Jesse Lingard


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Plays for: Manchester United, England
Ranked: 19th in Premier League
Jesse Ellis Lingard is an English professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder or winger for Premier League club Manchester United and the English national team.

Lingard made his senior debut while on loan at Leicester City in 2012, and spent time on loan at Birmingham City and Brighton & Hove Albion during the 2013–14 season and at Derby County in 2015.

He represented England at under-17 and under-21 levels, before making his senior international debut in October 2016. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Did you catch me in the full @jdofficial Christmas TV ad ⁉️🔥Rocking @adidasoriginals of course 🤙🏾 #IAMJD #ALWAYSTHELEADER

Who Did It Better? 😂😂 #99 #CR @jlingz

Big Big Win 🙏🏾🔥 We March On ☝🏾 #manutd #UCL

When he says “ she has friends” 😂🏃🏾‍♂️ #vamos

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3 days ago

Jesse Lingard

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Enjoy your holiday after the fantastic season you’ve had, well deserved 👏🏻👏🏻

God blessed with you lingz❤️❤️be stronger💪🏽💪🏽

Come strong Lingard we love you 😍😍😍😍

Work hard and make us proud lady

Jlingz we love you, come back with a fine form

Great comments here. Fantastic to see everyone behind the team 👏👏👏

Have a good one mate, come back strong and refreshed... one of the few good comments you may notice but we all know who matters 😉 #oneofourown #sticktogether

Look like a lesbian teenage drug dealer 😂

Đá vì màu cờ sắc áo chút nhé Hãy thể hiện nó trên sân cỏ nhé thằng em

You should go to Sunderland you are not united level

I hear they need a new winger in Swansea 😂

Come on to Indonesia league

Idiat..dnt go find how to play football..ordinary liverpool rightback has more assist that your entire career last season alone!...and u re a winger?! U re needed at nigeria premier league

Stay away from Daniel James✋

Mr man go and concentrate on your football career......... Stop posting rubbish

Hope you will not comeback in man united plz if you love club, honestly don't come back dear jesee just go in aston villa

He isn't even average... He's below average... E knows nothing than to b running like an headless chicken on d pitch and to pose 4 d gram too... U should b in charge of Manchester United social media account...that should b ur job

Bro do us a favour and quit football and face your fashion business.

You should be working hard for transfer to fernabenche or whatever the name nkt

Never set you litle legs at Old Trafford

Me sister wants her tracksuit back

Daniel James will keep u on the bench. So up ur game n stop running with the ball aimlessly!! Umesikia Jethee

Stay off Daniel James ffs

Don't get all the negative comments all I remember is the goals he's scored vital ones against Arsenal Chelsea. He is one our own and does plenty for the team remember it was the whole team who seemed to lack focus towards the end of the season. He works his socks off and loves to press teams. Fed up of plastic fans, see how you all react if Daniel james has a couple of bad games you'll be on his back aswel No wonder liverpool fans look down on us when we constantly mock our own players #keepthefaith

I know you must be practicing a new dance steps... This time around you have to do that while on the bench.

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1 week ago

Jesse Lingard

Prepared, Ready, Focussed 🦁🦁🦁

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Prepared, Ready, Focussed 🦁🦁🦁



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Good luck Jesse❤️ sending all my love your way in Portugal❤️

please be focused on leaving mufc, thank you.

Good luck brother from another mother

Good luck bro. You have our support.

I Wishing u all the best jesse Lingard

Wishing England best of luck but plz lingard lmprove your game

Good luck Jesse lingard. Let's Bring the trophy Home.

Ready and focused for photography

Prepared, Ready, Focussed.......on posing for the guy taking the pictures!

Shame some of the others weren't prepared and focused last night, opportunity missed.

Good job our players rash+jese we love you

Hope you come back great Next season

As usual, loose after talking trash on social media... Focus on being a dancer 😔

There you go dancer. England is going to make it to the finals if they drop you..

Intagram man jLingz, skill < update status

just talk and dance dont care performance

Kindly, don't come back to Manchester United. From England go straight to Westham

The first time this season then !!

Hope you leave my man utd for go bro,,,please please we will fund you to be mike Jackson.

Come on Jesse I'm backing England. 3 lions all the way

take your friend rashford and leave the club Please don't forget to take the two clowns Jones and Smalling with you

left for me... You can't make Nigeria U20 bench....

Bros go and join a dancing club. Football is not for you.

Being focused is being off social media when u have a big game coming up ....u a chomp 🤮🤮

About time Jesse lingard

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2 weeks ago

Jesse Lingard

An honour and pleasure talking to legend Ian Wright on his new show, Riding with Wrighty. He picks me up in my dad’s car - a 1990 Toyota Celica GT and takes me on a little tour of Warrington.

Watch it first on my YouTube channel

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Hi Mr Lingard, need help for our Year 6 class who would like to give their form teacher Mr H a signed shirt as a huge thank for teaching them and as a birthday surprise. He is an avid supporter and gets to any match that he can when he isn't marking papers! If there is anyway that you and the rest of the team can help by doing this or even making a surprise visit then I think that would be fantastic. Please email for details. Have a blessed day. 🙏🙏🙏🙏😀👍

I wish this boy out the club

I enjoyed watching this x

Doing Orford Proud, what a guy🤙🏽

My dad had the 88 celica GT when I was little and they are incredible cars it's just a shame my step bro(class as real bro love him) saw it in scrap yard couple of years ago but great car and come on lingz bring the heat next season

Absolutely love u how cute ur behaviour and smile 💙💙

This is what you can do best not on the pitch lazy footballer.

You're my favorite player man utd love you bro

Shite footballer, very good in the public eye though. Wish you can concentrate more on your game.

How many cars on that 'drive' 😱😱😱

He must go 4 modeling not soccer

If you can be half as potent in front of goal as he was then you would have done very well for yourself and the team son...

He didn’t play shite last season he had a season riddled with injury niggles. The way some of our “fans” turn on some of our players is ridiculous!

Rubbish footballer

Even as a Liverpool fan I feel sorry for the fans you have performed so badly for this season as you focus is being a media star or Pogba’s gimp.

I know thats what u like, why not go and do driving work and tour round the city, and pls also ask the legend to future u in his next show

Please focus on your career almost it is over if so .....

Cmn man pls go to west ham or southampton we will love u more

u should work for MU's social media team

Advertisement,presentation and music should hv been ur calling. Don't really know who advised u pick football as a career. @26 yrs u are still developing.

A very useless player. So overate and does nothing on the pitch except being on promotional materials only. I really don't see Liverpool or Manchester City players doing these useless things.

I like you Jesse but you played shite this season 🤯😱

Of all.places warrington 🤣

Keno? Egulo keno? Ektu De Ligt ke dekhe sikhte paro na? Training e jao, eshob chere. Chagol kothakarer.

Please quit football and become a socialite, it suits you better 🙏

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2 weeks ago

Jesse Lingard

Good weeks training with England football team 💪🏾🥵 all in the tank ready for the #NationsLeague ... See moreSee less

Good weeks training with England football team 💪🏾🥵 all in the tank ready for the #NationsLeague


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I love you Jlingz! Wish you the best of luck in the tournament

My beloved brother in-law 💞❤ You're the best

All the best of luck Jesse lingard my pkayer

JLINGS next season you have to Win the premier league for us please

Jlinkz bby That's my boy Can't wait for next season Come show them what you're made off bro I'm proud you anytime any day Your number One fan from Nigeria Bro Love u till the end of time

Good development my plaer

Trash Pure Trash Non recyclable Trash Your Friends are playing the Champions League Final

My role model wish you what You wish can do better if your mates give you the ball I trust in you bro

my grandad is better than this foolish boy

Quite early for social media football again. Please play your football on the pitch.

Is like we, fans will unfollow unserious players on social media

Manchester United Young prospect


Imagine selling Lukaku and Martial but keeping this guy. United is a joke

Please leave United ... You're a disgrace and you don't deserve to wear the shirt

So when are You going !! Your a squad Player ' Never a 1st Team Regular ' Just look at Welbeck !!

I hope you have two seasons injury, so that u don't play for united again

Stay there for the next five years please.

A reminder, you last scored a goal in February

Will be watching you all good luck

Everton will b a good team 4 u 2 develop n play on a regular basis,n once uv reached yo full potential, ull never walk alone my boy

Fighting My Dear Bawkte 😍😍

Weakest United player ever!

JESSE LINGARD Dancing is ur real talent.. U are a better dancer than been a footballer.. Just an advice from a brother. Stay cool.

Are you Man U player or Social Media player? On pitch I don't see anything what can be defined as Man U player...

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4 weeks ago

Jesse Lingard

‪Always an honour to be called up for my country, can’t wait to get started with the boys ❤️💪🏾 #NationsLeague 🦁🦁🦁 ‬ ... See moreSee less

‪Always an honour to be called up for my country, can’t wait to get started with the boys ❤️💪🏾 #NationsLeague  🦁🦁🦁 ‬


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Congratulations Lingard, wish you all the best

Happiness is to earn 100k per week for sharing pictures on Instagram 😁

Chup koira shudhu khelo, beshe faijlami korle instate barite aiya pidum.

Can’t you be proud being called at Manchester ??

Talented dancer wasting his talent in football 😢

You deserve to play in League One... Not for England and certainly not for United

Roy Keane: ''You look at Matthijs de Ligt, he’s captaining Ajax at 19 years old earning a modest wage. Meanwhile Rashford is scoring 10 goals a season, killing disabled fans in wheelchairs with his free kicks earning £100k & Lingard is earning £120k to be an Instagrammer.”

Please Jesse, if you realy love United, don't come back again to Manchester United, stay there, stay in the national team.

Congratulation for winning always a honour to be called up for my country, can't wait to get started with the boys .

How the hell u have been called up😲😲To dance for opening ceremony I guess 😎😎

You're average at worst. Leave utd and go join Doncaster Rovers. You absolute shambles!

You don't deserve to be Man United player bro, you are a below average player,in ur 💯+carea appearances for United you just have 10 assist while some right backs have 10+ assist in a season, just think about

I’m a Utd fan but how the hell you’ve been picked I’ll never know 😂

Social Media legend. Your teammates would be playing in the UCL finals very soon and you’ll be home watching

You not good enough playing for United. Please hand in a transfer request and go to WBA please.

Please stay there and don’t come back to united again.

Of course u deserve it 👌💪 at least for ur effort in instagram 👏👏

Can you please stay there with the national team? 🙏

Don’t know how you’ve managed it Jesse but well done all the same. Now, pull your finger out next season at Old Trafford!

Honestly Mate you don’t deserve

How did you get the call up in the first place

We need more assists from you at MU come next season. I don't know him you've seen the stats... definitely NOT good!

Hope u never return... pls go away... maybe to the championships

Instagram and Twitter should be paying your wages, not Man utd... England were hoping to win the world cup with you and Henderson... ahhh

Please try to learn better from the players in team especially arnold sancho

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