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Just couldn't find a way through this afternoon... ... See moreSee less

Just couldnt find a way through this afternoon...


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The game didn't go on plan but we still believe in wolves Love from Texas 💖

Heard it last 5 weeks.... Yawn...

U celebrated beating utd All energies to win against utd and loosing to Watford heeer

I remember those days of celebrating 1 point like a win! Shows how far we've come! /\_/\

Hammered them 0-0.

Well they played 7-2-1 hard to score when parking the bus

The game didn't go on plan but we still believe in wolves and Nuno proud wolf love and support from Kampala Uganda

When you pack bus against bigger teams likec City & Chelsea, law of karma

We bloody smashed them. 5 across the back the a wall of 4 about 3 yards in front of that back line. We hit the bar the post 2 cleared off the line and jota has one that misses the net by the width of half a post. Had this been a fight Brighton wouldn’t have come out for the 2nd half. Be thankful for what you’ve got. Be very thankful

Bottom 6 team yet again and we fail to deliver.

Venga lobeznos! El city le meterá 5 al Watford en la final de la fa

Quedan 5 partidos! Ánimo

as usually

Goal!!!!!!!! Jock 😂😂😂😂😂

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FT | Wolves 0-0 Brighton & Hove Albion FC

It's all over at Molineux. Wolves pressed and pressed for a goal but couldn't break the visitors down and the sides share a point.

... See moreSee less

FT | Wolves 0-0 Brighton & Hove Albion FC

Its all over at Molineux. Wolves pressed and pressed for a goal but couldnt break the visitors down and the sides share a point. 



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Can’t believe there’s still fans getting wound up about “7th slipping away” 😂 Still all we’ve got to do is win our game in hand and we’re back in position... In our first season back... Whilst the other 2 clubs we came up with are already getting their thermals out for Tuesday nights away to Wigan Athletic. Keep the faith. 🐺

This team doesn't have ambittion to take a place from Europe League, only does good games vs top teams, but they forgotten the other thirteen teams, it's unbelievable how wins 3-1 to Spurs and losses 2-0 vs Hudersfield, Brighton, Burnley, Cardiff or Fulham... Goodness i don't be a Wolves fan, only Jiménez fan... Good Luck to the next season without a players like Gibbs-White, Jiménez, Jota and Neves or Moutinho, good Luck to fight for the descence

Great season but 7th is slipping away, unless they pick up 3 Wednesday the season is just dieing to a slow end. We need to work out a plan b and c against sides who park it against us!

A great season but we have an undeniable problem when playing poor sides who park the bus. Let’s hope Nuno can sort it out, had we had the answer we were talking top six this season. Very proud of this team 👏👏

Would help if Brighton wanted to win the game instead of sitting back and playing for a draw good effort lads got no chance with 10 defenders 🐺💛🖤

I think 8th place would be better for us, because we are not ready to take on extra games that playing in Europe would bring. finishing 7th and Man City poss winning FA cup, would mean Euro footy. An added pressure we don’t need. Another premier season and beefing out the team would put us in a stronger position.

A good season... could be a great season... if we didn’t lose to Huddersfield x2 Brighton, S’ton, Cardiff and several other poor teams... yes it’s football but this is a massive opportunity to play in Europe that is slowly getting away from us!

Not a good performance. Seemed to play back no real conviction to win!

Be happy one point one very good season be happy Wolves forether 😃

Think it's hilarious we look forward to games against the top six rather than the lower positioned teams 😂 7th or not, we've had a good season on our first return back to the premier league 💪

I know it's been an incredible season with some phenomenal results but we need a plan B for when we play the stubborn teams! We need to find a system that allows us to break them down!

I said today. We will struggle against Brighton. We seem to struggle against teams at the bottom of the premier league. Then I said who would of thought I'd of been saying that 12 months ago. Us Wolves being where we are & struggling against teams where we have been every other season we have been in the Premier.

How many of these neggers actually went today lol. Yes we battered them but jesus christ did they come to stifle everything. Look where we are ffs. Some of these comments are unbelievable I tell ya. Remember 4 seasons ago? I do.

Been great season but to go to next level we need min 4 quality player,s.FB CB, CM, CF. Just my opin, that Johnny, Bennent, Dendonker, Saiss, Cav,Costa, Taroea, not good enough, and nevis must improve next season or questions got to be asked. We need someone who can unlock a defence.

Anyone who's angry needs a team transplant....Go support Sandwell Town... Come On Me Babies...amazing season..if we can go onwards n upwards what great times ahead ⚽️🍺⚽️🍺

Come on lads behave would have took were we are all day long at start of season so proud of you lads

Anti football has no place at Molineux would sooner see Brighton go down over Colin Wankers side after what i witnessed today.

Was always going to be like pushing treacle uphill against a lower half team who stick 11 behind the ball. That’s why we do so well against top half teams - who actually try to play. Need to find a way to break down the 11 behind the ball and next season we’ll be pushing even higher.

Brighton had no intention of trying to win a match they were embarrassing to the premier league

I realy do not know why we take every game so easy. Always passing sideways and backwards. We do not have good players who run forward with the ball.

It's hard to look good when the other team doesn't want to play... hit the bar.. and the post had another good couple of chances. on another day they'd have won that 3 nil

Season over for the toothless Wolves. Now is the time for Nuno to put together his shopping list to extend the squad - including more prolific strikers and attacking midfielders. The hapless and ineffective Traore needs to be moved on, too. It's been a great season for us, but we really could have done a lot better, having missed so many chances to score more goals. They don't count unless they actually cross the line, you know!

I’m disappointed how can the wolves play such a poor football against almost relegated team and play very decent against top teams.

FFS guys it’s a point and we’re safe 4 next season let’s give them boys a clap we’re here to stay 🖤🧡🐺🖤🧡🐺🖤🧡🐺 just hope Liverpool haven’t got there sights on 3 points 4 the premiership 😉😉😉😉

How was it a tactical error with all those corners

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HT | Wolves 0-0 Brighton & Hove Albion FC

The half time whistle blows and it's goalless at the break. Wolves have seen more of the ball and had the better chances but can't find a way through as yet.

... See moreSee less

HT | Wolves 0-0 Brighton & Hove Albion FC

The half time whistle blows and its goalless at the break. Wolves have seen more of the ball and had the better chances but cant find a way through as yet.



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You’d have to say we don’t really like we’re going to get that slice of fortune do you? Really stunned by the downturn of Neves.... the passing has been poor as has the first touch of most. Pedestrian pace at best and just asking Brighton to nick one and walk away with the points!! Come on boys, wake up and let’s put this game to bed. Positive vibes for the 2nd half required 😎🖤💛🖤💛

Impressed with mgw! A bit more game time and I think he will be amazing!!

So much negativity, a lot of you lot probably cant kick a ball. Get behind them ffs, we were promoted this season and are in the top 10! Got to the semis of the FA cup beating Utd and Liverpool on the way! We’ve over achieved this season already!

They on their end of season beach holiday already 😁😂

Wolve should play in championship with this performance.

Who's the no 32 he needs to go to specs avers either side of the keeper its 1-0

Fixed match, hopeless club

come on guys we a need a goal

14 corner kicks and none gets converted to a goal! Something is not adding up.

Wolves always perform good against the big teams but can't even score a goal against small teams.

I think brighton will crack in the 2nd half Come You WolVES

Seems Wolves are letting us down again.

Wolves do something 2 goals to seal these game

Why do we struggle against these sort of teams brighton will nick one if we aint careful

JOTA SCORES WITHIN THE FIRST 15 minutes of second half

Come on guys! You’ve got this game! Focus and give all your energy! If you can be the team of the famous treble, then you can be these guys!

HALF TIME 👇Wolverhampton Wanderers FC vs Brighton & Hove Albion👇 👉 Link HD : tvextra4match2.blogspot.com/2019/04/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc-vs-brighton.html

We have really dominated but created nothing come on wolves this is your den !!!

To slow with ball movement too much side passing

Better game management than past few matches. Need to go through the middle more, take a risk.

Please play good game Because Next Match is a Big Game againts Arsenal

Don’t understand the angry and sad reactions; solid half of footy that after the tough last couple of games 👍🏻 3 points

Hope you get relegated!

Come on the wolves 🐺

Come on the wolves 🐺

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