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Plays for: Manchester United, England
Ranked: 19th in Premier League
Jesse Ellis Lingard is an English professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder or winger for Premier League club Manchester United and the English national team.

Lingard made his senior debut while on loan at Leicester City in 2012, and spent time on loan at Birmingham City and Brighton & Hove Albion during the 2013–14 season and at Derby County in 2015.

He represented England at under-17 and under-21 levels, before making his senior international debut in October 2016. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Did you catch me in the full @jdofficial Christmas TV ad ⁉️🔥Rocking @adidasoriginals of course 🤙🏾 #IAMJD #ALWAYSTHELEADER

Who Did It Better? 😂😂 #99 #CR @jlingz

Big Big Win 🙏🏾🔥 We March On ☝🏾 #manutd #UCL

When he says “ she has friends” 😂🏃🏾‍♂️ #vamos

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1 day ago

Jesse Lingard

As you know I love to see our new generation do well and work hard to be the best they can be in all aspects of life. And for the future generation to enjoy their journey 🙏🏾 so I would like to proudly welcome the first 2 members to the JLingz team! #TheFuture #SponsoredAthlete ... See moreSee less

As you know I love to see our new generation do well and work hard to be the best they can be in all aspects of life. And for the future generation to enjoy their journey 🙏🏾 so I would like to proudly welcome the first 2 members to the JLingz team! #TheFuture #SponsoredAthlete


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I Love you 🥰♥️


What a fantastic person you are Jesse great to see a professional showing interest in up and coming young. Well done Theo and grace x

My Love😍😍

Top man Jesse great player with a heart ❣ supporting. others fabulous work

Very nice move to develop the young once it's a good thing from your side thank you

thank you and with Theo Morgan #jlingz #itz liltel tekars

JLINGZ Continue enlightening the future of UNITED Family just put your effort on the 90 min program whether On or Offpitch


I can't wait to be welcomed as well

More blessing. Following from kampala uganda

This guy has a big dream. You're amazing.. #JLingz

Putting your heart into your work on and off the pitch...nice one Jesse xx

That little lad has skills 👌🏼

Well done! Don’t mind the key board warriors. You play professional football and are in the position to help these youngsters versus keyboard warriors with no manners!

we welcome them in the same way

Jesse lingard, Marcos rashford,Pereira,pogba,Scott our academy is wonderful Mancity academy 😂😂😂

Come sign up my lil angel's

Good job, but first try to do your job well.

Congratulation joosey lingard Grat work payer and me fans Somalia abdinaasir Iam I student

Nkosinathi Paul o nyakang mo ftsek

I need those hoods but am in Nairobi Kenya

please come to africa botswana and fetch me 😘🥰🥰

Fav player... Keep enlighting the generation of united.. Congrats

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7 days ago

Jesse Lingard

Together As One ❤️ #RedArmy

Manchester United
... See moreSee less

Together As One ❤️ #RedArmy 

Manchester United


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Well done.

I Love you No.14

Well Done Jesse ❤

No one can refuse tonight, we miss hard.😥

The United warriors

Best bday present ever. Thank you 🥰🥰

You were on fire today! Indeed your game is upgrading. Thank you for the beautiful performance

You guys made us proud, we proud of you it was really smart game, keep the candle burning

That’s the old traford we used to know. Let’s bring that glory back and maintain the momentum!

You don't know how proud we are as your fans. You did it for as guys, you gave us what we expected from you. Congrats up Manchester United. Forever united.

What a performance by the devils im so proud of ma team i think we are solid at the back lendlof and maguire what a good defence they form together pogba and mctinomy they are solid in the gea our number short united played well indeed keep it up guy's we are tired of crying as fans

Great performance from the team but I'm not happy with yr new kit look the socks must up as you used to do this grealish style don't suit you

Yeah I love the way our boys played yesterday, everybody played their respective part and the victory was ours. Special thanks to our goal keeper he think he was the man of the match

You guys played an amazing game. Congratulations on winning a tough opener. All the best for this season.

Well done boys excellent match and fantastic start to the season Manchester United x x

Looking forward to the next one

Outstanding 2nd half. Harry at the back. Marcus and Ant running things up top. You been gym mate too.

Since we are doing OK, just stay away from the new lads. Your influence is rather shite ....

Man, I was really pissed to see you on the lineup today but you had a good game. Actually the way you recovered the ball and passed it to Andreas before Martial's goal was commendable!

I trusted, you delivered, I was covered in red because forever I am red. As long as my blood is red am always a MUFC soldier

Jesse u have been my role model.... Good performance anyway but u guys in front need to develope confident pliz and always get the ball maintance

Great performance but Rashford is too sure, poor control and passes. #Lingard keep up.

Build on this Jesse! One game at a time.

Great performance today You just cleared my doubts Never you run again like headless chicken without making any contribution to the team

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2 weeks ago

Jesse Lingard

‪Congratulations on the move Harry! Great to have you here 🔴. Always enjoy playing with you for England football team and know you’re bringing top quality to our team! #MUFC‬

Manchester United
... See moreSee less

‪Congratulations on the move Harry! Great to have you here 🔴. Always enjoy playing with you for England football team and know you’re bringing top quality to our team! #MUFC‬

Manchester United


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Let's thank Leicester and give smalling and Jones as appreciation

Offer yourself to Leicester city as appreciation baaaaga

Wonderful addition to the team, but we re not going anywhere with this squad. We still need the likes of Bruno/Eriksen to complete the team

You re always there for your team mates Jesse and standing up for them against the bad stuff. That s what I love about you xx

Great signing, he’ll become a great leader at the back we’ve needed a voice for years at united

I will comment later in the hospital now cousin brother swallowed 32gb memory card and he is singing all the whole songs in it...I pray it doesn't reach video folder

Guys let's do it again what used to do years ago lm very happy that we have u there at Manchester United

However Man United buys new players, it will be position 4.

The best position that we can finish this season is 3rd. City and Liverpool are still stronger. We lost Herrera and Fellaini without substantial replacements. Our defense is now better than last season but the backline will be exposed badly thanks to the lethargic midfield. Plus we can't rely only on Rashford for the goals. *Concerned fan*

Yes you're right Lingard! I can't wait to see you guys get the season started

Hopefully he stays away from your social media and plays for the shirt.

And please don't teach him how to be a comedian... Let him be like the way he used to be there before. Welcome aboard Jacob Harry Maguire. JHM5IsRed. 😎😎

It’s gonna be the start of a new era for us. I’ve got a really good feeling about this season lads and we’re all behind you! #MUFC

OK, Lingard, Now we don't need you and Rashfor anymore. Please Get out. If you want to help United, the only way u guys can help is 'Get Out'. As long as you guys play, United can never expect the cups.

One more season like the last one and you are moving in the other direction!

But i still think we are far away to compete the likes of man city and Liverpool

After Lukaku had been out,a replaced ready striker is who? I hope Greenwood and Angel Gomes

How many goals will you score? Assists? Ok let that sink it.. difficult for you... how many Instagram posts we'll see from you this season??

Another ENGLAND team mate Harry 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 now a team mate at United 🔴 ignore the comments from some fickle fans Jesse you keep scoring and assisting the best way to shut them up 🤫⚽️🔴

You should have quality before demanding it from Harry! Up your game Jesse

Yeah congratulations Harry should've been a swap 50 mil plus Jones plus Lingard and the transfer would be perfect

Rashford, pogba, Jones, Woodward are the present hazards at old Trafford! Lingard is just a city spy!

Lingard, please learn to be an assisting midfilder and attacker just like bernardo silva. I know you wanna get goals too but its better to maintain an assistant role and help the team develop

Jesse the musician.. always be there at the right time.. Maguire is red.

He's bringing top quality to the club, what about you ? 🤔

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2 weeks ago

Jesse Lingard

6/6 ✅ Thank You To All The Fans For Your Support Throughout The Tour 👏🏾 #MUTOUR ... See moreSee less

6/6 ✅ Thank You To All The Fans For Your Support Throughout The Tour 👏🏾 #MUTOUR


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Mi Carazon ❤

Amazing watch our boys in our home city!!! Jesse you were a superstar again !!

Last cebration in United colours, I heard United have accepted a big from Doncaster Rovers. Wish you all the best in your future endevours.

I wish one day wake up and see you out of my club

Looking forward to seeing what you can do this season Jesse! Anyone who is a united should be supporting this lad ☝️ and backing him. 🤙

This is what I was expecting! I was just waiting your post because you scored a goal

All the best at Sunderland mate.

Do away with social media and learn fro fello young English like Sterling. He's seriously lifting his club. Have a word with him when u meet at some Cafe in Manchester

Go to Sunderland,for free...we won't shed a tears.

I so much believe in you I know you gonna come back stronger 💪 good to enta the new season with this solo goal 😍

Thanks to You too that we can support you till today. I wish you have a successful carrier and bring us the PL Trophy back to Old Trafford

Jesse Lingard it's normal that you have to prove your self over and over again, people who knows what you bring to the game are people that matters most , the caoches and managers club and country, bro you gives us joy , i wish you loads of celebrations this season 🤜🤛

I wish you were as good as you think you are. You're one of the oldest player in ManU and you act like a teenager. Score goals and prove your haters wrong. I'd love that.

All the best as you'll be joining crystal palace

Your a top top player that will only get better and better with time 🙂 very impressive ball control and very sharp instincts

Y'all hating on Jesse should know that no one works harder than him on the pitch... The lad never stops running and he scores awesome goals too...most importantly, he's Manchester United through and through

They say you are still a kid and still growing? Yet I think you are ageing before we se your best!

Jesse, this season u got to and must step up biggg time. Dont just say thanks to the something on the pitch. Cmon man.

We didn’t support you , pls go to Reading or Southampton .... you are one of the reason good players don’t wanna come to United . Overrated !

Dude you have 3 more days to switch off social media for the whole season. We don't want to see your dancing skills etc...

You guys should win us trophies, it's been a while since we celebrate with trophy especially the premier league

Ei Anonde Bar'e Giye Naach Dhhemna!

Brilliant player.... This season give us something extra. We cannot afford to loose any game this season. .or else City and Liverpool will continue to rule the league.

Well done the Reds you seem to have played so well during your tour

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3 weeks ago

Jesse Lingard

‪Tour Complete 🇦🇺 🇸🇬 🇨🇳 Unbelievable Support From All The Fans And Thank You Again ❤️🙌🏾 #MUTour ‬ ... See moreSee less

‪Tour Complete 🇦🇺 🇸🇬 🇨🇳 Unbelievable Support From All The Fans And Thank You Again ❤️🙌🏾 #MUTour ‬


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You still at United? Go away and don't ruin young players like Gomez.

Before the tour I was depressed and forlorn. Now I’m excited and joyful. Great work EVERYONE and special nod to Mata, Scott, James.

Great performance again

Jesse great work guys, keep scoring those beautiful goals especially against arsenal and Chelsea. All the best for the coming season. 👌

it was agreat moment hope will mantain the same spirit

We are expecting a good performance

Well done cant wait for my son and dads next trip back to old Trafford United and Crystal Palce making memories for each year of his birthday he can count on both hands the games hes been too he will always have these memories they last forever😊😋

It's time for you to bring back the good old memories of ruthless GGMUFC

It was grt! Thanks to all ov u,u have worked as a team ..big up and go on

Bring Bruno and you'll warm the bench

All the best for the new season, we the fans are ready #GGMU

I pray that they bring bruno so that u sit and die on bench

Thank u 2 for good pre season. Plz we want this pre season performances into the league

Lingard, hope you have learnt. Dance less. Focus on helping the team more. Honour the Badge.

Just play the best Jesse...

So glad Lingard is still with us he is one of my favourite players.

All those people that are commenting rubbish, they're all jealous of you.i wish you good luck

Now it is time to feel disappointed again as the new season is about to open.

I hope u wil dance less and play more just in case....

I believe you have learn a lot so this season will be great. I always try and advice you that try and try and learn more you will be better than this koraa but you sometimes play as if you are been forced to play football especially for ManUnited so please let this tour be beneficial to you yourself and united as a family. #united

I hope Gomes dispels you from the team

That smile on Gomes's face is priceless! Can't wait for the season to start!

We still need more new good signings and retain pogba

Don't mind me, just commenting as a Top Fan. You are my subordinates.

Yeah, warmly welcome bro. Our most asian people are like manchester unit fun's. Keep going bro. 👍👍👍

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