Scott McTominay


141.8k fans
Plays for: Manchester United
Ranked: 260th in Premier League
Scott Francis McTominay  is a Scottish professional footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Manchester United.
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Happy to be involved🤘🏽

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6 days ago

Scott McTominay

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Just bought that shirt yesterday xx

@scott tominay......i hope you see my comment......You are an amazing a very superfan of you.....You are dared to create both on and off the pitch.....I love the jersey and would hope to get one from you......please........

OMG Love the 3rd kit awesome

great 😍

Look Carrick played ! Follow him style ! DCM is the best position for you !

Our next Michael Carrick

try your best guy, i hope you be better day by day , i want to see in the first team !

I love the way you win tackles but your passes are nothing to write home about. You need to work on that.. best of luck this season..

Good one but you have to make it happen because we want our teitle back

Future captain keep up red boy 💪💪💪 McTominay

Scott mctominay keep it up bro we love yo style of play

Scotty for captain!😎

Our future legend, you can do better

Scott , day after day ur football is increasing. Keep doing so , you have a bright future.

Keep Matic on the bench please... Just improve on your composure on the ball and keep making the right decisions

Cpt Scott!

Øûssämà Lāh هاك جديدتاع 😍😍تبياااش هذا

Iconic Bwoy, Move forward with best #GGMU

I need that jersey 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

You need to try hardly man!

Hayat Zein شوفيلي هيدا الاخ ألطم؟!😏 اقسم بالله edible

Loved what you did in the last game, Keep it up you can become a legend

Keep doing it on the pitch that's what matters lad looks come after GGMU

Be new schools you have talent

Apple of my eye pause😭😭😭😭

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1 week ago

Scott McTominay

😉😉😉❤️ #DanielJames ... See moreSee less

😉😉😉❤️ #DanielJames


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Nice guys 👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤

DJ volume plS

Is DJ wearing shoes or is he wearing Titanic? 😂

These young lads have no idea the amount of happiness they give to some of us who don't even know have a little bit of hope of ever seeing them in person. We forever grateful

May I ask what are the brand and model of those shoes ??? Wanna buy 🙂

the face you make hoping no one notices the trainers your mum buys you

Good you are walking with DJ, to keep him away from Bad influence

Look like the bars and melody from AGT😂😂😂😂

The Welsh and the Scottish are in a good mood after a week of trashing the blues

Jesus you look like one direction. Hopefully where heading in that and that direction is the top!

McTominay forgot to take the tag of his trainers or else stole them and Dan James looks about 12😂

و الله البلاطين الممزعة مش حلوة و الله 😂

Looks like you choose scott as your best buddies, good..don't follow lingard please 😅

Big mac❤️(McTominay) Yoyyyyy leading him He is in a safe place now i knew why he scored that quickly since u are teaching him the (passion) in red Love🌸

Just bought new shoes ??

Going for the Preston jail release look I see.

نسيان الورقة تبع الخفافة فيها شيلا لك قرباطي شيلا 🙂🙂🙂 درلي بالك ع ديدي 😍😍😍😍بحبكن انتو الجوز ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Mac tomnay it seems you were not supposed to wear that shoes because the right one has a seal.. C

يعني مستخسر تدفع خمسه جنيه زيادة وتجيب بنطلون سليم؟!!

You are gradually becoming an untouchable blocking 4 in our midfield, keep it up, the Skye is your limit

With these two, Scott McTomminay and Daniel 'The Flash' James, plus Maguire, Wan-Bissaka (though he doesn't play like 'wan' person he should be Two-Bissaka), Shaw, Garner, Gomes, Rash, Lingard: MAN UTD FUTURE IS SAFE!!!

Looks like Scott run away with a pair of snickers and with the alarm tags are still on them.😂

DJ is working hard on his height...we'll be seeing more headers sooner...

Scott wearing his shoe with its label, is that a new swag ? 🤔

Jesu you guys are still hunting for dem Chelsea players why?? Calm down wait for the return leg

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2 weeks ago

Scott McTominay

Let's go then - BIIIIG win ❤️ my team ⚽️ #No1Fan #GitUpThereBoy ... See moreSee less

Lets go then - BIIIIG win ❤️ my team ⚽️ #No1Fan #GitUpThereBoy


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Amazing pleyas, good performance Scott

Great performance Scott... Keep it up

hope your performance always good,

I rooting for you to remain in the 1st team. You did an incredible job yesterday.

Fantastic performance guy, keep the fire burning, much ❤️

Love your performances

Well done Scotty lad been watching your performances and I have a lot of faith in you lad good luck to you for the rest of the season and do us proud 🔴⚪️⚫️♥️

Outstanding performance wee man keep it up and you’ll go far in that team and even climb the ranks in the national team 🙌🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🔴⚪️⚫️

I love these guys, every academy graduates are my favorites because of Manchester United DNA instill in them.

Your passion for the club is amazing 😍😍

Future El Capitan.. I love your passion for our great club #GGMU

He remind us so much off all our players from the past . THAT had this passion crazy love for the game and club ...United is i. His heart ..i just love it

Great performance Scott!!! Let's bring it home

I wouldnt say your performance was good. I was expecting more from your play actually.

Home grown talent... Our future is secured

Great performance Scott ,the future is born you are my best player I have chosen to watch for this season, I love you Manchester United

Great performans my man scotti we proud to you

True passion for the club, hopefully the others will see what it means to play for United.

I saw you celebrate the third goal with passion

You did it in style guys we expect more this season

We want that passion throughout the season

Stay alert brother there's so much waiting for us especially your position.this was just our first session meeting#hopefully you gonna be a silent killer as Carrick and case you stay consistence accordingly we going to ace this season.

Incredible performances

No doubt that you deserved to be Man of the Match. Great performance and will be hard for anyone to take that spot from you.

Amazing performance

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2 weeks ago

Scott McTominay

No matter what happens, in the good times, and the bad, Manchester United will always be the greatest football club in the world. ❤️👹🔥 ... See moreSee less

No matter what happens, in the good times, and the bad, Manchester United will always be the greatest football club in the world. ❤️👹🔥


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You and Andres Perrera give me so much joy, I love the spirit both of you bring to the team. Positive vibes

McTomminay is future of Man Utd. A leader on the pitch, a captain on and off the pitch. I love this Scot boy.

You can say that again, Scott. All the best for the new season. I hope it’s a standout one for you; you’re Manchester United through & through & we’re all aware of it. 🔴⚪️⚫️😏👍

You've won our hearts already but, we need this passion on the pitch.

I just wish that more of our players loved and respected the club as much as you do! All the best for this season Scott! You have the makings to be an outstanding player!

Passion and desire!! Thanks our future captain

Scott you are right on point there keep it up bro's I day feeling you, we will still be there and the best too. Up and Up United for life

May God be with you, we believe in you and with you Man United will be great again. Thank you our future captain

Your love for the badge is on another level bro.. believe me bro passion and determination is the most important thing in football..just play your heart out wearing that famous red shirt and we will remember you forever ❤️

Might not be the most talented but your passion is elite.

Make us happy our new Fletcher

That's so true u guys need to challenge your self to be out of yours comfort zone and perform at yours level best evrytime

This is the spirit of football that exists only in mancester united.i hope you give your best mc tomimay.

I know you love this club and you follow the footstep of Scholes. That tomorrow when you become great, you will not start thinking of going to Real Madrid and Barcelona

Its up to you guys to make the club great again. At the end of the day what matters is what happens on the pitch

Scott McTominay King

You deserve to wear united arm band


I love you, Scott !!! From Vietnam with love 💗💗💗

And i will scream my heart out for the club till the day i die

Straight from the academy. You understand the tradition.

Tell Ed Woodward he deserves to leave Manchester united, We are now not the Greatest team, we only live on the past history

U just made my day. True Manchester United lad

Make the good time for us. I do believe these current crop of Man Utd academy graduates are as good as any of earlier groups. Make it happen for us.

Then make it great again and again you Are not kids anymore , play as one.

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2 weeks ago

Scott McTominay

⚽️ is my life ❤️ ... See moreSee less

⚽️ is my life ❤️


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We need you in top flight form and consistence...All the Best of Luck .Mc.

You are a new hope for this season good luck and let us to top 4

You will be one of the best CDM very soon

I don't have hope with you scot,you have a big gap to fill in absence of Herrera,but let's me trust you kiddy all the best

Scott, I've got so much admiration for you... I'm a Die hard fan of you and my Darling Man Utd..... I wish i could get your shirt but it seems not possible bcus I'm a Nigerian(Africa)

Come on Scotty, show the other overly price tag players how it is done playing for the badge. 😘 God bless & you will come great for the club in years to come

Hope you have a good season again scott , all the best ee know you always give 100%

This Is Scott.... My Best Midfilder

Your passion for football and the club is evident Scott. Big season ahead.

Work hard to reach where I see you at in a few years. I see you as the next Paul Scholes. Work hard lad.

I believe you will be best MD in the world keep hard working scott

Scott, you got be more aggressive and tactical pls. You're a young lad and we love you pls help us in there(CDM)

You are doing well boy, keep it up

Uv got all the change this term boy. Step up and make us proud #GGMU

Big season ahead of you pal ! Most improved player in the squad

Well done Scott.. Next is wolves and I want you to show the world that you can be that defensive midfielder we have been crying about for man Utd to have. Be focus and be that Keane, makalele, vieria, Fletcher and Carrick all in Scott mctominay. Be strong....

We trust! Don't let us down

Hope u r preparing not just posting pictures here... U guys should be brave this season pls and remember u gat 4lowers whom care much.

Great Scott ..tell your teammates we want trophy this season ita along wait!

My life also let meet and see my blood is red😡😡😡

Get yourselves stronger, we are watching you. Getting higher and higher.

A player who plays for the badge!!

Never change ur mind set Scott,u will reach the top unlike the show boat and instagram players we have at the club at the moment who love the hype and money not the sport or the club.

Brings beck to where we belong

Keep doing what your doing!!!! Exactly what we need

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