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Paul Labile Pogba is a French professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Manchester United and the French national team. He operates primarily as a central midfielder and is comfortable playing both in attack and defence.

After beginning his career with Manchester United in 2011, Pogba joined Italian side Juventus in 2012, and helped the club to four consecutive Serie A titles, as well as two Coppa Italia and two Supercoppa Italiana titles. During his time with the club, he established himself as one of the most promising young players in the world, and received the Golden Boy award in 2013, followed by the Bravo Award in 2014 and was named by The Guardian as one of the ten most promising young players in Europe. In 2016, Pogba was named to the 2015 UEFA Team of the Year as well as the 2015 FIFA FIFPro World XI, after helping Juventus to the 2015 UEFA Champions League Final. Despite leaving Manchester United on a free transfer, Pogba returned to the club in 2016 for a then-world record transfer fee of €105 million .

Internationally, at under-20 level, he captained his nation to victory at the 2013 FIFA U-20 World Cup and took home the Best Player award for his performances during the tournament. He made his debut for the senior French national team on 22 March 2013 in a 3–1 win against Georgia, and scored his first World Cup goal on 30 June 2014 against Nigeria; he was awarded the Best Young Player Award for his performances at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, after reaching the quarter-final. He later represented his nation at UEFA Euro 2016 on home soil, where he scored one goal as his team reached the final. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Very important 3points .. and amazing support from the fans ..welcome was amazing very emotional thank you 🙏🏾 @manchesterunited @juventus #ucl

🔜 the emotional pogback to Torino @manchesterunited #championsleague

On point ✂✅ #tapanaperuca @astarbarbers

Break my heart I will still love you 💔😜 @manchesterunited

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4 days ago

Paul Labile Pogba

Grande uomo e grande calciatore. E ora? Sicuramente sarai top qualunque cosa farai. Sei un esempio per tutti i calciatori @andreabarzagli15 @juventus ... See moreSee less

Grande uomo e grande calciatore. E ora? Sicuramente sarai top qualunque cosa farai. Sei un esempio per tutti i calciatori @andreabarzagli15 @juventus


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i love you pogba dayl.

Go back home, Paul..! Vietsub: về nhà đi thằng lồnnnnnnn.

Please Paul come to BESIKTAS. Nah, sto cazzo, torna a casa Polpo!

Please back to Juve.

Torna a casa figlio di puttana

Torna paul ti aspettiamo

Cazzo stai a fare a Manchester torna a casa Paul ⚪⚫⚪⚫⚪⚫❤❤❤

Oya paul.... Come to kenya na hairstyle tu nkona madem utawapea ball me nkupee assist

A long time United fan but I think you should pursue you career elsewhere United doesn't deserve you right now worst era of United management and fan base wise ... Let these so called fans go fill there eyes with those headless chickens like Rash and Lingard ... Lots of love and wishes of success to you bro ... سلام

Seen milk turn quicker than you.

Non si vende Pogba... E purtroppo... Allez Paul Labile Pogba un petit effort, Paulo Dybala n'attend que ton retour. Tutto il popolo juventino ti aspetta pure !

En Italie y a beaucoup des racistes il faut aller à Madrid. Déjà Bonnochi c'est un grand raciste le bâtarde, il faut aller en Espagne ce mieux là-bas À toi de choisir Ramadan karim

Taaada tabar u ladahay markasa tuugada naguso dhiseysa pogba 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

Wish you supported Manchester United this much...

I stil love the Paul Pogba who was in Juve

Pogba come to juventus

Pogba was good at Juventus because he had senior champions who put him on check.He could not be stupid around champs like Pirlo,Barzagli or Chiellini.But at Manchester he found a team full of Instagram kids like himself who are not willing to fight for the team.

Paul stp Paul fais nous plaisir ces comme si on avait gagner la champions si tu reviens c un rêves pour tts juventino on t aime fort mes très fort revien stp pogba c pogba y en a pas 2 comme toi t unique comme la vieille dame 😍😍😍😍😍

Leave Manchester United... Go elsewhere. We are tired of you bringing conflicts in the dressing room

Grande Paul ci vediamo il 15 Luglio alla continassa... ti aspettiamo

Need a lift to turin paul?

For all the peoples saying Pogba Out of MU I hope you have a bad day

Please go back we don't want you at Old Trafford.

Paul la Francia e la Juventus ti hanno consacrato come campione, nessun altro è riuscito in questo. Vincere col Real Madrid o con il Barcellona è fin troppo banale. Per consacrarti a Leggenda puoi solo vincere la Champions e la coppa Intercontinentale con la Juventus. Io ci spero in un tuo ritorno, altrimenti rimarrai un grande campione ma che non è Leggenda.

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1 month ago

Paul Labile Pogba

3 points 🤝
Manchester United #mufc #daretocreate
... See moreSee less

3 points 🤝
Manchester United  #mufc #daretocreate


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Thank you Pogba We are hoping for best results from you and your Teammates against Barcelona next Tuesday please make us proud

Pogba are blessed with a Golden foot .....I love your passes and your assists ....💪💪💪 Just hope you play better next time than you played today #manunited💪💪❤❤❤

Pliz dear Paul,, I wish u spared those wonderful goals for barca

Hi Paul.. stay back in man Utd.. focus on them..they really need you them..get back to the winnings..please assist them..the new coach need help..he s new ..n he will bring the best again..have faith ..paul..u are my greatest midfield footballer to me..not others..only u..are the Dragon..footballer in the world

Wraaa inaa african islanahay waad ogtahy ee iradi Dhalasho Franca ah waa hdaa tol io qaraabo nahay❤🤒🤣🤣

Pogba dont out from man united next season more best expetation from before.

The best King and the lion of man united Paul pogba paul pogba paul pogba

You just trained how to score the winning Penalty against Barca, come Tuesday. Barcelona 1-2 Mighty Manchester United

Move from ManUtd get to fuck to Real Madrid...You want to win but all the fans want to lose tonight...

Congrats Paul pogba,i really appreciate ur accurate passes,i need three more goals fr u when u face Barca next week

Guys need to train on making chances. Creativity, runs, through the channel passes and you and MacTommny should also train long range shots, that was the missing piece in our first leg against Barcelona... Hopefully on 16th we shall get them good. Lastly, a piece of advice, there is no secret that there has been a dispute between the club and your agent over salaries and wages. Yes, we don't need to pay you less than Sanchez but decamping again to bernabou shall not gain you anything more than money. Stick and build to be a legend in our favourite club. You are the key pillar of the team and definitely, with Ole the situation could be resolved amicably.

Poul pogba i love you and i support u show me what you are the game of barcelone and i believe u mi dear bro come on viva man united

You no longer play for man utd with all your heart

You scored twice from the spot. Your overall performance was poor. What happened to the high Intensity football when Olè took over?! You wanted him to get the job, play for the guy!!!

Pogba for love Messi for hahaha Ronldo for like

Thanks for the penalties

It’s scary moment we need to focus on PL we will not beat Barcelona they are better than us but next year with some new players we will have a big chance but at the moment it’s the fourth or thirds place we are looking for

You did well today slotting in two penalties and given man united the three points well deserved man of the match also.

Pogba, I guess you're staying 🔥

I am a United fan and that was bad today, no heart in that team , very poor all over the pitch passing, decision making, creating chances just not good enough but i will stand by them no matter what. GGMU

Your both amazing do the stuff at Barack please xx❤❤

Poul bogba for love❤ Hazard for silance😷 Messi for hahaha😁 Ronaldo for like👍 Naymer for injury😕 Kine for gaol😜 Mphebe for offside 😉

Once in.a while ,luck gets in your side although undeserved. Man City and Liverpool get it almost every week. Keep focusing and get better in the next match and onwards.

We love you and man utd love you, so please show us something that will make everyone smile, #mufcBarca

love everything about man u and pogba....Manchester United for life💪💪😍

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2 months ago

Paul Labile Pogba

I support every fight against racism, we’re all equal. Bravi italiani svegliatevi, non potete lasciare un piccolo gruppo razzista parlare per voi. @moise_kean @blaisematuidiofficiel #equalgame
BIANCO + NERI ⚪️⚫️💪🏻💪🏿 #NoToRacism
... See moreSee less

I support every fight against racism, we’re all equal. Bravi italiani svegliatevi, non potete lasciare un piccolo gruppo razzista parlare per voi. @moise_kean @blaisematuidiofficiel #equalgame
BIANCO + NERI ⚪️⚫️💪🏻💪🏿 #NoToRacism


Comment on Facebook

Dude..what about your performance last night?? Let's talk about it

Pogba you are best personality I love him 😍 we all stand not racism 😍😍😍😍💕💕👏👏👏👏👍

A voir la plupart des commentaires, vous faites pitier sérieux !!! On parle de racisme dans le foot là !!! Pas de la performance de Paul Pogba contre les Wolwes... J'aimerais bien vous voir sur 1 terrain et faire ne serait ce que le 1/10 de ce que fait Paul... En attendant il est champion du monde de foot 😉 et vous ?? Champions de la jalousie par défaut 👏👏👏 SAY NO TO RACISM

Ok, grande Paul. Ora però torna a Torino.

c'est quoi cette histoire de racisme . c'est n'est pas normal que les italiens nous insultés car ces nous la race noire qui est entré de tout gagner réstons units pour combatre ces vaux rien qui a de la peau d'un cauchont

Hooyada siilked u sheeg waxs jareerta ku dhashay wase team'ka wax u qabo ama Noga tag amxaaryahow😡

I stand against Racism and I stand against your shitty game last night. We need you to be consistent bro.

You was shite last night !!!!

You are the most overrated player ever. Mourinho’s biggest mistake ever was to buy this dabbing Yousuf Mulumbu

"Ils nous traitent de singes alors que c'est eux qui font les grimaces et les cris de singes. D'ailleurs je n'ai jamais compris pourquoi nos footballeurs dans les championnats européens s'approprient les cris et les mimiques de singes faits par les supporters européens. C'est celui qui crie et grimace comme un singe qui est singe. Pas celui qui fait son travail de footballeur". Petit Gueye, Système-bi, 43p.

La cosa più assurda è che ululano ad un ragazzo che rappresenta la nazionale italiana...e la sta rappresentando anche in maniera splendida...forza kean forza matuidi!✌️ #paulback

Best 100 Players of all time ! Vote Pogba 😍😍💙😍😍 >

....racism is not part of us. .....God made us in different colours....we should appreciate everyone

I seen your protest last night against wolves. Stand still for 90 mins against racism , respect Paul 👍

No comment on yesterday's game? Forgot that you play for United and not Juventus or RM?

If u don't perform ure already bringing Racism in our midfield

L'italie est le pays le plus racisme au monde honte a vous 🇮🇹🌎🌏🌍

Pogba when are you living united...I think its about time you should follow your heart to Madrid're messing our midfield... #notoracism

You know what, There is a country called ETHIOPIA the only un colonized country in Africa, with the battle field in Adwa we beat Italians and give them a lesson to not ever inferior Black people's... Since then we are not like any African country we speak our language, we have our own calendar And Thanks to God our culture is as the same as 3000 years. They need a reminder that racism is out of this world #ETHIOPIA #PRIDE #OF #BLACK

say no to racism..but why did you guys lose yesterday😭😭😭

La vérité est que les instances du football ne prennent pas ce fléau au sérieux. Dommage 😭. Bravo Paul pour ta réaction.

Ma si può sapere cosa ci fai ancora li? Stai buttando gli anni migliori della carriera... Torna alla Juve !

I love racism to be continues Cuz Africans are sleeping others are escaping to Europe and America they believe Africa is nothing at all Guys go back home and make it beautiful like Europe and America cuz These places their people made it beautiful

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2 months ago

Paul Labile Pogba

My #pogmoji stickers are now on Facebook!
The more you interact with my posts the more stickers you unlock!
Once unlocked, the sticker(s) can be used by all fans on the page.
Let’s interact, guys!! 👊🏾
... See moreSee less

My #pogmoji stickers are now on Facebook!
The more you interact with my posts the more stickers you unlock!
Once unlocked, the sticker(s) can be used by all fans on the page.
Let’s interact, guys!! 👊🏾


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Pogba please stay Man untd

We need you in Manchester United guy. If you feel you're bigger than Manchester United or got more skills and values.... you're free to leave. No one should feel irreplaceable cos every human breathing has a chance to make it happen and shine brighter. Mèrci

Silly boy. Instead of congratulating your manager, see what u r posting. U think football is only abt money and comfort hah? Ask Neymar!

Mazi Pogba please don't allow Zidane to lure you to Madrid

Please don't come to Madrid

Need to unlock them all

Clarify your Real Madrid comment first because i'm still pissed☹️

Please dont leave united..your the whole reason I started watching soccer

Pliz go to madrid dont even walk just run Stop giving us headche,if u wanna leave ,leave

Ok but congratulate ole Gunnar Solskjær first 😂

Pogba getting better & better!!!

Some GIRLS be taking 30 selfies to upload just 1😏🙄 And then you see them on the street, looking like the other 29 deleted 😂

I want Griezzman emojis too! L Grizou!! Loved his Netflix documentary. They need to make one for Pogba too.

Stay at Manchester United buddy

Useless player always talks crap

Stop talking about madrid

Comments here are crazy 😂

Stop dreaming about Madrid ffs and focus

"Congrats Ole".... Nah, let's focus on social media.

Stay at United for at least give us a Championship trophy

🎶 Ole's at the wheel, tell me how good does it feel? We've got Sanchez, Paul Pogba and Fred, Marcus Rashford, he's Manc born and bred. Duh du, du du du du du. The greatest of English football, we've won it all. 🎶 [Repeat]

I’d rather shit in my own hands and then clap! 😆

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2 months ago

Paul Labile Pogba

‪La force de la famille et la coupe bien soigné chez 🐝🐝#lesabeilles‬ ... See moreSee less

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Ici c Manchester ptdrrrr 😂😂😂😂😂 Che Che Che.... Vive le barca qui venge Paris... Alors on te voit pas danser la

pogba please have confidence to take some shots at goal today try to score i know can score easily this will help you more, we already like you.

Hello Mr Pogboom...big man Pogba....# 1 fan from Kenya

Adam Deyé Brahim mon gars façon pogba tema evra avec un doute/ la peur genre ...on dirait il a peur que le gars dise des conneries 🤣

Wish I payed attention during my French classes😩😩

Cmt để thành fan cứng Cmt để thành fan cứng Cmt để thành fan cứng Cmt để thành fan cứng Cmt để thành fan cứng Cmt để thành fan cứng Cmt để thành fan cứng Cmt để thành fan cứng Cmt để thành fan cứng

How do I unlock more of your stickers?

Asalamailekum Worehmotulah Woberakatu ! I am Hayat from Ethiopia and I am your fan too !!! ROMEDAN KERIM

Pogba Paul comment fais tu pour le supporter tonton pat, il doit être lourd, il faudrait le côtoyer à petite dose

My big brother long life for you ooooo

Evra on dirait un collégien qui veut passer à la télé quand il voit une caméra

Faudrait lui dire de se la fermer, à ce joueur de national là.. le lec qui se prend pour un winners et qui a raté sa vie.

Patrice evra toujours aussi cool ce mec j'adore sont sens de l'humour ça l rend toujours unique en sont genre !

Vous déchirez les gars. Faites vous plaiz et surtout continuer à foutre la haine aux haineux ah ah ah !😂 Lah y 3awnkom 😘

World's largest list ! Vote Pogba 💙💙❤️❤️ by Top 100 Players of all time list >>>

Legend in the making - that assist for Grizzou was amazing

No one can stop you from chasing your dream and go to your dream club.

World's best midfielder

Mdr Guillaume regarde evra il a sorti j'ai vus des gens et des petit four je suis rentrer squatter ces un malade

Hi Pogba! I am your fan in Viet Nam🇻🇳🇻🇳. In Viet Nam it í have the football player card and i have a lots of time to find find you. It is in the snack. I not know to much English. I very like you. I wish i have something about you. Thank you

Why can’t you speak English as public figures. Huh! We are your fans but we don’t understand le francaé. Meanwhile, I hope you’re discussing on how to win all upcoming matches. No draw or lose please. Remain blessed. #GGMU

Please, Don’t come Real Madrid.

i don't understand, what you say Pogba.

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