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6 hours ago

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

What a result!! ... See moreSee less

What a result!!


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Aprendeste muito em Lisboa. Parabéns SLB

Gran triunfo lobos,muchas felicidades desde 🇲🇽

I’m in the middle of hatching out from an egg to become a Wanderers supporter. What a great performance...and that has been continuing a long periods of time already. Great team, great coach, great supporters...what can you ask for more. Wolverhampton Wanderers, the club of the clubs!!! 👍👍👍

Does anybody know where we can purchase this specific kit? Its amazing.

Congratulations from a Chelsea fan wish you Goodluck ahead of the 2nd leg.

Felicidades desde Tijuana Baja California México

#Raul_Jimenez is fabulous. Great player this guy. Well done. #Wolves always

Have I missed something with the shirt sponsor ?

The Wolves already became my favorite team in the BPL even when Jimenez leaves🇲🇽

Had a great time in Turin but sums up Italian football when they’re more interested in shirt sponsors than looking after away/guest fans. Like going back to the 70s again.

Eso es todo mis #LobitosBuapAmarillos Siempre mi Raulito Jimenez 😍

Living in dream land, come on me babbies!

Great result lads now tek it to the molineux. 13 games unbeaten at home I think as it stands.

Excelente Raúl Jiménez orgullo de COAPA

Awesome England's ambassador

But what result if it"s always the same. Victory.

The quality of Moutinho’s setpiece delivery 😘.

Uncle Wolf explain to me why so much English people on this Mexican page.??

Well done wolves from chelsea

Aquí andamos perros. Puro México. Grande Raúl !

Nuno, por favor, diz me o que vês no Dendonker? Ai ai... De qq maneira boa vitória. Força Wolves.

Grasias a que le das su tamalito y su torta ahogada con una coca bien helada.. Responde con goles... Saludos tio wolverine

BEST in the world, he comes from México 💪🐺🇲🇽

Jiménez is actually a beast tbh he is the face of wolves at the moment what a killer in the box Clinical fast and with joata aside him oh god, Both are legends in my eyes.

Could you give me a wolves jersey signed by Raúl Jiménez? Greetings from Mexico.

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FT | Torino Football Club 2-3 Wolves

And that's full time! Wolves with a fantastic performance on the road take a one-goal advantage to Molineux in the second leg of the play-off round next week!

... See moreSee less

FT | Torino Football Club 2-3 Wolves

And thats full time! Wolves with a fantastic performance on the road take a one-goal advantage to Molineux in the second leg of the play-off round next week! 



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Great game, some sloppiness at times but overall a great performance!

Well done to all the supporters who made the trip to Italy. You sung your hearts out and did us proud. Great game lads. COYW

Fantastic game ... proud of our lads. GO WOLVES.

There's something special about this team and their followers,love watching the support of the team. One day i will seat in the molineux and watch my compatriot Raul. Congratulations wolves great game today!

And thank you to fans as always in full voice xx🐶🐶

Being careful is so important next Thursday.All the very best of luck.

Good performance from the boys... Together we can

So proud of you Woves from Brisbane, Australia. COYW 🐺

More concentration in defense and we could become an excellent team. Good performance!!! 🇲🇽

Raul and Jota great part of this good team! 😌⚽

All you could hear was our fans! Fair play to them! Adama has to start, also Vinagre! Both were spot on.

Buzzing. Absolutely buzzing with this result. Some areas for improvement for next week, but given ourselves every chance to get to the groups. FWAW.

Good result and nice job from NES giving some rest to a couple players and integrating newbies.

Amazing performance 3 Away goals I'm optimistic wolves are through to next round 🙌🏿

Great game and amazing effort from the whole team. Shame the same couldn’t be said of Wolves TV. Paid £5 to watch the game and ended up watching the match elsewhere as the website was down for the whole game.

Great game! A shame to be pegged back to just a one goal lead at the end there like that, but an amazing result for us really. In the lead with 3 away goals. Brilliant 🧡🖤

Shame the live feed was down for the entire first half, so glad it was back online for that dramatic second half though!

We saw the very best of a new Adama. Moving like a freight train, stops on a six pence as he looks up (yes I said looks up) and finds Jota. Then within seconds of the restart, he held on too long when he should have cleared it or passed, and Torino took the ball of him and bang, they score.

Fantastic result and performance! Wolves winning away in Italy in a competitive European tie...go back just a few years I couldn't have imagined this! 🐺

Pity we contributed to their two goals but a very mature away performance and great result... Adama was on 🔥

Wolves are really doing great. Despite little rest they still keep fighting. Big ups to the boys,the manager,the supporters and all the staff. Keep fighting champions league glory awaits you. #WolvesAllTheWay. 🔝💯

We have to stop giving away penalties, particularly late in the game, but apart from that, great!

The only team you can trust at the moment Wolves with love from Manchester

Great result tonight would preffered a 3-1 but at the end i am sure that wolves will go far in this competition or win it 🔥🔥🔥🔥

How good! Proud Wolves fan from Australia 🧡🧡🧡

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Wolves on 🔥 in Turin! ... See moreSee less

Wolves on 🔥 in Turin!


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My love for this team is growing... all the best this season #CityFan

I think am Gonna start supporting this Amazing Wolves...such a strong team🔥🔥🔥

I knew we could make it but it was fanbloodytastic. We have squad to go into the Final. And win. Go Go Wolves 🐺 🐺 👏 👏

Good job

Go Wolves! Cheers from México! 🐺

Congrats to the team epically to #Saiss 👏👏

Fan bloody tastic, my babies. Feeling proud


Wolves are a team who can beat any team now .. last season they showed us how dangerous they can become they just dont lose any match against top 5 clubs thats a great achievemnt .. i will give credit to the coach he is doing a massive work with not so much spending he make a team which is solid and which team can give challenge to any team .. coach like kloop and pep should see hahahhs they just cant play without spending on players.

Keep playing Saiss he always proves that he is one of the best players gogogo Saiss we love you wolves

Incredible team!!! Come on you Wolves!!!

I told you am a Chelsea fan but you are amazing guys

I suddenly love Wolves for no reason especially the Raul Guy... 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

Incredible team WANDERERS WE ARE 🦊😋

Raul Jimenez siempre brillando le augura un excelente torneo otra vez bendiciones al equipo

Mi Raulito el mejor desde que estaba en el Ame. 😍

Love watching my team play...3 away goals in Italy.gotta be happy with that...

Que equipazo

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HT | Torino Football Club 0-1 Wolves

Romain Saiss' headed effort gives Wolves an advantage at the break in Turin. Close game but the visitors will be delighted with their goal.

... See moreSee less

HT | Torino Football Club 0-1 Wolves

Romain Saiss headed effort gives Wolves an advantage at the break in Turin. Close game but the visitors will be delighted with their goal. 



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Would have loved to have actually seen the goal ,seeing as I paid for it 😠😠😠😠

Come on babies xxx good luck

Paid for live stream but not working. I hope refunds are being given.

So far so good. We're in a great position right now. Would happily take 1-0 lead back to Molineux.

Brilliant first half. Torino are a great side. Keep it up 🐺!

Good first half, carry it on, and keep that clean sheet!

Great start, deserved lead, stay strong boys👌

( •_•) ( >💎¡Mi hermosa Insignia! /︶\

Wolves website wouldn’t load after 15 minutes for the rest of the second half. Missed the goal 😞

chelsea fan, but happy for u guys; England, we are family

Fantastic game so far, the Torino fans certainly playing their part, let’s bring it home wolves!

Fantastic performance. This is a tough game but with all respects to Torino we are making them look like a championship side!!! Let's continue it into the second half

Our work ethic and desire has made up for any nervous passes. Come on wolves, let’s get another away goal 🐺🐺🐺

Looking good..as always solid all over the park...and we will get stronger 2nd half...come on me babbies get a second.

Loving the live commentary, Tommo, Deb and Phil (wearing his away shirt) listening in Los Cristianos, Tenerife

i pray wolves qualify so that they can meet Manchester United in the knockout round, so that United will teach wolves a bitter lesson

No Wolves stream for the whole of the first half. Looked like the Wolves.co.uk website had crashed. Finally managed to get in at half time. Streaming fine. Must admit I’m not impressed with the service.

Been a tight first half, as expected for a team like Torino. Did well to ride out their possession and great to get a goal just before half time. Traore looking great again tonight!

Brilliant so far against a tough side.

Shame wolves tv had a (sky box is about to go on to stand by) part way thought in the middle of the screen and then buffer at the end and missed the goal 😤😡😡😡

Great first half well done wolves keeping control the midfield

Would have been great if your website hadn’t have fallen over

Great first half, deserved the goal. Let’s go again second half with another solid performance. Adama causing problems again down that right side 👌🏻👏🏻

Massive second half boys now! 🐺

Toro no game, not fast, and Wyou are more concrete.

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