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Plays for: Tottenham Hotspur, England
Ranked: 12th in Premier League
Harry Edward Kane is an English professional footballer who plays as a striker for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and the English national team.

Kane made his first-team debut for Tottenham on 25 August 2011 in a UEFA Europa League match against Hearts. Before establishing himself in Tottenham's first team, he spent time on loan in League One playing for Leyton Orient, in the Championship playing for Millwall and Leicester City and in the Premier League for Norwich City.

He became a regular starter for Tottenham in the 2014–15 season, in which he scored 31 goals across the campaign, 21 of which in the league, and was named the PFA Young Player of the Year. Kane finished top scorer of both the 2015–16 and the 2016–17 Premier League seasons, and aided Tottenham in qualifying for the UEFA Champions League on both occasions. He has been named Premier League Player of the Month six times, and selected for the PFA Team of the Year in each of the last three seasons. He has scored over 100 goals for Tottenham, and is currently ninth in the team's all-time top goalscorers list.

At international level, he represented England at youth levels, playing for the under-17, under-19, under-20 and under-21 levels. He scored on his senior international debut on 27 March 2015 and was selected for UEFA Euro 2016. The Guardian ranked him as the fifth-best footballer on the planet in 2017. Description provided by Wikipedia


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We will remember them. #LestWeForget #armistice100 #RememberanceDay2018

Another great win. Perfect end to a tough week. #THFC #COYS #PremierLeague

Fight until the very end 💪 #COYS #THFC #UCL

Another tough away win! Big game on Tuesday night now! #COYS #THFC #PremierLeague

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18 hours ago

Harry Kane

A great shift from everyone and a good point in the end! #COYS ... See moreSee less

A great shift from everyone and a good point in the end! #COYS


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Liverpool Fans Love You 😂😂❤️

You had a tough game.well done,we appreciate the effort.

Tough game to watch. Great effort by the lads. Clinical infront of goal today gave us a point. Well done.

Well done lads, but for me you didn’t get any assistance from anyone. You deserve better. Newcastle next, a few goals please.💙

So proud of you and the team. I was so sick of hearing from pundits that Spurs were going to lose the game big. Well played

That was not a great shift. Another day we're conceding 4/5 can't say we defended well when we allow that many chances. Can't say we attacked well when we created only 2. Will take a point away at city but much improvement needed #coys

Tough game, but what a great shift from Tottrnham. Great job lads, it isn't a bad score to start the campaign, but we'll try againist Newcastle

Not a great game but I’ll take the point, thanks!!

Not our best performance tonight, but at least we got 1 point

Sky do seem to be heavily biased towards the Manchester teams... a point is good and well deserved. x

dont fool yourselfs please, that was NOT a good shift. The only good thing about this night was that we took the 2 chances we created.

You were missing boss anyway the rest of us loved it lol GGMU!

Probably one of the two or three toughest games of the EPL season for us, so a point is a good result.

Mental maturity and this team shows its evolving. Great character. We take it and move on . Anybody that finishes above city will be champions . We did ourselves no harm here . Coys.

great point but we were more than lucky .. very hard up front for you today . but u lead the line well ... thank gawd for VAR

A great point today Harry the lads never gave up & not many will go to city this year & take points from then COYS

Good result but no one outside the back 5 put a shift in today. And if that was them putting in a shift I’m scared for our season 🤔

Great point harry you put in a shift against a good city side but need to pick the performance up need that attacking flair back well done COYS 💙

Great game but 😯😯I was so nervous when city got the ball ,the likes of de bruyne😜😜but thanks for the point😘😘🤗🤗

Definitely harry didn't play great but put in a shift a got a hard earned point we go home happy and onto the next game #COYS

Sorry Harry ! Disagree the gulf between us and city was there to be seen , we got away with murder , saves bye var , coys

Spurs held their own against the champs. Good game Harry!

Yes but we need to play better and have more control of the game .... it was hard today ... they were in command nearly all the time .... however great point !

Great point but seems o me something is very wrong behind the scene!!!!

I don't remember seeing Harry with the ball today

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1 week ago

Harry Kane

Fantastic win to start the new season. Congratulations Tanguy on the debut goal. #COYS ... See moreSee less

Fantastic win to start the new season. Congratulations Tanguy on the debut goal. #COYS


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I was best player in somalia now 2019 I’m homeless 😳👀

Me and the missis first game at the new stadium. What a beautiful place fantastic atmosphere. Your second goal was class Harry 👌

Yes Harry, very proud of you and Tanguy on your goals today, and very proud of all the team too, you all played great! Exciting match with a fast pace. Very good match from both teams, 👍😁💙❤️😍but, COYS!

Had me worried for a while.. But we came good, well played lads, happy days x

Great start for Tanguy, looking forward to see the other new signings too! And harry kane you just keep doing your thing! ⚽️⚽️

Brilliant today Harry...Well done to you all from us all here in Boyle, Co. Roscommon,West of Ireland❤️

Well done Harry 2 great goals and the media off your back for scoring at home, all in all a good day. COYS

My little boy’s first trip to Spurs. Fantastic!

Amazing start. Keep it up! <3

And it’s August 😂😂😂 well done Harry

Who said Harry couldn't score in August...just love these myths😂😂😂. Well played H the rest and recuperation will have done you the power of good. I can see another golden boot heading in your direction🤞

Fantastic Harry what a start to the season,liking the new hair cut handsome as ever.xxx

Great composure & taken goals - also great to see Danny rose still has the passion to play for the club coys

Great result, once Christian Eriksen came on the game changed. He is class despite his recent forgivings and we need to get his contract sorted out

Not quite the hat-trick, but 2 is better than none. :) Well done, Harry. Keep it up and that Golden Boot is yours. <3 xxx

Great result, need to tighten up at the back. Next week the city walls will crumble.

Great result and my first game at new stadium. Tanguy is a great edition. COYS X

Thanks for the two goals to give us the win amazing second half came out a different side

Great performance dominated the game stayed patient ndombele looks class kwp done well at RB and if only sissoko could shoot. Great to see Harry start with a bang and such strength in depth now great start to the season COYS

Yes, Congratulations Tanguy on the debut goal. And well done on the double Harry #COYS

Great goals harry golden boot and the championship you deserve it good luck for the season xx

For the sake of us oldish guys , get the bloody goals in earlier , my ticker can’t take it 😝 well done though lads , COYS

عالهادى وعالرايق ياخويا علشان الاخصام بتتدايق 😂😂💙🔥

That wasn't fantastic guys. Please dont mistake a mediocre performance for great. Man city is the bench mark next week. Play like that we will be destroyed!

Top draw watched all 3 from the Park Lame with my son his first game at the new stadium special day 💙🙏

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1 week ago

Harry Kane

Ready to go tomorrow! ⚽ #COYS ... See moreSee less

Ready to go tomorrow! ⚽ #COYS


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let's all hope for a good season with lot of joy, love and goals

Chúc may mắn nha anh Kane, mùa giải mới bắt đầu hãy thi đấu thật tốt nha,yêu anh❤💕🥰

All the best Harry and company..

Good luck today Harry, it would be nice for you to score again today. 🤞for you and all the team for a win today too.🤞💙❤️😍COYS!

We always Dare to Do best wishes

This season you have to get back what is yours. The golden boot my friend. 1st goal tmw 👍

COYS, Harry Hotspur lead your team to a glorious victory over Aston Villa tomorrow evening.

Looking sharp in pre-season H!!! I hope you have another good year!! Coys!!!!!!

Let’s see if you can go the whole season without injuries this season. If so, that Golden Boot is yours.

This is OUR year! Everything is in place. COYS

Goodluck Harry kane to Lucas moura,Son and others I wish you a very Goodluck❤

توت توت توت توت شد حيلك يا كتكوت ❤️😂

Get in Harry cant wait soon looking forward to the start.x

Golden boot incoming 👌🏻💪🏻

Good Luck, Harry and Tottenham. To dare is to do.

January, Old Trafford beckons. £75m King Kane arrives to actually win a trophy.

The best please tell me you good or bad

Can’t wait! Gonna be a good year for spurs!!!

Looking forward to being back at the lane tomorrow COYS

1 day to go

Come on Harry. Let’s start the season a hat trick .

I want to meet my idol friend. I live in Vietnam

Can’t wait bestwisges to the teams new start tomorrow. Coys.

Plse score Harry...at least Two to make my day

Roll on tomorrow #COYS

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1 week ago

Harry Kane

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الهاني كين ♥

Weĺ that's just cheered up a very miserable wet morning, what a stunning picture, looking so good Harry all the best for coming season. X

Harry you are an incredible footballer and a thoroughly nice bloke too...easily one of my top 3 players ever at Tottenham i have been supporting for the last 56 years..Best of luck this season and please keep those goals coming... And many congratulations.too...one happy lady there... COYS

Loyal and professional to the cause! Best out and out striker. One of our own ✡️🙌🏻✡️

كل عام وانتم بخير بمناسبة حلول عيد الأضحى المبارك اعاده الله عليكم وعلينا وعلى المسلمين بالخبر واليمن والبركات ومن العايدين #كابتن

Hi Harry. Good luck this coming season. One thing you could do before you start scoring lots of goals is to Please encourage our club to pay all its employees above the national minimum wage. It’s the least we can do.

England and Spurs centre forward, what a life . Great example to us all , golden boot and trophies await

Good luck Harry got a feeling your going to score bundles this coming season!

Should I put you in my fantasy side? Will you show up the odds and have a great first month?

هاتريك كل جوله بقي يبوعمو أنا اتعلمت الدرس ومش هطلعك من تشكيلتي تاني

Arr mno jersi kawe nyo Kane? Ejah hok taun lps xpo doh. Xpade nk bowok demo g roti titab ni Kane weh

اها يا أصلي نكبتنك الجولة الجاية ولا بتشربنا ليها ؟!😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

Big season HK. Back on home turf. Let's win some silverware & start to fill the trophy cabinet. Best to you & the boys for the season.

شد حيلك يخويا معانا عايزين نرجع نتسلطن تاني ع عرش الهدافين

حطيتك كابتن بالفانتازي ازا ما بتجيب جول قيرصك عالخط عبتفهم؟؟

خلى بالك انا جايبك و مبوظ الدنيا فى الفنتازى لو نويها تخفيد قولى

Hope sessegnon, lo celso and nDombele give you the service you need big guy. Stop you having to come back and take the ball from our own half!

Harry you got to start scoring from game one. Hope you will be the player of the month by the end of August.

Harry is the most consistent player to score all last season. He only has to think goal and the ball is in the back of the onion bag.. Head up champion 🙏

Hello Harry! you related to captain America of marvel studio (avengers) ?

Harry, you are going to be on fire this season!!!! Can’t wait to see you get the Golden Boot again!!!

هاري الجدع اللي جابلي نقط في الفنتازي،، تسلم يا ابو الصحاب،

يخربيتك جبت لبس العيد يفرخة وانا لسه 😂😂

أحسن لاعب ف الدورى الانجليزي واللي عنده مينتاليتي يربطه

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1 week ago

Harry Kane

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الدوري بيناديكو العبوا الله يخليكوا

Good luck for this season ,we love you kane

.good luck in your life ❤

Congratulations for winning the best award🔜


One of our own COYS ⚽️💙⚽️💙

حلو حلو

That’s brill!

احلى فرخه ف الدنيا😍

Good luck for this season my best player one team one love

Hiya, Harry. Your new cover page is very impressive, cool😎 and you l👀k the business in it 😉😊👍

Good Luck Kane!

Khởi đầu 1 mùa mới thật thành công anh nhé ❤

I love you

Love my idol

Olha meu selo

I've always wondered whether the Facebook and Instagram page of vips is directly handled and run by the person itself. For instance, I wonder whether Kane's Facebook and Instagram are actually opened by Harry or by someone else who takes care of it

Good Luck For New Season, Harry 👏🍷 Bring The League Home 🏆

Harry Kane one of our own, COYS

Harry thanks for visiting our Accademy. we need more partners we want some1 to partner with us for soccer accademy

Super photo Harry 💜💝💙💚💜💝💙💚

Brace mairo bro

برضو صلاح الهداف يلا😂😂😂

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