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Luke Paul Hoare Shaw is an English professional footballer who plays as a left back for Premier League club Manchester United and the English national team.

Originally a member of Southampton's youth system, Shaw made his first-team debut for the club in January 2012, and signed his first professional contract in May that year before becoming a regular in the Southampton team over the next two seasons. In June 2014, Shaw was signed by Manchester United for £30 million, then a world record transfer fee for a teenager.

On 5 March 2014, he made his senior international debut for the England team in a 1–0 friendly win against Denmark, and later that year was selected in the squad for the FIFA World Cup. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Happy Father’s Day dad. Love you❤️

📍New York

Thinking of all the families who were involved in this tragedy, not just the names mentioned but everyone who suffered that day! A year on but we will never forget. ❤️🐝

Happy birthday to my girl ❤️ hope you’ve had the best day 😘❤️

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1 week ago

Luke Shaw

A Christmas dream day with Manchester United Foundation Great to meet you all today! ❤ #MUDreamDay #MUFC ... See moreSee less

A Christmas dream day with Manchester United Foundation Great to meet you all today! ❤ #MUDreamDay #MUFC


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Thank you for today. Lucas Christer was made to feel so welcome and has come home a very happy young man. #happymum

Que lindo! Muy bien Shaw!!! :*

miss you on the pitch :(

luke shaw nice one

We need you back Luke!

Luke Shaw New LifeStyle He Is a Smart Football Player In The Would Please Watch Luke Shaw New LifeStyle Video And Subscribe "Famous People Stories" Channel Enjoy The Next Video

Get well soon! #Luke

I know you're giving your all and it looks like it has not clicked for the team. Stay strong, who knows the 3 straight draws might be the beginning of a streak. taking the positives

Awesome picture

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1 month ago

Luke Shaw

COME ON!!! What a win 💥 Can’t tell you how much we appreciate the fans you keep us going!!❤ Manchester United ... See moreSee less

COME ON!!! What a win 💥 Can’t tell you how much we appreciate the fans you keep us going!!❤ Manchester UnitedImage attachment


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You did nothing you jxt won the game prove me wrong the game against city

Good but Luke you need to stay back more or return faster because I noticed Juve used your side more in attacking the team.

Amazing athleticism u of the best on the field.....Now crush those noisy neighbours for me will ya

Good game we need the same thing at sunday to Etihad

Shaw, we appreciate yo performance keep on doing good work

another great game luke ❤️

Well deserved

Good figthing spirit from u guys. But please more consistent. Defend must start to keep clean sheet.

Good game but you have to work more on your defence.

Shaw your one of the best defender's in the league but start working on your dribbles and start assisting coz your hardly cross the ball and you need to start dribbling more when your in the opposition keepers box do things with the ball and cross it please

Luke Shaw best left back in the EPL

That’s more Utd just got to carry on the momentum for City on Saturday

Come on United we can beat city as welll💪🏻

nice win forza goes man.u well these voissin have to win

And another on weekend is wat we want against city #GGMU

Thanks So Much to the Team

You would be the best Luke

you should be lose your weight, man.

Now we make the city red on Sunday utfrs

Fans were unbelievable last night! Best form away from home in YEARS! Well done Shaw, i voted you Man of the Match imo.

Thanks You So Much. Keep Working Hard!! Glory Glory Man United!!!


You are beginning to believe in yourselves now,taking that belief into the weekend fixture we will sail through

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1 month ago

Luke Shaw

We never stop pushing, important 3 points! #MUFC Manchester United ... See moreSee less

We never stop pushing, important 3 points! #MUFC Manchester UnitedImage attachment


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Shaw - Martial🔥🔥🔥💪

my kush kush luke 😍😍😍😍😍👏

Your link up with Martial on that left and pogba😍

Attack attack attack Glory Glory Manutd😈😈😈

Can you tell the lads to actually play for 90 minutes for once it's not like you lot aren't paid enough to do it.

Luke Shaw pls we need our clean sheet back..kudos

thanks a lot Luke im a big fan but yu should hve buried è game earlier on in è 2nd half yo effort went straight to the goalie all è best Luke

Nice one Luke..but u seem to be relenting recently...I believe you can make us proud in the next game..❤❤

Shaw & Martial.. ... pogba 😜👍👌 soo good . We are red devil. 💪

Good 2nd half performance again, keep fighting.

Good keep going 3 points next match

Keep it up, Luke! Well played lad🔴⚪️⚫️

You should have scored that opportunity, Luke. Keep going.

You were celebrating to where??😂😂😂😂

Wow my man you tried but struggled in yesterday's match

Since we can't defend, just attack!!

Shaw and martial the best

Mid table brilliance.

بحبك ولاااااااا 😘😘😘😘😘😘

You should have scored, great game though

The look on Herrera's face says it all. Breath taking!

I honour you brothers make us proud more and more

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2 months ago

Luke Shaw

Maybe next time Nemanja Matic 😉 ... See moreSee less

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이수완 이렇게하는거였네 ㅋㅋㅋ

Lane Ivanovic

Hva med et par slike bord på Borg Evy ? hadde vert gøy !

Maxim Durbecq on va essayer vu qu’on aime aussi bien le foot que le Ping 😁

Stijn Coosemans kwil ook echt zo een tafel

Done HIM 💪 buzzing you got a new contract 👌

Big men doing big things! Reserve d energy for tomorrow pls

ur a legend m8. keep up the good work this season

That tells how bad matic is on the field

Looking forward to seeing you the 5th of december👏

Just goes to show exactly how bad Matic is, terrible first touch, terrible control...

Réserve d'énergie pr demain 👍

Leigh Clark this looks like fun

He loves to find the nets Luke 😂 ! Happy to see these things happening ❤️ !

Nice... Juventus losing today




Obi Munchen boleh try

Nice one

That was a bit lame watched one with marcelo and i think it was asensio and it was alot of flare and testing their skills. Those touches are the exact same touches we have in our games. Its a change though so good try for that.

11-3 😅


Keegan Bubar Dan Barnes

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2 months ago

Luke Shaw

Honestly gutted with that result. Feel like it’s 2 big points dropped. Thank you to the fans for the amazing support today 🙌🏽❤️ #MUFC ... See moreSee less

Honestly gutted with that result. Feel like it’s 2 big points dropped. Thank you to the fans for the amazing support today 🙌🏽❤️ #MUFC


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That's a foul then

Oh look it’s you and Pogba fouling Willian. Nice work

You guys were cheated yet again against Mike Dean and the Rent Boys.

Good Job Luke! 3 would have been nice.. but United played well.

I think the positive side of this match is, the return of the players' consistency I hope I can see that for all matches we are united #GGMU

We deserved the 3 points although we get 1 in the end. Anyway, another good game from you Luke. Keep up the good work!!!

Let's forge ahead and put smile on us Tues night against Juve. That will be debt well paid. Keep the good work boy. We are proud of you. Thanks for the new contract

A win would have been great but you shut the pundits up for a while they had the team down for a thrashing hope you all take strength from the game and stay positive keep believing 🔴

Weldone luke shaw for me you wer the MOTM keep it up👌👌

Another solid performance from shaw again.

Luke is back on form! Consistent from the start. Go on man!

Thanxx bro fi thee gud performance.... MAN U is thee team fi thee big boys...Man u is AFRICA....Man u is UGANDA..

Good work done buddy,manchester united desareves more dan a point but God knows best keep up ur fighting spirit success coming through fighting

Keep attacking.....the decision to hunker down and change the pace was downfall today....and Matic should have come off with Fred in his stead.

MU just need to gather this momentum and get more confidence like the way you did since the start of this ss and we will be back the winning track.

We were shouting the roof down,in Australia buddy.! The good news is we didn’t lose. Keep your head held high. Very proud of you all over the world.

seems the tide is turning slowly Luke (Skywalker... :) )...keep it up like this and this results will be here shortly...

U played well tude....... I wish Alexis salary goes to u

Where the he'll did Mike dean get 6 mins from

Luke Shaw you played amazing and so did the team. We deserved to win

We were robbed by Ref,to my mentallity we won!

Work on defending set pieces guys... Every time there's a corner or free kick, opposition tends to score against us!!! Keep up the great work Luke #GGMU

Good to see a draw is considered 2 points dropped that's the right mentality

Thank you Luke shaw and All squad

Luke you are the best left back in Europe

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