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Romelu Menama Lukaku Bolingoli is a Belgian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Premier League club Manchester United and the Belgium national team. He is one of only five players to score 50 Premier League goals before his 23rd birthday, and the fourth player to score 80 before his 24th birthday. As a Belgian international, he holds the all-time record of 31 goals scored for the Belgian national team.

Lukaku started his career with local side Rupel Boom, before joining Lierse, where he earned a move to Anderlecht of the Belgian Pro League in 2006. Lukaku made his professional debut while still at school at age 16, and became the 2009–10 top scorer in Belgium as Anderlecht won the Belgian championship. He also won the Belgian Ebony Shoe in 2011. In the 2011 summer transfer window, Lukaku joined Premier League club Chelsea. He did not appear regularly in his first season there, and spent the following two seasons on loan at West Bromwich Albion and Everton respectively, signing permanently for the latter for a club record £28 million in 2014. Three years later, Lukaku signed for Manchester United.

Lukaku made his senior international debut for Belgium in 2010, and has since earned over 60 caps and is their all-time record goalscorer with 31 goals. He has also represented the country at the 2014 World Cup and Euro 2016. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Good day today @rocnation @therealpecas @tay94aksoy 💎

Dear God thank you for another year in my life 🙏🏿 #25

Loading @movetocure ! ✊🏿💯

💯🔥🔥 @manchesterunited

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6 days ago

Romelu Lukaku

Hard work and Happiness Inter 💙🖤 ... See moreSee less

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So you want us to know you are happy, but we all know you are uselessly obessed nigga

Hardwork,happiness and first touch training.

Congrats,I hope you find your happiness and your first touch at Inter!

I really hope we'll have an amazing season this year with you, forza inter ⚫🔵⚫🔵⚫

So happy united sold you

104 KG. And by the way, posting happy quotes won't make you any thinner

......yes Hardwork to add to 104kgs And be happy at 120kgs

Good move to Milan young bru, wishing u all the best and be successful, many many many goals to come in seria A.

With that 1st touch, what kind of hard work are you doing mate?

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves 🤦🏽‍♂️name calling is unlike United.Big Rom was a top pro for us.he gave his all even when he didn't score. He deserves nothing but love and respect from us.🔴🔴🔴GGMU

Don't mind them Lukaku ,they are simply obsessed Man U fans that supported you back that are yapping at you just because they have a good beginning.. As for me ,you are great and represent The Glory in inter too ..I'll love watch you play .😍😍 shine and prove to them in Italy Black is the colour 💓

Poor people talk alot of shit... All the best Lukaku, everyone has their own weaknesses so jst work hard on ur strength coz some weakness is natural

My favorite player how I shed tears when you left Rom

So you say at man u no happiness or hardwork and yet you received your allowences???🤔🤔Lets seen your hard work then at this season goodluck

Still strange to see you conclude with black&blue Hearts. 💜

Never forget the night in paris thanks you :)

you came to United ,because you want more money.... you didn't consider ...comfort or non comfort... every touch is like a child ....

We also happy we beat Chelsea 4-0 without u man.

I really was hurt that you left us Romelu, this happiness comment is unnecessary though.

Hard work now, not real work at inter?

It's okay.. Every honey moon has its end... Enjoy yours when it's still available..

Enjoying your pasta in Italia? Haha watch your weight, my friend...

Som of you are just sick. Ik think you wouldn’t even have THE guts to tell that in his face. Easy behind your screen. I think you’re all thigned up at a chain in your house by your wife’s.

Een smal van maat zeker

Forget the hard work. Focus on first touch

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1 week ago

Romelu Lukaku

We speak in a mix of spanish, italian and portuguese. 🗣😂 Noi parliamo un mix di italiano spagnolo e portoghese 🗣😂
Inter Roc Nation Sports
... See moreSee less

We speak in a mix of spanish, italian and portuguese. 🗣😂 Noi parliamo un mix di italiano spagnolo e portoghese 🗣😂 
Inter Roc Nation Sports


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All the best of luck from big brother

All the best brother. I have always believed in you ✊

I will never stop thanking you for that glorious day at paris Thank you bro🙌

I wish you never went away from United I already miss you uncle Rom

Miss u kaku! I also miss your first touch football 🤔

All the best for you.

U look much happier there. Wish u nothing but the best

Good luck tank!! And please stay with the belgian devils we need you!!!

Bravo champion continue comme ça amuse toi et joue comme d'hab très bien 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

It wont be too long i know you will be nominated for worlds best stiker. Because you are in the right place to achieve that. Good luck

Yes, they all know about your first touch :)

And you speak swahili. Remind them!

Bonjour Romelu,j'ai créé une page intitulée Lukaku is not for everyone, où nous allons collecter des images et des commentaires sur ta nouvelle avventure a l'Inter. J'espère que tu l'aprécieraz.

On voit qu il est heureux. Bonne saison.

How do we say " Hello I am a football player and I weight over 110 kg " in Spanish and Italian

Lukaku I'm smiling cause your happy and enjoying yourself continue to be blessed my great soccer player of all time. Go Inter Milan Go R. Lukaku - the one not for everyone...

By the time this season ends Bolingoli will be weighing 200kgs

Hope it works out for you! Sorry things didn't work out at United.

học tiếng Việt đi anh

This is why we are Internazionale. Brothers of the world.

As a man united fan I can't forget this night in Paris

Proud of our Belgium red devil Lukaku ....

A mix of downgrading to farmers

The competitors, the fans we will going to miss you in Premier League all the best in Serie A

Tu es le meilleur tu vas cartonner en Italie 😀😀

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1 week ago

Romelu Lukaku

Bulletproof flow. Flyin’ above the noise 🤫 PUMA Football ... See moreSee less

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Be professional Lukaku, stop behaving like a Child. Leave yesterday and face your current game and club. It is too early to start running your mouth now. What if, this your current club and performance turn out to be close to your performance at United? How will you defend yourself. Concentrate on your game, prove United fans wrong later through massive success

So he gone from adidas to puma 😂 he must be so proud of him self 💩

go practice your first touch

Aren't some of these football commercials kinda cringey?

Скоро с Мат Стар у Ботев Враца.

Ink the boots with a glue, it's good for ur first touch 😜 Good luck tho

Respect for you all the best

Brother please can I get one of your signed shirt? I've been moving around just to get your Jersey in the market

الله عليك ياأبو اللكاليك ..مافهمانين شي بس منحبك ياهدافنا العظيم Mjd Zed

You’ll remain a red forever ♾❤️

Thank God this time your first touch ended up in inter Milan,

Could be worse, could’ve been playing the piano and be getting paid £500,000 a week

lúc nào cũng đẹp trai ❤️❤️

Good luck, but the hate, or truth as I like to call it, is that you were over weight and lazy at United.

Your first touch is coming with you.

those three touchs were the most he can do sorry PUMA !!!

Unlike Manchester is Red Romelu

The only real thing about the video

Murat november nieuwe omslag

Good Player 1st Touch can be Awful

1st touch is so bad your 2nd one is a tackle!?

Hahahahahahah, puma will improve your first touch?

They have to speed up the clip so it looks like you know how to run when you can’t even jog

حيو اتلوكلوك❤❤ بس ها تزقف بلخفافة اخر شي مش الك هالحركة..تعبلي عالدبلكيك خويي😘😘

Hayyan Saker بسلم عليك وقال بدو يمعسك لانك بتكرهو🤣🤣

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2 weeks ago

Romelu Lukaku

‪To everyone involved with Manchester United - from the board to the manager and his staff, the players, and all the fans. Thank you and good luck for the future Manchester United. ... See moreSee less

‪To everyone involved with Manchester United - from the board to the manager and his staff, the players, and all the fans. Thank you and good luck for the future Manchester United.


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Good continuation

Txs Rome Good By u r true red devil

Take care Lukaku United unfortunately wasn’t for you. Have a great time in inter and see you back soon on season loan.


My screen has a crack and so I am not able to see the picture clearly but from the comments, i can assure you that the wedding was fantastic. The only thing we are wishing the couple is a fabulous honeymoon and happy marriage life.

We’ll miss miss you! I will never forget that night in France Paris. Thank you for everything! I wish you a good luck brother! Hopefully you’ll be happy and successful in Italy.

Thank you for the memories big Rom..i will forever remember the night in paris France,your support was incredible.good luck,miss u

Good luck lad, thanks for the unforgettable memory in Paris. Wish you injury free season.

A good move. You are really built for strength rather than speed. Seria A will be great for u

Good luck big Rom we will never forget that night in Paris much love for you Rom❤❤❤

I was so much looking forward to this day

Thank you for being a valuable member of the team for last 2 seasons . Thank you for all those goals & assists . . We sincerely appreciate your hard work and effort and dedication over these years . May good fortune & good luck follow you till the end . . ALL THE BEST . . THANK YOU ROMELU LUKAKU

Thanks for your contribution at the club during your days with us. Good luck in your future endeavours

Your post has made my life better. I am forever grateful for the choice you have made. I can now enjoy my Manchester United matches in peace and joy

Sometimes in Life, we don't actually get everything we want, at least not all at once... The process, how we strive in other to thrive is what keeps us going... In the end, Happiness is the key... I hope you find happiness there in Italy. Be safe Rom!

Rom will always score goals ... you are going to shine in Italy Thanks for the memories Good luck bros

Thank You For Your Goals and Assists... Especially the ones in Paris.. The feeling was 'out of this world' #THANK_YOU

All the best big rom thanks for the great memories in Paris and all the goals you scored

The great finisher, i still remember that awesome goals against PSG in front of their fans. I wish you all very best in your future career. #❤

Somehow I've got much more respect for you than many of the players United has decided to keep. I hope you can rebuild in Italy and make some armchair experts eat their words. Best of luck.

Man, when you played you gave your best although at times we the fans gave you hell. You kept your class except in the passed three-two, some class and professionalism would have been better to end on a good note than the way it turned out. Whatever the case, good and God speed!!

Thank you for everything you contributed to United. It is sad to see you leave. Inter is lucky to have you. I haven´t followed Italian football for a long time, but Inter used to be my favourite. So many great players who have been there Ronaldo (Brazilian), Bergkamp, Lothar Mattheus and so on. Good luck in your next chapter.

You were great man, pity there wasnt enough support from the manager and us fans. I always said you need quality players around you, your Belgium career is proof of what I'm saying. Good luck and thank you for your services. The Big Rom 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Conquer Italy bro. Thanks for the memories and thanks for that night in Paris

We will always remember that night in Paris, you made us happy, thank you Romelu Lukaku, good luck.

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2 weeks ago

Romelu Lukaku

‪Sono molto contento di essere qui! ‬
‪Grazie per il sostegno.‬
‪Forza Inter 💯‬

‪I’m really happy to be here! ‬
‪Thank you for the support.‬
‪Forza Inter 💯‬
... See moreSee less

‪Sono molto contento di essere qui! ‬
‪Grazie per il sostegno.‬
‪Forza Inter 💯‬

‪I’m really happy to be here! ‬
‪Thank you for the support.‬
‪Forza Inter 💯‬


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Good lucky my Reall Goat 🐐

I'm so happy for you BIG ROM,I loved you from heart as a red,always felt good seeing you play for my Favourite team,today I'm happy and sad,the happy part is leaving a team where the fans only cheared the glory! The sad part I will not see you in a red shirt again,you always got one supporter somewhere in the world and that's i! All The Best Rom

It's sad to see you leaving my best club the club I love and support since I was a child. I was very happy when you were joining us but today its the opposite! I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors! Thank you for your contribution!

Thank you Big Rom for that inspiring and special night in Paris, all the best in your future #GGMU

My most favorite forward in Manchester, happy watching you last season, I believe u will do more for your new club.......

I wish you the best at Milan bro. You played for the shirt at OT. We will always cherish your contribution. All the best. 👍

Those Albion stripes are slowly returning - good memories of watching you at The Hawthorns. 🙂 Best of luck!

You received criticism from united funs and the board, I love you and never wanted to see you away from man u but there's a new challenge in life, work hard and stay connected at intermilano... Best of luck lad

Goodluck boy....thanks for everything big rom❤❤ might not have worked to expectations at old traford but you set out some memories ...thankyou for those memories.....i believe you can win back your form and proove the greatness in you

الف الف مبارك يخال ان شاء الله فاتحة خير هنفتقدك في الفنتازي

Good luck Romelu! I am glad you made it on time to your new home. Thanks for the two seasons at United. I am sure you will do well in Inter. Best!

Good luck in Italy and all the best in your future Big Rom. You're always my favorite player of Belgium's national team and everywhere else you play...⚽️💯

I didn't see this one coming 😭😭😭 you were my favorite Man U player 💔 and you gave your all to the team despite having bad days, Farewell Romelu 💝 we will miss you

I’am one of the few Man Utd fans who looked up to you as a great player. I hope you achieve great things with Inter and prove the critics wrong 👋

Tank u for your contribution for us at united best wishes in your new team.

I’m glad we got rid of a striker who misses clear cut chances. A striker who only uses his left foot. As a striker, you must learn how to use both foot and learn how to utilize chances.

Grande ti stimo già dai tempi del miglio verde ⚫️🔵

Any now? Thanks for everything you gave in Manchester united. Good luck boy

Da milanista grandissimo acquisto. Finalmente in serie A stanno tornando grandi giocatori.

ولايهمك يـ صحبي المهم تخلي بالك من روحك و تشرب حليب وتاكل كويس اي حد يشتمك قلو انا من طرف ابو سعد

Good luck with that first touch Rom, could have been a legend at Everton but you blew it cos you think you’re better than you are 🙄

Welcome Romelu Lukaku. Esempio di come un ragazzo di 26 anni, benché già famoso, non abbia bisogno di tatuaggi, social per avere consensi, fidanzate o mogli super manager più dell'immagine e poco delle prestazioni per essere trendy e al centro dei media. Forza bomber Lukaku e forza Inter!🖤💙

Gutted to see you go ignore the hate great footballer always will we where lucky to have u at United

Ti ho sempre stimato e da quando ho letto la tua storia ti stimo ancora di più.... aldilà dei colori....sono juventino e ho la tua maglia del Belgio dei mondiali nella stanzetta di mio figlio

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