'enfant qui a 19ans la te dribbler pour marquer sinon nous sommes mort avec les journalistes français

Pardon kpaka leur petit coureur de Mbappé là. il ne doit pas finir le match... Manci!

please break Di maria aka the🐍🐍 legs tonight

Nekal nite lala wakhe on compte sur toi pour contrer la vitesse de mbappe fait pas le con et ne fait pas de fautes bêtes ngir yalla nekouniou nawetane allez bon match on gagne ou on gagne

J'AI parie pour PSG, il faut marquer contre ton Camp, je vais gagner pardon ,j'ay mise mon petit salaire

We have hopes in you. Well assured that you are going to provide the strongest defence as you have done.

Im betting my education funds on Manchester United...lets paint United red

Believe ur self tonight if u want to be legend❤💪☝️

Good Luck bro. Good luck to the Devils!!!💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

Waiting and all the best

J'ai bcp d'admiration pour toi mon pro, mais mon PSG doit passer. Je souhaite que tu tire ton épingle de jeu mais la qualification reviendra aux parisiens.

Bro listen, mbappe is average, di Maria is average too... Hold their hands and lock them up...

4-0 to United. We can do it. Much love from a Nigerian #expert

The mourning is enough you can change your profile picture and move on

This time defend like a professional not a part-time ninja

hello bra must win thise game ok eric

I hate man u, but since ur true son of mama Africa I will support you tonyt

Ton jeux est propre mais il y a une petite touche de sérénité qui manque. Sinon bonne continuation le pro

Chairman of the back centre

Go ahead boy! We count on you!!!!

You know what to do with Mbappe

Mon idole Eric Bailly. Bonne chance pour l'équipe de United aujpurd'hui face au PSG. GGMU

Make us proud tonight. Let's do this

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2 weeks ago

Eric Bailly

Three more points! 🔥 The support of the fans who were there with us was amazing. 🙌🏾 ... See moreSee less

Three more points! 🔥 The support of the fans who were there with us was amazing. 🙌🏾


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Eric bro please beat PSG for me... We love you from Nigeria

Champion nous sommes derrière vous on attends Paris pour confirmer.... félicitations pour aujourd'hui 🙏👏👍

Please take mbappe out for at least a month

Even fans who were not there like me Eric, we were still cheering you from Kenya 😂,excellent performance 💜☺☺👊

Eric can you do a job for me pls I want you to take mbappe out for 11months

Eric combined with ice man lindelof is more better #dieunited

Why you not starting anymore? You're Better than muffin face Jones

Beast.. Put the plastic in your pocket in Tuesday! 🏆💪 rep Africa

Keep the fire burning 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Bast defander baly teddy from ethiopia

Just cool ur temper and become matual player

Good one Mr ericko watching from Riat in Kenya Kisumu. County..go go man u

From all the man u fans in Nigeria we love you.

Congratulations for the win. Keep winning

Nice one Bailly. With time, you'll become a full-time defender in the first 11. Peace!!!!

I want to see you back 💪🏿⚽️🏆

Please Lets do against PSG . Beat the Hell out of them 👊👊👊

Great defender ever we are proud of you

beat liverpool only thing i ask of you this season !!!!!!!!!!

Mr.Bailly do any other fans matter?

Congratulations guys Up UTD FOR life.

Beat psg ole’s A the wheel lol👏👏👏😂🔥⛈we are UCL winners 2019🏆🥇✍️✋💪🛣👑

Black Lives on, Eric the most fearless defender

Eric even got a massage 😘

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2 weeks ago

Eric Bailly

❄💪🏾 ... See moreSee less



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በናትህ ማርሻልን ሰላም በልልኝ ያገሬ ልጅ

Bailly if someone try to dribble past you tommorrow give a hard tackle to givebthem some discipline😂😂😂

BAILLY thinking about both of you .u and Marcus rojo strong partnership on the Field.

We believe in you our best Center Back together with Lindelof...... Kudox

My African broda, you should join Arsenal brw nwy much love from Kenya🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

Éric Bailly notre fierté

Come on boys...

glad to see rojo back

Keep covering De Gea nigga

Bailly we pray you cement that position forever man keep working harder

E. Bailly

Eric the king

We are with and behind you champ!🤩💪

don't 4get 2moro eric

Clear brother

pic of the day!

World best defender !

Teamwork and team spirit, bravo! We have tough games ahead..

fan de Man-utd

Aujourd'hui c'est la victoire

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3 weeks ago

Eric Bailly

A tough match, but we’re headed home with three more points. 💪🏾 ... See moreSee less

A tough match, but we’re headed home with three more points. 💪🏾


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Can I get many likes for this Ivory Coast genius

That partnership is closing to be like that of Vidic and Rio. Bravo minister of defence Sir Eric Bailly!

Congratulations Eric you were outstanding. 🇰🇪🇰🇪

The gov of Ivory Coast has appointed Eric Baily as a minister for Defense because he can not allow even air to penetrate. Just jokes 😜😜

Bailly collect yo self yo can form a rock solid duo with Linderof.

Your tackles are damn killer from world War 2😂😂

Your the best defender in the world

Congratulations Eric u are the best

Congratulations guys Up UTD FOR life.

Great performance after that hard header!!

Play like that, sober and composed. If you jumo into tackles and get red card and unnecessary faults we will ship you to Gillingham.

#Eric you made a save with the head which proved you to be the best CB, i really love you my African born, #Uganda

Well done bro today you were outstanding great performance Ivorian 👑

Well deserved point. we can't be winning matches and still remain sixth on the log


Bt bailly. U like dodging, one day Vardy will js flik it away from u, ull find him wen comn bak. Hhhh. Congs lads

The Great Wall of Jericho

Love you bailey our African proud😎😁

sorry, but please improve your passing skill!

I am so glad you are back in starting eleven are our best defender...hope OLE always put you in starting line up with LINDELOF...awww...I love both of you...

Don't head the shoot ball again you ain't Vidic

To speak frankly you performed today more than ecpected.

you were solid rock yesterday!! keep it up bailly

U played with pains. I respect u. God bless you. 😍

Defended like a trooper!

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3 weeks ago

Eric Bailly

Best wishes to you and your family in this next stage. People like you deserve it all. 😘 ... See moreSee less

Best wishes to you and your family in this next stage. People like you deserve it all. 😘


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When is Jones leaving? every time I see him on the pitch, I develope a running stomach. He has appetite for own goals.

Next young Valencia darmian Jones snalling Mata lukaku

Strange how fellaini got more goodbye messages from his teammates than Rooney did when he left. Maybe he actually isn’t what the fans see him as and genuinely is a nice guy Tanay Maheshwari

Best wishes fellaini

I miss you... I wish u all the best...good luck for him..

I Miss U I wish u all the Best Good Lucky marwan

Sad to see you go, best of luck in your new adventure....

I will miss you correct player may God bless u and ur New club. Miss you Fellaini

Cảm ơn Fellaini , người chiến binh của man utd, chúc may mắn

Good luck in your new endeavour.. You gave your best at United..

Congratulations All the best

We never forget You ! Thanks! Good luck ! <3

Bailly when are you returning on the pitch? The forgotten man.

Good luck for Fellaini

Tomorrow make sure you get in that defence and Marshall it

I'll miss and i wish u all the best

Congratulation to fallaini all d best

Obviously well thought of and probably a very decent bloke. Good luck to him

Missing you Fallaini we love you.All the best in China.

All the best in your next journey Lord Felli, the ultimate beast team player

Eric I need your Jersey am from Zambia

We will Miss u ,good luck

All the best Fellaini, Absolutely we will miss you

Forever in our heart fela

All the best in the next chapter

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