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Plays for: Tottenham Hotspur, Belgium
Ranked: 66th in Premier League
Mousa Dembélé is a Belgian professional footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and the Belgium national team, for whom he has achieved over 60 caps. He is regarded as one of the best box-to-box midfielders in Europe due to his excellent dribbling skills and ability to maintain possession.

Dembélé started his career at Belgian Pro League team Germinal Beerschot before spells at Eredivisie sides Willem II and AZ in the Netherlands. He won the league title and the Johan Cruyff Shield with the latter in 2009. Dembélé transferred to Premier League side Fulham in 2010 before joining current club Tottenham for a fee of £15 million in August 2012. He was ranked 91st in The Guardian's list of the 100 best current footballers in 2012. Description provided by Wikipedia


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Disappointing to have gone off injured last night but proud to have played 2️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ times for this club 🙌🏽 #COYS

3 points in the derby 🤙🏽 #COYS

Ask @ericdier15 why we are laughing....

Good away win 🤙🏽 #COYS

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6 months ago

Mousa Dembele

Thank you to everyone who made this deal possible. I’m very excited to start the next challenge at Guangzhou R&F 🙌🏽 ... See moreSee less

Thank you to everyone who made this deal possible. I’m very excited to start the next challenge at Guangzhou R&F 🙌🏽


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Good Luck Mousa....hopefully see you back at the Lane soon! We will miss you! Legend 💙

Happy birthday, my favourite ever Spurs legend. <3

Happy birthday moussa hope the key to the lane is still shining 👍

Come Back,Mousa!!! We need you!!

Sorry to see you go but good luck at your new club my fellow YID

Jia You!! Moussa enjoy the next chapter, thanks for everything

Hope you’re hearing the Spurs fans singing your name at Fulham. Good luck Mousa 🙌🏽

Missed but never forgotten!! Spursmember forever!!

NLDs won't be the same without seeing the Arsenal "hard men" bouncing off you 😩

Good luck Mousa, you will be missed at WHL. ☘️☘️ Xx

Man we could do with you now. Totally unique player. Top class. Really should of been playing for the likes of Barca.

Elk jaar kwamen we weer naar London To om je te zien spelen. Bij de wedstrijden van The Spurs zaten wij vol spanning achter de tv. Meerdere keren geprobeerd om in contact met je te komen om je nog eens te spreken in London. Wilde zo graag nog je handtekening op mijn zelfgemaakte schilderij. Jaren terug belde je me nog eens, maar dat was het ook helaas. Nog steeds geen handtekening op mijn schilderij 😢 Die hoop ga ik nu ook wel een beetje los laten. Vind je een te gekke voetballer en je zal altijd mijn favoriet blijven maar China is toch echt te ver hoor. Wens je evengoed succes bij je nieuwe club.

Another player that everyone will forget about , lost to China

Good luck Mousa! My favourite player of all time. Dancing with the ball. You made football look like an art! Sad day for all of us Spursfans!❤️👏🏻

Thanks for every single memories,every dance with the ball,every joy that you gave to us,to all of us... THANK YOU SO MUCH BIG MOUSA

One of the most underrated players ive ever known!!respect

Hey Bro, Long time Spurs fan, thank you for all the time, energy and effort you put into our club. You are a fantastic player and person. Best of luck in China, I will be following and I hope you bag some goals!

Good luck Mousa, so gutted to see you go #Yiddo

Good luck to the 🐐! What a pleasure it was watching you play in a Spurs shirt!

You'll always be one of us!

Zo jammer dat je zover weggaat. Nu kunnen we je niet meer zo volgen en zien voetballen als bij de Spurs. Daar kwamen we nog wel eens maar helemaal naar China nee dat gaat 't 'm niet worden. Maar evengoed veel succes en maak er een mooie tijd van daar samen met je gezin... 🍀⚽👍

Very sad to see you go! You are a legend & an icon. To see you play was always a great pleasure and you made me sing and scream out of amazement. Thank you for all the joy & those incredible moments you provided. All the best to you, we will never ever forget you!!

Best of luck Mousa. Be a big loss at Spurs. Thanks for the Memories

My favourite Spurs midfielder in the last twenty years. GOAT 🐐

Thanks for being such a beast ...... missing you all ready

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6 months ago

Mousa Dembele

I leave Spurs today with a lot of love in my heart & memories of fantastic times. Thank you to all my unbelievable teammates, the staff & fans for all your support in my time at the club. To hear my name sung at WHL & Wembley made me incredibly proud.

I wish only the best for Tottenham Hotspur in the future and am excited for the next exciting chapter in my life! #COYS 🙌🏽💙
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I leave Spurs today with a lot of love in my heart & memories of fantastic times. Thank you to all my unbelievable teammates, the staff & fans for all your support in my time at the club. To hear my name sung at WHL & Wembley made me incredibly proud.

I wish only the best for Tottenham Hotspur in the future and am excited for the next exciting chapter in my life! #COYS 🙌🏽💙


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Well Big Man it’s us that owe you the Thanks for all you have done and you will always be remembered among the best So my very best wishes for your new venture I’m sure you will have your new supporters on the edge of there seats as well as you did us Good luck 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍🤝

All the best Mousa. And well played over the years. You e been a excellent servant to the club. You’ll be hard to replace. Good luck.

All the best Mousa! Love it when such a good player can leave the club with real goodwill in both directions 💙

It has been a pleasure to have seen you play for our beloved Spurs, thank you for some great memories and wish you lots of health and success in the future. You will always be welcome back At Spurs COYS!💙

Rolls Royce in midfield loved watching you play for Spurs Good luck and all the best on your next chapter 👍👍

So sad you are leaving, an absolute rock in midfield and one of my favourite Spurs players. Thanks for all you have done for the club and wishing you the best of luck xx

Oh Mousa Dembele🎶 Oh Mousa Dembele🎶 One last time Such a sad day losing our best midfielder Good luck in your new adventure GOAT 🐐 THANKS for giving us 6 1/2 years of pure talent We will truly miss you 😥

Extremely sad day for all Spurs staff, players and fans alike. You truly were a Rolls Royce / Beast of a player, who always operated at 100%, even if your body was operating at 75%. Thanks for the good memories and enjoy your final big payday d the adventures it brings mate, thoroughly deserved. Ohhhh Moussa Dembele!!

Love you big man. Good luck on your move and thanks for everything 🐐 ⚽️ #COYS

Good luck Moussa. You are one of the best midfielders ive seen play the game. Thanks for the memories, you are a legend and Spurs for life. Thank you so long the GOAT ..x

Closest player to Gazza in my opinion. My favourite player of this current spurs squad gutted his going but thanks for the memories

Sad to see him go..shame his body can't take it anymore. You only realise how good he was when you see who takes his place at the moment (no disrespect to them). Though not on the level of the great midfield legends of the past (as some have said🤔), I would love to see him back in a coaching role, because not many have his talent to keep hold of the ball and pass it.😣

Gutted to see you leave top player and sheer class. Thanks for everything and wishing you all the best you man 💙

Good luck moussa. One of my all time favorite spurs players. Was an absolute pleasure to see you gliding through midfield... you will be greatly missed.

The Rolls Royce of the spurs team Thanks for your service pure class👍

All the best Mousa. You’ll be heavily missed. No one will ever forget how you treated Sergio Ramos.

Thank you Mousa, you are purely awesome, you’ll be missed. Good luck.

One of my favourite ever Spurs players! You never ceased to amaze us! Your proficiency on and off the ball, and your work rate are second to none! Your silk gliding across the pitch was a sight to see! Wish you all the best over in China and wish you the best for the rest of your career! Oh Mousa, Oh Mousa Dembele!

You are a hero in my eyes and always will be!! Gutted to see u go Sir!

One of my favourite ever players, an absolute beast and unplayable on his day. OH MOUSA DEMBELE!!

You are and always will be spurs through and through. Good luck, not only for your next chapter, but for the rest of your life. You certainly made me one happy yiddo

Sheer class, on and off the pitch. It was an honour to watch you. Best of luck in China.

Cant understand why he has been allowed to leave with our injury problems at the moment

Genuinely sad to see the Mouse leave. Kane and the front players may grab the headlines, but Dembélé in the middle running the show was where the real football was.

Gutted to see you go Mousa, but I wish you well in your new adventure. It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch you in a Spurs shirt. Thank you for everything! 💙

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7 months ago

Mousa Dembele

Good to be back on the training field... ... See moreSee less

Good to be back on the training field...


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We will miss you mousa 😢⚪⚫

putain de merde! Tu dois faire une mauvaise mort! Nous devons baiser la veine du cœur à chacun de vous à chaque fois ...

We're gonna miss you moussa 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

Don't go china please 😰

Beijing, Mousa? What a waste.

Good luck to you and your family in China mate. I admired you at Fulham, my son and I fell in love with you and your football at Spurs and we'll still support you and follow your amazing football wherever you play. You'll always be a yid, you'll be welcomed back to the club with open arms. Mousa Dembele... set up your families future good and proper mate. You deserve to take advantage of the Chinese market right now.

Today is a sad day for me. My favourite player of all-time in my 30+ years of being a Tottenham fan Mousa Dembele looks like he is off to pastures new in China. People who know me well know about my love for this man, Bordering on an obsession. I will miss him, the way he glides and shuffles on the pitch is like porn for me. I have never had an emotional attachment to a player like him. Sure there have been others I really liked like Nayim & Darren Anderton whom I used to model my hair and bandy legs on as a teenager but no one quite like Mousa. He was a player's player like Hoddle & Paul Scholes. All the players who played with him say he is the best they ever played with. Sure there are Superstars in this team like Kane, Eriksen & Son, but no one had his engine, his swivel and his runs, and dribbles. He once had 38 successful ones in a row until it was ended by a Sunderland player of all Clubs!. He was a slow starter at the club despite scoring on his debut vs Norwich, we weren't sure what we had until about 2015 under Poch he became the beast he is, dominating midfields almost single handedly. He had his faults, he got a ban for gauging and should have scored more, and his body's as caught up with him and taken a toll, but there will never be anybody else like him again for me. But time comes to an end and I don't begrudge him a payday in China, All the Best Mousa we will all miss you, Now I need to find another Icon to Worship, and who better than Moussa Sissoko. As Danny Rose famously said at the Darts... You were the G.O.A.T. Thank you.

All the best in your new adventure. You have been a real asset in our progress to become competitive in the Premier League. Thanks for all your hard work in midfield for us. COYS !

I can't believe there's talk of him leaving, he is my first name on the team sheet

You are The greatest!! Good luck in china!! Coys!

Good luck to you, Mousa. I hope they treat you well over there. I am going to miss you so much. 💔 Be happy, be lucky and don't forget to come back to Spurs one day soon. We'll be more than glad to see you. Take care, gorgeous. xxx

Best Of Luck In The Future Moussa. You will always be a true Spurs Legend! Thankyou for all those memories 🙏

All the best for the future. You were my favourite player in the squad!

What a great player you have been for Spurs, you will be greatly missed but I’m sure we ALL wish you every happiness & lots of luck in this next stage. Thanks Mousa 👌🏼⭐️

A legend at the lane welcome back best midfielderer we have had for a long while

Thank you Mousa ❤❤❤

Sign the contract please

Mousa DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE! we love you miestro! 💪

Mousa good look with your future venture where ever that hell of a player and one we will miss but never forget. Thank you for your service coys. #legend

We needed you for Wolves match, great to hear you almost back 😊

Spurs Ledgend! A joy to watch and for me the best defensive midfielder in the world

Wow....the beast is back.Welcome back Mousa Dembele,im Man United fan but i like you so much.

Nice! Please stay!

I only hope you can teach your skills to others. Incredible ball retention

Rahin Mostofa Torreira and Kante now can get ready to be overshadowed

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9 months ago

Mousa Dembele

Disappointing to have gone off injured last night but proud to have played 2️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ times for this club 🙌🏽 #COYS ... See moreSee less

Disappointing to have gone off injured last night but proud to have played 2️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ times for this club 🙌🏽 #COYS


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Get well soon Mousa my main man 250 games and still coming

In my top 3 favourite Spurs players of all time! #legend

you are an essential part of the team and a good bloke, recovery quickly mate!

Yes I saw the ankle in the replay....ewwwe nasty.... well done for all your endeavours for he club... yet another magical player.... for the Spurs.... get well soon.... the williamsons

Gutted to see u come off... looks bad injury but positive note that nothing is broken... Speedy recovery my hero

We are proud of you Mousa get well soon man

Mousa please please please could u send my lad a few words ? Even hello eben ? He is eight and hasn’t missed a home game this or last season even on a school nite when we get home at 3am

Get well and fit again soon, Mousa.

Rest and recover well big man you are gonna be a key cog this season again...

You are a diamond Mousa. Our best midfielder by far. Hope you recover quickly and we see you on pitch at our wonderful new home. COYS!

We can repair the ligaments in your foot within 1-2 weeks:

Hope it’s not serious man. The team Missed you In that midfield.

Stay with us Moussa until you retire, super yid

The MOOSE, keep tanking please!

I was hoping you would retire at Spurs, it's sad that you don't plan to renew your contract with Spurs...

Congratulations mousa hope you get fit again soon xx

Hope u have a speedy recovery , I just love watching u play my boys get sick of me always talking about u and they know u r my most favourite player . All four of us are s/t holders and all feel we are lucky to have seen u play in a spurs shirt ! My son eli walked on with u a few years ago at the lane and it was a very proud moment for our family . Thanku

Hope you make a rapid recovery you’re a great player and on the back of my shirt.

Wish you better Mousa x

Really sad to see you hobble off last night..hope it’s nothing serious and you get back playing ASAP..COYS..👍

Was at the game and looked bad 🙄and why did there not did there not get you a stretcher 🤬

Superb player who has done so much for the club, hope to see you back on the pitch soon, we need your talent.

Probably your best ever game for us Adam Elliott

Still my favourite Spurs player by a mile. Recover soon.

I have herd it's ankle ligament damage possibly out for 3 months hope not and it's only a sprain need you back asap COYS

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9 months ago

Mousa Dembele

3 points in the derby 🤙🏽 #COYS ... See moreSee less

3 points in the derby 🤙🏽 #COYS


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come in Rwanda


Look smart lads!

Inter 2-1 totthenam ahahahahhaha Ciao ciao mousa

Kristian Eriksson 🤙🏽😎

Smart 😃💗

Shame your going to leave us....I would love you to stay and be a part of this club. #signanextension 😊

Brilliant !!!


Not bad for an Oldie! 😉

I love our lads looking sharp in their suits! <3

Bare sharp.

Best Duo 🙌

Go on boys

Handsome men

Get the psv win and let's get the UCL run started!

Lads are looking sharp 👌

You’re my favourite Belgian player, but WHUFC till I die!


Poch is the Godfather and Dier and Dembele are his Capos. Harry is the Iceman.

Very smart x


Mousa xxx

LEGEND🔥🔥🔥 can't wait to see u back from injury


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