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Plays for: FC Barcelona, Argentina
Ranked: 2nd in Spanish Primera División

Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini (Spanish pronunciation: [ljoˈnel anˈdɾez ˈmesi] ( listen); born 24 June 1987) is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Barcelona and the Argentine national team. Often considered the best player in the world and regarded by many as the greatest of all time, Messi has a record-tying five Ballon d'Or awards, four of which he won consecutively, and a record five European Golden Shoes. He has spent his entire professional career with Barcelona, where he has won 32 trophies, including nine La Liga titles, four UEFA Champions League titles, and six Copas del Rey. Both a prolific goalscorer and a creative playmaker, Messi holds the records for most official goals scored in La Liga (383), a La Liga season (50), a club football season in Europe (73), a calendar year (91), El Clásico (26), as well as those for most assists in La Liga (149) and the Copa América (11). He has scored over 600 senior career goals for club and country.

Born and raised in central Argentina, Messi was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency as a child. At age 13, he relocated to Spain to join Barcelona, who agreed to pay for his medical treatment. After a fast progression through Barcelona's youth academy, Messi made his competitive debut aged 17 in October 2004. Despite being injury-prone during his early career, he established himself as an integral player for the club within the next three years, finishing 2007 as a finalist for both the Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year award, a feat he repeated the following year. His first uninterrupted campaign came in the 2008–09 season, during which he helped Barcelona achieve the first treble in Spanish football. At 22 years old, Messi won the Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year award by record voting margins.

Three successful seasons followed, with Messi winning three consecutive FIFA Ballons d'Or, including an unprecedented fourth. His best campaign statistically to date was the 2011–12 season, in which he set the La Liga and European records for most goals scored in a single season, while establishing himself as Barcelona's all-time top scorer in official competitions in March 2012. The following two seasons, Messi finished twice second for the Ballon d'Or behind Cristiano Ronaldo, his perceived career rival. Messi regained his best form during the 2014–15 campaign, breaking the all-time goalscoring records in both La Liga and the Champions League in November 2014, and led Barcelona to a historic second treble.

An Argentine international, Messi is his country's all-time leading goalscorer. At youth level, he won the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship, finishing the tournament with both the Golden Ball and Golden Shoe, and an Olympic gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics. His style of play as a diminutive, left-footed dribbler drew comparisons with compatriot Diego Maradona, who declared the teenager his successor. After making his senior debut in August 2005, Messi became the youngest Argentine to play and score in a FIFA World Cup during the 2006 edition, and reached the final of the 2007 Copa América, where he was named young player of the tournament. As the squad's captain from August 2011, he led Argentina to three consecutive finals: the 2014 World Cup, for which he won the Golden Ball, and the 2015 and 2016 Copas América. After announcing his international retirement in 2016, he reversed his decision and led his country to qualification for the 2018 World Cup.

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9 hours ago

Leo Messi

La familia es todo para mí. Mirá más, sólo en OTRO. #OurOtherClub

My family is everything to me. See more exclusively over at OTRO. #OurOtherClub

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--1 #messi = 👍🇦🇷 2-- #salah = ❤🇪🇬 3-- #hazard = 😮🇧🇪 4-- #Ronaldo = 😆🇵🇹 5-- #Neymar = 😢🇧🇷

Who is the best ? Messi 👍🏻 Ronaldo 😂

best footballer of the world 1- #Ronaldo ❤️ 🇵🇹 2- #Mbappe 👍 🇫🇷 3- #Neymar 😮 🇧🇷 4- #Salah😆 🇪🇬 5- #Messi 😡 🇦🇷

like for Ronaldo ❤️ Love for messi 👍 let's see who wins love from Pakistan 🇵🇰❤️

Estás equivocado, tu primer hijo es CR7 JAJAJAJ

Do you speak English or not?

#Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out #Valverde_out

I mean he still looks like a baby,it’s hard to believe that he’s the father of three sons

Por esas jugadotas de otro mundo y por ese gran corazón es que te admiro tanto mi Rey!

La familia es creación de Dios cuidala y amala para construirla necesitas años para destruirla un minuto . Dios la proteja. 💗

Siempre juntos...bella familia Diosito los cuide y proteja por siempre

Don Lio"El astro,El caballero del campo,la magia futbolística"

Messi is the greatest player ever

Missi is better than C R

Messi is the name of Football God. Messi is the name of Love. ❤🇧🇩

You also changed my life ♥️♥️♥️😌😌😌 You give me so much ☺️☺️☺️ Love you Messi 😘😘

Messi,I Love Uhh More than My family,I mean-My Wife😅😘😘😘 #Lob From NEPAL

Eres un gran hombre aparte de el mejor jugador del mundo y un bello papa felicidades


Grande Messi qye Dios te bendiga a vis y tu linda familia!!!

Thiago, you are lucky to have a father like him ❤💙

May God bless you and your lovely family 💕💕💓💕💕

Leo Messi is the greatest football player ever.🐐🐐🐐

Messi you are really best player⚽️ in the world Beautiful❤ lovely family😚😘

Love You from kurdistan 👑💙❤

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1 week ago

Leo Messi

Fui con todo y me sumé al reto por la última lata de Pepsi.

Going all in for the love of it as we compete for the Last Can Standing.


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Last Can Standing


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Fan Việt Nam đâu rồi!!!!

Đưa tiếng Việt Nam lên top nào!!! Tôi yêu mến Messi ❤

اعمل tag لصلاح يسطى عيب كدا متصغرنيش

best footballer of the world 1- #Ronaldo ❤️ 🇵🇹 2- #Mbappe 👍 🇫🇷 3- #Neymar 😮 🇧🇷 4- #Salah😆 🇪🇬 5- #Messi 😡 🇦🇷

المصرريين حاليا مين الواد ابن المحظوظه ده الي متصور مع صلاح 😂😂

Who is the best player right now 1- like for #Ronaldo 👍🇵🇹 2- love for #salah ❤🇪🇬 3- wow for #hazard 😮🇧🇪 4- haha for #messi 😆🇦🇷 5. Sad for #Neymar 😢🇧🇷 6. Angry for #Mbape 😡🇫🇷

Who is the best ?🤔 🇸🇩Mohsalah 😆 🇦🇷Leomessi ♥️ 🇧🇷Neymer jr 😥 🇵🇹C.Ronaldo👍

Who is the best footballer of the world.. 1. Messi ❤ 🇦🇷 2. Ronaldo 😆🇵🇹 3. Neymar 😯🇧🇷 4. Salah 😥🇪🇬

مهما حاولتم يا أمة محمد لن يصل اسم #الله الى 5⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ تعليق للأسف شديد 😢

Salah and Messi. Best Football examples ever.

منو هذا الي وية محمد صلاح 🙄🤔

Dos genios del futbol mundialllll

Salah is the best football player in the world Because Lionel Messi is out of our planet 🌎

But can messi do that for a coke advertisement------pele

Lionel Messi best player in the world 🇧🇩

The Egyptian king with the football king 💕👑

love you from egypt our legend. To see you with salah this is a great event

Ronaldo is better than Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo is the real 🐐

Ronaldo IS OVER disgusting RAPIST the jail is waiting x him in USA this time he can't pay x silence his NOT GOOD EXAMPLE. good choice Pepsi Messi -Salah the best

El mejor jugador de la historia Leo Messi

The Greatest Of All Time Lionel Messi🐐 Love from Nepal🇳🇵

Leo Messi el mejor del mundo! 🐐

Se nota que los que corren detras del camion no son ellos

Veo 2 pechos fríos, Que desaparecen en momentos importante. Messi con su selección. Y salah en la final contra el Madrid.

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2 weeks ago

Leo Messi

En la cancha sabemos lo que hacemos, pero ¿creen que también podemos llevar la melodía?

We can hold our own on the pitch, but can we hold a tune?

#BringTheFlavour Lay's #ChampionsLeague

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We can hold our own on the pitch, but can we hold a tune?


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messi vous n'etes pas le bienvenu au maroc Le maroc n'est pas pour quelqu'un comme vous

Do not come to Morocco You are not welcome here

Messi Vous n'êtes pas le bienvenu au Maroc ... Le Maroc n'est pas pour quelqu'un comme vous

Who is the best player right now 1_ like for #messi 👍 2_ love for #ronaldo ❤️ 3_ haha for #salah 😂 4_ sad for #hazard 😢 5_ wow for #mahrez 😲 6_angry for #mbape 😡

--1 #messi = 👍🇦🇷 2-- #salah = ❤🇪🇬 3-- #hazard = 😮🇧🇪 4-- #Ronaldo = 😆🇵🇹 5-- #Neymar = 😢🇧🇷

Tough league , tough player

Ronaldo is better than messi 🇵🇹❤️

يخربيت ام الشيبسي الي بيطلعنا من دور ال8ده 😂 الغي الاعلان ياعم ليووو

Leo Messi is the greatest football player ever.👍

Ronaldo is the best player in the world ...👌

1-- #messi = 👍🇦🇷 2-- #salah = ❤🇪🇬 3-- #hazard = 😮🇧🇪 4-- #Ronaldo = 😆🇵🇹 5-- #walid_alwaly = 😢🏁

Who is the best player right now 1- like for #Ronaldo 👍🇵🇹 2- love for #salah ❤🇪🇬 3- wow for #hazard 😮🇧🇪 4- haha for #messi 😆🇦🇷 5. Sad for #Neymar 😢🇧🇷 6. Angry for #Mbape 😡🇫🇷

That UCL tune 😍😍😍😍😍😍 best tune on earth. And my favourite Lays😎😎ah whatta combination 😘😘😘😘😘 Leo Messi You GOAT 🥰

You are best my favourite player i love ypu so much you win champions league 100 %

Messi barca forever! Ronaldo is the best player everywhere

Me gustaría enviar un mensaje a Messi: "si realmente eres un hombre digno de humanismo, quédate en casa y déjanos solos. Esta enorme cantidad de dinero que usted quiere salir nos puede ayudar a resolver muchos problemas. por otro lado, y sabiendo que eres un hombre de fortuna colosal, te invito a hacer ' buenas obras ' a nuestros líderes porque son los pobres del país Que buscan enriquecerse haciéndole venir a jugar contra tales condiciones. " Gracias Messi

How can a person doesn't love you :-) good luck anywhere you are

I'm your fan from Cambodia 🇰🇭 You're the best player in the world Leo Messi 👑👑

Barcelona = cristiano Ronaldo

Two best goalkeepers de gea n carvajal

#اويحي لمع وسط المدينة ~~ #السعيد رسم نداءا ينادينا ~~ #بوتفليقة يظهر حين و يختفي حينا ~~#تلك ~#اشارة ~#بات #فيناا😂

Just keep doing these things. No need to win trophies. 🙄

Who,s the best football players in tha world's :) 1-Messi 💜 2-Messi💔 3-Messi💘

But but La liga is better than Champions League... & Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo... 🐸

El mejor jugador del mundo q otro premio tiene q hacer la FIFA para q Messi lo gane individual

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2 weeks ago

Leo Messi

Acá les dejo un videito del rodaje que hice con mis amigos de Pepsi. Es solo un adelanto... #FORTHELOVEOFIT

Behind the scenes with my friends Pepsi for our shoot. More to come. #FORTHELOVEOFIT

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Đưa tiếng Việt Nam lên top nào!!! Tôi yêu mến Messi ☆ Messi! Por favor ven a vietnam

Việt Nam đâu rồi cho tui thấy cánh tay của các bạn đê!!!!

But still Ronaldo is better than Thiago Messi

Who is the best 1-#messi = 👍🇦🇷 2-- #Ronaldo = ❤🇵🇹 3-- #salah = 😆🇪🇬 4-- #hazard = 😮🇧🇪 5-- #Neymar = 😢🇧🇷

Ronaldo có thể hơn messi về mọi thứ nhưng về vấn đề uống pepsi thì ronaldo k có tuổi với messi nhé

The best player in the world👍 cristiano ronaldo🇵🇹

Si los argentinos amaran a Leo como lo hacemos en Catalunya seguro que jugaría mejor con la selección. Como podeis criticarlo? Es y será el mejor del mundo. Es un placer verlo jugar en el Barça.

Ronaldo+ villa + iniesta + xavi + casillas + ramos + benzema + ozil + pique + puyol + fabregas + modric + marcelo + arbeloa + kaka + xavi alonso + callejon + valdes + sanchez+kross+modrić+mayoral+navas+suarez+Neymar+Mbape+Cavani=LEO MESSI

Is this real?. Wtf is wrong with messi?. How can someone have that much ability

Existe un punto de perfección entre tiempo, espacio, masa y energia. Messi lo descubrió o lo trajo resuelto de otro planeta

And that my friends is why he is paid so much. Messi is the greatest footballer in history.

Greatest Player in History of football 😍

Viva King Leo 💪

Messi is king of football..

Genio indiscutible el mejor del mundo y de la historia

Pero mi comandante CR7 es más rico más guapo y salta más! XD...😂😂

Eres grande Messi el mejor del mundo aunque a muchos les duela

This is why he is the best in the world 👽⚽️

Cuantas veces a intentado y solo ponen la que le salio... Jajajaja eso todos sabemos.. No le quita que es buen jugador pero cuando más lo necesita su selección se opaca y deja de ser el mejor y pasa a ser un jugador más que solo brilla en su club... Han habido mejores que Messi.. Uno sin ir tan lejos.. Ronaldo el brasileño ganó todo con su selección y sus clubes...

Oh My God....That Was Fantastic 💪💪💪❤❤

The greatest number 10 of all time

el mejor de la planeta y de la historia del fútbol leonel messi te admiro te amó forca barca més que un club juntos seguimos adelante 🇦🇷🔵🔴😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Buaaa!! Impresionante!! Eres el mejor de la historia de largo!! Espero que este año vaya bien las cosas y levantéis muchos títulos! Viva el Barcelona!

Pepsi didn’t make you great stop this senseless marketing

tengo la suerte de ser contemporáneo de Maradona y Messi que más puedo pedir!!!

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2 weeks ago

Leo Messi

El Messi10 by Cirque du Soleil sigue avanzando... ¡Las entradas ya están disponibles!
#MessiCirque #ElJuegoHaCambiado

The Messi Cirque is gathering pace... Tickets are now on sale!
#MessiCirque #TheGameHasChanged

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Leo, please come to the United States 🇺🇸!

Who is the best ? Messi 👍🏻 Ronaldo 😂

حين اراك يزول نصف همي ،، وحين تبتسم يزول نصفه الاخر ❤️😎

❤💓💕💗🌟✨king leo messi super legend the best player in the history ❤ #VISCA_BARCA ❤💙 #VISCA_Catalonia ❤💙

Ronaldo is better than meesi 😎😁

Leo messi yo soy un futbolista vivo en republica dominicana mi sueño es de integrar en la massia para ser el nuvo ter stegen darme una repuesta por favor

Messi is better than all of Real Madrid... #G.O.A.T

Messi you are the best player ever (GOAT)🔥😍

Leo Messi is the greatest football player ever.👍

Who is the best player right now 1- like for #Ronaldo 👍🇵🇹 2- love for #salah ❤🇪🇬 3- wow for #hazard 😮🇧🇪 4- haha for #messi 😆🇦🇷 5. Sad for #Neymar 😢🇧🇷 6. Angry for #Mbape 😡🇫🇷

La diferencia entre CR7 y MESSI es que a Cristiano solo se le puedes comparar con Pelé, Maradona, Ronaldo Nazario, Zidane, ronaldinho y cruyff. Etc. Ya que ellos si triunfaron tanto en distintos clubes como en su selección. Mientras que a Messi solo lo puedes comparar con Di Stefano, lampard y Gerard y aquellos jugadores que solo brillaron en sus clubes. O bien puedes comparar a Messi con Totti o Maldini para saber que jugador termina siendo el más fiel...Pero #CRISTIANORONALDO es incomparable con los jugadores de ahora. Messi se debe de estar retorciendo todas las noches en su cama 🛌 por haber nacido en la época del más grande de toda la historia del fútbol ⚽

No matter what Valverde says to you about resting just show him the middle finger and come back in the 2nd leg at Bernabeu,start the game

How is the best player in the world react now #Ronaldo❤ #Messi😠 #Neymar 😮

Leo Messi, en lo personal y como futbolista, eres un buen ejemplo a muchos, que falta nos hacen buenos ejemplos sobre todo a la gente más joven. No cambies, si cambias algo que sea siempre para mejor. Que disfrutes y también hagas disfrutar a todos en el Circo. Dios te bendiga y guarde y a toda tu familia.

Leo Messi is best player in the world <3

El Mejor del Mundo SIEMPRE! En el pasado, en la actualidad y en el Futuro! Viva Nuestro Capo Máximo! Te Valoramos mucho!!!

Who Will be champion 🤔 ❤️love for real madrid 😥 barcelona 🤣 at .madrid

Grande como jugador y como persona, te queremos y admiramos, Leo

Leo messi the king👑👑👑

El mejor de todos esta temporada se gana el triplete y la copa america si dios quiere vamos por todo ♥

Tenemos el privilegio de ver a este genio del futbol seamos del equipo que sea , pero mientras este jugando, ay que disfrutarlo , ya que cuando se retire lo vamos a extrañar.

Fire in Madrid waiting for you❤👌🔥🔥

Is this coming to Canada?

Have you dates scheduled in Mexico?

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