Marcus Rashford


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Plays for: Manchester United, England
Ranked: 16th in Premier League
Marcus Rashford is an English professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Manchester United and the English national team.

A Manchester United player from the age of seven, he scored twice in both his first-team debut after the warm-up injury of striker Anthony Martial and in his first Premier League match in February 2016 . He also scored in his first Manchester derby match, his first League Cup match and his first UEFA Champions League match.

Rashford scored on his England debut in May 2016, becoming the youngest English player to score in his first senior international match. He was chosen for UEFA Euro 2016. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Massive win for us to take into the weekend. Goodnight Turin ⚽🌙 #UCL

⚽❄🧤 #UCL


Come on!!!!! 3 points gained ⚽📶 #MUFC

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2 weeks ago

Marcus Rashford

Welcome to Manchester, Harry. 🔴🙌🏾 ... See moreSee less

Welcome to Manchester, Harry. 🔴🙌🏾


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Welcome Harry !Delighted to have so many England players at United! Can't wait the start of the season!Good luck!😘

Lovely one but still left with Bruno

I advice him to stay away from you and Lingard....

Kindly play a bit closer to Martial and be passing the ball to Tony so we have more goals as a team. Otherwise all the best for the season...

Welcome to the theater of dreams💭

My loves 💓💓👌👌. Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea... you've been good custodians of our positions... thank you... now make way. Man City and you Gunners are no exceptions either.

Congratulations Harry Maguire! Welcome to Manchester United FC! You worth the salt! Wishing you all the best here in my great club! Rashy, give him a treat at my instance! Cheers bro! GGMU!

I just call harry to sign the contract for the dream love united

Welcome home Harry

Great news Harry Maguire has finally completed his signing for United. Great defender who can now team up with Shawn and others for a United Solid defence for next season. Great to see you Rashford, you looking great and hoping to see an explosive side of you when all kicked off in the next coming days. Love you and missing you dearly. GOD bless you.

Welcome. to manchester.Harry.😊

Welcome to the biggest club in the world! Let’s get back to where we belong! 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

Make us proud Harry,,,, from Kenya

Look like you've been waiting for the announcement as well. 🙌

Bring on the new season we are gonna be awesome 👍

Welcome harry🔴

Welcome Harry😘

sign of leadership.! That's what united lacked on the pitch Harry may bring that.

As Manchester utd Please we are not tollerant to own Goals,we have no confidence with Jones And Smalling

Not sure if you will even see this, but if you do you you might not remember me I used to work at the after school club you went to when you were little, anyway to the point my husband manages a u11s team at Fletcher Moss Rangers where you use to play and I was wondering if you could come down to one of the training sessions to train with them. Thanks kim.

Welcome to manchester home

Harry just sort defence out u need to start talking to them first game take charge and best of luck

اسمع ي راشفوورد اذا ما سجلت هاتريك المباراة الجاي حفك الصحبة الي بيني وبينك ما اعتقد حد حاطك كابتن غيري فاعمل الصح مع اخوك

welcome Maguire,,,,nó 10 my favorite

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2 weeks ago

Marcus Rashford

Pre-season ✔ Premier League 🔜 ... See moreSee less

Pre-season ✔ Premier League 🔜


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Hey boy.! Pls Keep humble ...

You have been scoring in pre season Do the Same Please Boy

Play with your heart and soul man. Keep ur momentum. Be humble

Sweet goal today! Keep up the awesome work. ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Awesome finish and goals

Well done! Good pre season, ready to kick off the league I hope! All the best for the season ahead!!

Continue with such a fantastic form in the league

great pace. . ready for season . . now is time to go for trophies. .

Great performance Marcus, looking more hungry and sharper than ever! #MUFC

I love u Marcus I want to b the next Marcus at united pliz help me to b good your last match weekend motivated me a lot pliz send me some tactics so that I can b good I love united so much you are best of the best best wishes in this season

I am confident Rashford will play his best game next season for United, get behind him with your support to wish him the very best. Praying so hard for him for best of luck.

congratulations ⚽️ But working together with the offensive line must also improve ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

Great job young King..The world is yours take it and run with it ..Love your shine..

we hope to scores much goals and make a help to united winning premier league champion Marcus Rashford signed new contract to 2023. Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford has signed a £200,000-a-week contract to commit him to the club until June 2023, with the option to extend for a further year we hope to deserve it

You should aim at being among the Top 3 highest goalscorers this 2019/2020 season! New Target set please

Utilize every chance you get. Score as many goals as you can. I know you are the best from day one of your debt against arsenal. you were a kid but you managed to kill the game. You can do it again

Please do this in PL and UEL this season and bring The Red back into the best moment.

Make use of your senses this time around and don't always depend on your pace

Great match today, Marcus. Keep making those runs-- you'll wear them out before you get tired!

What a great finishing up with draw from you Awesome goal Rashy🔴

Brilliant goal against ac Milan keep it up and united might win the premier league

No being selfish with the ball This is Manchester United Be united pass the ball and do it team work way #Congratulations

Your were classic today.. Let's keep the positive energy.. #GoldenBooty next season

Congrats for pre season goal.. As you one of big wages at United, fans want you make it at least 20goal this season.. Deal??

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3 weeks ago

Marcus Rashford

✔✔✔✔✔ ... See moreSee less



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Be more clinical

Thanks for signing my granddaughters United shirt at Xmas the one Sabrina asked you to sign,she was made up with it 👍👍

I hope, United carry this wonderful and exciting form into the new season. Lots to look forward to. The youngsters are just great talents and phenomenal especially Greenwood

Keep carrying our best ability to new season.

I was watching this post and then my neighbour came and we watched it with him and he was very inspired and it touched my heart too. My whole village has been transformed by this post and everyone including the governor is happy. We say thank you.

And you need to start looking to pass the ball more instead of taking on every shot, especially with free kicks please work on them or give them to someone else because it's not working for you but other than that I love the work the squad has been putting in💪🏼❤️

Excited yet, Marcus? You should be. It's your time to shine. I'm expecting BIG THINGS this season from you, Jesse Lingard, and Anthony Martial.

Lets keep working hard , the rewards will come . Red Till I'm Dead . ❤⚽

You don't deserve to be on 300k with such striking ability of yours be more clinical bro

I hope people manage their expectation with the kids coming through... there will be enough pressure on them to perform without fans putting greater expectation on them... their start has been fantastic, but lets not get too carried away as they are young and still finding their way... the future looks bright... 👍

Need to improve the finishing. Other than that, great shots overall.

I hope you guys take five games as a group and keep winning five/five. The inconsistency is a big issue.

Loving this younger team with added experience from the older ones x

This match nearly gived heart attack to bettors.The frustration was just uncontainable 😄😄😄

We need you firing Marcus! #GGMU

I have not seen the game so can't analyse but more importantly it's the win that matters to me.

best of all times but consistency will fuel you to be a real world class legend ,be at your best at all time's

The thing with u is, you don't know when to shoot or pass, oga be more clinical and decisive

Where is the ✔️ for finishing? You need to be more clinical in front of 🥅. Keep working on it! 💪

Boy if u gatta be our number one striker, ur numbers gatto be better. Best of luck

Got my ticket for Saturday evening hopefully see you guys with great performances against Milan 🤞

Go and watch the videos of Legend Rooney.... You can still beat his record if you can learn to be a machine that he was.

Nau dur kol lucky na nei lo dan cu mak lwlw ka ti 🙂🙂

Bütün evren semah döner aşkından güneşler yanar 💕 Ahmet Güner

ولا ولا بطل تعمل فيها كريستيانو يالا

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4 weeks ago

Marcus Rashford

You sure Shaw? 🏃🏾‍♂💨 ... See moreSee less

You sure Shaw? 🏃🏾‍♂💨


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The person reading this comment...I may not know you but thank you so much

That,s the way my boy, this is what i mean by stretching them, do that next season and find a yard in the box to place the ball right into the far corners of the post. Wonderful piece of skills i love that.

Van Gaal knew what he was doing for sure to buy Shaw and promote you Darling. I love both of you and you're all my favorite. Please do your best sweethearts.Much love from Uganda

Great work guys Pliz work harder And Marcus, pliz learn and practice how to take great free kicks. Pliz

No I'm luke shaw 😂

When people ask me are you the father of Marcus Rashford i pause and smile without given any information though it gives me a sense of belonging not because of his wealth but a continuation for what i started as a footballer and a formidable striker who put so much joy and smile on millions of faces then back in my home town of Teshie Accra, Koforidua Prisons Park, Tema sports stadium and elsewhere in the country. Rashford being my son means a true legacy has been preserved and i pray for him to be successful and fruitful both in his football career and his own life as a whole. Looking forward to meet up with him. What a historic moment that will be.

The way Chelsea have made noise my boy show them who you are

I am hoping you to be the next legendary number 10 player for United

But Luke is the pace master... Don't try him

And Rashy looks better at defending than Young and Jones as he’s actually near the player 🤣

Many congratulations for winning against spurs in Shanghai. Its now four games with 4 win a beginning of what is going to be a promising season for the reds. Nice one.

30 goals for this season. Let’s gooooooo

Show is the best all the time

Im sure thats what dan james said to you when he arrived

Comment za mademu bwana kila comment I love you mnajitongozesha

Tum phir se yeh sab shuru kar diye ho ? Babu tumse NHP

Yeah for sure he is Shaw. #Glory_Glory_ManUtd.👑

Shaw humble than you. His is good in air at least better than you being cf has no aerial

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4 weeks ago

Marcus Rashford

United a cappella 🎶🤣 ... See moreSee less

United a cappella 🎶🤣


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Thanks for great performance keep it up.

I love your smiles ❤️😊

Great performance lads!

Great teamwork

Hope you're doing great this season

That,s very nice, i like to see you in a very happy mood. I love you and missing you so much. All i want to do is to meet up to you and tell you how much i love you.Very best of luck.

I'love you so much, you are the best of your generation

Rashford really you are my star , bt i wish was near to you, we you would be my best friend, I love your job,, and it's ma hobbie, and future carrier

I wish the same spirit in the epl

best quartet 😂

Great rashford

Love you all😍😍

Am happy when Martial is happy

I want to see your name on the score. Next time........... You are my idol.MARCUS RASHFORD 10

Hi Rashford, love you son from Sierra Leone

I just want see exactly the same smiles in May boys. GGMU

Marcus you smile is very handsome😍😍😍

Patients smile ❤

See you at 6th with your new friends AWB and Maguire.

Four different nationalities but United in one shirt.

Work for your dreams, avoid Lingard

Work hard boy and move to the next level greenwood is coming real fast

Argentina, Brazil, England and France. Manchester United 4 Life.

Looking Sharp! can't wait to start land.say hi to martial, super Marcos n Pereira

Top fan with lotsa hopes in you Rashy 🇰🇪

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