Scott McTominay


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Plays for: Manchester United
Ranked: 260th in Premier League
Scott Francis McTominay  is a Scottish professional footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Manchester United.
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Happy to be involved🤘🏽

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1 week ago

Scott McTominay

Boot camp in Barca ☀️ #GitUpThereBoy ... See moreSee less

Boot camp in Barca ☀️ #GitUpThereBoy


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Ismail Isteaque

Nice one the best to tne now

Nice one ,all the best to the new season

Work hard bro

Very good one

Scotish Bwoy much love for u

Nice one Scott McTominay #you are best midfielder

My boy, nice one

Love you Scott!

Pogba out Scott in

Keep up the hard work Scotty!

Our next schols

Scot the tank....

While lingard and rashford are on instegram.

Just like a movie star Dolph

you're better than pogba

You are a beast already. And with that body I boubt if Pogba will win a duel against you

Pg ka update tr nout kya lite tr

Viet Nam Vo Dich

Ma Man

Together Mc tominay

While lingy is yelling beans beans beans

You'll better than pogba, trust me kid, keep work hard

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1 month ago

Scott McTominay

Huge thank you to #sb_belhasa and his family for showing me & #milliedoze round the farm, amazing people 🇦🇪❤️ #sportsworldmagazine #Dubai 😉 ... See moreSee less

Huge thank you to #sb_belhasa and his family for showing me & #milliedoze round the farm, amazing people 🇦🇪❤️ #sportsworldmagazine #Dubai 😉


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Happy day scot

Happy day for you scott

Enjoy your money. We love you. Middefilde general

When enjoying holiday remember PRACTICEMAKESPERFECT

Happy day for you scott

Happy birthday Scott stay as you are a humble person you are the future of man utd

Happy day our hero

A star in midfield , more grace brother

Happy Holiday Scott McTominay

Our future captain much love from Kenya

You make our team strong.


Blessed sinner 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿GGMU ❣️

You the best my boy

I long to see you being among and the best midfielder

Here we see a Beast and a fluffy Bear. 💪🏻 hope next Year is better.

Hey, hey Scott! I'm a Man U Fan all my 55 yrs, I'm glad you're part of the shambles of a squad we've got at the moment! Some of the players owe it to the fans to give there all and run around after that football fo the the whole of the 90 mins' like they sposed to' but nagh' they don't! Keep playing strong, and attack, attack attack! And don't have photos taken with animals! It's not cool' it's CRULE! Stay strong and fast!😊

My future middle man wish u more success in man u

Is that Ander Herrera🤗

United midfield is in your hand in the coming future I always believe in you in each and every game u appeared in Keep it up you are the only hope remaining in the mid since Hereira is gone

Happy for best player for the season

Always gives us his all

Mpira ni ngumu cheza na paka kwa amani

MUFC the future!

Come back stronger next season bro.

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1 month ago

Scott McTominay

My brother for life ❤️ all the best on your next journey you deserve the best 🙌🏼⚽️ ... See moreSee less

My brother for life ❤️ all the best on your next journey you deserve the best 🙌🏼⚽️


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good luck and so sweet ficture

We Love ToMiNay

Best mum

Wish you all the best of luck

Zattam Denniz Pergkamp Boweheen

Wish him success just as you do,may he follow your footprint my bro

Its was just not our season guys we love you.

All the best

All the best👊👊💯

Good luck

i miss u brazer

All the best

You deserve the best, mate.

Glory glory mufc keep the red flag flying high

We miss you

All best

All the best


Nice one untied💯💯💯

Good luck for him, and you as well. I can see you a legend in Manchester United ❤️.

بالتوفيق 💪

my idol


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2 months ago

Scott McTominay

Thank you to everyone who voted me player & goal of the month ❤️ your support is special ✨✨ ... See moreSee less

Thank you to everyone who voted me player & goal of the month ❤️ your support is special ✨✨


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Very humble lad.... Congratulations 😍

Congratulations Scott fully deserved keep up the great work #mufc 🔴⚪️⚫️👏🏻🏆

You are one of a kind player best wishes and congratulations ☺

Congratulations Lad! Keep Up The Good Work, I Know Your Heart Belongs To The Club.

Congratulations well deserved Scott

I love that! Congratulations

Congratulations, work harder to bench matic completely

Congratulations we will continued support you keep it up brother

Congratulation Scott keep up great job!!

Congratulations lad..You surely deserve it!..keep the Good attitude and spirit up!

Congratulations Scott you deserve it xxx

You are The best💪 keep up The good work!!💪

Im very happy to see Scott with this award. Only you deserve it.

McTominay you really deserved the award of the year,congratulations.

Win or Lose, Always play with your heart Lad! Thank you for your passion & love for the club Scotty! Good times will come! #GGMU

Congrats, you deserve it ⚽⚽

Congratulations boy. You well deserv it

Congratulations and good luck're are the future of our team

Congratulations 🎊 success awaits you

My brother you are talented work hard you are young,, don't be like Rashford and Lingard who are young and talented but seek the individual hero praises, however congratulations

I love that! Congratulations 💗❤

Congratulations McTominay . deserved

Congratulation !!! Keep working hard. We're so proud of you, A true United Player

Keep up the good work! Constantly challenge yourself. Don't accept mediocrity. Be the kind of strength that the club needs, to push for titles and trophies

The best , in our team

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2 months ago

Scott McTominay

Second leg we will give it everything. ❤️ Old Trafford tonight was a fortress 👏🏼 Incredible support as always ✊ ... See moreSee less

Second leg we will give it everything. ❤️ Old Trafford tonight was a fortress 👏🏼 Incredible support as always ✊


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Yeesss boy,yeeeeeesssssss actually next time don't pocket him, just erase him....and btw ukizidi hivi utareplace Lukaku,tafuta tu ndevu na ufure kidogo

Messi is not even looking at you...Old Trafford was a fortress. I’m still waiting for what you’ll call Camp Nou 😂😂😂😂

I like what you did to Vidal. Masterclass ❤❤

You can’t call old Trafford a fortress I’m sorry but you haven’t won in 5 games and you’re calling it a fortress

You proved you belong in the first team against the one of the best teams in Europe. Your attitude is a breath of fresh air!

I love you boi Your performance was outstanding 💪💪💪

Congrats bro, you're simply th best ,our new Michael Carrick

In this photo there’s the worlds greatest footballer. And Lionel Messi.

You reduced Messi to Iwobi 👏👏👏

Don't keep company with the English boys upfront(Rashford and Lingard) they will make u complecent and inconsistent

You had the best performance Mctominay

U produce a stuning performance against one of goat of all time and i beleive by nxt week u guys will be in ucl semi final keep it up future man utd leader

Who else notice that Luis Suarez didn't score a single goal in Champions league this season

Good morning from Cyprus 🇨🇾 you were an absolute beast last night. You imposed your self on any player who got in your way. Man of the match for me. If you continue like this then you can take Matics place for me in any game.

You dropped an absolute masterclass well done McDominate❤️

Good performance lad, you will be the best midfielder, keep doing what you are doing!

Fergie was always right about class

You are the best mid fielder. Mc Tominay + Andreas Perreira = The Gold Midfielder.

Tominay i love your confidence and tenacity. Most especially the guy you dribbled, i believed so much in you and hopefully we get the job done at camp nou next week. Never say die, we can do it.

backed you since day one lad 🔴⚫⚪

Was joy to watch you play..

Best midfielder in the making.......Keep it up Lad.

So you didn't gave everything in the first leg you mean....if old Trafford was a fortress than we may just lost it...

Our best player at the moment by far !!!!! Think we have found our next cm for the next 10 year's!!!! Keep it up Scotty

You were just brilliant! Continue working hard.

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