Toni Kroos


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Plays for: Real Madrid CF, Germany
Ranked: 7th in Spanish Primera División

Toni Kroos (German pronunciation: [ˈtoːniː ˈkʁoːs]; born 4 January 1990) is a German professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Spanish club Real Madrid and the German national team.

A member of Bayern Munich's first team at the age of 17, Kroos played in a 18-month loan spell at Bayer Leverkusen, before going back to Munich and winning back-to-back Bundesliga titles and the 2012–13 Champions League. After winning the FIFA World Cup in 2014, he joined Real Madrid on a six-year contract, for a fee of £20 million. In Madrid, he won the 2015–16, 2016–17 and 2017–18 Champions Leagues and was elected to the squad of the season in the last five seasons. He became the first German ever to win four UCL titles.

Kroos was part of the Germany youth teams since age 17, and he was named best player in the 2006 UEFA European Under-17 Championship and won the 2007 FIFA U-17 World Cup Golden Ball. He made his full international debut in 2010 and was a member of the Germany squad which reached the semi-finals of the 2010 World Cup and UEFA Euro 2012. He was also part of the team that won the 2014 World Cup, becoming the first (and as of 2016 only) footballer born in East Germany to win the competition. Kroos was the Assist leader of the tournament, and was named to the 2014 FIFA World Cup All-Star Team and Dream Team. At the 2016 Euros, he was elected to the Team of the Tournament.

Kroos was elected both to the FIFPro World XI, the UEFA Team of the Year three times and was named the IFFHS World's Best Playmaker in 2014. He has been praised by journalists and former professionals as a player with all the qualities for the role of an attacking midfielder, and been widely considered one of the best midfielders in the world.

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November looks much better than October so far...

Good evening yesterday.

We won a league game yesterday.

The biggest defeat for players is when the coach has to go. Especially in this case because he is a great coach and great person. Thanks Julen!

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2 weeks ago

Toni Kroos

Tiefste Verneigung Dirk! Was für eine Karriere... Ein geiler Basketballer geht, ein geiler Typ bleibt. Genieße die Zeit mit deiner Familie. ... See moreSee less

Tiefste Verneigung Dirk! Was für eine  Karriere... Ein geiler Basketballer geht, ein geiler Typ bleibt. Genieße die Zeit mit deiner Familie.


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I Love youuuu Toni ❤️❤️

its champions league time. you too enjoy the time with family kroos.😂

Toni vieni alla Juventus Sei tra i più forti al mondo ti stimo tantissimo...e se vieni alla Juventus metto la tua foto affianco a quella di Ronaldo del Piero e pirlo sulla mia parete 😊🏳🏴

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die Welt verneigt vor einem großen Sportler,der immer auf dem Teppich geblieben ist.Danke Dirk,für tolle Spiele mit der Nationalmannschaft.

🔷🔹merhabalar memur arkadaşlar emekçi kardeşlerim, emekli abilerim ve ablalarım, kredi borcu olanlar, banka borcu olanlar, düğün yapacak olan kardeşlerim, kısacası paraya ihtiyacı olan ve güzel bir yatırım yapıp para kazanmak isteyenler sizlerin bana ulaşmasını ve kazançlı bir yatırıma ortak olmasını temenni ederim. ♻🔵

Genau Toni, große Verneigung 🎉

Toi une gronde jouare mon frr je ťador

Noch paar Jahre dann bist du fällig Toni! 😄 Danke für die schönsten Stunden Sport!

21 seasons at Mavs. Good luck on next part of your life Dirk

Jep, Respekt Toni. Wer das bei anderen Sportlern und Sportarten kennt und anerkennt, ist ein guter Mensch. Danke dafür aus Niederbayern. 🖤💛

Man vergesse Holger Geschwindner nicht ...

I Love you krooos💙

Ich wünsche Dir alles Gute und Liebe für Deine Zukunft... ❤️❤️❤️

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3 weeks ago

Toni Kroos

🇧🇷🤝🇩🇪 ... See moreSee less



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Who is the best footballer right now 1- #Messi🇦🇷 = 👍 2- #Ronaldo🇵🇹 = ❤ 3- #Salah🇪🇬 = 😂 4- #Mbappe🇫🇷 = 😮 5- #Suarez🇺🇾 = 😥 6- #Coutinho🇧🇷 = 🤬

Kroos is the best player of madrid after cristiano ------ Sir Alex

I love you Germany 😘 and Toni Kroos ❤

Who's the Best Player(right now) 1- Like for #Ronaldo =👍🇵🇹 2- Haha for #Messi =😆🇦🇷 3- Love for #Salah =❤🇪🇬 4- Wow for #Nemar =😯🇧🇷

I would like to visit Germany some time and shake Toni Kroos's hand.Tell him how much I love his style of playing football #The best midfielder in the world

Kroos and Casemiro is best😍😍😍😍😚

"Mas nós temos uma vantagem: O Dante conhece os alemães" - Bueno, Galvão

Too Best snter bake in the world

I love the fact that Kroos is so humble inspite of all his achievements, my role model hands down.

Kroos and Casemiro is best

This means Brazil has forgiven Germany.


Best player in the world

Oh my idols. I hope you can finish your career at Real Madrid!!! This will be a great career!!!

"Ih , lá vem eles chegando de novo. Chegaram de novo! " - "Ih , lá vem mais ! Lá vem mais! Olha a bola tocada. virou passeio! " - Bueno, Galvão

والله يا صاحبي وضعك انت كاسميرو مبطل يعجبني هلفترة الله يرضى عليك اصحى و ارجع لمستواك و أبشر بمنسف لحمة على كيف كيفك .

Son tan diferentes sus estilos,pero tan importantes en el madrid.

Toni Kroos better than Iniesta

midfilder connect real madrid

Two of the legendary trio

Like if Ronaldo is better than messi

Kross and his old Adidas foot

KROOS with R.MADRID....Never die never expiry

You are always welcome in Brazil Tony! Even though you have done 7. Hahaha

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3 weeks ago

Toni Kroos

Life is beautiful ... See moreSee less

Life is beautiful


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Congratulations so beautiful💙🍼🍼❤

Life is beautiful!!!😌🙏🌚 Congratulations Kroos from Perú

Congratulations you are the best! ⚽️⚽️🤠

Congrat!!❤️❤️❤️ wish you all the best

Congratulations my friend

off Course Simply because you are German you look Handsom you are one of the best Midfielders also you are a Real Champion you Already won evreything possible you are rich you have nice wife with nice Children so life is Beautiful :p <3 I am kidding Vamos Toni <3 حمزة الوسلاتي

I love you Germany ❤ and Toni Kroos

Congratulations sir God bless your family

Normal ca e frumoasa când te pisi bani jegosule..O fi frumoasa când îți faci rate zi de zi la pâine?

two Angels! Best wishes for your family 😍

This is such wonderful news!! We're all really excited that your new baby arrived happy and healthy. From Thailand

Congratulations Kroos from Viet Nam

Toni you are the reason why i love football 🙌🏻❣️ lots of love from pakistan 🇵🇰 stay blessed

Life is beautiful... When you got money

Come in united.And it will bee more beautiful...

Congratulations Tony and family !! #vaicorinrhians !!!

love From Bangladesh 🇧🇩

Congrats man best wishes for you and all family

Best wishes for you, Toni From : VietNam

Indeed it's very much beautiful, especially when you live in a comfort zone and have a lot of money

Your presence makes it beautiful and also this beautiful little god protects you❤❤

Hhhhhh life is beautiful because you have everything great footballer you have money houses familly nice trips u won a lot of champion 😂 what do u want more ?Chàî ÎMãMã aw y7arach bya da

Congrat my dear... Hope ur life always beutifull with them 😍😍😍😍

Kroos on target yet again, congratulations mate

تلعب فالريال و تهبل ماشاء الله و مرتك باينة تهبل و متزوج صغير و عندك عرام دراهم الله يبارك و جاي تقنعنا حنا لي مش عارفين وينو الرايس بلي لايف ايز بيوتيفول .. 😒

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4 weeks ago

Toni Kroos

On our way back from kiew last summer... One of many special moments of my movie coming out this summer! Looking forward to it and hope you‘ll love it! ... See moreSee less

On our way back from kiew last summer... One of many special moments of my movie coming out this summer! Looking forward to it and hope you‘ll love it!


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The presence of club size Real Madrid equivalent to the Champions League 14 of the club we love you so much Tony and we trust that next season will do a lot to our happiness

Toni Kroos one of my favorite players, may God Bless you Kroos.

I love you Kroos From Sudan 🇸🇩

The best middle fielder in d world tony kroos left nd right accurate pass I love u tony

The best Midfield ever ❤️️

We love it of course 😭😭🖤🖤🤤

We'll Go Again. #HalaMadrid #VivaKroos My Love 😍 You are & Always will be the best 🔥

You are the best thank you Toni Kroos for play in the best team

I'm from Tanzania.. Your the best

Toni the best midfielder ever

you can take a picture with a championship cup like that just in #Real_Madrid best midfield in the world ❤️ #Hala_Madrid

The best midfielder in the world

Which movie coming kroos

Toni ! I think i'll love your movie ^^

Toni the best midfielder ever

Best midfielder in the world 😍😍

😎👍Greetings young man. Thank you !

My best player in the world😍

You are everything midfield football ever needed.

We love it of course 😭😭🖤🖤🤤

توني Good luck always Toney

Toni the best midfielder ever

The one and only great midfielder in the world

kroos is one of the best player in Germany teams

I love you even though you are madrid

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1 month ago

Toni Kroos

Good game yesterday under special 👀 ... See moreSee less

Good game yesterday under special 👀


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Hala madrid, great game it was indeed.

Toni kroos is best midfielder in the world.

The best man of the best club ♥️

#Toni_kroos Best midfielder 🌐

Kroos u r one of the most good players in the world thanks for everything

Overrated player

Is so cute 😍😍😍💝💝God bless🙏

You always special man 👨 👍👍👍

Good job Toni. From now on, we want you guys to come back to the winning track again and leave everything behind. We trust you ❤

eu vou subir, ps clube da europa que quebrou que eu quiebrei, claro, muito imprtate isso, pra im economicamente

o vitoria o que ? acesso... campeão da copa do nordeste. e isso e nõs aliança ta mantida e a amizade tb

Toni won 3 consecutive Eueffa league championships in a row , De joyng nothing yet , Toni won one world cup , they belong to different generations , De joyong just starting no comparison .

Most humblest player

Love you a lot my best player

You are the best man ❤❤❤

The golden player💛

It s late think about next year better

Come back to Bayern

Toni Kroos total football player

Toni kross the German made Navigator...!!!

That's why performance level was😍

Jiju is back game is control. Croos.

Keep the good work Sniper! Hala Madrid !

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