Marcus Rashford


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Plays for: Manchester United, England
Ranked: 21st in Premier League
Marcus Rashford is an English professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Manchester United and the English national team.

A Manchester United player from the age of seven, he scored twice in both his first-team debut after the warm-up injury of striker Anthony Martial and in his first Premier League match in February 2016 . He also scored in his first Manchester derby match, his first League Cup match and his first UEFA Champions League match.

Rashford scored on his England debut in May 2016, becoming the youngest English player to score in his first senior international match. He was chosen for UEFA Euro 2016. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Massive win for us to take into the weekend. Goodnight Turin ⚽🌙 #UCL

⚽❄🧤 #UCL


Come on!!!!! 3 points gained ⚽📶 #MUFC

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12 hours ago

Marcus Rashford

‪Big Happy Birthday to my bro Jess, wishing you a blessed day. Keep shining ✨‬ ... See moreSee less

‪Big Happy Birthday to my bro Jess, wishing you a blessed day. Keep shining ✨‬


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God what happened to my team.

You both should keep your glasses on playing !!!

Martial, Rashford & Lingard. Crazy trio 🔥🔥

Should be wearing skirts

Happy Birthday Jesse , love of my life ❤😍

Go bang goals in and fire utd up the league you pair!💪

Happy birthday dear. More wins

Man united fanz from uganda send this happy birthday to lingard we love you so mutch and greatings to you marcus Rashiford

Let's win tomorrow and keep the party monument alive.

Y'all dressed like yall releasing some fire mixtape... Happy birthday lingo lingo

Nobody dresses like that. Lookin like Cosby show circa '87

Dude you look like a Vicar..

I hope You Scored again , Vs Liverpool

Happy birthday future husband my best footballer, in all your dreams, make it a goal to destroy the goalkeeper. I love you forever JLINGZ

Sir Alex would kick them into touch

The love I have fr you is big tiil I I gave myself the name Jesse keep on with the good work Rushford criticisms always pay off have that strong heart and push the team upwards jesseee let him enjoy and I know he will still provide ..happy birthday

Jesse Rashford's bro happy birthday🤙🏾

May him be blessed...And the best gif he can get is a victory tomorrow against Liverpool, and I would be really happy if he scores

Remember when fans forced Memphis Depay out the club because he dressed like a twat?

Happy birthday to the genius, you look so sharp!

Happy birthday favourite man united player

HBD to our dance boy Jesse Lingard❤❤

Hope the surprise worked this time,😁Happy birthday jess

Happy birthday Jesse Lingard

Happy bday J'LINGS...llnp

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1 week ago

Marcus Rashford

👟💥⚽️ #MUFC ... See moreSee less

👟💥⚽️ #MUFC


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martial + rashford and lingard feeding them the ball is my dream...also sell sanchez, lukaku, and pogba and buy a great defense and keep Luke Shaw as LB.

Congrats nigga tou did well. You was so good. Keep on this way. This is the rashy of the first match against arsenal. You're the best dude never give up 💪

My man, my hero, my best in taking curves,.......... Mary x-mass and happy new year

Ronaldoesque shot Even the Freekick, it was a Ronaldoesque freekick, it would have been amazing if it passes the GK

Keep up the way you playing Marcus

we need another point from another match Manchester united vs Liverpool

Nice one I pray for more confidence for you ... ♥️😘

Rash keep going but u also inprove on ur finishing skills man watch u missing many finishings but love u dude

Don't fear or stop scoring Rashy!

Keep playing well super fantastic performance i love your skills

I hop to do this every time ⚽👏 Keep pushing rashford

Let's repeat Saturday's performance tomorrow.

You were awesome today Ras#. ❤️❤️❤️

That goal was awesome. Please we need champions league

2 assist 1 goal rash on fire

One awesome goal and Two Assists. Can't demand more. Well played Rashford.

GOOD and great player keep it up are my Best for river

come on manchester united... come on boys .

What a rock goal rash keep doing that

No need to celebrate winning against Fullham, let see if our beloved Manchester United can continue with this points

I want the analysis of the speed of that shot... It surely gonna break some records

Hope you keep on doing this every game..

Thanks for the Christmas present with that gooal keep moving dude you're my model always behind you

good and great player keep it up.i wish y all the best

Against Southampton I saw a rashford I wanted. Two assists. If you aint scoring at least create

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1 week ago

Marcus Rashford

Back on track, stadium was buzzing 💪🏾 #MUFC ... See moreSee less

Back on track, stadium was buzzing 💪🏾 #MUFC


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Stop being selfish rashy

Keep scoring Rashy! Team needs consistency.

Well played buddy and what a goal!!!!🔥🔥🔥

However, it was only Fulham. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Liverpool next weekend tizamuziba yesu(we will know Jesus) 🙏

3 matches 4 Assist and one goal simply Goat 🐑

Man of the match... Well done

Awesome strike 👏👏.. Wish you the best in the coming games at Valencia and Anfield

What a performance Marcus💪⚽

Then next game, regardless of opponent, we will get one shot on goal and finish 0-0. Its Fulham!

Huge win vs Fulham solid in 6th spot

Please score 5 at andfield

You have not been in a form as this clash for sometimes now.pls Rashy don't be selfish and I urge you to keep consistent and be releasing the ball on time to the middle and relevant position as well,,I'm proud of you

#MR10 Congrats boy👌 Much Love👊

No ur not ... One good performance against the bottom team in the league doesnt mean ur back on track ... Great performance tho keep it up

Rashford did good job.... keep on boy

You have been putting your heart and souls in the game. It has been noticed and appreciated. Keep it up!

He did good job ... just keep on good preformance please

The fans were loud and proud,stadium was rocking today 👏

thanks for the fire kid

Another great effort and showing young man onto Anfield on the front foot

Go Marcus you deserve your goal. I think you’re the most consistent player in the team at the moment. If only the rest of them had your work ethic we would be flying. You have a fantastic future ahead of you.

On track to nail down 7th after a big win at home to the mighty Fulham

Your ambition is to be admired! Wish I could come to old Trafford more!

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1 week ago

Marcus Rashford

Thank you Manchester United Foundation for making this happen. Inspired by you Kian 🌟 #MUDreamDay ... See moreSee less

Thank you Manchester United Foundation for making this happen. Inspired by you Kian 🌟 #MUDreamDay


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Fuck you..I will never forgive you

What did you do to holding?

You think what you did to our player God didnt see you??

Marcus Rashford best striker in the world

Respsct marcus🙏 LOve u more😘

Rashford you are my hero😒

Well done to all the lads ,a lot of little ones very happy and rightly so

U must be so happy after injuring Rob Holding..

Manchester United forever. We believe in you Lads.United we stand.

Big respect marcus

Marcus Is Good Prayer!

J Mourinho agent G Mendes says Mourinho is full committed at the club In Swahili Mende means Cockroach

you put Holding out man..u jst ruined his career

Much respect man

Class Act, Marcus Rashford.

Marcus is red 😍😍😍😍😍

God bless you rashford

Love you Rashford

rashford is the striker in the world

Well done all involved... it’s one of those traditions

I love you. I love Manchester united.

Seems like u are more into social media than football

Looks like romero went back in time

👏👏👏 ET tres heureux d'avoir renporte LA Face à fulham

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1 week ago

Marcus Rashford

We always find a way through. United! 👊🏾 ... See moreSee less

We always find a way through. United! 👊🏾


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So you found the way through by playing dirty, making rob holding injured for 6-9 months? What are you people? You are still young and already had that mentality to take down other players with those disgraceful tackles? You are no different than Shawcross. Ban me, I don't care, just speaking out the truth.

Marcus Rashford U are bloody disgrace as you played dirty football and hurted your own countryman! No wonder why so many people hate Man United😡

You’re still a young lad and you should know better how much it’s important to develop and have minutes in the field... now you made your countrymen’s injured for what? I know that football is a physical game... but it’s based on sportsmanship, moral and ethics... just watch back the replay of what you did to Holding and imagine... somebody do it to you while you are having a lot of potential to develop. Rubbish...

This fool sent Holding to the theatre.

So do our opponent's Marcus.

Just carry on giving it 💯 pal and eventually things will turn around 👹 Don’t listen to the negative fans ..

I like your energy Marcus... keep it up the problem is the tactics of play in our club but I believe it will change soon.

Come to Chelsea so that u will collect that number 10 from Hazard

Can we be absolutely clear that the club has no future or history unless Marcus Rashford starts every week for the next ten years. .I am deadly serious...we have spent millions on big names di Maria falcao Lukaku pogba and clearly it doesn't work ...he is a home grown kid and an england international ..just get off his back and believe ..what is wrong with you wanna buy a short cut to success with laundered state blood money ? Look above if you think money works for us

Good work n fighting spirit you showed

Hey. Work on your finishing tacticts,you real good,if you can finish well.can u try to score high Conner,and very low but fast kicks. With your speed,you can be the best

Keep working hard Marcus, you are improving 👍

But you didn’t win... at home... against a poor arsenal

And then due to Jose’s dull negative tactics has to pass it backwards to a defender as no forward passes allowed!


well done never give up 👏👏

Just improve ur finishing and score goals ur the real hope of this team but plz stop hanging around with lukaku

U pressed for 90 mins. Chasing hopeless balls. I was really impressed man. Have to salute u considering how much crap ive been saying about ur finishing. Great spirit man

Yes we do!! Because we NEVER give up!! #WEAREMANUTD 🔴⚪⚫

Seems like these days we only wanna settle for a draw

Especially if its against arsenal

A player like you can ever be a good player but not an ethical player for me. 👎👎👎 You sent you countryman, Rob Holding to injury. Wish you won’t suffer this kind of injury in your career life.

come liverpool u will win every game

A way through to keep drawing! 🙈

Very solid performance, waiting for the big goal next weekend

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