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Ranked: 62nd in Premier League
Luke Paul Hoare Shaw is an English professional footballer who plays as a left back for Premier League club Manchester United and the English national team.

Originally a member of Southampton's youth system, Shaw made his first-team debut for the club in January 2012, and signed his first professional contract in May that year before becoming a regular in the Southampton team over the next two seasons. In June 2014, Shaw was signed by Manchester United for £30 million, then a world record transfer fee for a teenager.

On 5 March 2014, he made his senior international debut for the England team in a 1–0 friendly win against Denmark, and later that year was selected in the squad for the FIFA World Cup. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Happy Father’s Day dad. Love you❤️

📍New York

Thinking of all the families who were involved in this tragedy, not just the names mentioned but everyone who suffered that day! A year on but we will never forget. ❤️🐝

Happy birthday to my girl ❤️ hope you’ve had the best day 😘❤️

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4 months ago

Luke Shaw

Tough game but Old Trafford was buzzing 👏🏼 Manchester United ... See moreSee less

Tough game but Old Trafford was buzzing 👏🏼 Manchester United


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Man Utd should sack CEO Ed Woodward now immediately, then they will back on track. Top management is the one to be blame, or should resign ASAP this is the only way to help Man Utd. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑

Man Utd should fire CEO Ed Woodward, as you see the stock is dropping, the result is worst ever, the players is not happy, the fans also not happy! 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑

You had Salah in your pocket great display Luke awesome 👍😉⚽⚽⚽

1goalေတာင္မသြင္းႏိုင္ၾကပူး ေစာက္ဖ်င္းေဒ Trans: Oh!very good,special night with them.

Excelente! Excelente! Vamos por màs mi guerrero Shaw! I love you!!! 🙌😍😍🔥✊👊💪

Against Manchester united salah is not a player ,I compare him to David beckams youngest son

Who is best LB? Marcelo👍 Alba❤️ Luke shaw😂 Marcos alonso🤭

Great game, So proud.

I heard u scored against Man United in the Champions Old Trafford...

And you have to post this picture😂😂😁 Great game Luke. You can now free Salah

Well done Man Utd despite 3 injuries in the 1st half.

I love the way you pocketed Mo Solah. #GGMU

Lindelof : here, lemme hold your wallet I'm seeing your pocket is full of Salah Shaw : sure mate

Thanks guys for all your efforts

MOTM, Well done, Luke! #Believe

It changed from mo salah to mama salah Credit to you pocketing him

Make sure to take Salah out of your pocket before going to bed ❤🔥

Magnificent performance lad! Had salah deep in your pocket 👍👍👍

Mo who? King Shaw put Salah in pocket 👑

You did the best performance You showed that why you are proper to be Man United's player. Great spirit!

You showed Salah what we call maturity lol

Definitely man of match performance! And Salah didn't get a sniff lol. Very good point with the way injuries took part in the game.

Like Shaw, saving England by battling terrorists and keeping them at bay... Give him the George Cross!! #hero

I need to confirm whether Mo Salah is still in your pocket Luke!!!

Wonderful performance from all team.

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4 months ago

Luke Shaw

Next round 💪🏼 Fans were amazing as always! Manchester United ... See moreSee less

Next round 💪🏼 Fans were amazing as always! Manchester United


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That's man Untied 👍👍 Great performance guys

So happy for you Luke Shaw you are injury free this season and playing at your level best👏👏

Great to see you fit and playing well again, brilliant defending last night by United!❤️❤️

Well done the. Lads

Brilliant performance today mate really live watching you.

Let's burning The Old Trafford this weekend

Great game last night, proud of you all

U just ended salahs career😁

Fantastic win against Chelsea!

Bring on wolves

thoroughly enjoyed the football, thanks.

thanks we are United,all away from Uganda.

You are doing well

Tell Victor to change his boots m8! 😛

Get in. Played great again

Keep the good work against Liverpool

It was nice!! A very good game and thank you!!

That Turboooooo.....great covering!!! The reds looking more and more like a unit 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

Well done lads 👏👍🙌💪💯 #ggmu

Nex gems liverbool good luck

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4 months ago

Luke Shaw

This guy Paul Labile Pogba 🔥 Good day at the cottage! Manchester United ... See moreSee less

This guy Paul Labile Pogba 🔥 Good day at the cottage! Manchester United


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What a fantastic game Shaw! Congratulations from your great fan in Nairobi Kenya! Say hi to the entire Manchester united Team! I am forever Red!

Luke shaw is the best 😍

good performance

Great work Shaw keep it up

Fight! Fight! ... Fight to the end! Never give up Luke Shaw!!! 🙌 💞🔥👊💪⚽️🦶✊Keep Going! 😀 I LOVE YOU LET'S GO FOR THE VICTORYYY 😗...Lucha! Lucha!...Lucha hasta el final! Nunca te des por vencido !Luke Shaw!! 🙌💞🔥👊💪⚽️🦶✊Sigue Adelante! 😀 TE AMO MI GUERRERO VALIENTE!! VAMOS POR LA VICTORIAA!!! 😗

Hi Luke, I would like to write to you re a forthcoming wedding, what is the best address to post a letter to you?

Good to go boys

nice performance,c'mon lads

Real luke shaw is back...

This is MANCHESTER UNITED and the nest midfielder in the world

Better players

Well done bro

Good job Shaw.

Good 4real #pogiepass

Nice job our boys Luke shaw

Good play fight for tat league we can there is time

Good luck against Psg

You did great too Luke...welldone.

keep it up Shaw.

That's United go to UEFA Champions league beating Paris Santa chairman we are united

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5 months ago

Luke Shaw

We will never forget 🙏 #FlowersOfManchester ... See moreSee less

We will never forget 🙏 #FlowersOfManchester


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No matter how fast u run but how u end the race.

Kerem Kay😍😍

ሉክ ሾ ጮማ ይዓኺ ይሞቸኻ...😀 stright outta tigray






Happy birthday

We wont forget them

Tank My Boys

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5 months ago

Luke Shaw

Important 3 points!! Well done boys 👏🏽🙌🏽 ... See moreSee less

Important 3 points!! Well done boys 👏🏽🙌🏽


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well done ma flash boy ur performance is increase day by day

Great work today Luke 👌💯

I like you so much!! Much love from Malawi

Saay manila nga xolaaat sa bopp la waxx Jeu bi yeupp yakkoy yéxeul Bo teuyé balle bala ngay passe di nga réy 10 secondes Biniou la prolongé ba légui da nga fouy Na nga xolatt sa bopp bala may dieul ay mesure

Thế nồn nào tự dưng được fan cứng thế =)))

The 3point is really really important

Lots of love luke❤❤❤ from Kenya🇰🇪 but i think its time you shave the beards😂😂

So good keep it up boy

Nice One My Boys

Well done Luke. Please always join the attack n work on your crosses

Well done boy😍😍😍😍😍😍🙋

Luke Shaw u are tested and trusted 💪

You were superb bro

Thank u for the efforts

Great game today mate hard game but we dug in and got the 3points

I always feel happy seeing Luke Shaw's been a torrid career for him but this season he has been our mainstay left back and has been good

Well done Luke look at you.showing us all how good you have stuck at it through the bad times and here come the good times

With many young men with great talent like you...we will be the best as we used too

Great team work Luke

Keep going Luke ,your on fire lad

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