Romelu Lukaku


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Plays for: Manchester United, Belgium
Ranked: 37th in Premier League
Romelu Menama Lukaku Bolingoli is a Belgian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Premier League club Manchester United and the Belgium national team. He is one of only five players to score 50 Premier League goals before his 23rd birthday, and the fourth player to score 80 before his 24th birthday. As a Belgian international, he holds the all-time record of 31 goals scored for the Belgian national team.

Lukaku started his career with local side Rupel Boom, before joining Lierse, where he earned a move to Anderlecht of the Belgian Pro League in 2006. Lukaku made his professional debut while still at school at age 16, and became the 2009–10 top scorer in Belgium as Anderlecht won the Belgian championship. He also won the Belgian Ebony Shoe in 2011. In the 2011 summer transfer window, Lukaku joined Premier League club Chelsea. He did not appear regularly in his first season there, and spent the following two seasons on loan at West Bromwich Albion and Everton respectively, signing permanently for the latter for a club record £28 million in 2014. Three years later, Lukaku signed for Manchester United.

Lukaku made his senior international debut for Belgium in 2010, and has since earned over 60 caps and is their all-time record goalscorer with 31 goals. He has also represented the country at the 2014 World Cup and Euro 2016. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Romelu Lukaku

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Jebac ulane kurwy

p0g grubasku <3

Co tam ulańcu ?

Your first touch is like a trampoline

All of them are better than you, Obeseu Lufatku

يرحم باباك ماركي😂

Lukaku and fans 😘

I simply cannot see lukaku ever being a great player for Man Utd I don’t believe he will ever grow into a class player .just not good enough i new that before he signed I even told people who expected him to do extremely well not to expect much from him .70 odd mill was a waste he can try his hardest to improve I just don’t believe he will ever be capable of it .but I do believe pogba is capable of being a great player and I think Man Utd should hold on to pogba and I think pogba will do better under another manager .

You're the best player in the world that i ever saw!👏👏👏

La Foto Con Más Plata Del Mundo JAJAJA

Zidane, Cantona, Becks - good old guys.. from modern - just CR7 missing

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Please help me

Legends in One pic.

Greatest of all time

Gaal foolxumo iyo damiinimo isku darsaday aathay hooyada wase aragaga naga qari dartaa aan united udaawanine gaal calool wayn

WoooOOWWW!!! 😍😍😍

Work on your first touch it's horrible

gud new post nakukubali sana show love

Tu est le meilleur joueur champion🏆

McDonald jest na prawo Romek

The worst football player I have ever seen 😌😌😌😌😌🤗

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2 weeks ago

Romelu Lukaku

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When you realize that girl's first touch is better than yours :P

worst striker in united history

Lukaku as body builder 🤣

Of the likeness of the second🤔

Lukaku is better than kane 😂😂

Have you told them how not to control the ball ? Tell them how to fall while running too please 😎

Jus like when lakaku plays wit united, he never gets the ball... 🤭


Em là fan của anh đó

Tu est le meilleur mon idole


Can try.Dad Neung \0/ :)♥♥♥

Romelu Lukaku,sucesso!!!!

wooOOWW! Genial!!! 😍😍🤩🤩

A player from u-9's team must be having a better touch & ball control than Romelu Lukaku. #Useless!

wOOoWW!!! Genial!!! 😍🤩🤩

Ειναι ντροπή να εισαι δίπλα στο king Eric!!!

Lukaku <3

Why you are sharing this with those players !!! Messi shares it only with company otro

That girl is better then you!! Lazy idiot!

Always doing shits on the pitch

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2 weeks ago

Romelu Lukaku

Something special is on the way. Can’t wait for this one Gabriel Jesus Benjamin Mendy🤫 @otro #OTROIsComing
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Something special is on the way. Can’t wait for this one Gabriel Jesus Benjamin Mendy🤫 @otro #OTROIsComing


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Animls known how control the ball and score better than you

Is Jesus showing you how to score?

We want a special performance on the field. Be a nightmare to play against once again.

If it wasn‘t for king eric, this picture would be trash. Stop fraternising with the enemy

are you learning how to control the ball ?

Are you going to score a goal at Old Trafford 😂

Something special...? you mean it's time to start scoring goals for United?

Go score a goal first 😂

I suggest the moderator blocks all the people giving negative comments here. This is a fan page!

Fool go score goals,,stop being so useless on d pitch

Wow! I can imagine sir Alex rage seeing this

Broh u going down.... Leave advertising and focus on ur first touch, ur movement, ur body is too heavy... U ar utd no. 9 for God sake... U v not don half of Wat u did wen u were @ Everton. Ur body is not how it was 2 yrs ago...

lukaku,you are among the best strikers in the world but how the boss plays you is making you flop,look at how aguero plays from midfield up front and scores alot..remember how you used to play at everton linking up with the likes of mirallas..thats how you should play bruh,not just waiting for the ball inside the box and always being flagged ofside

Stop 'Bull-shitting' mf. Train hard and start scoring freaking goals.

A fucking goal would b nice 👍

Wow! You are the best players in the Man Utd. Thank you for all happy moments mr. Erick Catona

Sean Thompson Embarrassing. Disappointed with Cantona as well. Making a mockery of the rivalry. Fucking social media divas nowadays.

Fck ko something special Goal pl twinn tt ag lote omm Lay ka kyee chat ka

Cantona with 3 bodyguards!

We still believe in you Rome❤❤❤

Victor Quévy, ils sont devant nous en championnat depuis 5 ans et lui il va chanter avec eux au calme. Pfff

The special thing would be when you score at oltraford after a long time.

Something special? Like you scoring a goal ?

bro, when you want to keep fit?

2 profeasional footballers and Lukaku! Don't mind about the 4th man.

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4 weeks ago

Romelu Lukaku

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Thank you PUMA Football 💯🙏🏿✊🏿
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Train more on your first touch

Please leave football and take up music 🙏

Loïc Ncl, voilà où il était , en train de nous préparer un beat au lieu d'être sur le terrain 😂

Tu ne pas lé notre, reste là bas Laissez la rdcongo a nous les congolaise et congolais un jour ça ira!

am I the only person who thought he's Stormzy at first ! ?

Seyno die shoes gewoon

My favorite Lukaku


work hat on ur team

Hmm this one Is You remembered Facebook today bigRom

Tu est le meilleur mon idole

Dios mio lukaku mis suenos.

Lindo Lukaku,força!!!😘

Who are those tagged people?

lose weight him

Get BACK your home GGMU❤️❤️

My name selam I wanted one mint short talk you are Best you're hero

Follow footsteps of dimitri berbertov to be a good striker

Bokachoda goal marbi ki marbina? Ha ki na bol khali

is my player

Straight Bars 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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