Marcus Rashford


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Plays for: Manchester United, England
Ranked: 16th in Premier League
Marcus Rashford is an English professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Manchester United and the English national team.

A Manchester United player from the age of seven, he scored twice in both his first-team debut after the warm-up injury of striker Anthony Martial and in his first Premier League match in February 2016 . He also scored in his first Manchester derby match, his first League Cup match and his first UEFA Champions League match.

Rashford scored on his England debut in May 2016, becoming the youngest English player to score in his first senior international match. He was chosen for UEFA Euro 2016. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Massive win for us to take into the weekend. Goodnight Turin ⚽🌙 #UCL

⚽❄🧤 #UCL


Come on!!!!! 3 points gained ⚽📶 #MUFC

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1 week ago

Marcus Rashford

Gutted with last night's result but this doesn't take away from what we're trying to achieve 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England football team ... See moreSee less

Gutted with last nights result but this doesnt take away from what were trying to achieve 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England


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Congrats Rashford for always winning the Gutted award after every Match..

Get well soon and get back stronger, always love you. #3Lions #MUFC

I love you my boy and I will love you forever

Congratulations Marcus Rashford for playing to your best always n winning gutted award after every match #big love

I became top fan by saying how shit you are.

Well done Rashy and wish you better soon ❤️

Many congratulations to the England team for winning the third place of the competition. Well done, hope next time you go all the way to the finals and win.We behind your back in full support. Get well soon Rashford and come back to light up the stadium once more.

One former PL and England player said a few weeks ago that he was shocked at the criticism and hatred that Rashford and Lingard were receiving. He also said that he thought it was pitiful that it appeared that a lot of the posters seemed to be African accounts.

Keep your chin up and keep working at it. Nothing in life is easy so keep working to achieve your dreams. I think you were a bit unlucky last night so onwards and upwards. You had a really good game so nothing to reproach yourself for. xx

When will you not be gutted?? Gutted at man utd, gutted at England.... 👏👏👏👏👏

Was like watching United again as if our season wasn’t bad enough 🤦🏼‍♂️

It's simple, England is allergic to Finals whether gutted or not

Time to acknowledge the speciality in Marcus Rashford as a talisman and a versatile striker in his generation, a man with immense talent, skills and style which obviously makes football and not just the technical side of it alone where pundits only wants the ball forward with win win win win as a no 1 priority. The penalty kick was superb 10 out of 10 and the goalkeeper had no idea whatsoever. There would have been more goals had it not been the injury to the ankle because he was a nightmare for the Netherlands defenders. Hold your breath every Manchester United supporter and member for next season coz the wonder kid has arrived and last nite was just the beginning. More goals coming through the pipeline. Get well soon with all my love.

The half time was good but in the second half and the ET you played the poorest game! I’ve seen😖

Just shut the fuck up and get to work,you achieved nothing this season its not rocket science, you want to perform miracles for England you didn't do for Manchester united keep been influenced by that kid like clown lingard how many goals did he get again remind me

What do you expect when England is made up of slay kings and not football players.

When will stop being gutted

Trash ford england because u friends with jesse linggard thats why u be like that

Remember to invite De Ligt to come to our house #rash :) you two guys are great, specially your performence last night ! Everything was so close but you were out of luck and the defend players of England had a terrible day ! Keep up your training and the best results would come to you ! Love you #rash <3

England generally is a big joke from players to coach!

Same shit you say day in and day out. That's how you and your whole crew ruined Man Utd. You post more than what you play. Look at Messi & Ronaldo...just take a good look at them. They don't even post much but the whole world follow them. Your football game died ever since you started hanging out with Lingard. I'm sick and tired of hearing all your bullshit Marcus! Keep it all to yourself and work on your game. I don't give a fuck about you or anyone else in your team anymore!

What a shambles,especially John Stones

Once again another picture after a loss saying bounce back. Just play, get 3 points or knock the other team out. Simple

lingard rashford sancho #thelads

Unbelievable , that England's team give the penalty ball to Marcus Rashford💪👍

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Semi-final 🔜 England


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GOOD LUCK always very proud of always .

Best wishes Hope England win this one

God luck marcus we are alway proud of your talent here in african especially in (Kenya) we love you soldier boy

Too much cuteness all in one, awwww. Will be hoping we can win this England. But even if we don't... just in case...still proud of all you guys and your achievements both individually and professionally. #Supersuperfan 🙋

Good luck my guys Rashy and Jesse ❤️

C'mon lads. Let's go make England proud. Make the world proud. Make lanzy proud . #Much love Rashy #Much love Jlingz

Good luck- we’ll be supporting you- as always

Wish the best Boys of English

Good luck champion boy Marcus 😘

Kidnapp the fella on the left on your way back Rashy lad

please don't play so England will win :)

Don’t let me down Lads , I’m in Portugal the weekend for my stag do ! Portugal v England final will be just lovely. 🙏🏻🍻

That's what that Lingard should keep doing Just keep snapping picture You can't get any better in football

You guys need to be serious with football

Yep another one win this one then a final ?

Good luck England

Good luck England

Overrated 2 big headed fools Lingard and rashford

Convince sancho to join united he's very talented player more than you and lingard

Lingard has more photos on social media than goals, shorts or assists

Someone needs to advise Lingard. He has a better chances as a Model than a footballer.

Good luck lads a😊 rashy and lingard make sure you bring sancho back to old Trafford with yous 😃

Don't come back to our team

Agent Rashy plz bring that bro(J.sancho) to man united❤

England depending on this two fools

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2 weeks ago

Marcus Rashford

Game planning ♟ England football team ... See moreSee less

Game planning ♟ England


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Hey ,Rashford we love you ,go out there and make England proud 🤗🤗 All u need is to have confidence

The best thing is that you give your all Good luck Marcus

Good luck Trashford

Looking Fit and good luck for England x

Stubborn boy E no go hear He will still play rubbish on d game

Work hard.. keep plans.. stay focus and go for the glory

Guys stop being so negative it's not cool. Marcus you need to go out there and and proof them wrong😳👍 Go Rashford🌸❤

Good luck to follow you in all your games. Be part of the team with simple passes and taking position. Be on your toes at all time. Read the game with anticipation but strike with precision and accuracy to find the net. GOD bless and protect you. All my love

You will still play rubbish

And when u get on the pitch u start playing rubbish

Trainer: "So this is the goal where you shoot" Rashford: Mindblown

His telling you that you wont ever take free kicks for England anymore

‘See over there Marcus, that’s the bench keep it warm son’

Try scoring knuckle ball goals and plz don’t kill disabled fans in wheel chairs with ur free kicks ( I didn’t say that Keane said that)😑😑😑

Like you know anything about planning

Please, a little bit of respect for Marcus, as a person and as a player

Pls stay playing for England only... We really don't want you anymore... At least starting games

Go and run until the end,

Go and improve on ur game and stop being selfish you overrated kid

Goals over there but don’t forget below the bar

it annoys me when you post pictures of you training hard and then you put up a no-show during the actual games.... You will be great if you put in some extra work off the ball..

How does it feel to be compared to Mpabbé when you not even close?

After last season is better that you give your huge salary in charity and shame to wear this glorious jersey!

Work hardly and seriously for being a best player in the world

Netherlands 3: England 0. Scorers,Mephis,de jong,vigil

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2 weeks ago

Marcus Rashford

F A M I L Y 💫 ... See moreSee less

F A M I L Y 💫


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Nice family

Lovely family photo Marcus! 🤗❤❤

Wonderful family.

Lovely pic Marcus, family are very important. xx

Congratulations for winning family award trophy

Congratulations for happy family

Nice family marcus

Happy family =) Nice photo Marcus <3 I hope you will score many goals for Man Utd next year <3

Our family 🤩♥️

Lovely family 😘😘😘

Nice family

I also love your family life.❤️😍

Familiar smile. Wonderful, wonderful picture and looking forward to that historic meeting with everyone.

Lovely family

Do something good on field. Not on Facebook and Instagram.

Nice family

Ur mate dey carry champion League ..

I can't post this photo on my personal page because I have to congratulate the Uefa Champion league final for Liverpool in 2019 :( I hope you won't delete my hard fan badge =) that hard fan badge is good happy for me <3 I hope you understand :( # MR10 =)

Congratulations on making sure your happiness always reaches them too🎊🎉🎊🎉

Me too Marcus 🙋. Love and respect to my legend and to Dane, Dwaine...

A nice pic ! Keep on fighting for next season #Rash

Congratulation. Mandzukic is better than you

Why you happy when Liverpool in the UEFA Final and we not 😣💔

The guy in the middle resembles the actor of Sherlock Holmes 😂

Hardworking lad. Good luck next season.

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3 weeks ago

Marcus Rashford

What a team the #Treble99 were! Proud to be a pundit today, thank you to everyone who came out and supported a great cause! 🙌🏾 #MUFC ... See moreSee less

What a team the #Treble99 were! Proud to be a pundit today, thank you to everyone who came out and supported a great cause! 🙌🏾 #MUFC


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Wonderful our pride , hope you learned something

Now you and the lads know what you have to do next season play like the Legends played with the passion they always had and proud to wear the shirt still a lot to live up to hope next season is the start of winning ways 🔴

Legends all. Finally, the Theatre of Dreams has seen a performance it deserves. Passion, heart, desire and a love for the badge. Current crop take note and then take a long look at yourselves!!

Did you watch the game well? I hope you did, you and Jesse, so you can learn a bit about true passion for the badge and great display and pass it on to the team!!

Have that passion and love to play for the badge now💕

Thank Goodness you two have now found a career in football. Punditry. Now keep to it and stay off the pitch.

I hope you learned something today!

Hope you understood the true meaning of the phrase .... "PLAYING WITH PASSION " kid !!!!!!!

Hope you witnessed their passion for the club and not just the paycheck.

Muwache ufala na muanze kucheza mpira ama mwende mkafanye punditry na huko. Mmejionea maana ya kuchezea badge kutoka kwa wazee.Hatutaki ujinga next season. . Translation Thank you guys for gracing the occasion in the capacity of pundits. We wish you all the best as you prepare to come back stronger next season. We need you back fitter and mentally stronger .

Even today you can learn from their determination and will for fight and you should...nice picture thou😉

Erom businessman type sheje gechis ki Korte? Khisti toh emnio khetish omnio khetish. Kichu sikhli?

Hope you learned how to play for badge!!!

Focus on improving your game.. and stop taking freekicks, it reminds us of Moyes days when Jones took Corners.

Hope you learned something

I hope you and Jesse can learn a bit about true passion for the badge, go and improve on your game and stop being social media FOOTBALLERS!!!!!

U guys should emulate they passion and zeal to win.. Not displaying on social media.

Tell your friend Jesse Lingard we are tired of seeing him on Instagram dancing and promoting nonsense yet in the pitch we don't see him yet we pay him a lot of money... Let him go join Watford

Advice Lingard to apply for lifetime punditry!

You and lingard should retire and focus on punditry since that's what you're good at

Start showing the same fucking passion and desire, I've seen more graft from a corpse! Forget the silly wage demands and play for the badge!

You need to improve on your touches especially infront of the goal... I think you saw Yorke and Solskjear... for you, you always waste a lot of chances just running around the pitch like a headless chicken

Follow the foot steps of seniors & ignore Lingard bcoz of your own betterment 😂 his ambition is only become a well renown dancer not a footballer

Panyo panu tu fikala old folks giving us something to celebrate imwe ndwiii

David Beckham best no.7 we had since Ronaldo left. 👍

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